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I am hale and hearty, Mr X, living as I do by my patented Giant Stew method(ology). Take 1 pot, 1mm or so less than the maximum width or depth of the fridge, cook 1 enourmous meat/bean/vegetable stew, which is only an hour or so of tedium, and there's three weeks' food done. Eat a couple of ladles a day with kasha, couscous, kenkey etc for a truly global cuisine experience. Much of the surface growth that develops in the later lifetime is an edible bonus: if not edible then at least (albeit rather violently) slimming. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, especially if it is an evolving sentient life form.

Mr C ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-07-14 22:47:28

Yeh, contacted support and they'd made a minor balls up. No excuse for doing F* all on the blog darn it.

Don't the bossy missus wanta fuck you anymore Visitor? I never manage to get a free one anymore. Now son has buggered off, may take Mr Sheep's advice. Except I'm MEAN!

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-07-06 19:44:58

Ah, back online, I see. It may have been some disconnect twixt here and there, too. It's those Russians and Chinese again.
Advice for "Visitor" below, you want something to make women want to fuck you again? Have you tried MONEY? Nothing works like money.

Blackarama ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-07-06 14:39:15

All those supplements - they don't do nothing. All I want is to something to make women want to fuck me again. I should have bottled it when I had it. There ain't no vitamins to aid sheep either. Just smoke a little weed and get over it.

Visitor ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-06-13 22:12:33

Big HMMM! Know others complaining of the same general malaise, and saw a blurt on TV the other day about the same thing, ppl complaining about lack of energy and enthusiasm. Their answer is that we're all "burned out" on sensory overload, between social media and politics. Sounds like horseshit to me. I think something else is going on, maybe to do with iphones.

I don't and won't own one of those zombie makers, and email and blog posts are my social media limit. I don't text and refuse to learn, and no doubt I'm happier for it. Social Media Kills, should be a bumper sticker.

D Aspartic acid. No problems yet. Also I've noticed that my mind is clearer lately, my thinking sharper, quicker. But if women my age start looking attractive, I'll stop taking it immediately.

El Sheepo The Magnificent ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-06-03 15:06:25

Cheers Sheepy. Yeh, had various health checks all supposedly ok, and been taking vitamins.

Done lots of Googling looking for things, but not heard of D-Aspartic Acid. Worth a go. Some on Google say it makes things much worse. That's a problem with remedies, what works for some doesn't for others. Also, things can work some times and not others. Had a really bad patch of insomnia a few years back and found a herbal thing called 5-HTP that worked almost instantly. Not found it does anything at all since.

Ah! Isn't it great getting old, we can keep talking about health issues.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-05-28 08:38:37

Egads, IT'S ALIVE. Well, good. Was beginning to wonder. Being tired a lot can be caused by constricted heart valves, resulting in inadequate oxygen to the brain and body. Likewise, diminished lung function. Neither of these show up on a blood test. The most common cause of constant tiredness is diabetes, which does show up, as elevated blood sugar.

Women get menopause. Men get womenopause. Or something, but it all adds up to the decline in testosterone with aging, which ALSO results in increased tiredness and lack of interest. I've been taking D-Aspartic Acid each morning now for the past several weeks, tastes a bit like lemonade, one rounded teaspoonful in a half-glass of water, well stirred. It's a big help in promoting natural production of testosterone and it's working so far. More energy lately along with "other" increased interest. It's cheap, got it off ebay, big bulk bag for not much money.
Easy to drink down.

You might consider a B-Complex pill each day as well, along with C and D. The food we get today is mass produced for us masses and is nothing like the healthy stuff that used to come from small farms. I've been supplementing my diet for 50 years, it's what keeps me so mean.

Black Lagoon Critter ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-05-27 21:58:48

Dunno what's happening with me. Just tired out of me skull so much and no definite solutions. Blood tests all show I'm healthy.

Odd, feel reasonable today, wondering of it was those hay fever things I've just stopped taking. But thought I've cracked it before then it all comes back.

From the net, seem to be a lot of people have it, mostly women, maybe I'm going through the menopause.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-05-27 20:57:49

Terribly sorry to hear of your demise. Now there will be no one to leave a comment on my blog. OH, WAIT, that's right. No on visits it anymore, now.
I've been thinking lately of offering the domain name up for sale, looked it up some time ago and it's worth a bit. Only thing is, it's become like an old friend in a way, a place I can offer my ponderings and views to the world. Almost like actually talking to someone.

I hope you're well and your disappearance isn't due to some malady or other. You haven't posted anything in some time now. If you are well and I find out about it, a box full of wet manure, tightly sealed and generating lots of methane, that would explode upon opening, might easily pass through a mail inspection over there......

Blackness Abounds ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-05-27 15:06:14

God here and yes, it's true, I am changing the climate. I like doing it, in fact it's one of my favorite forms of entertainment, watching the waves sweep away thousands of tiny little humans at a single pass, seeing them wither up and turn to dust in droughts. I like putting water in one place and taking it away in another, it's fun. I may not be very creative in my recreational choices, but I am God. I am all that really matters. If you don't like the climate here, then go find another planet that suits you better, stupid humans. Heh heh,as if you could, heh heh.

Ram God ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-05-13 00:31:43

Red font. Ahh, you vurry unhappy campah, focking politicians so STOOPID.

LOL, don't blame you, but it's because of the people voting for them that we all have stupid politicians. These Bozos get up, wave their arms and say Vote for me and I'll fix (X) problem(s), and since the rest of us are too fucking lazy, busy or unconcerned to fix the goddam problems our selves, we do. We vote for them, and then they cause more problems. That's why Trump is such a rare critter and most of the others hate him. He actually is trying to fix problems, the same problems that make the others rich.
Pres. Trump is kind of like Jesus surrounded by Pharisees. The only things keeping him alive are those 12 guys he's with. Take away the Secret Service and watch out.

Black Font uhh Sheep ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-05-05 00:32:55

The only thing I have in common with Michelle Obama is that we're both male. Be grateful dueling is out of fashion and that we don't live near each other and it's the year 1750, or so, and that I don't own the only distillery in all the Isles, and that... well, anyway, be grateful.
Sorry to hear you're on the roller-coaster of life atm. Hope that's just situational and not a health matter. Situations always change. I generally change mine by burning a bridge with some asshole, or ignoring whatever it is until it eventually goes away. Sometimes I call up the sheriff's office and rat some bastard off who's screwing up my quality of life. I am not the saintly avatar of Buddha you have undoubtedly pictured me to be. Keep that between us, okay?
Last thought, I know you love little animals but sometimes it really helps to just go kill something. Not something I do personally but have had it recommended numerous times by others. Smashing your neighbor's ash can flat is also very cathartic.

Blackhearted Sumbitch ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-04-27 22:35:16

Thanks dark baaaaahy thing. Never got to Croatia unfortunately as lady friend got ill at last minute. Hoping to get most of the dosh back via insurance. Life pretty shitty at mo, gone all down again, dunno what's going on.

PS Not Black nor Sheepish? I have put your posts through my sophisticated analysis machine and the fraud is revealed. You are really Michelle Obama!

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-04-27 19:15:04

Damn near a month since I last deposited one of my droppings here. You were leaving on vacation to watch Russians invade Croatia, as I recall. It must have done you good, your most recent posts show a reinvigorated inspiration. But wouldn't your conjoined twins drawing have been more fun to show them at your art group? Everybody gasping and giving you shocked, hostile looks. You could have kept an eye out for any lady giving you a sly grin, hit payday. You never know.

Anyway, your latest postings reminded me of your questioning me as to why I added you to my blogroll, way back in the early heady days of blogging, and it's because it takes brilliance, honesty, moral courage and a seeking mind to come up with the things you do, and a few other things it'd probably be best not to get into............

