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"Oh no, I hope they don't do a brain scan of that lady pig at the local farm."

Unfortunately they did - it went viral on the dark web. Fortunately your face was somewhat obscured...

Teeth ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-06-11 12:43:17

HEADLINE:"The Day After Rand Paul Accuses Fauci Of Funding Wuhan Bioweapons, White House Declares ‘Covid Over’" Masks no longer required.

The masks are bullshit. They were bullshit from DAY ONE.

Black Sheep ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-05-15 17:02:51

What happened? Lose your way? Can't find the keyboard? Hello?

Black Mood ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-04-29 12:16:36

Went grocery shopping today and most everyone was wearing a mask. I enjoyed a few glares from some of the twits because I wasn't wearing one,and it's odd, the last time I was in there, fully a third were maskless. Now they're back in style again, I guess. One thing did stand out tho, a lot of them had the stupid face diapers pulled down to under their noses. Yeah, it IS nice to breathe freely, now isn't it? A mask under the nose is exactly equal to no mask at all, since most of us aren't mouth breathers.
At the checkout there's a brand new. big shiny sign declaring masks to be MANDATORY in the store. Off at the end of the counter were a young man and his daughter (apparently) with no masks. Looking around I spotted a few more, and the check-out clerk didn't blink at my not having one on.
This bullshit has been going on for over a year now and the more the truth comes out, the less dangerous that bug proves to be, and the less people are catching it. The numbers are grossly inflated. The pandemic, such as it was, is over. All the rest is lies.

Black Mask ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-04-11 11:37:31

And - following up on Mr Sheep's comment, as a chemist who has worked for many years in big pharma I can confirm that they put more shit into vaccines than even you could imagine. Genetic manipulation is just a part of the story. When you get an AZ vaccine you also get a helping of monkey genes. What's that going to do to you long term?

Teeth ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-04-07 11:35:26

Sort of goes round. We boomers were into free speech and "Wastepaper baskets to the world" while the snowflakes just want to de-platform anybody who disagrees with their (apparently naive) ideas. Hate to admit it but getting to increasingly like Boris. Can't even look at Keir Starmer without wanting to er...

Teeth ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-04-07 11:26:40

The proof keeps steadily mounting that face masks really, actually do eat shit. People don't tend to wash them and the filth, germs and bacteria that steadily accumulates from the constant touching of them, the pulling and tugging and readjustment, ends up making them dangerous to wear.

And while the mask mandate farce to control everyone continues in order to maintain a high level of fear and compliance, governments everywhere are seizing this wonderful opportunity to create a global vaccine passport while simultaneously inventing new and fearsome pandemic diseases to ensure that everyone gets injected with any substance they want to bring about any result they desire in anyone they choose, and let's not forget the microscopic little trackers, the experiments that can be performed on the gullible public, the sterility drugs, and so on. Isn't this wonderful? Your government and mine working hand in hand to do anything to us they want to. So quick, rush out and get another vaccination today.

Black Humor ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-31 20:36:10

Good evening. Thank you, not feeling too good, myself. Woke up this morning feeling great, this evening, not so great. No clue why, it was a beautiful sunny day. But anyway... bad personal news, a dear friend died just a few weeks short of his 82 birthday, and about a week ago. Maybe that's it, it hit me harder than I expected. My world was suddenly a lot smaller.
I wake up each day now appreciating the fact that I did but then, I've been doing it for a few years now, his passing just increased the focus. He and I were shipmates for 3 years and many adventures.

At some point we should stop taking it for granted that tomorrow will be another day, though I'm not ready to do that yet, myself. Right now I can hear my drunken neighbor yodeling away (an insult to yodelers, actually, my apologies) in his garage. The 74 Degrees of today has dropped to 54 already now the sun's set, maybe he'll freeze and die before he realizes it. One can hope. Not all deaths are tragic.

Black people suck ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-30 20:32:47

Trying again, now that I totally forgot what it was I wanted to say before.

Comment Boxes That Don't Work For $100, Alex ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-16 16:17:46

Test Tickles

x ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-16 10:36:23

Have revised the spam word list, full list is now:


Don't mention either.

x ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-16 10:34:48

Comment count not working now! BOLLLLLOOOOOX!

x ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-16 05:03:15

Oh yeh, spammy language thing copied from somewhere years back. Tudor period probably.

x ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-16 04:31:47

Spammy language detected? Really? All that clever prose shot to shit.

Ram Prince of Darkness ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-15 14:00:31

IS THE F* THING WANKING NOW? I mean working.

x ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-15 12:33:36

We remember discoveries. New things. It's like time passing, the older we get the faster it seems to pass because there's less new to remember, less to mark it's passage, we've seen it all before. This, in fact, is why I seek out fresh knowledge, about anything, it really doesn't matter what as long as it's something new to the world or at least to me.

It may not be your imagination that's stifled, at all. You just may not be exposing yourself to enough new stimuli.

On a whole other note, I think humanity has crossed it's Rubicon. I see the Uniparty takeover of the U.S.A. as the final nail in the coffin of Nationalism and the baby steps of a new one-world government. GB is in lockstep with the US on this, watch as the Chinese model is adopted by all Europe.

Coca Cola will always be black. ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-07 04:23:44

Only got one recollection that far back. I was standing in my cot watching a builder fixing something on the old wood panel walls in the hallway and he waved at me. No idea why that should have stuck in my head. Memory is a funny thing, a lot of things one remembers hardly seem that important. Sometimes something can trigger very obscure memories. How a brain can hold all that stuff I don't know.

x ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-06 20:06:44

Most of my blog inspirations come from my dreams. Dunno if it's the same with everyone but I examine my daily life while asleep and as I start to awaken in the morning, a review movie starts running in my head of things I became aware of, or figured out, or whatever, during the night. I always wake up in the morning with a list of things needing to be done along with something to rant on about in the blog.

Ray Bradbury is my favorite writer of all time. Did you know that he said he remembered being born? Tops me, I can only remember back to about 30 months old, and that seems to be unusual.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-06 18:42:37

Reminds me of the intro to Ray Bradbury Theatre in the 1980s, he just used to look around his cluttered office and come up with something. Maybe a couple of old biros or something will inspire me.

PS Glad me memory ain't gone yet, took me a while but managed to remember it was Ray Bradbury.
PPS Attack of the Evil Biros.. Hmm maybe not.

x ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-06 17:50:08

Annnnd, that comment about your brother and his stupid cartoons is kind of telling to the Junior Psychologist lurking in me.... If they, and he, disgusted you as much as I would have been, I'd have lost interest in drawing them too. It would have been a real turnoff for me. I don't know about you, but brothers tend to compete. I used to do a lot of drawing too, and if my brother did as well, and I wasn't real fond of my brother (and I wasn't), I wouldn't want to look like I was copying him, I'd take a different route. Just saying.

Mr. Wonderful aka White guy ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-06 05:45:39

At 82 my fervent brain is still as nutso as ever, imagining all sorts of crap. Basically what I do is look at reality and extend it into the future. When I was little and at home in our cheap rental with my mother and hateful older brother, Mom used to entertain us by getting us to create a story out of a penny. Imagine that you found a penny and then make up a story about where the penny had been before it ended up where you found it.
I've always been curious about everything and you seem to be as well, you take woodsy walks and come back with odd things you found, little critter bones, shells, stones, whatever. Each one could have a story to it if you thought about it.
It's hard for me to just make a story up. Much easier to simply look at what already is and see it from different angles. One of those angles often is overlooked and worth discussing.

White Guy ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-06 05:36:18

Buggery balls test

x ON imaginationback       Dated:2021-03-02 10:27:58