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God here, wishing you a very happy day today. I'd cause it to happen but that conflicts with the Self Determination I supposedly gave you humans, according to some jackass, self-appointed spokesperson for me. It's not true, I make you do all sorts of stupid and embarrassing things for my amusement, all sorts except making you happy, anyway. That bores me. But I wish you some anyway, what the Hell.

THE God. Mr. Eternal. The One. ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-08-23 17:17:29

Re: "Yeh, everything's so easy", there is a very basic solution to this problem. Get rid of about 75% of the population, starting with the worst, like the Muslims and Travelers, the homeless and their filthy encampments, all drug addicts, all with violent criminal records and their offspring. Then get rid of those who are prone to illness,and their offspring, along with the truly stupid and obese, and their offspring.
All that's needed to accomplish this is a good nuclear war. The violent ones will kill off each other and most of the weakest along with them, including the homeless. Humanity will be reduced by at least that 25% and those who remain will be the healthiest and hardest working, most intelligent and able to survive, with the best abilities to plan ahead, create, produce and to protect their group.
Of course, we'll never get to Mars if we do it, so maybe we should put it off. Maybe.

Ram God of Road Rage and the letter R ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-08-10 16:56:31

Didn't think you'd take the bait in that "Far Right Terrorism" crap. It is crap, totally. All those shooters are turning out to be Leftists. All of them. Democrat voters, Democrat donors. It's the crap Media that's claiming they're "Far Right", making up lies and Fake News, anything to get us to buy into their scheme to wreck our country and enslave us in poverty. White Nationalism was INVENTED by the Democrat Party, and the shooter who appeared to be one, voted Democrat. Left, not Right.

"Law abiding Muslims"? What the hell is in that vodka you must be swilling lately, my friend? Really? Seriously? "Law abiding Muslims"? Where?

Ram of Dark Outlook ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-08-09 22:36:47

Curses, you found me out.

Black god ramadama thingy ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-07-24 01:03:18

Hey! Thanks god! This blog is honoured to gets comments from you. I can see you are the real thing from all the 7s in your IP address.

x ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-07-22 09:55:55

Re your abusive remarks about me, yes I do have a beard but that's the only part you got right. Except maybe the sadistic pervert part. What's your gripe? You're alive, aren't you? I made you critters for something to torture way back when I was a bored kid. I liked pulling off your arms and legs and stuff and hearing those high-pitched noises you made. That's all you're for.

I'm not incompetent, I just don't give a shit. I don't bother with you since I grew up and you should all be damned glad of it.

God ON Uselessgod       Dated:2019-07-22 02:40:38