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Lefty Twats and Other Such:
Sorting out the good immigrants from the bad ones seems to be an impossible task for the Gummint burro craps. Easier to have one rule for everyone and let God (hypothetical) sort them out later. What ours has been doing is letting them flood in illegally and allow most of the ones they catch to stay anyway. Can't understand why that would encourage more to do the same......

Crappy cartoon. Well named. E for effort, tho. E isn't a grade, of course.

To afterlife or not to afterlife? That's not the question. The answer is to live forever. I fully intend to never die. I don't want to and I see no reason to do so. I mean, what for? Life is fun. Why screw with it?

Ramming It Blackly ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-11-10 20:23:00

3rd January 2037. Three days before my birthday. I shall eagerly await it.

Yes, we have far too many lawyers, and lots of lawyer jokes as a result. What's the difference between a lawyer and a carp? One is a scumsucking bottom feeder, the other is a fish.

The hordes of unwanted, unwashed and stinking Latinos continues it's march toward our border with Mexico, there's 3 hordes now, or so I read. They'll be met with hordes of our own, armed Army soldiers, lots of razor wire, holding pens for any who get through and a promise from our President, that I know we can take to the bank, that none are getting in. Stay tuned.

Blaa aak Sheep ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-30 04:34:48

Yeh, just did it meself. I'll fix it on 3rd January 2037.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-29 08:26:08

Pages probably riddled with errors and certainly full of deprecated code but can't be bothered to fix. Spend far too much on my little business website, almost a full time job in return for a few hundred pounds a year. Still, keeps me brain active and gives my aged sister a hobby.

Prefer the US approach to free speech, not sure Europe will have any in a few years. Mind you, you do seem to have a lot of lawyers always looking for someone to sue over there.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-29 08:20:37

Okay. I didn't hit the back button. What I did was just reload this page after being on other sites with other browser tabs, hours went by, I popped this back up and hit the little circular arrow to reload the page, just to see if you'd replied. And BANG, there was a second copy of my comment.

Methinks something in your comment script could be the cause?

Baaa ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-29 03:47:43

Wow I get to be first right after Mr. x. wowee, whee, & so forth. Yawn.
Yes, the woman convicted of pissing on religion. What a farce. I piss on religion constantly and no one cares except the irate superstitious bloggers on, the ones I mostly piss on. Also, let me say right now, Mohammad indeed was a pedophile, and probably everyone else is named Mohammad as well, piss on them all singly and collectively, and piss on Islam, evil cult of blood and death. Sue me, I live in the United States of America where we don't have dictatorial, asinine laws that limit our Freedom of Speech, and while I'm ranting, HURRAH FOR THE IRISH. After all the religious uproar they've been through I'm amazed that they're showing some real common sense at last. Possibly they've just run out of whisky, is the reason, but I'll take what I can get.

Lastly, let me compliment you on the new Commenty Thingy, very nice, and quite fresh and pristine until I got hold of it, muwahahahaha.

Ram of Blackness ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-29 02:53:11

Yeh I actually got round to doing a new one.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-27 19:08:32