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HYDROGEN. Not a helium atom, a hydrogen atom. Egads, where's my coffee?

Sheep Go Blagh ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-27 05:47:48

Since you have such a deep interest in science (NOT), let's talk about the nature of matter.
Matter is composed of atoms, as everyone knows except most Muslims, who are stupid and uneducated. Like Helium, for instance, one electron revolving around a nucleus composed of one proton and one neutron. This can spatially be compared to the Earth and our Sun. Almost all empty space.
These 3 atomic particles can be broken into even smaller particles, which can be broken into smaller ones, which can and are broken into even smaller ones.

It is found, on doing so, that the particles are actually composed of energy. Motion.

All matter is nothing, in motion. Wrap your head around that one.

Sheep with Guns ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-27 05:45:30

Doom and gloom aren't so bad if you're happy. I don't quite see how you could be, but what the hey. I've told you that I went through depression for years until I finally took drugs and became Happy, Happy. Prescribed drugs, or to be more accurate, one specific happy pill drug. Worked very well for my depression but totally hammered my short term memory. I couldn't remember anything.
But not being depressed gave me an outsider sort of view of what was causing my depression all that time, which led to overcoming the depression, quitting the pills, having my short term memory return, and being able to pass for normal among humans. Foolish, trusting creatures.

ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-27 05:37:16

On the actual comment, there was a lady at the writer's club who said much the same thing.

She's really into all this stuff and usually writes long SciFi stories about aliens although her stories are always more positive than mine. The aliens are always trying to bring humanity together etc. My stories are always death and doom and gloom. Sums me up.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-26 08:54:15

Deleted double post so ya don't think ya going senile. On second thoughts maybe I should mod site so all posts are duplicated with name change and a few other random mods so I can kid myself I have lots of visitors.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-26 08:48:47

Aha! It double posted again and this time I caught it doing it.
I often will hit the Back arrow a time or three to return to a previous page or website. That's what is causing the double post.

Very strange. I've never had anything double-post on other sites from doing that. Your comment script is taking my back-paging as a command to re-post. I'll try to be more careful not to do that in future.

Genius Ram ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-25 21:02:46

Yank genius here. The public sector is incompetent because of the Peter Principle, of course. People rise to their level of incompetence. Say, a 3rd grade teacher does well at that level. So he or she is promoted to teaching the 4th grade and does an average, mediocre job at it, and so is promoted to teaching the 5th grade and proves incompetent at it. Because of that, the teacher never rises higher, but stays at that level. This is how the public sector works all over the world.

Re the Rubbish story, it's fine, nothing I'd correct, no, really, well, maybe a few things, but I won't.
However, in the interest of science, here's other things those cute little black holes could and would do. If one escapes its containment it will fall straight down. The inertia thus gained would stay with it as it virtually flies down into the core of Earth, through the core and back toward the exterior, where the increase of gravity overcomes the forward inertia and draws it back in.
It make steadily decreasing swings until it comes to rest at the center of Earth, where it grows in size as it gobbles up the iron core. If it would remain stationary, that'd be lovely, but it won't because it's own gravity increases as the Earth's slowly decreases around it, and the core being liquid, it continues to flow toward the black hole.
Ultimately, the Earth would be consumed entirely and it would look like a rotten melon suddenly caving inward at various spots all over the surface, as by this time the black hole would be yanking in whatever was nearest. The last you would see of Earth would be a piece of orange peel, a jagged section like a shard from a broken light bulb, that was wrapping itself around the black hole.

I don't know about you but that really sounds like something fun to watch.

Horribly Flatulent Ram ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-25 19:31:08

Ah yer winding me up! Or screwing me down or whatever the phrase translates to in US jargon.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-25 09:16:46

I know, X, but how often to I get the chance to harp at someone? My sense of humor just isn't appreciated enough.

Illegal dumping is usually covered by some sort of environmental agency, no doubt you have yours same as we do. Is there a problem reporting it to them, that you need advice on this? Would they rat you off? (I had to mention rats, can't help myself.)

Here, if you report a neighbor for some glaring infraction and the police come out, they'll cheerfully tell your offending neighbor that it was you who called them. Nothing like keeping peace in the community, right?

Sheep Go Blagh ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-24 19:32:01

As I've said before Mr Sheep, Vodka is part of the xoggoth onine persona, I actually drink very little (except on my meetups with Mr Teeth once or twice a year) so it ain't that.

