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LOL, greatest source of truth after the Simpsons. You have something there.
Ah, well, bummer about the Malachy predictions, I had hoped to see brilliant flashes of light coming from Los Angeles and Sacramento. You never know, tho, I might get lucky.

Black Heap ON Little birdies       Dated:2017-02-19 01:53:43

One can never totally disprove/anything but looks like crap. According to Wikipedia (the greatest source of truth after The Simpsons)these "prophecies" had a high level of accuracy until the date they were published and a high level of inaccuracy afterwards, evidence that they were created around the time of publication.

I am working on a computer program to predict the future. It keeps telling me the world will end but won't say when. Can't really argue with that.

x ON Little birdies       Dated:2017-02-18 20:18:54

Gooood morning. I want to ask you a question. St. Malachy prophesied that Poop Francis is to be the last Poop and that "the world ends during his reign". What do you think? Seriously.
I don't expect the world to end or the human race to be wiped out, but I do expect to see a lot of destruction before much longer. Francis is 80 years old, and this supposedly happens "during his reign". Any faith in Malachy? He does have an amazing track record.

Black Steaming Pile of Fresh Road Kill ON Little birdies       Dated:2017-02-18 18:11:21

I think you will really enjoy my latest post.

Brilliantly Blaspheming Black Beast ON Little birdies       Dated:2017-02-09 22:43:43

Saw pictures of the crowd in the London streets, all those nice white Brits carrying signs hating Trump and in support of their enslavers and rapers of their little children, the Muslims. Totally disgusting.

I'm sure the majority of British don't agree with those sign-carriers, but even so, the press they're getting over here makes all of Britain look pretty bad. The political blogs are panning hell out England and the Socialist MSM is glorying in this. Not good.

All the news we get out of England anymore is how you keep moving to the Left. Sure wish you folks would do something big to show us otherwise. I'm tired of seeing white faces speaking in a British accent and saying "Things have changed and we're just going to have to get used to it." Sorry, but that stuff really pisses me off.

Bellowing Blacksheep ON Little birdies       Dated:2017-02-05 00:39:02

TRUMP: One thing about the man that no one can deny, everyone has an opinion about him. Regarding yours, he has publicly declared on numerous occasions that he hates Politically Correct speech, and the way he's talking now is exactly the same way we all used to talk during the WWII years and afterward, until this PC crap started. He's very diplomatic when diplomacy is called for, which doesn't seem to be mentioned by anyone,and which is seldom called for anyway. Most of the time, speaking the plain truth is far superior and makes it clear that he's going to be dealing in terms of reality with whoever it is, that he's not going to "talk around" the subject. He's often not worried about offending, that's true, and it's a British thing to not offend, much like it's also a Japanese one.
The thing to remember is that we're not British or Japanese, we're Americans and Donald Trump represents the majority of us, and he does it well.

Black Sheepdip ON Little birdies       Dated:2017-02-03 18:59:49

Congrats, England now has at least some chance of returning to Western civilization again. Not much considering the vast Muslime horde that's been allowed to come in, rape the little girls and take over large areas, and build their hideous mosques all over hell, oh yeah and get away with Sharia Law courts and hateful demonstrations and attacks on returning soldiers and on and on into the night....

Anyway, England has followed our example, or we theirs depending on your personal prejudice, for decades, and now that we have a president who's reversing the advance of socialism at last, we fully expect you Brits to follow suit. You may be lost to Islam already, as France and Germany appear to be, but we "colonists" still hold out hope. Don't disappoint us, eh?

Globalists can RAM it up their BLACK place. ON Little birdies       Dated:2017-01-22 17:32:16

About that guy giving birth, I understand that it's possible to create a false womb and place an embryo in it, in a man. The "birth" would have to be by Cesarean section, tho. What I'd really like to see would be to sneak in a horse or cow embryo instead of human, or maybe a litter of pigs. "Man gives birth to puppies and names them all Mohammad". Wouldn't that be fine? The Moo Slimes believe that Mo will return, born of a man, and dogs are "haram", forbidden, so that should rock some Islamic socks, yeah?

Four more days to go before we're finally rid of that stinker in the White House, I wonder what it's going to cost us taxpayers to get rid of the smell, fumigate out all the bugs, and repair all the damage? I've no doubt that plenty of professional conservators will be needed to undo 8 years of ape habitation.

The Man From Black ON Little birdies       Dated:2017-01-16 17:02:50

ImageSkill add-in to Paint Shop Pro. Draw a line round edge of face, another just outside face, click and it's done! Wish I could do same with the real face and restore my youthful beauty.

I am Jack the Ripper, not 150 years old yet. Cutting up prostitutes keeps me young. Not too many round here unfortunately.

Anyway happy thingy to you.

x ON Little birdies       Dated:2017-01-01 20:16:26

And now it's New Year's Day. Happy happy to you.
About your Picking Relatives article, very artful job of face pasting, I'm genuinely impressed.
Also, how do you know you're not related to Jack the Ripper? Considering your extremely unhealthy attraction to skulls of all sorts, you're probably at least a third cousin twice removed or something similar.

Stand by to RAM. ON Little birdies       Dated:2017-01-01 18:30:38

HO HO HO. HO HO HO. HO HO HO. Ad infinitum.
Happy Mithra's birthday, amongst many other long dead gods who share this day as their natal day. Peace on everything. Did I spell that right?

The turkey shall soon go in the oven, yes, the Bird is the Word, amen.

May you find religion this holiday season, wherever it may be, and stomp it to death with glee. Let me know if you do and I'll help you.

Happy New Year, tho, for sure.

Ram a rama ding dong ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-12-25 16:56:02

Merry Wossname and a Happy Thingumajig to you Mr X.

Barely knee-room facing North. I will have to start up yoga, hunch up like an Incan mummy or crap in the bath.

Bath it is.

Mr C ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-12-22 19:18:47

“The climate always changes” – that’s true my bovidae friend but they are saying it is all down to us. Most of the problem is animal farts, so much efin methane, but I am doing my bit. I have stopped farting. I haven’t farted for almost two months. If we all did that then problem solved, at least for now.

Bovine ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-12-15 19:29:17

Yes you must. I hate Christmas. It's almost a relief when it's over and I have to do my tax return; even that's better.
Re short stories - I recommend the recent BBC short story: Ian McEwan - My Purple Scented Novel (omnibus) on iPlayer radio or direct link

I think you will find it amusing.

Happy Crimble and all that

Teeth ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-12-13 12:18:06

The Prodigal Son, or Prodigal Blogger in your case, has returned, I see. Keep taking those vitamins, it's plain they do you good. Me too.

Media circus is still clowning around here, TRUMP IS DOOM and all that crap. Whatever they say, just take the opposite and you have it. Obama was HOPE, they said.

Winter has descended once again. New word on "global warming", now they tell us that it's causing steadily colder winters for Europe and North America. Help me, the climate always changes, I remember the winter of 1948 when it snowed 4 feet deep out in the Mojave Desert. Winter of 1978 when the drifts were 10 feet deep and there was no getting off the mountain for weeks, in No. California. While the globe keeps warming isn't it curious that the polar ice is getting thicker? Another name for Carbon Credits is, GiveMeAllYourMoney.

RAMbunctious ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-12-10 03:50:02

New Teeth.

Saw Mick talking about the new LP, very bluesy stuff apparently, I will definitely get it. He obviously has some good make up artists, he still looks same craggy Mick with think black hair. Yeh, right!

Must give you a call some time to arrange visit. Just crap at getting round to doing anything me.

x ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-12-05 22:10:23

Finally got round to bit o blog.

Yep, wrong commenty thing Mr Sheep. And Cl*t is a spam word while fuck, tits, arse etc. isn't. Just copied the spam list from some online thing years back and never bothered to change it. Make sure you don't put adipe*x, adva*i or Ciar*a without the *. Drugs I suppose. At least you can't have started using Microsoft Edge or you would have told me the page keeps flashing and jumping around on opening, took me over an hour to sort!

Glad Trump won. I'd like to see lots of "right wingers" get in in Europe to turn back the clock on the PC pretence we've all been putting up with for many decades. It's a lefty illusion that Le Pen et al are Nazis, they won't be invading Poland or exterminating Jews, or even Muslims come to that, but they will hopefully bring in proper immigration checks and stop encouraging separation. Tackling issues sensibly reduces racism not increases it.

x ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-12-05 22:02:25

Your "Last commenty thing" still links to the OLD commenty thingything instead of THIS commenty thingything.

Yes. The children of illegals are themselves illegal, citizens rights are for citizens, not everyone who wanders by. Totally agree.

