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I don't smoke the stuff. Used to years ago before all the inhaled industrial pollution caught up with my lungs. Making tea from the dried leaves doesn't make one high, at all. No effect whatever. Cooking with them does, like baking brownies or cookies, but not tea for some reason. Really mellows out my stomach, tho, and my condition seems to be rapidly alleviating mostly because of the tea.
That enlarged prostate thing is another annoyance, waking me up in the middle of the night to go relieve myself. But considering the alternative, of NOT waking up, ever, it's hard to complain much. I find myself becoming more accepting of some things and totally intolerant of others as time moves along. Not sure if that's wisdom or just dying brain cells.

Cranky Old Rammy Bastard ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-10-03 23:13:28

Not got that yet, just got the other embarrassing old bloke down there problem of enlarged prostate. Not the C fortunately. If a male rude bit has to get bigger with age, I can think of a better choice! Bloody nature.

Getting health care seems pretty hard in the US, worked with another Yank bloke decades ago who'd given up on paying for insurance, said it was too expensive. Best places to be for medical support are Australia or France, they have decent healthcare systems without going over the top and splashing out left right and centre on trivial stuff or paying for health tourists like the UK does.

Hope the weed works for you. Ain't legal here unfortunately and after last experience don't think I'd ever touch it again.

Fat bottoms, aaah.

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-10-03 17:24:01

Heigh de ho, oh illustrator of excessively lacking reknown. It is I, the Blogger of hugely non-existent fame. The days are suddenly colder now and the nights more so, and the marijuana crop is approaching the day of harvest. Some of it is already hanging to dry, with all the large leaf clipped off beforehand, which leads me to my real purpose in blessing you with my Very Special Attention.
I have fucking Ulcerative Colitis, and the price of the usual medication has gone nuts, so even my medical insurance won't pay for it anymore. Fortunately, as just mentioned, a little harvesting has started and provided leaf for strong marijuana leaf tea, and let me tell you, that stuff really calms down the old gut. This is the first time I've tried this and the second cup of tea, I wanted to wait to be sure it's helping before passing on the info.
Lower intestinal problems get pretty common as we age, so if you should be so unfortunate as to have them, try some strong pot leaf tea. Growers throw the leaves away, so you shouldn't have to pay for it from a friend. Here, we're allowed to grow 6 plants for personal use with no restriction on size, and I am one fuck of a gardener. Both thumbs are Day-Glo Green.
Well, good sir, here's looking at fat girl's bottoms and thinking of you.

Sheep look best from behind ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-10-01 22:19:26

Gender bending... Great idea, but I see a problem because there's so much competition among the Gender Alphabet crowd to have a different gender from everyone else. I mean, look at rock stars like Prince. Has anyone ever determined what his actual gender ended up as?
The thing is, if you have genders A through Z, right away there will be people saying "I'm Gender A3 or X14", while others will say that they're Gender QP or R23F. There's just no end to the different kinds of genders, so the order of fornication to bring about anything even resembling a viable pregnancy would be lost in confusion, and all those not simply Male and Female would be fornicating endlessly. Oh, wait on that, most of them are now.

The upside is that this will result in the extinction of all genders and leave only the two sexes. On second thought, I don't see a problem with this at all.

ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-09-22 15:33:27

There are three genders, male, female and neuter, in grammar. He, she, it, for example. The word "gender" is applicable to grammar only,and the use of it with humans is erroneous. There are no genders among animals including humans. Animals have two sexes, male and female. Sometimes some are hermaphroditic, which is both sexes in one animal. This is not a third sex.
Homosexuality is not a sex and certainly not a gender. "Trans-sexual" is an impossibility, we cannot change sexes, we can only be surgically mutilated and shot full of hormones to appear to be of the opposite sex.
Pedophilia is not a sex nor any sort of gender, nor is cross-dressing, bi-sexuality or altering ones appearance to resemble a feline, a snake, a demon or anything else. "Gender dysphoria" is actually a misnomer, the true expression is Sexual Dysphoria".
Unfortunately the Sexually Perverted among us have successfully changed the meaning of "gender" to equate with the word "sex" and it's now in common usage, like the destruction of the word "gay", meaning "festive", to now mean homosexual, because gay really does sound much nicer than Homosexual. The other downside of that is that "gay" is now commonly used as an insult the same way as Queer and Fag. This is because for all the efforts of the Progressives to mold us into a mindless mass of all-approving retarded Liberals as part of the effort to create a global slave state, most of us still find sexual perversion disgusting.

God of Sex and Huge Bottoms ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-09-20 16:12:01

God here, wishing you a very happy day today. I'd cause it to happen but that conflicts with the Self Determination I supposedly gave you humans, according to some jackass, self-appointed spokesperson for me. It's not true, I make you do all sorts of stupid and embarrassing things for my amusement, all sorts except making you happy, anyway. That bores me. But I wish you some anyway, what the Hell.

THE God. Mr. Eternal. The One. ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-08-23 17:17:29

Re: "Yeh, everything's so easy", there is a very basic solution to this problem. Get rid of about 75% of the population, starting with the worst, like the Muslims and Travelers, the homeless and their filthy encampments, all drug addicts, all with violent criminal records and their offspring. Then get rid of those who are prone to illness,and their offspring, along with the truly stupid and obese, and their offspring.
All that's needed to accomplish this is a good nuclear war. The violent ones will kill off each other and most of the weakest along with them, including the homeless. Humanity will be reduced by at least that 25% and those who remain will be the healthiest and hardest working, most intelligent and able to survive, with the best abilities to plan ahead, create, produce and to protect their group.
Of course, we'll never get to Mars if we do it, so maybe we should put it off. Maybe.

Ram God of Road Rage and the letter R ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-08-10 16:56:31

Didn't think you'd take the bait in that "Far Right Terrorism" crap. It is crap, totally. All those shooters are turning out to be Leftists. All of them. Democrat voters, Democrat donors. It's the crap Media that's claiming they're "Far Right", making up lies and Fake News, anything to get us to buy into their scheme to wreck our country and enslave us in poverty. White Nationalism was INVENTED by the Democrat Party, and the shooter who appeared to be one, voted Democrat. Left, not Right.

"Law abiding Muslims"? What the hell is in that vodka you must be swilling lately, my friend? Really? Seriously? "Law abiding Muslims"? Where?

Ram of Dark Outlook ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-08-09 22:36:47

Curses, you found me out.

Black god ramadama thingy ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-07-24 01:03:18

Hey! Thanks god! This blog is honoured to gets comments from you. I can see you are the real thing from all the 7s in your IP address.

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-07-22 09:55:55

Re your abusive remarks about me, yes I do have a beard but that's the only part you got right. Except maybe the sadistic pervert part. What's your gripe? You're alive, aren't you? I made you critters for something to torture way back when I was a bored kid. I liked pulling off your arms and legs and stuff and hearing those high-pitched noises you made. That's all you're for.

I'm not incompetent, I just don't give a shit. I don't bother with you since I grew up and you should all be damned glad of it.

God ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-07-22 02:40:38