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Out of the frying pan...

I can well understand Scotland's desire to be free of the UK. It never works when people are forced into a union with others who have different cultures and different views on what the future should be. People need to look at history - the Roman Empire, the Austro Hungarian empire, the Ottoman empire, the USSR or Yugoslavia for example. As Scotland's case shows, even centuries don't necessarily solve the issues. But this is exactly why we voted to leave an EU that was seeking more and more to impose a uniform government on disparate nations!

The Scottish really need to think logically about what they are doing rather than just act out of their historic resentment at the English. They have already managed to get quite a bit in terms of self government. If we English can also get self determination and our taxes do not pay for Scottish public spending, most of us would be in favour of them having even more autonomy. They are an important part of the UK and their desires should not be ignored.

On the other hand, if they are a separate nation within the EU they will count for very little. They have a GDP not much different to that of Greece. They will have almost no say in what happens and one seriously has to wonder, if they want to be a self determining nation, how staying with the EU makes any sense.

Narrow Minded Youth

It is one of those myths that younger people are more open minded but the exact opposite is true. Today we are seeing a lot of hatred like this being whipped up against older people in the wake of the refererendum result.

It is quite true that younger people are more likely to embrace the latest fashionable ideals. In my hippy yoof, many young people threw away their career chances due to their rejection of consumerism. Today many embrace similarly unrealistic ideals, like open borders with little consideration of the consequences, or socialist societies, despite the failures of every truly socialist/communist society there has ever been.

It is also quite true that older people are more 'set in their ways'. They prefer it when things do not change too quickly but that is down to experience, they have seen it all before and tend to have better knowledge of the realities of history. The numerous failures of UK governments to live up to their election promises, the many military failures by the West, the collapse of the USSR, the lack of bog paper in Venezuela, they have seen so many great ideas come to nothing or have adverse consequences.

Being open minded is not about zealously embracing the latest idea, it is about being able to consider the pros and cons of an idea and too many young brains seem poorly wired for that, their emotional need for meaning and purpose in their lives overrides their ability to think logically. You can see this closed mindedness everywhere today. The NUS "No Platform" policy has been used to bar many who do not follow their liberal left agenda. It is impossible for any group to publicly protest about mass immigration without being violently attacked by far greater numbers of "anti-facists" and the pictures indicate these are mostly young people. Ah yes, and those raping, beheading Islamists joining ISIS, not too many oldies there either.

Maybe these hate-filled young fanatics who object to leaving the EU should do a Google of "violent protests Greece". Lots of young people violently protesting aganst austerity imposed by the EU!



No need to say why.

PS I see Hollande is saying "The EU must be understood and controlled by its citizens. I will do everything to secure profound change rather than decline"

It's a pity you and the other zealots didn't do that before instead of sending Camoron away with next to nothing you fuckwit. A seriously reformed EU, with more democracy, that went with the realities of human nature and evolved more slowly, that was prepared to learn from history, that put the real concerns of ordinary citizens above the unrealistic ideals of unelected, overpaid, privileged bastards is something that I, and many others, would have voted for.

Why do the left so hate democracy?

Back in the 60s it was possible to have some respect for leftists. As real socialists should, they put the interests of working class people first. The Labour party back then was totally against the Common Market, against globalisation and domination by large companies.

Now all you see from many on the left is contempt for ordinary people, surveys that show Brexiters are less educated, dismissal of any idea that they deserve a say in their own future. Everything should be in the hands of wealthy educated people who know best. Above all, they hate referenda. A total fuckwit on Contractor UK was citing the fact that a referendum was used to give Hitler absolute power as an argument against referenda in general. It's the sort of "argument" that is typical of lefties, maybe they should denounce reducing inflation on the grounds that Hitler did that too.

There's a pretty typical item in today's news. Among the worst things Camoron ever did was "pandering to the right wing of his party by announcing a referendum". Terrible! If you let ordinary people make a choice about their own future you must be a neo Nazi.

Silly Scottish cow

Nicola Sturgeon is banging on about an independent Scotland again. Actually, she is not an idiot and will probably want to make some firm arrangements regarding Scotland's currency first.

She can no longer join the European Union without also joining the Eurozone. Given the leftist nature of the Scottish, and the inevitably struggling economy that will result, we are probably looking at another Greece if they join the Eurozone, their GDP is very similar. Like Greece, Scotland will be totally dominated by the Germans and forced into stringent controls on public spending that they will not be too happy with.

The only alternative is total independence, difficult for a small country. Good luck to them but I hope to hell they are not allowed to remain in any sort of currency union with England, we have been propping them up with the Barnett Formula for far too long. Independence should mean exactly what it says!

PS Hang on! In just a few years' time the British pound will have the Prince of Daftness's face on it. Take it! Take it! Nicola, we don't want it any more! I'd rather trade in old socks than have to look at that bastard's face every time I buy something.

This Silly Seacole Stuff

It's something that never seems to go away, arguments about the merits or otherwise of Mary Seacole.

Who cares either way? We really do need some icons to persuade the lowest performing minorities in the UK that they can succeed if they put in the effort but is a black youth in a gangland area going to be convinced of that by the case of a lady who was 3/4 white, died nearly 140 years ago and suffered the real discrimination that was acceptable at the time? And why would she mean anything at all to a Bangadeshi kid?

Surely it would make far more sense to make more of successful minority people in today's Britain?

The Next President

The US has a reputation for being socially conservative but, if Clinton gets in, they will have had a black and a female president in quick succession. They have already had a disabled president in Roosevelt. Well done US! You are leading the way in breaking down the barriers against the poor oppressed minorities!

Let's see, disabled president, black president, female president, that only leaves one major discriminated against minority to go, the LGBT community. Say hello to 2020's new president.

Topic: The Next President       Comment here.       Comments so far: 0


As we have commented before too many have no ability to appreciate context, seizing on some single word or phrase and ignoring all the words that actually define the point. This seems to be particularly a lefty/liberal problem. Not to say all of that bent are illogical loonies, in general we find the leftist Guardian presents its case rather well, even if we don't agree with it. Their "What has the EU ever done for my..." series of articles in favour of Bremain may be rather selective, we are all selective when arguing our own case, but at least they appear properly researched.

On the other hand, the once sensible Independent now runs articles from the most irrational people you can imagine. How's this for a heading? The 3 words Donald Trump said that made the Orlando shooting even worse. Gosh! What has nasty Trump said now? Shoot All Muslims? Er, no:

Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!

We need to be tough, vigilant and smart to prevent further terrorist attacks! What an appalling racist suggestion!


Homeopathy is total bollux as it says here. At the dilutions used there is a near zero chance of a single molecule of the key substance being present in your "remedy". But just suppose there was some mysterious memory in water that somehow retained the qualities of the diluted substance, why would it only work for beneficial substances? Wouldn't it apply equally to toxins?

What a great thought! Maybe I could make a toxic solution with a poisonous mushroom and dilute it a few billion times. I'd have enough to poison thousands and thousands of people on my usual hate list - annoying neighbours, cyclists, noisy kids, lefties etc etc etc and the amounts would be so tiny and totally undetectable that nobody would ever know I was responsible.

Boiling it up now!


Political correctness gets dafter all the time. Now Paul Gascoigne is to be charged with racial abuse after supposedly saying about a black security guard who was in a darkened part of the stage that he could not tell "if he was smiling or not". Ludicrous! Of course you cannot see black people in the dark as easily as you can see white people, that is plain physics, light does not reflect as much from a dark surface. There is no abuse, no assertion of inferiority in that remark. It is no more racist than saying you cannot see over the head of a tall person.

When will the PC idiots grasp that this sort of thing, far from reducing racism, is guaranteed to raise it?



All the crap today about whether or not Turkey will be in the EU in the foreseeable future or it is just scaremongering. Hmmm. The pro EUers are denying it will happen although Turkey are top of the accession list.. So a major event penciled in by our unelected rulers, which has been put on a fast track to "solve" hah, hah, the migrant crisisis is never going to happen! Wonder if Turdogan is reading the denials?

We have looked up a lot of stuff about EU "democracy", hah, fucking hah! but will post about it another day. Too F* drunk after visit from Mrs Drinky next door following another F* dismal day of typical lowness, feel much better being drunk, thank Satan that vodka still works a bit! So what's on TV? Fuck all as usual. Have we got anything recorded that's worth watching? Nope, may as well delete that. And that. Bollux! Bring on the fusion of reality and cyber-space, long overdue.

Dickhead Cuntmoron - DELETE!

George Osbourne- DELETE!

Vince cable - DELETE!

Long list of other bastards we can't be arsed to find images of - DELETE

PS Oh yes, that's Ozzy Osbourne. Sorry for the error Ozzy, you'd probably make a much better chancellor.

Smart meters, Friday, an empty weekend and vodka

My imagination, like my enthusiasm, interest and energy, remains absent. How long before the immense xoggoth willpower runs out too?

Battled all week to think of a story so I could go to my little writer's club, the rude old ladies there always manage to bring me out of my usual despondency a bit, but just could not think of a story connected with this month's title, "On The Edge". Let's see, a man is standing on the edge of a cliff and er, er.

Got a phone call from EDF Energy yesterday about installing a smart meter and knocked up summit last minute this morning "inspired" by that. Is it very dull? It is to me but I can't judge anymore as everything looks dull. I try and read novels or stories by acclaimed authors, read a chapter or two and think "what boring crap" and give up. Used to read a lot, I especially liked Steinbeck, Andre Brink, Gerald Durrell and all the great old ghost/horror story writers like M R James, HP Lovecraft, William Hope Hodgson, Clark Ashton Smith, E F Benson etc. etc. I wouldn't dare to try and read them now, even though I have a collection of nearly all my once favourite books in my crappy homemade bedroom bookcase. If I read an HP Lovecraft story and found it boring I don't think I could go on.

When life is worth living, when you are content within yourself, when your own imagination keeps you entertained, who needs anyone apart from those one or two who really matter? