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Good morning, just checking in on you. It's probably 3 AM or some godawful hour over there on the underside of the planet, right? You off on another vacation to Spain? Maybe watching the Catalonian version of Brexit? Can't blame those people for wanting to be rid of the oppressive Spanish yoke.

Was thinking, you know if you Brits want to pay off the demands of Junckers crowd re: Brexit, pay them in Muslims. Figure out how many Muslims you have, divide that into the number of pounds those Globalists are demanding, and call that number Fair Value for each Muslim. Then ship every bloody fucking one of them to Belgium. There we go, debts settled, with a vengeance.

Sheep With Chickens ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-10-14 15:57:57

Nice surprise to see the old bloke again, I feel the same every morning looking in the bathroom mirror.

Mr C ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-09-28 07:33:08

Rock music created by electrocuting people's assholes. You know, that one has definite promise, I hope you copyrighted that plan. "The All Muslim Poopchute Chorus", "The Anal Somalians", "The Balkan Butt Barkers". Ooo, now that one's my favorite.

ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-09-24 00:13:54

Desert again - and old bloke
A time slip - flash to the future. It's you in 100 years time.

bovine ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-09-01 21:41:29

Just thought I'd stop in and leave a comment.
There. All done. Good. At first I thought I'd have trouble trying to think of something to say.

Black Sheep ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-08-17 22:32:28

Re: Zombies again. Don't know about you but that genre is starting to stink worse than a real zombie. What we need is more aliens-among-us movies. Picture Kim Jong Jing Jang's corpulent, bloated form splitting apart as one, or perhaps dozens of impossible-looking creatures emerge, clicking and dripping, from splits and ruptures all over his evil, bad-haircutted being, as it's finally revealed that the reason he's such a bastard is because he's really an evil alien/community of evil aliens, pick one.
Oh damn, I just gave away the plot for the next movie I'll never make. Dammit, dammit....

Blapp Shlepp ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-08-12 04:10:20

Ah! You're walking all the way from Reading! Wow! Even fitter than I thought!

x ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-08-11 23:35:48

Well, thank you Mr Bloggoth for at last highlighting my plight. Just because I‘m old an’ a bit decrepit don’t mean I’m past it. I knows wat you get up to wiv er next door. Spots you with field glasses from wood. Evry effin Sunday. Let me tell you I’m reportin you to effin council. Youse an effin stalker.

ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-08-11 19:34:16

Old man with shopping cart. Years ago in a different town, my neighbor on one side was an old man who took a grocery shopping cart out several times a day, searching everywhere for aluminum cans and deposit bottles. In California at least, most glass and plastic bottles have deposits on them of a few cents, so that people will turn them back in.

Black sheep actually have white skin. ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-08-04 23:25:17

Get interested in this, maybe?

Muslim mayors of 9 cities including London.
Over 3000 mosques
Over 50 Sharia councils
Over 130 Sharia courts
No-go areas across the UK, for Muslims only.
Muslim women: 78% don't work and are on FREE benefits and housing.
Muslim men: 63% don't work and are on FREE benefits and housing.
Muslim family: 6-8 children.
Brit family: 2 children.
All UK schools serve ONLY halal meat.
Yet there are only 4 million Muslims in a population of 66 million UK citizens.

Black Sheep ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-08-02 03:10:58

Nice to know I've got a ghost commenting on my non-existent blog. Seriously are you ok Teeth?, all sounds a bit 'erm not sure of word.

Just dead here in non literal sense, just don't know what to do with my time, can't get interested in anything.

x ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-29 19:24:11

Now know why the forest is a good choice for suicide venue. But even worse is now thinking I maybe already dead and watching what's happening around me before I finally vanish. No doubt I'll get over it.

Teeth ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-29 17:31:00

On family holiday organised by missus in remote southern french villa with all 3 sons and their wives/ girlfriends and ghastly kids. While w/gfs add a sparkle round the pool the rest is not boding well. Already contemplating wandering off into the forest from where it might be some time before I return.

Teeth ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-24 09:36:04

Cheers - wife bought me a plant pot and card but nobody else noticed - maybe I should treat myself to a nice Asian tart with huge buttocks

Teeth ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-22 19:07:23

Gawd! You ancient old fart! I am 35. Again.

We've known each other for 52 years and, until today, had no idea when the other's birthday is. Typical males! Excellent!

Anyway, happy birthday you old fart!

x ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-21 22:48:02

Tomorrow 22 July I am 70. Humph.

Teeth ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-21 22:03:42

Oh and another thing, where I said lions remind me of American Indians, another exception is that we don't make the Indians into rugs like we do lions. Well, maybe their hair, scalping them used to be popular but that was only because they did it to us.
One thing about lions, they never scalped people, they just took the whole head. And arms, legs, torso, pretty much everything.

I never played Lions and Indians as a kid and I'm sure there's a reason for that. I wonder what it was...

Ram Wham Thankyou Maam. ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-17 23:09:48

If lions migrated to England they wouldn't demand welfare, they'd simply TAKE IT.
The problems with lions is that they not only eat what we eat, they eat us too and for that, they get killed and made into rugs and things that get hung on walls. They remind me of American Indians, the big difference, of course, is that the Indians didn't eat us after killing us. Still...

Rama Rama Ding Dong ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-14 17:11:38

You printed out my cartoon without my permission? You will be hearing from my lawyers! Copyright infringement is strictly enforced on bloggoth.

Guns. I wouldn't mind having one for defence but couldn't shoot any nice little animals unless they attacked me. There's lots of people I'd like to shoot but our stupid UK laws don't permit it.

I read the other day how few lions there were left in the wild. Appalling, I had no idea they were endangered. At least lions don't migrate here and demand our welfare.

x ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-13 10:51:16

Zombie brain eaters - brilliant - printed out and posted in my office. Of recent cartoon, second favourite to the worm. Wish you could find nude of LD and prostitute cartoon.

Tooth ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-12 19:53:18

Zombie brain eaters - brilliant - printed out and posted in my office. Of recent cartoon, second favourite to the worm. Wish you could find nude of LD and prostitute cartoon.

Tooth ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-12 19:53:18

I do have lots of guns. Guns are nice. They smell nice too, and kill what you aim at, which is their purpose, of course. I haven't shot anything for a long time now tho, years, actually. Maybe 15 of them. It was a dog, the last thing I shot dead, a nasty rottweiler that tried to attack me. Very foolish thing for that dog to do, back in the woods and right in front of my own home. The lesson it learned wasn't survivable.

But about eating brains. Lots of people do like to eat brains, I know, but the very thought has always repelled me. The Zombies can have them and welcome. I'd make a poor Zombie, I'd starve to death if I wasn't already dead.

There's an article in the Guardian about trying to keep some species from extinction and I was thinking maybe they should send some of them to Florida to perhaps multiply, I mean everything else that doesn't belong there is doing great, you know? The article does lament the dramatic decrease in the lion population, something I personally applaud along with decreases in pit vipers, horrible nasty spiders and other such beasties.

But about "Gone", all the rest of the Earth's species would be overjoyed, maybe that's what's meant by the "Rapture", hmm?

Crazed Insane Gun Toting Ram ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-11 02:51:13


Recently watched all 3 seasons of The Leftovers. Sad I know but there are some excellent episodes in the last two seasons. It's about a world in which a proportion of the population just vanishing and the impact that had on (US) society. Crap essentially but good in its way too.
Keep getting spam emails with pictures of beautiful oriental girl offering anything you might like for £140 an hour. I'm not so naive as to imagine it would be 'er in the picture but it certainly raised a reaction.

Teeth ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-07-06 20:25:06

Re: "Story"... talk about wishful thinking.

Rotten Old Bastard Ram ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-06-28 01:54:23

I shoot them constantly. In my imagination, of course. But moving right along here, and speaking of imagination, check this out. Who knows, it might turn into something else altogether: ******************
Now to see if your code will let this post....

NOPE, won't let me post a URL, but I knew that... still, had to test... Anyway, go to my website and check out the post of June 18, (Sunday) which is today.

ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-06-18 22:11:14

It's probably a good idea I am not applying to work on a pig farm too! Of course my lust for lady pigs is just a joke!

No, it is really!!!


Yeh! I'm always murdering people in my imagination too. Don't worry it's perfectly normal! Still, at as a Brit I don't have a real gun. I daresay you do! Go oooon! Shoot 'em, you know you want to!

x ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-06-16 23:06:03

You fantasize the ghost of a morbidly obese woman sitting on your face. Okay. At least that's safe, you can't be crushed or suffocated by a fantasy, but I have to say, I'm not sure I'd want the world to know that I have these yearnings. They might not want you working on their windmill anymore. Afraid you might get a yen to ride one of the vanes around, and around, and around, and......

We share the same irritation, for a couple of, umm, less than very youthful men. I like to move right along, and when those half my age drag their sorry asses along at a crawl and impede my progress, I fantasize vaporizing them with a ray gun or zapping them off into another dimension, or kidnapping them and forcing them to run forever on a treadmill or be hurled off the back end into a pit of churning, burning lava. Normal thoughts, perfectly normal thoughts. I'm sure.

Rapid Ram ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-06-16 06:49:59

I like doing the silly thread, seems to be stimulating my imagination.

Learning the tour stuff in case the bloke who normally does it can't manage it anymore, like most of the other volunteers, he's really ancient. Generally I just do maintenance work. More my thing than ghastly people.

Digging a trench for an electric cable tomorrow, Ain't life exciting when you get old?

x ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-05-30 10:10:28

Just checking in on you, and clicked on "a silly thread", never should have, ye gods. Are you getting a doctors care?

You volunteer on a windmill. Interesting. Are you the person who cranks the cap gear to keep it facing into the wind? Or give tours of the grounds? (Miller Jones was buried here after falling into the gears, this is Miller Flugenstutl's marker, he was executed on this spot for grinding his wife up) and so on.

What I really want to know is, are you a decent docent? Fnarr fnarr.

Shackbleep ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-05-29 03:59:11

Re: Taking Things Back
I sell stuff on eBay fairly often and tho I don't have a return problem with buyers, I keep wondering when it's going to start. Odd things are starting to crop up, maybe it's the onset of summer, or solar flares, but someone with 0 feedback bid and won an item and then disappeared. 10 days after I sold it to the next highest bidder, the 0 person sent full payment for it, after I'd told him it was sold and gone. Then yesterday I bought some US gold coins from a supposedly reputable seller, and checking my credit card totals this morning discovered that somehow, because I checked out thru PayPal, he'd hit me with two charges, one being $30 less than what I owed him, but a second one being $160 more. Called Visa and got that second charge removed, but I still can't figure out why eBay shows only the original charge as it should be, and PayPal has NO RECORD AT ALL of either charge.

The moral to this story is to never walk off and leave your car door open, because the dome lamp can drain your battery.

Monstrously Hung Ram ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-05-24 00:06:58

Make accidents less traumatic

I always knew you were a genius, and that the proof of it would eventually manifest itself. Good job. You are, of course, going to produce these and sell them online?

Horny Black Ram ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-05-13 04:16:55

Personally I'm enjoying watching Europe fall into ruin. It's certainly not the first time, and if there's enough dissent and rioting, who knows? Maybe the people will finally rise up against the goddam Muzzies and drive them out. That would be nice, huh?

What would really be cool is if one of those goats they bring with them turned out to have a really virulent and rapidly fatal sexually transmitted disease. Soon all the goats and the goat herders would all have it, with the herders dying like flies after having spread their contagion to all the other Muzzies. I'd like to see symptoms like uncontrolled vomiting and diarrhea, horrible headaches, severe cramps, skin unable to bear the slightest touch, stuff like that. Serious suffering, for say, 3 days and then one last blast of extreme agony before lights out. I mean, I don't want to be too vindictive, you know.

Probably only take about 10 days for the plague to run it's course through the Muzzie population. Of course all the mosques would have to be set on fire to sterilize them, couldn't have any dangerous bugs lingering, after all.

Blogman Of The Universe ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-05-05 23:25:13

Thanks for stopping by. This tale is still being told, and the more tellers of it there are, the more it's looking like I have it right. I don't mind being wrong at all, my goal is simply arriving at the truth.

It's an awful lot of fun to watch, don't you think?