Are these fellow directors dumping personal waste or is it to do with the company you're a director of?

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-24 16:35:39

Yes, I am the author of the brilliant preceeding bit of writ. Forgot to sign in. Anyway...
Mr. X, if you will set the vodka aside for a while you may find yourself cheering up, I keep nagging you that it is a depressant,tho I know you're aware of that. Think of it as my being brotherly, rather than some other relative.

Mr. Teeth: My suggestion for those scofflaw scoundrels who are illegally dumping their trash (waste to you Brits)(Will you EVER learn to speak English?)(I mean, "Lift" for elevator, "bonnet" for hood, and so on. I despair.) Umm, yes, my suggestion. Collect their trash back up, dump it on their front step, and if you really want to make your point, set fire to it. You may have to do this more than once before they figure it out.

Blaaa aaa k Sheep ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-24 15:23:53

That's a remarkable story, Mr. Teeth, and yes, I do recall Jane, she first gained my attention by offering me a large glass bottle of rat tails for a truly bargain price. I almost took her out for chips but then she smiled and when I saw all that grey rat hair clinging to her teeth, well...

You know, one thing about dead rats, once they're dead you can't tell if they were homosexual or not. With humans that's not always true, dead queers look much the same as live queers, only with their eyes closed. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against homosexuals except for their lust for young boys, their naked bizarre parades in front of children, their constant, relentless efforts to subvert social norms, their obscene acts in public places, and so forth. Otherwise, no, I'm fine with it. I do have one good thing to say about them, they don't reproduce, which, like the rats, is helpful for limiting population growth.

Now let's talk about the insanity of trans-genderism...

ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-24 15:13:57

Humph - so much for the rat god. Mind you - human's god is at least as bad - probably worse.
Longish black hair around 4 years older than we were? Bit up-market? She was, in fact, a virgin - had been saving herself for the right man. Oh dear - I'm obviously going downstairs. Mind you...

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-23 19:56:44

Sorry few replies chaps, down in dumps most of time. Not too bad today, oddly I feel much better if I don't sleep well. May stop sleeping, its bad for you.

Anyway, I didn't know you worked at Allen & Hanburies in Ware teeth! Went out with one girl there. Had a dated with another but got the day wrong and left her hanging about in London. She wasn't interested after that. Can't recall the names. Re waste, why not tell Crime watch? They are supposed to keep your details confidential. Poor little rats. They should do that to some (most) people.

Eeeeh, 80. Rate I seem to be going downhill since turning 70, I'll be a zombie by then. Still, rotting is probably good for you too.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-23 18:21:27

AND - Mr Sheep - sorry, but you didn't upset me. As a student, I used to work at a pharmaceutical company in Hertfordshire and went out with (dated) a very sexy lady (Jane M. teeth - she was probably there when you were. In fact I think I recall she remembered you) who spent many of her days drugging and killing rats. She didn't smell too bad after she had a bath. We didn't have many showers back then.

You would have been enthralled by a kill. Cages of rats were drugged with radioactively labelled chemicals and every few minutes one was pulled out, killed by immersion in liquid nitrogen, and then passed through a production line of mostly women.

One would pull out the eyes, another would extract some other organ and finally, the solidified remains would be chopped in half and placed on photographic paper.

Hundreds of rats to a cage smelling the death of their mates. They simply formed a rotating rat-ball with everyrat trying to get to the centre. I don't think many of them came out as gay but you never know.

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-23 17:25:52

Dilemma - I am a director of property management company that runs a block of properties including mine in St Ives. I know that three of the other directors are disposing of their waste (trash for our American friends) illegally.
I loathe the patronising insolent bastards and would love to hurt them. What are my options? (Other than physical - I have never hit anybody seriously since I was 11).

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-23 16:51:18

"big rise in the number of cats going missing." Yours too? Now I know why.

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-20 20:43:11

Woopsie! I double-posted. Wonder how I managed to do that? I have so many talents, I just can't keep track of them all.

Blapp Shlepp ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-19 04:32:55

Reading down, it appears that one of my rants regarding crowded spaces causing homosexuality may have upset Mr. Teeth. I certainly hope so, upsetting people is one of my gifts, along with my incisive mind and really rotten, stenchy farts. In fact a favorite pastime of mine is offending people at wedding receptions and crowded restaurants by eating lots of beans and then vigorously farting. It is necessary to keep moving while doing this if I'm to thoroughly stink up the room without getting caught but it's good exercise and a great deal of fun.

