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Can I borrow your submarine? I will bring it back I promise. Might be a little while though.

Titanium ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-16 20:58:19

And a very late but sincere wish that you had the most rollicking and frabjous birthday ever survived, yourself, Mr. Whoozis.

Ram of Dark Places ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-09 03:14:25

I fully agree that disabled people should be able to serve in the military. In the Army the immobile ones could be posted as scouts, for instance. I propose a setup much like a Pez dispenser, only for disabled people. Fill one up with disabled and set it up at the front lines, and as one gets shot, that one pops off and a new one pops up from underneath to continue reporting on the battle scene until that one gets shot, and so on. Once you run out of disabled, simply bring in the radio-controlled mobile dispenser and refill it, and send it back out again.

Naturally, the most socially useless disabled should be the first sent to the front lines, which of course means the Muslims and Pikeys, followed by skinheads and various disabled graduates of your criminal justice system.

Pitch Black Nightmare Monster ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-08 01:18:55

Totally belated Xmas & New Year grindings to Mr C & Mr BB/BS/etc. At least I got round to it before next year.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-02 11:55:22

Not the only Old Bloke who is still to be seen persisting about the surface of the planet, objective unidentifiable, purpose of continued survival obscure... but here I am anyhow, all the best for the New Year Mr X

Mr C ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-01 19:25:30

Oh. And MERRY CHRISTMAS, from one despiser of religions to another.

Blackhearted Bastard ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2017-12-25 21:06:09

Oh. And MERRY CHRISTMAS, from one despiser of religions to another.

Blackhearted Bastard ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2017-12-25 18:01:10

What? After my telling you about the huge alien space ship that I saw, you still don't think They're Heeere? I hope that next big fat female bum you encounter has sharp teeth inside it, gnashing away.

But right now the only aliens I'm really concerned about are the ones coming in across our border with Mexico. Australia really has it good, all isolated out in the middle of the ocean like that, way too far for those rickety ships filled with foul-smelling, filthy African Muslims who keep landing on European shores. That the Italians actually go out of their way to save those parasites from drowning has never ceased to amaze me. What a stupid lot!

And your government, bringing them in by the crapload. I think "crapload" is apt, don't you? We got rid of our craploader and his man-wife, when are you people going to follow suit? Are we going to have to invade you and make you a colony to straighten out your mess for you? Maybe a hefty tax on your tea is in order...

Blackhearted Bastard ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2017-12-25 17:59:00