Black Raging Ram Critter ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-04-14 19:41:54

Pretty sure that vampire is the best drawing I've ever seen you post. Now back to the phony Sarin gas attack, both Putin and Assad are saying that there was no gas attack. Period. The story is a hoax. And they're on the scene. No actual, real, dead bodies, adults or children. All faked. And guess what, my dear Xogg? Not one person is coming forward with any proof at all that it really happened. Pictures of people laying down with their eyes closed mean nothing. This was faked as an excuse for Trump to destroy 6 obsolete MIGs and look like a big hero to his detractors, send a message to China, and perhaps a few others. Then we drop 10 tons of high explosive on terrorists in Afghanistan and send a naval attack force to the N. Korean coast, so now China is finally taking us seriously and a delegation is counseling the N. Koreans as I type this.

I've never thought of you as being a Socialist even tho you live in a Socialist country, and you've always impressed me as being one of the few real thinkers on this planet, but your take on Trump makes me wonder why all that antipathy? I just don't think it fits you.

Ramming Right Along... ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-04-14 03:54:23

Ahh, you ARE alive. Thank supernatural creature thingy. I thought some Democrat liberal had hacked your blog.

Well. Don't you think it's odd that Putin met with Tillerson for several hours directly after telling the world that he wouldn't because he was all mad at us?

Don't you think it's odd that only those 6 junk old MIGs of Syrias were wrecked? I definitely do.

As for Farage, he doesn't compare to Trump in smarts. Try this: Instead of accepting the leaps to judgement of people like Farage, wait it out a week or so and see how all this rolls out. Because... plainly, if Putin would meet with Tillerson anyway, he's not as pissed off as he would like everyone to think. Hmm? Farage has said some other things that I know were totally out of ignorance with possibly a bit of stupidity mixed in, the man was great for Brexit but he's no global strategist and he certainly doesn't have the resources and brain trust of expert advisors that Trump has. For that matter, Trump does in fact have a genius IQ.

Methinks you give Assad too much credit, as well. Have you forgotten that Syria is in the mess it's in because the Syrian people revolted? It was civil war that started that mess, and then the ISIS Islamists saw their opportunity and jumped in, so Assad called on Iran for help. The Russians were already there, and have been for over 40 years, and they joined in on the side of Assad, but I have to ask....

If Russia really wanted to end this conflict in little Syria, and defeat both ISIS and the rebels, they could in a few days. They have the means and the might, but I never see pictures of Russian tanks rolling down the streets, it's all missile strikes and bombs. Here and there. No 200,000 troops sweeping the nation clean, city by city. Instead, they're dismantling the cities, turning them to rubble. Slowly, over years. What the hell? Assad thinks the Russians are helping him, but how is that helping?

No, Assad isn't popular, except with the Iranians. His own people want him gone and the fighting with the Syrian rebels has driven millions of citizens out of Syria, most of them, over 2 million now, I think, into Turkey. All so he can keep his power. No, I don't think they love him.

Black Steaming Pile of Fresh Road Kill ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-04-12 22:51:35

Didn't think you'd approve.

I had read your blog posts when I wrote this. While I found it most interesting and don't rule anything out, the idea that there is some fiendishly clever plan between Trump and Putin has one major flaw in my view, it assumes that leaders can actually be clever.

Rarely happens, look at history, they make the same mistakes over and over. Hitler ruined his chances exactly as Napoleon did by taking on too many enemies at the same time, instead of placating the one until he had defeated the other.

In this case, there is little sense in this plot. The Russians never managed to take over Afghanistan, practically on their doorstep, and there is no chance of them taking over Syria which will be a mess of civil war without Assad. With Assad in place they have real influence. Maybe it's not a bad idea to have the Baathists and Shiahs onside, Iran is extreme but at least they oppose the Sunnis, the major world source for global Islamic extremism.

I certainly don't rule out that the gas attack was a fake but that may have been by those wanting to damage Assad.

PS The main objections to Trump's actions are not from "socialist tabloids" but those on the right, like Nigel Farage, who see Assad as the only way to defeat ISIS.

x ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-04-12 19:52:18

WRONG. Trump is a genius. THE PROBLEM HERE is that you aren't reading my blog posts, so let me help you out a bit until you come to your senses and go to the True Source, ME.