Flack Bleat ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-17 00:37:21

Firstly, I thank you for the link to my brilliant rant about that insane fag school. Has it been bombed yet? Or rushed by a horde of horny Muslimes, more likely, looking for some sport with kiddies.

So you're all palsy with Pikey Scum now, eh? You two sharing the same woman, is that it? Mrs. Drinky. That's funny.

Megaspermdeath. The Germans and Japs both are all freaky about their birth rates declining. The Japs are way to fucking racist to ever import people but the Germans aren't, with the result that they now have lots of Muslim racial trash assaulting their little girls and boys. I'm with you on this, it's much better to let Europe's population die down and let the Muslimes kill each other off where they are.

On that happy note, I read that Ebola is about to become an International Problem. Good deal, hope it wipes out half of us. Howsomever, I wouldn't mind getting the vaccine. Soon.

Losing interest. I'm doing that, it's a consequence of age, and having less energy. When the energy goes, the enthusiasm goes with it. Just how it is.

Black Sheep is only an expression. ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-17 00:13:47

Yet another housing estate is to be built nearby. If it gets even more crowded around here I am now worried I might turn gay.
Speaking of which, when used to visit J. in Bristol she often took me to her favourite gay club. There are several of them there nowadays. I couldn't get to the bar without being groped or "shunted" from behind. It was very crowded so presumably that is why everybody was gay there.

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-10-03 19:48:18

Mrs. Drinky's soixante-neuf birthday party yesterday. Really? Has been a long time since I had a 69 with anybody. I have to admit it's not my favourite, but I definitely wouldn't say no.

And congrats Mr. Sheep - 80 is admirable. Keep it up. G.

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-09-29 20:20:31

About Eeeeh. In another 3 months and some days I'll be 80, and yes, I'm dwelling too much on the fact, no doubt. Thing is, I keep comparing my current physical state with my much more energetic past condition. Makes me want to get out and DO things, right up until I actually start. Then the TV calls, or my computer, or my garden, or some other easy, relaxing non-activity. Took a few days off from cleaning out the ex-craft store on the excuse that I've run out of cardboard boxes, but the truth is there's very little left in there now anyway.

69. Oh to be only 69 again, running after the deer, wrestling bears, throwing boulders across canyons. Or something. But not this. LOL.

Blackish Hairy Thing ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-09-26 01:22:09

£20k, Gordon Bennet!

Maybe a Limited Company was the wrong way to go. Sure the mafia or some other international crime syndicate could have set something up for us a bit cheaper. Or eBay. Same thing.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-09-25 09:06:21

OH. Never mind.

Bloop ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-09-24 01:04:25

Please tell your friend Teeth that it's AMNESTY, not "amethyst", will you?

Blappy ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-09-24 01:03:14

Regarding HMRC are vampires.... Do like I do, just take the money and spend it. Reporting? Bah! Bah, I say (being a sheep) it's simple. Sell everything on ebay. Nobody checks, it's a logistical nightmare. I mean, how is the Tax Man going to tell if that money you got on Paypal came from a refund from something you bought and sent back, or something you sold that cost you more than you paid for it, some used thingy that you no longer need so you got rid of it for a few dollars. My state collects sales taxes, so I have ebay charge anyone in my state the tax who buys something from me, so the state is happy with that. But FILING? Bah, I say.

Black Rage umm Sheep ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-09-24 01:00:44

No she didn't - she gave me an amnesty - not an amethyst...

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-09-21 19:27:29

HMRC are vampires

You can always make the accounts up - so much easier. I did but recommend you do it better; even though the lovely tax lady gave me an amethyst on anything over 6 years, and waived various fines, it still cost me a bit over £20,000

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-09-21 19:17:09

So agree with your comments about social media.
B took granddaughter Alice to see her future teacher (starts school later this week).
Teacher talked to Alice about her daddy being an air ambulance paramedic - she read it on facebook. WTF - teachers follow the social media posts of their pupils' parents? Strange new world.

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-09-10 18:17:55

All that Irish horror under your bed... priests, dead celtic tigers, co-workers spelling their names in gaelic; I wouldn't sleep a wink.

