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Greets. I posted a rather lengthy reply to your latest response, and meanwhile...
While you've had plenty to say about the BS your government and much of your Leftist media has been spouting over the years, you seem to me to be much more accepting of what you read than I am. Since the theft of our election, there's no point in listening to a single word from them. I don't read anything political because it's all lies and propaganda. I don't watch/listen to any of the Main Stream Media because it's also all lies and propaganda so why bother? Nothing is gained.

Your government doesn't give a damn about you. Not one single thing is done in the public's best interest unless it benefits them first. Your street was repaved? That's because a rake-off was to be had, a pocket got lined. You think they tell you that the virus will kill you to keep you safe? They do it to keep you afraid. That's why the supposed death rate is jacked up by including everyone who died for any reason but tested positive for the virus, and you can test positive for it by drinking a Coca-Cola. Or so it's claimed.

I know that you'll catch hell over there for being out in public without a mask, I've read that you can catch hell just for stepping outside your door to take a solitary stroll. There was some crap I came across about Brits getting fined for leaving home more than once a week, is that actually true? It's Draconian over there from all accounts.

You're brilliant with an inquisitive and creative mind. I just hope you're not buying into bullshit.

Black Outlook ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-02-28 19:27:52

Here. I'll save you the trouble of going to my blog to read the answer to your comment:

Masks don't work. Doctors who aren't threatened by being fired for saying so, say so. Lots of them. Of course you only read or hear what our "masters" want you to hear, if you want to get outside of the propaganda, then you have to dig deeper.

The masks are just cloth. Even the N95 masks don't stop the virus because it's too small, IT PASSES THROUGH like nothing is in the way. That's why they don't work. You need N98 to stop the virus. Look it up for yourself if you think I don't know what I'm talking about. Cloth masks allow free passage of air, both ways, and any airborne viruses in that air.

If you will check statistics, just as many people are getting this bug who wear masks as those who don't, but in truth you'll find it nearly impossible to find any statistics on this except distorted ones by those pushing the lie.

The purpose of forcing mask wearing on us is that it's a powerful signal of governmental control over us. Mask wearing maintains fear of each other, of getting close to each other, of being in crowds. We aren't going to rise up against our increasingly oppressive governments if we're too afraid to form groups. Why do you think Wash. DC still has 10,000 armed troops and is surrounded by fences topped with razor wire? It's insane to look at. The whole Covid thing's purpose is to control us and keep us controlled.

As long as we stay afraid, we will submit to whatever our dictators, and they are dictators, tell us to do "for our our own safety. For our own good."

Tell me something. For a disease that we were told was extremely contagious, unusually contagious, that was introduced to the West in December of 2019 and has now been with us, supposedly killing us off by the millions, for a year and 3 months, why is it that the Chinese are all running around now like nothing happened, are crowing about their booming economy and are laughing at us?

Why is it that we're not seeing news about thousands of bodies being incinerated, if it's true that 100,000 died here in the US just last month from it?

The plain truth, and lots of doctors keep telling us this, is that the fatality rate from this bug is actually very low.

Tell me something else. When have we ever shut down our economies over the flu? Some years the flu is mild and "only" kills 40 or 50 thousand of us over here, but other years it can hit 150,000. Do we shut down our economies? I have an idea, let's group all the causes of death together and shut down the whole world forever to stop the deaths. Think that will work?

How many deaths are required to shut down an economy? Why did we all shut down before we had more than a few thousand? Hello?

Black News ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-02-28 16:00:49

X,thinking about your comment. Not so sure about my remarks being brilliant, inventive sometimes, maybe. You're really very talented, which is why I'm still posting here after all these years, and your output the past few years has been pretty slim. I'd really like to see more, you have a unique view of our world.

Old Blappy ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-02-26 19:33:01

This month is BLACK RACIST MONTH. For true. Well, okay, they're calling it Black History Month but the TV is filled with racist black shit. Lots of old Hollywood movies depicting blacks as slaves, blacks escaping slavery, blacks rising above the horrible mistreatment of those awful white people, black heroes, blacks fighting in our Civil War, blacks flying fighter planes in sorties over Germany, wonderful mixed race marriages and families, blacks winning gold medals.

All this as the media is filled with stories of White Supremacy, white racism, Systemic National Racism (all by whites) and LITERALLY over half of the TV ads featuring black people. Any whites appearing in them are in the background and are the wives of the black men.

Now, THIS IS JUST A GUESS, but do you think maybe the Globalists are trying to homogenize humanity? Nooo, it couldn't be.

Fear The Black ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-02-25 21:56:28

There's more content in the comments from you two here than there is in my almost non-existent blog. And it's brilliant, often imaginative stuff too. Maybe need to turn the blog inside out, you two post on here and I will turn up for very occasional boring comment.

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-02-23 21:23:59

Not much difference between being crapped out by a pig and being crapped on by pigs, yes, I'm referring to Bozo Johnson and Joe Biden, whose name is now spelled Xo Bai Din in honor of his new allegiances.

Went grocery shopping this morning, each time I go, there's less people wearing masks. Seeing that truly warms the cockles of my heart, assuming I have them, not having a clue what heart cockles are but assume it's some sort of parasite and warming them is bad for them and good for us. Am I close?

To Baa Or Not To Baa ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-02-22 21:20:23

Not so sure I agree with Mr Bleat Guy about what happens after we die. When I was much younger, I had clear memories of a previous life though I admit they have faded a little over the years. I think I used to be a slug, and a fine life it was too. There were many perks. For instance, ff you were careful not to wiggle too much, then you could spend many nights curled up in a pig’s bottom – lovely and warm if you didn’t mind being shat out every morning. Slug math is little understood by most of the animal kingdom. While humans’ ten fingers and two arms lead naturally to base ten and binary maths, slugs have only their teeth to base their arithmetic on. And there are 27,000 of them. You try math based on 27,000. It’s hard to get to even double figures, and decimal fractions are a nightmare. It’s why we move so slowly. Our brains are fully occupied, working out our longitude and latitude and how we will afford a new set of dentures.

Teeth ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-02-22 09:53:26

Happy Unwashed Multitudes to you this morning. I'm wondering if the foul weather that's swept through Texas has hampered the influx of more low grade trash humans or not. I wonder things like this because I have little else to do, thanks for asking, and I know you're having the same problem over there, thanks to our similar corrupt governments. I read that there's something like 3 million more poised to swarm over England like rabid, diseased ants.
We already have over 30 million of those fuckers living here "illegally" but how can it be illegal if our government lets them in and does nothing to remove them? Here in California they're instantly rewarded with free driving licenses, which amazingly and coincidentally gives them the ability to vote in our elections even though they're not citizens and that's "illegal", snicker giggle wink.

It would be great to hear about some major disaster in one of those banana republics, an earthquake or landslide that suddenly wiped out a half million or so of those human cockroaches, it would cheer me up immensely. Half a million less that will gift us with their diseases and overburden our resources.

Brack Shreep ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-02-16 15:43:11

Frabjous joy to you on this heavily overcast day of dark grey skies, which bring the rain to all the pretty little flowers and makes everything grow big and fast so it can provide lots of fuel for raging fires that destroy everything. Hey, I'm trying to be cheerful, you don't even want to be near me on an actual bad day.
I had a telemarketing call this morning, at 7:15, the time most people who aren't at work are having breakfast and those who work are trying to get out the door. The recording said to "press 1 to talk to a representative" so I pressed one and when that SOB answered, I blistered his ears. I can be very profane.
That cheered me up immensely. I really needed some butthole to dump on who deserved it, since I can't do what the crazy people do and send pipe bombs to my falsely elected "representatives". Well, I mean I could if I knew how to make them and didn't mind spending the rest of my life in some nasty prison. I don't on both counts, so thankfully there's telemarketers I can rage at instead.
I'm telling you all this because I know you really needed to know it.

Black Sheep ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-02-09 16:13:51

What happens after we die is nothing unless you count decay. Dead is dead, no "after dead". We end. Consciousness ends. Self awareness ends. Living ends. There's not even blackness, that would mean that we were still aware of something. Nothing is nothing. That's what being dead is. Nothing. This is exactly why I intend to live forever. Not living just doesn't fit in with my idea of having fun.

The Bleat Guy, now Sunarupu ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-02-06 23:21:08

"Probably think about sex once a week ...?

I am sure it will pick itself up again once spring comes along. Now't wrong with dirty lesbians. Thanks for porno ghost cartoon.

Teeth ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-02-03 19:18:32

Congrats on finding your newest friend, a rotting badger skull. A good soaking in bleach and then airing it out for a week or two will make it much more companionable as well as greatly slowing down it's rate of desiccation.
Notice that your newsbleat link is now outdated, ahem, coff coff....