Welcome back from Croatia, anyway, no doubt the flash point where the next World War starts, glad you made it back safely.

Neither Black Nor Sheepish ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-04-27 07:19:02

Yes, it are I. Croatia is cheerful to you? Hmm. Would you like some lovely pics of cemeteries in moonlight, happy to send them on. Don't they have moo slimes over there? Glad you're out and about anyway.
As to the hack, it'd be no surprise if it was some disgruntled libtarded Democrat, tho I've probably pissed off quite a few Mexicans too, not to mention lots of Slimes. Ah but. It's only a blog. I am greater than the sum of my parts, just ask god. Any god, not picky here.
Happy travels, hope you have fun and meet the lady of your dreams, from the south end anyway. :-)

MY GOD! IT'S ALIVE. ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-03-29 22:47:12

No, don't think so. Don't feel like I am anyway. Oh well, going to Croatia next week, should cheer me up a bit. Hopefully.

On last comment which I never got round to replying to, seems there are Amish Mennonites and Old Order Amish, only the last reject all technology. But how is a cart or a spade not technology? They should be running around nude attacking things with their bare hands.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-03-26 16:54:55

Hi, we're still alive over there, yes? Hmm? Eh?

Black Sheets... umm, Sheep... ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-03-26 14:27:16

Good morning or whatever time it is over there. Thanks for your recent visitations, I was starting to feel so all alone, as the song goes. Total agreement with your Amish plan, we need to institute it immediately. There is one small problem, tho. I've seen Amish using telephones, drinking Coca-Cola and otherwise availing themselves of modern technology like the rest of us, so it might be hard to get everyone else to follow their good example if they set a bad one like that.
I would suggest that first we nuke ourselves back to the Stone Age and THEN make everyone adopt Amish-ism or whatever they call their dogma. Actually a global plague would be a lot better and less messy, tho. Yeah, global plague it is, then. Say, 1 in 30 survive and half of them end up sterile. That would be good.

Ram a dam a ding dong ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-03-10 16:08:46

Oh your Ladies' Bums... I've verified twice in a half hour already and don't care if anyone thinks I'm a robot...

Mr C ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-02-18 11:34:06

FUCKING HYPOCRITES!!!! KILL THEM!!! KILL THEM ALL!!!!! And if a few rats get in the way and get snuffed, really, you know, that's okay. I mean, rats....

Berserk Maniac ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-02-13 18:29:35

I keep forgetting to sign my little contributions....

Ol' Blappy ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-01-20 05:57:17

Vacancy is a rental condition so you should be charging for the gaps in your life, or at least put a sign on your forehead, "Space For Rent".

Always knew that Vegans were fruity in the brain. You eat fruit, you become fruit. Everyone I ever knew who was a vegetarian was loose in the brain caboose. But as for eating people we don't like, I call that group "assholes", so you can understand why the prospect of eating them isn't attractive.
Have all the old, past post files retrieved that I'd ever want, by the way, and more besides, and thanks again for your help, my friend.

ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-01-20 05:55:53

Vacancy about sums me up these days too. Every morning I think "what'll I do today?" Look through my long list of things I could be doing, can't be arsed, can't be arsed, can't be arsed.....

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-01-16 09:49:57

It is me, not the blog, is removed... vacancy is where I'm coming from these days, and the blog is a masterful expression of same.

Mr C ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-01-16 06:10:16

I would love to help fund your conspiracy to reduce synthetics. Just tell me where to send my fingernail clippings.

As for the old Newsbleat files, Bluehost, my ISP, said they had backups but then were unable to do a back up, claiming that my account had malware in violation of the contract and suspended the account instead until the malware was gone. Told me I had to get rid of the malware, and I had no clue how. Talked to a young lady tech who said NO, that was wrong, she got rid of the malware and reinstated Newsbleat, but now there was no way to reclaim the old files.??? So phuck it, I started over, tired of messing with it. Doesn't look as neat and purty as it did before tho. Maybe I'll turn the background orange or something.

ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-01-12 05:21:41

Wot??? Doubt they'll have lost all your page files. Don't use Wordpress meself but as I understand it this sort of thing is down to settings, your posts will all be stored in the database. Who are your hosters?

As for the blogroll, you have the only link that matters! Well it would if I could ever be arsed to do any blogging any more.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-01-06 17:18:00

Efn goddam stoopid tekkie braindead dwarf assholios wrecked Newsbleat, all gone now, started over, so many years of archives lost, gdam sad, screw the world, mebbe kill m'self or at least sleep in an extra hour. Friggin used toilet paper munchers, all of em.

Bad Ass Sheep ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2019-01-06 16:24:51

So, did Tony Blair get stabbed?

Flakey Foont ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-12-31 01:05:02

Crap is one of my favorite blogging words in other people's blogs. Crap means shit, everyone knows that crap means shit, but you can't say shit because they all have censor scripts at work blocking the word shit. So I say Crap and that's all okay. I don't know why, personally I think that's a pile of crap.

Always liked Dean Martin, he never came off as a snob, that I ever saw anyway, and very funny guy, too. Very mellow singer, the Rat Pack was special.

Very Dark Hued Crap ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-12-31 00:54:56

A merry Christmas to you, Mr X.

Mr C ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-12-22 10:26:55

Anyway, given the prominence of bloggoth on the net, they wouldn't find it for months, if at all, and then it would have no significance.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-12-21 10:05:13

That's what new silly story is about, why I posted it. If it doesn't happen, a new silly blog post.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-12-21 09:16:21

PREDICTION: If that pig Recep is assassinated, the EU version of Secret Police will beat down your door and drag you away at 3 AM the following morning. But I hope you're right anyway. No offense.

Rams With Guns ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-12-21 02:41:43

Re your "Evolution" post, your concern is that we might wipe out all the other animals in a million years? In a million years, if any animals have evolved to use GPS, they'll be all alone. Humans will have wiped themselves out long before.

Another Happy Happy from Mr. Jolly Thoughts.

Mr. Jolly Thoughts ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-12-14 21:15:36

I notice that you write your dates backwards. It's Jan. 3, 2037, not 3 Jan. Thought you'd want to be aware of that. Month first, then day date, then year. You're welcome, thank me later. Oh well, alright, just send some money then. Islam spelled backwards is Malice.

Mr. Wonderful ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-12-05 05:59:33

Falling trees, bears and mountain lions, the 3 biggest forest threats over here. You just have trees to worry about, lucky devils. Yeah, in 25 years of living in remote forested areas I never had a tree fall on me or even near me, but I was always aware of the possibility.
The problem with most of them when they fall is that they don't give any warning, they just quietly topple over and you don't know they're coming until your shoulders are resting on your shoe tops.
Glad you weren't smunched.

Ol' Blappy ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-12-03 01:50:46

Greetings from across the Great Waters. I checked out your link to Reptilians, yes, Merkel is a lizard but we all already knew that. However, a new video immediately came up after that one revealing that our trips to the moon were really to investigate the alien presence there.
I don't understand this. We have so many aliens here, why go to the moon? The damn things form caravans and bunch up at our border crossings like packs of hungry rats. They resemble rats, actually, with their beady eyes and stinky bodies. But I digress, the real question is how did they get to the moon ahead of us? And how do they cook taco meat in vacuum? So many questions...

Leader of the Flock ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-11-29 05:38:52

Greetings from across The Great Waters. Hope you're having fun and eagerly anticipating our Turkey Day, when we engorge ourselves on large fowl in thanks for those early escapees from Fowl (can NOT resist a pun) Olde England (that wasn't so jolly) who celebrated their escape and survival - up to that point, anyway.
Isn't it odd that we're such close allies with England, even tho the few holidays we celebrate that relate to England, refer to wars with them. The 4th of July is a big one. That was when we declared Independence, and there's a few for the war between us. But then, look how cozy we are with the Japs. That one still doesn't make sense to me, I mean, how many of us have relatives in Japan? But I guess two A-Bombs were all we had at the time. Damn shame.

Of course, a great many of us had lots of relatives back in Jolly Olde, so once the war finally ended I suppose it made sense to mend fences. Still, I think you folks owe us considerable reparations and you can start with all those glittery rocks that old Elizabeth gal wears, some of those fancy castles.... I'll think of more.

Sacrificial Ram (of Dark character, tho) ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-11-21 06:24:12

Lefty Twats and Other Such:
Sorting out the good immigrants from the bad ones seems to be an impossible task for the Gummint burro craps. Easier to have one rule for everyone and let God (hypothetical) sort them out later. What ours has been doing is letting them flood in illegally and allow most of the ones they catch to stay anyway. Can't understand why that would encourage more to do the same......

Crappy cartoon. Well named. E for effort, tho. E isn't a grade, of course.

To afterlife or not to afterlife? That's not the question. The answer is to live forever. I fully intend to never die. I don't want to and I see no reason to do so. I mean, what for? Life is fun. Why screw with it?

Ramming It Blackly ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-11-10 20:23:00

3rd January 2037. Three days before my birthday. I shall eagerly await it.

Yes, we have far too many lawyers, and lots of lawyer jokes as a result. What's the difference between a lawyer and a carp? One is a scumsucking bottom feeder, the other is a fish.

The hordes of unwanted, unwashed and stinking Latinos continues it's march toward our border with Mexico, there's 3 hordes now, or so I read. They'll be met with hordes of our own, armed Army soldiers, lots of razor wire, holding pens for any who get through and a promise from our President, that I know we can take to the bank, that none are getting in. Stay tuned.

Blaa aak Sheep ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-30 04:34:48

Yeh, just did it meself. I'll fix it on 3rd January 2037.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-29 08:26:08

Pages probably riddled with errors and certainly full of deprecated code but can't be bothered to fix. Spend far too much on my little business website, almost a full time job in return for a few hundred pounds a year. Still, keeps me brain active and gives my aged sister a hobby.

Prefer the US approach to free speech, not sure Europe will have any in a few years. Mind you, you do seem to have a lot of lawyers always looking for someone to sue over there.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-29 08:20:37

Okay. I didn't hit the back button. What I did was just reload this page after being on other sites with other browser tabs, hours went by, I popped this back up and hit the little circular arrow to reload the page, just to see if you'd replied. And BANG, there was a second copy of my comment.

Methinks something in your comment script could be the cause?

Baaa ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-29 03:47:43

Wow I get to be first right after Mr. x. wowee, whee, & so forth. Yawn.
Yes, the woman convicted of pissing on religion. What a farce. I piss on religion constantly and no one cares except the irate superstitious bloggers on, the ones I mostly piss on. Also, let me say right now, Mohammad indeed was a pedophile, and probably everyone else is named Mohammad as well, piss on them all singly and collectively, and piss on Islam, evil cult of blood and death. Sue me, I live in the United States of America where we don't have dictatorial, asinine laws that limit our Freedom of Speech, and while I'm ranting, HURRAH FOR THE IRISH. After all the religious uproar they've been through I'm amazed that they're showing some real common sense at last. Possibly they've just run out of whisky, is the reason, but I'll take what I can get.

Lastly, let me compliment you on the new Commenty Thingy, very nice, and quite fresh and pristine until I got hold of it, muwahahahaha.

Ram of Blackness ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-29 02:53:11

Yeh I actually got round to doing a new one.

x ON WT Going backwards       Dated:2018-10-27 19:08:32