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I would have prevented the invention of clothing. No reason. Just would have. Also fire. The wheel. Chairs. Dogs. Brussels sprouts.

Ram God of Road Rage and the letter R ON badideas       Dated:2020-01-15 19:50:26

Sorry about your dead friend but after reading that King Wenceslaus story, it's good that she passed before she could have read it. Otherwise it might have killed her and then you'd have that on your conscience.

I received one of those emails as well. It must have been a robot spider searching the darkest of bleak Internet alleyways for it to have come across my blog. No, I don't post ads either. Can you imagine the money I'd make tho, from an ad? I betcha at least a cent every 4 or 5 years.

As for sticking spikes in jerks heads, if we did that we wouldn't have enough humans left to support continuation of the species. ...wait... is there a way we can do that?

Black Brainfart Bart ON badideas       Dated:2020-01-04 01:13:09