Irritating Damned Sheep ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-12-05 18:05:11

HELLO? HELLO? (knocking loudly) HELLO? Hmph, must be out with his hatchet chipping blazes in trees to mark those trails he frequents. A trail docent. Odd concept for me, but here we have people who sign up to keep stretches of highway clean, and they get a marker saying so on the roadside, so I guess.... trail docent.... okay. Hmph. Well, I hope you Trail Docents get to carve your initials in a tree or some such. It's only right, there must be tangible rewards, the intangible ones are nice but they don't put a foam head on that mug of ale.

BLACK ANNOYING SHEEP ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-12-02 19:07:31

So I was asking, in place of Trump did you want Hillary Cli****s?

ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-11-29 00:42:38

AHA!!! THE WORD IS C-L-I-T-N-U-T-S. Hillary C******s.
Really? That's a SPAM word?

ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-11-29 00:40:32


ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-11-29 00:38:31

Okay, got it narrowed down to THIS PARAGRAPH: Now I must take a bit of issue here. I cheered on Brexit, it would be neighborly of you to cheer on Donald Trump, at least a little more than you are. I mean, after all, did you want ? Oh, and Global Warming is utter balderdash, or as we used to say back in the 1940\'s, Baloney! Balderdash is 1930\'s, actually.

ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-11-29 00:38:10

Thank you all for your patience, yes, I\'m back, please stop clapping and take your seats. Please, stop.... you may stop now.... Alright, I\'ll wait.... So I was right, you ARE taking vitamins. They really do help, you betcha, as Sarah Palin would say, and I also, occasionally... like this one. Anyway, welcome back to the world of Great Literature.

Celebrities used to stay within their venue and try hard to look pretty or handsome, and be admired from a distance. Not any more, now they think that becoming famous for eating the most hot dogs in one sitting entitles them to bloviate with non-existent authority about everything political. What they accomplish is to make a good half of the Public revile them, boycott them, and dramatically reduce their income.

While you\'re out and about, checking country gates and so forth, the next time you come across a style, please let me know who the designer is. Also, if you would, please close all open STILES, lest the dear critters within escape. Yes, I am a spelling Nazi. Hey, what if you did that at the writer\'s club? I might just have saved you from a barely stifled snigger. You\'re welcome, don\'t forget that 50 pounds you owe me.

Arming pheasants is a grand plan, reminds me of a song called \"Cows With Guns\", same basic idea, the cows stop eating grass and start shooting back instead. It\'s on that flash drive I sent you.

I like to decorate my garden with dead things too but I throw them away after all the flesh falls off because they stop drawing flies for the pitcher plants and Venus flytraps. I was using neighbors for a long time but I seem to have run out. The only noise around here anymore is a dog barking once in a while but there\'s getting to be less of that, too, ho ho. I had a great big turkey for Thanksgiving, which is the day we celebrate the successful founding of a home away from that farking bastrich, the British King, in The New World. Then we have another holiday called Independence Day, which is a day we celebrate because .... Oh, wait, are you British? Dammit, stuck my foot in it again.....

ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-11-29 00:35:15

Thank you all for your patience, yes, I'm back, please stop clapping and take your seats. Please, stop.... you may stop now.... Alright, I'll wait....

So I was right, you ARE taking vitamins. They really do help, you betcha, as Sarah Palin would say, and I also, occasionally... like this one. Anyway, welcome back to the world of Great Literature.

Celebrities used to stay within their venue and try hard to look pretty or handsome, and be admired from a distance. Not any more, now they think that becoming famous for eating the most hot dogs in one sitting entitles them to bloviate with non-existent authority about everything political. What they accomplish is to make a good half of the Public revile them, boycott them, and dramatically reduce their income.

Okay, got your Spammy Language asspain block, so I'm breaking this post up to isolate whatever the offending work is....

Rambling Ram ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-11-29 00:31:49

What's up? Taking vitamins? What a sudden outpouring of creative writing. So much to read, fortunately so much time to do so. Ooops, now I've put my foot in it.
Soon as it's unstuck I'll go read all that stuff and have something to say about it all or at least part of it or SOMETHING, anyway.

Be patient. Patience is a virtue and she was also pretty good in the sack.

Bellowing Blacksheep ON Little birdies       Dated:2016-11-28 23:45:13