Мr C ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-09-03 16:58:32

Have to say, envious of your new property even if you haven't quite bought it yet. Looks pretty fireproof to me, well ventilated, and the pebbledash façade is to die for. No regulator in the UK could possibly find an objection... oh wait, what am I saying. Any regulator that hasn't noticed it yet. I'd take to the greenwoods, m'self, if there were any.

Mr C ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-08-05 15:46:05

You're already rich, you have friends like me. Other than having a few billion pounds to play with, what more could you possibly want?

That's a helluva wall you're building, you should get together with our President, he's been wanting to get a wall built for quite a while now.

Regulations are there to protect you from yourself, it's in case you decide to target practice in your basement and puncture the oil tank and start a fire that burns down the home next to you as well as your own and what happens to be the home of the paranoid asshole who made up the regulation forcing you to build that fucking wall.

Baaaa ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-08-05 07:36:45

Darn. Forgot about doggy.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-07-14 21:07:17

Probably besr not to bring the dog then...

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-07-14 19:50:13

Drunk tablet, typing double. Yeh, heard of that. Not lately, of course, could have been, wait...., No, actually, never heard of that before at all. What's that stuff they drink in Crete? Ouzo? Nasty stuff...

Blackish Hairy Thing ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-06-25 16:28:00

Sexually fluid? Wouldn't want that giving me a blow job. But then it's so long since I had one it might be worth the risk...

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-06-22 21:13:23

To bring back the Black Death you need only to find an infected bat. Place the bat in a cage with a dog that is heavily infested with fleas. The fleas will feed on the bat as well as the dog, infecting the dog with Bubonic Plague and of course, re-transmitting the plague to the fleas. Take the dog on a leash to the nearest shopping center frequented by large numbers of Muslims and wander among the crowd for the day. Repeat this each day until news of the latest outbreak of bubonic plague has spread over Europe.
As a small cautionary measure, do get yourself inoculated for the Plague prior to attempting this, unless, of course, you'd prefer to contract the disease.

Black Death Sheep ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-06-19 16:55:56

If you insult Crete, would you call that "Dis Crete"?

Blapp Shlepp ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-06-03 06:35:55

Duplicate crap tablet not vodka

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-05-29 08:18:36

On holiday in Crete at Mo. Wow! comenty thing actually works on crappy old tablet. Anyway sounds great idea, unless my campaign to legalise marriage with pigs is successful, when I'll be moving in with Peggy. She grunts so sexily.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-05-29 08:14:52

On holiday in Crete at Mo. Wow! comenty thing actually works on crappy old tablet. Anyway sounds great idea, unless my campaign to legalise marriage with pigs is successful, when I'll be moving in with Peggy. She grunts so sexily.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-05-29 08:14:51

I was just wondering if you would care to marry me, was thinking that even if I'm a white guy and not likely to pop out some rather negroid looking brats, that it still might be sensational enough to make us some money. "Retired Brit straight man marries retired American straight man, no apparent reason, never met each other." What do you think? Really, I could use the money, from, I don't know, public appearances, posing nude, paid photo ops of me kissing busts of Winston Churchill, and so forth.
Let me know, okay?

Blaaa aaa aaak Sheep ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-05-29 06:31:16

Like the dress. Is that the one you wore to the royal wedding?

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-05-20 04:52:36

Spirit level, eh? My local reverend declined to housetrain my poltergeist, it still craps on the carpet.

Mr C ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-05-16 16:57:34

You mean, you would get "massaged" by a goat? If you weren't past it, that is? I dunno, those cloven hooves... Scratchy at best, life-threatening at worst. But to each his own, or own goat, however that works out.

Question: If you own the goat that you have sex with, isn't that the same as having a sex slave? And wouldn't that be illegal, I mean, beyond the bestiality thing? Sex with a goat, get a double prison sentence? I guess that's why Muslimes tend to prefer boys. You know, like the Catholic priests do. All those raped boys, not one prison sentence. Of course, Catholic judges and prosecutors might be of help there, hmm?

Ram of the Night. ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-05-01 15:55:20

Although immigration is a factor due to the number of women being trafficked and forced into prostitution. Even if I wasn't past it, I'd be dubious about going to a "massage" parlour these days.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-04-25 19:23:56

Not really, pretty few Muslims round here where they've clamped down on dogging. Not enough of us old hippies left I reckon.

PS Sex with goats? Who wouldn't?