The Sarin gas attack was plainly staged. The early pics before the MSM hastily corrected itself show First Responders in blue helmets handling the bodies without breathing mask or such gear, and bare-handed. Sarin gas lingers in clothing and if there was a real attack those guys would have become very ill and some would have died. But none did and in a few days all those pics were gone and old stock footage of real gas workers in full protective suits were posted in their place.

In the missile attack, only 6 MIG planes were destroyed. They belonged to Syria, not Russia, and were outdated junk planes being used for parts. They were all in a repair hangar. No other jets were hit, including 6 other MIGs parked in plain view out in the open.

This fraud got the Globalists off Trump's back, the two worst GOP RINOs, McCain and Graham, both warmongers, are now praising Trump instead of attacking him, along with all the other Globalist warmongers, even as he's telling them that this is a one-off and we're not invading Syria.

MEANWHILE, Vlad Putin, who said that in retaliation for the missile strike he was cancelling his meeting with US Sec. of State Tillerson in Moscow, has just finished having a 2 hour conference with Mr. Tillerson.

Trump is no idiot and you need to read what I write instead of the crap in the Sun and those other Socialist tabloids. I don't have all the truth, but at least I won't lie to you.

Black Greasy Road Kill ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-04-12 19:21:50

In London there are now 423 mosques. 500 Christian churches in London have now closed, with many of them being converted to mosques. Makes me proud that my father and his brothers went to war to save England from the Nazis so that England could become a nation of Nazis anyway. Good job, you Brits, way to keep your country safe from the evils of totalitarianism. What a bright future lies ahead, getting converted at swordpoint, being forced to kneel and recite gibberish 5 times a day, having your sons raped and your daughters married off at age 9.
I wonder how much longer Parliament will stand before it's blown up? How much longer you'll be allowed to have your little monarchy. King Mohammad is in your near future, isn't that swell?
Islam is going to be the sole religion in England soon and no one is stopping it. What the fuck?

Rampaging Ram ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-04-02 18:20:04

Yep, you're right, another black convert. We have plenty of them here, too.
I don't mean to offend, by the way, it just angers me that England has come to this. Half my lineage is from there and Ireland, the other half from the rest of Europe (not counting a few Redskins who were already here).

Damn Ram ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-03-24 23:56:19

From pics I suspect that, yet again, this is not a Muslim immigrant from Pakistan or Bangladesh, but another black convert.

We shall see. Whatever, it is unchecked immigration, past and present that has handed us problems that we never needed to have. We needed more Trumps about 60 years ago.

x ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-03-22 21:25:50

There ya go! No security around Parliament, so any Muslime who wants to can run or drive in and kill people at will. Fucking brilliant! You're a nation under siege that acts like nothing at all is wrong and you keep letting in more and more of your killers.

True, we are too but the difference is that we're screaming about it and demanding that it stop, and the election of Donald Trump is a direct response to it. Along with the occasional mosque burning.

Black Sheep ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-03-22 18:48:01

The Scots want to leave the UK because they think they'll keep more of their money that way. Scotsmen are the Jews of the British Isles. As for democracy, there's none in England and there's none in the EU either. When Socialism enters, freedom leaves. Leaves, hell, it runs for it's life and ends up in places like "The New World".

Socialism is fighting to destroy what we have left of democracy over here, and you have none over there. For Christ sakes you even have blasphemy laws. There's very little you can say without being fined or imprisoned, and that's not freedom. The only reason you think you're free is because your masters keep telling you that you are, and you want to believe it. Not being in chains is not freedom. Your system of government is run by the elitists who decided how you shall live, eat and work. Look at all the Africans who've swarmed in, all the Muslims who've swarmed in, all the rapes and murders and no-go neighborhoods, the very high cost of housing, all the inequities forced on you by your rulers, look how you can't do one goddam fucking thing about anything, how you don't dare demonstrate against the government for fear of the punishment you know will be dealt to you for doing so.

You're not free. You're vassals. You dream of freedom. You might as well be Chinamen, only they're probably freer than you are.

Honest Ram ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-03-22 14:52:55

"PS the next post will not mention the word arse. Honest!"

Don't believe you. Humph.

new teeth ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-03-10 19:25:25

About the neck nukes, I think they weigh way too much to wear them like that. The nuke idea is good, but the Iranians are already working on that one, they want to wipe out millions of people, which of course will cause the reappearance of the Missing Imam. But everyone knows that, right? Right. I kind of like the Zombie Apocalypse Disease, where we're all infected and when we die for any reason, we spring right back as flesh eating zombies and kill people, who spring right back as flesh eating zombies who kill people, who spring right back, and so on until no one is left except wandering flesh eating zombies.
So we need someone to develop this disease. That's all. See? It's a snap, nothing to it, great plan, yes?

Black Greasy Road Kill ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-03-10 16:50:17

No shit? People who cuss a lot are the most fucking honest? I'll be god damned, are you bullshitting me? I don't fucking believe it. Honestly.

Had to go look at the "big swollen arse in their adverts". Hilarious. We are united as brothers in our senses of humor. And I do mean honestly.

CNN ran a lovely little cable news bit on the obscure Hindu Aghori sect yesterday, with their Reza Aslan getting his face covered in cremated corpse ashes, drinking from someone's skull and eating cooked human brains. Reminded me of your manky skulls somehow.

Well, back to serial killing. Must maintain my honest posture.

Black wool for sale cheap ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-03-10 16:41:01

Hmmmmmm. Dunno what's going on there. Uploaded unchanged page and it worked. Think sometimes upload doesn't complete and misses count bit at end.

Anyway boring tech stuff aside (better than trying to make sense of my sister's F* accounts records anyway) let's continue plans to shoot everyone.

As you are ex navy, maybe you can find some disgruntled navy sorts with access to nuclear weapons. Just think how much better a suicide bombing would be with a Nuke round one's neck.

x ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-03-07 10:08:44

"Comments so far: 0" my bleedin arse, as you Brits would say after downing a few pints. I'm deeply offended that your twat of a robot sees my previous comment as No Comment. Humph!

Well, at least now I know what short story you wrote for your pack of geezer grandmas at your writers club. Or would that be writhers club? Anyway, it had to be about a future where we were all implanted to be reprogrammed to accept the latest moronic crap that our government was spewing. Right?

Not only did it freeze last night but I came down with one holy fuck of a so-called 24-hour virus, it was like getting hit with a truck, or caravan as, once again, you Brits would say, even without the pints. I'm still feeling like crap.

As soon as I'm well we can get on with the shooting of humanity. Meanwhile, I hope you're still working on the plans.

Ebonic Plague ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-03-07 02:52:06

Greetings, oh drunken sot. I know, you're not as drunk as thinkle peep you are, whashamatter them, huh?
For me, the kettle is on for coffee. I use one of those French press thingys, makes great coffee. The elixer of life, as well as inspiration. You just need to drink more coffee.

As for shooting the lot of them, re: Humanity, I'm for it. When can we get about it, and who shoots the last one? Preferably someone who's about to die right after. These details will have to be attended to if this is to succeed.

Between yesterday and today I've been assaulting a job I put off until the problem became completely untenable, which is the replacement of my leaking power steering unit on my newer pickup truck. There's just room for a husky mouse to get in there and turn bolts that require several tons of torque to force loose. The job is nearly done, I only have a fitting to reconnect and a fluid line to shove back on and tighten with a clamp. This latter is in too confined a space to actually do it, and getting the fluid line off in the first place was a Herculean accomplishment.
But don't worry about me, I'll be fine as soon as the swelling from the Tetanus shot reaction subsides and the cast comes off. The bleeding has already stopped. What a total asspain of a job.

I think just a 2mm drill bit would do the job. Empathy doesn't take up much space, fortunately. I reserve mine for children and a very FEW animal types. The rest can join the firing squad as aforementioned.

Sex & Sweden. Well, there it is. Up until 6 years ago the age of consent was 12. The Great Rulers in their Infinite Wisdom finally realized that 12 years old was still a little young for girls to get pregnant, so they upped it to 15. That's a start, I must admit, but with such a fuckish attitude toward sex with children, of course Sweden would be the country where all those unwashed, sexually deprived young mooslimes would be the least inhibited. Where else?

Globalism and rape go together. After all, Globalism is the rape of national identities, so hey, might as well rape the people too, right? Now, about that firing squad....

Horrifyi8ng Black Clusterfuck ON Wankers list       Dated:2017-03-04 23:22:32