The Great Me ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-01-23 19:45:27

Good morning from the other side of the world. It's looking like we may not get our civil war, which is a damn shame. Instead it will probably be a few localized uprisings of armed citizens, with mostly them getting shot and killed. Maybe that's too pessimistic but I expected more from Trump and look how that worked out.
Almost no one here seems to get it yet, they think the GOP is still a political party. It's not. It now exists only to continue the illusion while the Marxists turn us into a Soviet Union counterpart, much like what's happening in the UK now. Now that you have Brexit, everything is going to become dramatically worse.
Here, they think it's the Democrats that have won. It's not. It's the Globalists. Exactly as it is there.
The ultimate goal is the one predicted by George Orwell, your greatest prophet, and it's going to come about rapidly now that the USA is no longer a block in it's way.

This is not a good time to be young.

Black Days Ahead ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-01-11 16:30:42

A very happy New Year to you, Mr X, even if this is the year the World Wheels come off.

Mr C ON Uselessgod       Dated:2021-01-01 00:05:39

The headline this morning: "What Free Speech? British Police Arrest At Least 3,395 People for ‘Offensive’ Online Comments in One Year". This is about a woman convicted of a crime for calling some tranny a man, because he is one. We are what we're born as, DNA doesn't change, and yet this freak was given an "official" womanhood by the state.
Your High Court just reversed her conviction for stating a fact, saying that no one has the right not to be offended. Now what happens to the thousands who've been convicted of a crime for "offending"?
This is the bullshit that happens in Socialist states, and why we're willing to have another Civil War to prevent it.

Black Sheep ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-12-18 16:27:28

I've heard of repair fairies. They hang out with other service fairies, like Hair Stylist fairies and Clothing Designer fairies like Versace. So be careful around those taps, and mind what objects you carry on your person, if you think they've been tampered with by some fairy, okay?

Ram Wham Thank You Ma'am ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-11-30 17:52:45

I'll be 74 in about 4 weeks. Hope I'll be zooming about like your neighbour when I'm your age. Think wandering the countryside is the only thing that keeps me going in the absence of any big-bummed ladies.

Doing house repairs and decorations too at the mo. - BORING! Must get back to doing summit a bit more creative, even if its' only bollux on here that almost nobody reads.

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-11-14 20:04:08

Old Blokes are an inspiration. I have my own Old Bloke here, though the guy is probably actually younger than me, I'm about 6 weeks away now from 82. This is a pretty old guy though and obviously has some sort of disability by the way he walks.
Whenever I'm near the post office in the morning, there he is, either heading out or returning from a walk down the hill and back up, arms flying in all directions, this skinny little man. Very cheerful, too. He happened to come zipping by the post office one time while I was there and I wished him a good morning.
No doubt I'd be in better shape if I did what he does each day, but I'm another that "can't be arsed" as you put it. I worked that arse off all my life and now I do what I want. What the hell, it wasn't but a few weeks ago I was up on my roof for days spreading sealant, before the rains come, and before that laying down a new laminate floor in my bedroom. I do enough without enduring a grueling hike every morning. But 3 cheers for the Old Blokes nonetheless, we humans need positive examples.

White, actually, Black Sheep. Just sayin'. ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-11-14 16:38:47

Be careful what you wish for. The likely reality is that it's the worst assholes who will get the extreme longevity and the good and kind people will be reduced to barely living long enough to procreate.

Good observation about the possibility of Islam becoming tempered, re: the accords being reached between Israel and the Islamic states. First Erdogan needs to have his tattered corpse swinging from a lamppost, put there by his own people, ala Benito Musselini. The world needs an end to his efforts to poison it with a New Caliphate with him as Grand Ruling Whoopdidoo.

ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-11-11 15:42:09

I'm hoping for Civil War. If ever we needed another one, now is the time.

Black Mood Right Now ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-11-05 20:16:59

Sir, I have pored through all my many volumes of great art and can nowhere find examples such as you have posted on this magnificent website. I'm astonished that they're not in the Louvre, that they don't have the fame they deserve. Who is this marvelous artist? I must know.

Just posted a nice titty pic for November. Can't be looking up bums every month, after all.

Do you think Farage will ever actually win out? Sorry about the lockdown bullshit that's being put on you all. We know it's being done to enforce a greater dictatorship. My suggestion is that you burn it all down, kill every fucking one of them and start over, but of course that's merely a suggestion.