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-04-23 10:50:59

When did the UK become so straitlaced, you ask? I believe that was about the same time the UK imported all those Muslims, who are so pure that a woman can get her head removed for showing an ankle, or a man for taking a drink, but not too pure to have sex with boys and goats.

Black Sheep ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-04-23 01:14:27

We are talking about Jenny? Had a few dates after you two split up (or that's what she told me) and she seemed nice enough. Didn't know her well, it's true.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-04-13 12:15:13

“Recall being in bed one night at my flat when she came through the door, that was as far as it got.”

Don’t blame you – she wasn’t very nice. She used to pick up business guys in top Bristol hotels then introduce them to her butch girlfriend and end up putting on a g-to-g performance in their rooms. For a price - but mainly ‘cos she enjoyed it. It’s true: her gf confirmed it.

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-04-12 20:13:46

Trust me. Cleaning up other people's dog crap bags is light years ahead, above and beyond anything that Markum Lickher King did for black people. The reality is that he screwed things up for everyone and got himself killed by a pissed-off FBI for his troubles.
Because of him the black crime rate is off the charts now and most of the murders are black on black. This is what happens when you take the restrictions off people who really need them on. King's Equal Rights push is directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of blacks by their neighbors, and the rise of black gangs. When they were held in check by admittedly very repressive laws, things were much better for them and us both.
Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq with a heavily oppressive hand, and by doing so he kept the violence in check. Once his regime was removed, all hell broke loose, just as it has here with the blacks. Same deal, no difference.

ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-04-08 22:25:15

I obviously missed my chances with J, never had a go at her as she didn't really do anything for me. Recall being in bed one night at my flat when she came through the door, that was as far as it got.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-04-08 15:52:59

"Certainly hope I will be recognised as being among the outstanding world figures when I snuff it."

Another brill cartoon - and so you should be.

more teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-04-07 20:18:17

Could have said J used to thrash my B with nettles before putting them in the blender to create some sort of ambiguitive dissonance - but thought it was too puerile (though she did that too). She also fantasised about torturing me with ferocious ants. Make up the details yourself. Thankfully never happened but she still got off on it.

Me again ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-04-06 20:32:45

F* 'ell! Doesn't that say it all about age! If you aren't obsessed with fat ladies' bumholes or bonking pigs, what's the point of going on?

Don't worry - it will all come back and with a vengeance once the sun decides to shine. Get B to make you some nettle soup - J used to thrash my A with nettles before putting them in the blender - that used to do the trick too.

teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-04-06 20:19:35

Trump seen booking into hotel room with Vladimir Putin. A hidden microphone in the coffee table revealed that the pair were planning to build the world's largest Trump Tower, with a massive convention meeting area called The Putin Room and featuring Lenin's preserved corpse tastefully displayed on an ornate protected platform to one side of the room, surrounded by heavy red and black velvet drapes, dripping with gold tassels tied in Turkish knots. They were both drunk on vodka and giggling like schoolgirls as their plans became more and more garish and expansive with each downing of another glass.

Blaaaaacksheep ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-03-27 05:44:02

Famous author of nautical history here. Yes, expressing perviness either comes to a halt with enough wrinkles or it becomes obnoxiously loud and constant, there seems to be no middle ground there. However, ENGAGING in perviness, now, that's a bit different. Hmm?

Nonnayergoddambusiness ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-03-18 00:27:44

Yeh! B's always doing that. "Look at that sunset, isn't it fabulous?" I would just ignore her but she goes isn't it? isnt it? isn't it?..... until I answer.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-03-13 17:01:22

Tried that once. In fact it felt surprisingly nice. Not sure it was effective or not.

Teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-03-13 15:04:59

Take that back but she still rants on about sunsets. What the fuck is it about females and sunsets? I tell her it happens every 24ish hours but she tells me I'm missing the point. £5 plus extras.

ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-03-13 14:41:41

Bah there was me replying to an email from here. Brain gone. Imagination was just the first bit.

You should be able to buy a bonk for 50p in Thailand! Ain't the same I know. Or dress up as a women? That might get 'er.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-03-11 21:40:28

Here in Thailand and still she rejects me. Really don't know what to do. Teeth.