Black Death, also piss and gloom ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-11-02 15:30:46

Mr. Teeth had best be careful if he wants to keep them, speak no evil of the vanquisher of Socialists and other forms of Shit. You want to get rid of the Muslimes over there, then you need to get rid of the Socialists who brought them there first.
YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: A new BUM PICTURE will be posted in only 6 more days, on Nov. 1st. Knew you'd want to know.
Lastly, today a new CONSERVATIVE Supreme Court Justice was sworn in to replace that stinking old urping vaginal blood fart Socialist named Ginsberg. I heard the storm drain systems of New York City were overwhelmed due to the flood of tears from all those Commie fuckers. Makes my day. MAGAA!

Ram it ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-10-27 03:11:55

Brilliant cartoons Mr X! I have similar problems drawing luscious modelettes in Life Classes, using the Portrait paper whem I need Landscape or vide versa! Actually, those aren't the problems I have with drawing luscious... no, mainly a deep sadness at advancing age and unsustainable erec... no, mainly a... yes, it's the wrong damn paper again.

Mr C ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-10-26 00:22:35

Are you suggesting that i was trying to be provocative? As if... Bongo told me he just had treatment for a wisdom tooth infection (he still has wisdom teeth - what the f...??) so he drove round his estate to let everybody know that he was doing fine. They are now all coming down with toothache.

Fantastic to see your latest cartoons.

Teeth ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-10-07 19:33:22

Don't let Mr Sheep see that. Yer dead!

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-10-06 21:08:39

I would remove Trump and all who worship him. Mind you - he appears to be doing a good job at that himself.

Teeth ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-10-06 20:07:08

The one thing I would delete from Planet Earth is Islam. Deleting all religions is really my preference, but there's a good chance that global anarchy might result from all of them going at once and the collapse of civilization would be worse than the damage religions are doing.

ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-09-27 20:53:48

Did they test you for Manky Skull Fetish, Hideous Line Drawings, Bad Science Stories, things like that? Doesn't help much if they're not thorough, you know, and these are serious conditions.

Black Fart, er, Bart ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-09-17 03:25:11

Hmm. Thought the St John's wart was working last week but not so sure now. Did some tests and they didn't show any deficiencies but maybe give vit B a go. Cheers.

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-09-09 20:14:36

A bright cheery Good Morning to you and your collection of weird little skulls, bugs and etcetera.
A new butt pic has been posted in your honor. Perhaps not as large as I'm convinced that you fancy, but very nice in all other respects.

BlappaRamma ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-09-01 16:35:20

That sounds more like Depression than anything else. I suggest you start taking B-Complex vitamins, strong ones, right away. I get depressed, it's chronic, and B-Complex is the cure for it. Takes a few days to really get me out of it, but it works.

Badass Damn Ram ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-08-31 22:49:42

That sounds more like Depression than anything else. I suggest you start taking B-Complex vitamins, strong ones, right away. I get depressed, it's chronic, and B-Complex is the cure for it. Takes a few days to really get me out of it, but it works.

Badass Damn Ram ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-08-31 18:58:29

Nope. Died last month.

Actually not quite, just lack any interest in anything and tired much of the time but do have some good days, like today, so far.

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-08-30 07:12:49

Long time no hear. Are you well?

Black Sheep ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-08-28 23:57:42

Misnomer: Things made in China are not "Chinese goods". They are "Chinese bads". The best way for all nations to deal with China is to stop selling them food. The Chinese have a marvelous talent for starving to death, because they fuck like minks, or like Chinese, whatever, for entertainment, while enjoying very frequent droughts and floods and plagues of locusts and diseases and wars.
So if no one sells them food anymore, starvation and disease will take care of the problem and war with them won't be necessary. It would help if no one bought anything from them, either.

Black Rage, um, Ram ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-07-31 18:26:56

Given the nature of so many Chinese goods it could be worse than that!

Top class - one of your cartoon masterpieces... Looking forward to smoking some of that. Even better than vodka.

Teeth ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-07-15 20:23:44

Hey, new beautiful butt picture up.....

Black Humor ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-07-02 20:12:26

I see the violent protests have finally inspired you to write. Hey, whatever it takes. About them, let me help you a bit. The history or the deeds of the person represented by the statues doesn't matter. All that matters is that they're of WHITE PEOPLE. That's all. Statues here of blacks are untouched, but all memorials to whites regardless of whether they fought against slavery or uplifted blacks are being wrecked for being of whites. WITH THE EXCEPTION of the few statues of Communists, like the one in Seattle of Lenin. BLM is a terrorist organization.