Diamond teeth ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-03-10 15:51:50

We don't call them "adverts" here, just ads. Just as bad on the radio here tho, you get maybe 3 songs played and then followed by 16 or so 30 second to 1 minute ads for crap. I quit listening to the local station, they run so goddam many ads. I tried an experiment. I shut off the radio and then when the thought struck me at odd moments during the day, I switched it on, and sure as hell, 8 times out of ten it was blaring some goddam ad. I think this may be a conspiracy to force us to buy more music CD's. Purely in self defense.

Ram of the Night. ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-02-09 05:39:55

MPH? What? Really? You don't use KPH over there? Neither do we, of course. Back around 1991 or so, our government did it's damndest to try to get us all to convert to liters instead of the gallons we've used since forever, and all the gas (petrol to you) pumps started pumping gas in liters. Some of them didn't switch over right away and those are the ones we bought gas from. Pretty soon they gave up and switched back, although liquor and soft drinks mostly stayed in liters.
Now many liquids come in really odd sizes anymore that are neither standard gallons or liters, and first the contents are listed in guarts or gallons or whatever, followed by 1.2 or whatever liters. The whole reason for doing this was to get us to conform to Globalist efforts in putting the entire world onto one system of weights and measures.

That's actually a good idea, they just screwed up by their choice. Now, if they'd chosen to make everyone else use gallons and pounds and feet and inches, we would have absolutely been fine with that.

Blackish Ram a damn ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-02-01 06:58:36

Humph - don't know - should have checked it for you. Just booked a holiday in Thailand - will def check out ladies bogs there after she goes to bed.


Titanium ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-25 20:41:49

Do the ladies' bogs have no doors either? That's my next holiday planned!

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-24 21:03:19

There are plenty of shithole places in the US too.
My first reaction on visiting Duluth many years ago was
"this is where the US defecates into Lake Superior". A total shithole of a place.
California has its shitholes too - no doors on sitdown bogs on Venice Beach Los Angeles - not much fun when you have violent diarrhea and have to dump your load in public.


Ti ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-24 20:36:23

Can I borrow your submarine? I will bring it back I promise. Might be a little while though.

Titanium ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-16 20:58:19

And a very late but sincere wish that you had the most rollicking and frabjous birthday ever survived, yourself, Mr. Whoozis.

Ram of Dark Places ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-09 03:14:25

I fully agree that disabled people should be able to serve in the military. In the Army the immobile ones could be posted as scouts, for instance. I propose a setup much like a Pez dispenser, only for disabled people. Fill one up with disabled and set it up at the front lines, and as one gets shot, that one pops off and a new one pops up from underneath to continue reporting on the battle scene until that one gets shot, and so on. Once you run out of disabled, simply bring in the radio-controlled mobile dispenser and refill it, and send it back out again.

Naturally, the most socially useless disabled should be the first sent to the front lines, which of course means the Muslims and Pikeys, followed by skinheads and various disabled graduates of your criminal justice system.

Pitch Black Nightmare Monster ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-08 01:18:55

Totally belated Xmas & New Year grindings to Mr C & Mr BB/BS/etc. At least I got round to it before next year.

x ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-02 11:55:22

Not the only Old Bloke who is still to be seen persisting about the surface of the planet, objective unidentifiable, purpose of continued survival obscure... but here I am anyhow, all the best for the New Year Mr X

Mr C ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2018-01-01 19:25:30

Oh. And MERRY CHRISTMAS, from one despiser of religions to another.

Blackhearted Bastard ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2017-12-25 21:06:09

Oh. And MERRY CHRISTMAS, from one despiser of religions to another.

Blackhearted Bastard ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2017-12-25 18:01:10

What? After my telling you about the huge alien space ship that I saw, you still don't think They're Heeere? I hope that next big fat female bum you encounter has sharp teeth inside it, gnashing away.

But right now the only aliens I'm really concerned about are the ones coming in across our border with Mexico. Australia really has it good, all isolated out in the middle of the ocean like that, way too far for those rickety ships filled with foul-smelling, filthy African Muslims who keep landing on European shores. That the Italians actually go out of their way to save those parasites from drowning has never ceased to amaze me. What a stupid lot!

And your government, bringing them in by the crapload. I think "crapload" is apt, don't you? We got rid of our craploader and his man-wife, when are you people going to follow suit? Are we going to have to invade you and make you a colony to straighten out your mess for you? Maybe a hefty tax on your tea is in order...

Blackhearted Bastard ON Wierd Perves       Dated:2017-12-25 17:59:00