Black Rage, um, Ram ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-06-28 15:09:19

So you want to get more interest in life? I have just the thing for you, my friend. Cruise on over to my blog, I guarantee you won't miss it.

A Black Pox on China ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-06-08 03:23:57

You can get used laboratory quality microscopes on ebay for very low prices, I bought a few for that crap, I mean craft store that I had, was surprised at how cheap. $1000 new but $75 used.
Try playing an online game, a MMOG. I started playing Rift recently, very imaginative, play is smooth (even WOW has gotten jerky), and $15 a month is cheap entertainment.

I garden, for groceries. Not many flowers you can eat. Might try that.

I think USA is nearing the brink of becoming a dictatorship, so I hope it's a Far Right one and not a Far Left one. Times is a changin', Rufus.

Blacker Than The Inside of Maxine Waters' Asshole ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-06-03 15:33:46

There'a an old fart around here like your old dude, every winter I see him out in the morning getting his exercise, walking along with his arms flailing about like a drunkard. Spoke to him once, he was rational. Just has some sort of physical problem I think. He looks like he'll live forever.
Everyone here is burnt out on this virus "social distancing"crap. We've all been hoodwinked and it's time to admit it.
It's also time for major retribution against China.

Slam Bam Ram ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-05-27 04:14:16

Harooo, glad to see you're pounding the keyboard again.
I understand boredom at my age. If I had a keg of wine as old as me I'd be rich, and the older I get the less there is to do. Ennui is not a strong motivator, neither are sagging muscles.
AH BUT. Tomorrow is the day I've set to get out the weedeater and attack the growth on the place, because June 1 is the day the effing Forest Service goes around handing out $500 tickets for fire hazards.

That's a good motivator to weedeat, for sure, and a good thing anyway because we do get fires out here that are devastating. Last big one was just a few years ago and ended up with our population diminishing by about a third, which was enough to wreck our already failing economy.

Sheep Can Be Very Attractive ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-05-16 01:31:54

Great to see you alive and commenting. You really should do what I suggest on my response to your comment, something may be wrong. Things creep up on us.
Watched the War of the Five Armies or something like that, one of the Hobbit movies, tonight. It's really incredible what can be done now to create entire cities and worlds in fine detail electronically. I started playing Rift, a MMOG, a few days ago, got bored with the one I was playing, and wow, the graphics. Really excellent tits and ass too, you'd like it.
All my garden veggies are coming up nicely except the fucking spinach. Stupid spinach anyway. Who needs it!
Is Boris trying to make a fashion statement or just too fucking cheap to get a haircut? Is he allergic to combs? I thought Trump's hairdo was stupid looking until I saw Boris's.
Well, happy Spring to you, go do a nature trail or paint a windmill, and remember, every time you see a butterfly it's because some goddam green worm ruined part of someone's garden to pupate.

Great Teeth But My Gums Fell Out ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-05-12 04:59:46

Jesus Christ, you really are bored. Writing a new version of Thou Shalt Not (fuck this, that or whatever). What about sodomy? You never said if that's okay or a sin. Personally I think it's a sin if it goes in white and comes out brown, but that's me.

Wonderful Me ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-05-08 17:21:38

Oh boo, a dummy page for retards. I was worried I might have broken #751 yesterday, and now I'll never even know what it is.

Mr C ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-05-06 22:29:34

What? You ask if I think we'll go to war with China? Why, Yes, I do, and thank you for asking. Actually it will be China that starts it, I'm sure of this, because the Assholes In Charge (AIC), instead of trying to mend fences and rebuild trade between us, have been ripping out the boards instead and becoming more militarily aggressive. I don't know if their goal is to get us to retreat or to force us to attack, but it's certain to complete the job of wrecking world trade, if nothing else.

Boring. Yes. Although you'd be far less bored if you paid more attention to my blog and got involved in leaving comments daily. I can't promise you any big bottomed women will offer themselves up as a result but anything is possible so why not take the chance? Besides, I'm such a witty fellow, how could anyone not want to converse with me? It's unthinkable.

Brakk Shreep ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-05-02 18:42:24

To be briefly serious, there's different pictures of the Wuhan Virus because there's no pictures of it. Nothing in focus with color anyway. We can't yet take clear photos of things that tiny, I guess.
Glad Boris is back on his feet, he seems mostly an ok guy.
I've been cutting my own hair for 53 years now, comes out fine but the first few times, not so much.
You know, since you like big bottoms so much, I bet you could find some chunky gay guy to oblige you. I mean, if you're not looking at the face when you're doing it.......... What about that neighbor you've always hated, Pikey Traveler Scum or something like that. I've heard that back-door sex at gun point can be exciting. Of course you have to dispose of the remains afterward but then you know all those nature trails.

The virus curve is supposedly over the top and heading down. I know that's bullshit because I can do simple math, but that's okay, I finally have a supply of high grade chloroquine coming in the mail, and in a few more days I'll be able to don an N95 mask and shop for fresh veggies and milk once again, because if I catch the fucking Chinese Disease, I'll have the cure for it on hand. There is NONE around here, all meds suddenly disappeared a month ago.

Stay well my friend.

Baa Baa Black Sheep ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-04-13 06:45:29

Really? I can read it fine. Even with zoom at 100%. Still, I'll change it tomorrow. (If I can be arsed, obviously) Do you have a problem just with this commenty thing or website generally?

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-04-09 19:58:58

This isn't very accessible. For those of us with ageing eyes the lack of contrast makes it far too difficult to read. Really can't read it. Even with me now specs.
Maybe that's a good thing. That way I can't upset black sheep.

Teeth ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-04-09 18:57:18

Ah got the comment thing working again after all the F* system updates. Won't delete meaningless test entries as they boost my non existent comment score.

PS And probably most sensible comments I've had for years anyway!

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Oh bollux meant to reply Mr C but keep getting errors. Have to sort first.

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-04-01 10:22:24

Everything was better with Fortran IV. They had good solid subroutines in those days, none of your flashy "methods" and "class constructors" crap that comes apart in five minutes. And format statements, decent amber or green on black, and make do with that.

Mr C ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-04-01 01:13:04


DDD ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-03-31 11:10:06

Just testing to see if this works with PHP update.

Why must they keep changing things? Fortran IV did everything I need!

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-03-31 10:20:47

I could get super-realistic dolls for £5,000 upwards, but I economise with the local paper's funeral notices and a shovel. The Wuhan Total Plague of Apocalyptic Death (aka bit of flu about innit) isn't working on the right age range for me, but there's hope of a mutation and Autumn relapse yet.

Mr C ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-03-30 18:08:09

Greasings and stimulations, my blow-up sex manikin pederastic friend, sorry to see the sad ending of 15 pounds spent on unforgiving vinyl. It probably would only have been good for one go, anyway. You might be better off with a dead pig, you know, cut off the butt end, it's reusable, just keep warming it up in the microwave and refrigerated in between. Just trying to be helpful.

ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-03-15 04:14:15

I see by your artwork that you've been having acid rain problems.

A Black Pox on China ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-02-28 03:24:55

Glad to see you're still posting, not dead from Wuhan Plague yet. We have cases of it popping up here but of course they're not going to tell us the truth any more than the sodding chinks do with their people. But it's steadily spreading and I doubt that warmer weather coming is going to make any difference at all. In fact that's when people form crowds the most.

Good news for us white people is that the virus targets East Asian men mostly, something about ACE2 receptors, Google it if you must know more.
Anyway, nasty weather they have there. Never paid much attention before, cold, lots of snow, bleh.

Hey, I bought one of your silver 50p Brexit coins, should be here any day now. Pricey little bastard, but 47,000 mintage, bound to go up.

Blackhearted Old White Bastard ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-02-21 06:18:54

Really enjoyed watching videos of you celebrating your freedom from the European Union. You must be as happy as we were when we declared independence from the British. Oh, umm, wait........

Maroon Wart Hog ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-02-04 03:34:50

THREE CHEERS. Hooray, you finally fucking did it!!!!!!!! Globalism isn't dead yet but at least it's writhing in agony. No wonder they all hate Trump so much, the scheming scum. All those dreams of power fading away...

Wikipedia can suck it, we all know it's Mary.

Chinese citizens using their cell phones to send out pics and vids of people dropping dead in the streets, reporting bodies shipped secretly out of hospitals to morgues, death rate from this new SARS much higher than they're telling us. All face masks in USA sold out a week ago.

Black-hearted Bastard ON Uselessgod       Dated:2020-02-01 16:32:35

Nah! Wikipedia and other online pages say it's John. You dare to question the sacred word of Wikipedia?? Heretic, hope they burn you!

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-12-18 21:29:48

I am not here or leaving a comment. That's right. No comment. Nothing to say. Well, one thing. That's Mary Magdalene on the right side of Jesus. I thought you knew that. Everybody knows that. Except you. Why didn't you know that? You should have known that. Sheesh.

Black WHAT? ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-12-18 21:13:21

The Blessings of Islam have been bestowed on the hapless Londoners once again at London Bridge, I see. Of course the craven media never mentions Islam or names the knifers as Muslims. Jesus Christ, why aren't you all at least armed with pepper spray? You need a Civil War, desperately. We may have a second one yet the way the Libtards are becoming more aggressive. Partisan fights are breaking out in the streets now. ARM YOURSELVES!

Black Day at London Bridge ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-11-29 15:53:19

Greetings, tomorrow is our Thanksgiving day when we give thanks for not being vassals of the Crown anymore, and tho that was a few centuries ago now, we're still pretty happy about it.

You're right, Johnny Cash did look like dried up cow shit at the end there. He went to prison over heroin possession and use, couldn't have done him a whole lot of good. His voice is crappy in that video and he was unable to stand up even. I'm 80 and still run up stairs. Yay for me, my other name is Dennis Wonderful. Or Dennis Bitchen'. Either is good.

So no more vodka? What the hell, at least you aren't dead yet, a fact I personally celebrate as well. Wish I were still only 70 tho. Ah, lost youth, eh? Or misplaced. I always seem to find it again when I'm sleeping but when I wake up, I forget where I left it.
Well, anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

Black Fungus Covered Mummy ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-11-27 18:09:12

You have a glitch. Your comment counter says "0 comments". There are plainly more than zero comments. This could cause massive planetary unrest, you must fix it before we all end up as Globalists surviving on watered-down French wine and croutons. Hey, it could happen.

Baaaa ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-11-17 02:17:36

WELL? Did Wendy finally give it up? Was it "more than a hug"? Huh? Was it?

Black-Hearted Old Ram Bastard ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-11-10 21:43:34

Cartoon - one of your best. Picasso in hell.

tooth ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-10-27 17:49:44

I don't smoke the stuff. Used to years ago before all the inhaled industrial pollution caught up with my lungs. Making tea from the dried leaves doesn't make one high, at all. No effect whatever. Cooking with them does, like baking brownies or cookies, but not tea for some reason. Really mellows out my stomach, tho, and my condition seems to be rapidly alleviating mostly because of the tea.
That enlarged prostate thing is another annoyance, waking me up in the middle of the night to go relieve myself. But considering the alternative, of NOT waking up, ever, it's hard to complain much. I find myself becoming more accepting of some things and totally intolerant of others as time moves along. Not sure if that's wisdom or just dying brain cells.

Cranky Old Rammy Bastard ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-10-03 23:13:28

Not got that yet, just got the other embarrassing old bloke down there problem of enlarged prostate. Not the C fortunately. If a male rude bit has to get bigger with age, I can think of a better choice! Bloody nature.

Getting health care seems pretty hard in the US, worked with another Yank bloke decades ago who'd given up on paying for insurance, said it was too expensive. Best places to be for medical support are Australia or France, they have decent healthcare systems without going over the top and splashing out left right and centre on trivial stuff or paying for health tourists like the UK does.

Hope the weed works for you. Ain't legal here unfortunately and after last experience don't think I'd ever touch it again.

Fat bottoms, aaah.

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-10-03 17:24:01

Heigh de ho, oh illustrator of excessively lacking reknown. It is I, the Blogger of hugely non-existent fame. The days are suddenly colder now and the nights more so, and the marijuana crop is approaching the day of harvest. Some of it is already hanging to dry, with all the large leaf clipped off beforehand, which leads me to my real purpose in blessing you with my Very Special Attention.
I have fucking Ulcerative Colitis, and the price of the usual medication has gone nuts, so even my medical insurance won't pay for it anymore. Fortunately, as just mentioned, a little harvesting has started and provided leaf for strong marijuana leaf tea, and let me tell you, that stuff really calms down the old gut. This is the first time I've tried this and the second cup of tea, I wanted to wait to be sure it's helping before passing on the info.
Lower intestinal problems get pretty common as we age, so if you should be so unfortunate as to have them, try some strong pot leaf tea. Growers throw the leaves away, so you shouldn't have to pay for it from a friend. Here, we're allowed to grow 6 plants for personal use with no restriction on size, and I am one fuck of a gardener. Both thumbs are Day-Glo Green.
Well, good sir, here's looking at fat girl's bottoms and thinking of you.

Sheep look best from behind ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-10-01 22:19:26

Gender bending... Great idea, but I see a problem because there's so much competition among the Gender Alphabet crowd to have a different gender from everyone else. I mean, look at rock stars like Prince. Has anyone ever determined what his actual gender ended up as?
The thing is, if you have genders A through Z, right away there will be people saying "I'm Gender A3 or X14", while others will say that they're Gender QP or R23F. There's just no end to the different kinds of genders, so the order of fornication to bring about anything even resembling a viable pregnancy would be lost in confusion, and all those not simply Male and Female would be fornicating endlessly. Oh, wait on that, most of them are now.

The upside is that this will result in the extinction of all genders and leave only the two sexes. On second thought, I don't see a problem with this at all.

ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-09-22 15:33:27

There are three genders, male, female and neuter, in grammar. He, she, it, for example. The word "gender" is applicable to grammar only,and the use of it with humans is erroneous. There are no genders among animals including humans. Animals have two sexes, male and female. Sometimes some are hermaphroditic, which is both sexes in one animal. This is not a third sex.
Homosexuality is not a sex and certainly not a gender. "Trans-sexual" is an impossibility, we cannot change sexes, we can only be surgically mutilated and shot full of hormones to appear to be of the opposite sex.
Pedophilia is not a sex nor any sort of gender, nor is cross-dressing, bi-sexuality or altering ones appearance to resemble a feline, a snake, a demon or anything else. "Gender dysphoria" is actually a misnomer, the true expression is Sexual Dysphoria".
Unfortunately the Sexually Perverted among us have successfully changed the meaning of "gender" to equate with the word "sex" and it's now in common usage, like the destruction of the word "gay", meaning "festive", to now mean homosexual, because gay really does sound much nicer than Homosexual. The other downside of that is that "gay" is now commonly used as an insult the same way as Queer and Fag. This is because for all the efforts of the Progressives to mold us into a mindless mass of all-approving retarded Liberals as part of the effort to create a global slave state, most of us still find sexual perversion disgusting.

God of Sex and Huge Bottoms ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-09-20 16:12:01

God here, wishing you a very happy day today. I'd cause it to happen but that conflicts with the Self Determination I supposedly gave you humans, according to some jackass, self-appointed spokesperson for me. It's not true, I make you do all sorts of stupid and embarrassing things for my amusement, all sorts except making you happy, anyway. That bores me. But I wish you some anyway, what the Hell.

THE God. Mr. Eternal. The One. ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-08-23 17:17:29

Re: "Yeh, everything's so easy", there is a very basic solution to this problem. Get rid of about 75% of the population, starting with the worst, like the Muslims and Travelers, the homeless and their filthy encampments, all drug addicts, all with violent criminal records and their offspring. Then get rid of those who are prone to illness,and their offspring, along with the truly stupid and obese, and their offspring.
All that's needed to accomplish this is a good nuclear war. The violent ones will kill off each other and most of the weakest along with them, including the homeless. Humanity will be reduced by at least that 25% and those who remain will be the healthiest and hardest working, most intelligent and able to survive, with the best abilities to plan ahead, create, produce and to protect their group.
Of course, we'll never get to Mars if we do it, so maybe we should put it off. Maybe.

Ram God of Road Rage and the letter R ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-08-10 16:56:31

Didn't think you'd take the bait in that "Far Right Terrorism" crap. It is crap, totally. All those shooters are turning out to be Leftists. All of them. Democrat voters, Democrat donors. It's the crap Media that's claiming they're "Far Right", making up lies and Fake News, anything to get us to buy into their scheme to wreck our country and enslave us in poverty. White Nationalism was INVENTED by the Democrat Party, and the shooter who appeared to be one, voted Democrat. Left, not Right.

"Law abiding Muslims"? What the hell is in that vodka you must be swilling lately, my friend? Really? Seriously? "Law abiding Muslims"? Where?

Ram of Dark Outlook ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-08-09 22:36:47

Curses, you found me out.

Black god ramadama thingy ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-07-24 01:03:18

Hey! Thanks god! This blog is honoured to gets comments from you. I can see you are the real thing from all the 7s in your IP address.

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-07-22 09:55:55

Re your abusive remarks about me, yes I do have a beard but that's the only part you got right. Except maybe the sadistic pervert part. What's your gripe? You're alive, aren't you? I made you critters for something to torture way back when I was a bored kid. I liked pulling off your arms and legs and stuff and hearing those high-pitched noises you made. That's all you're for.

I'm not incompetent, I just don't give a shit. I don't bother with you since I grew up and you should all be damned glad of it.

God ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-07-22 02:40:38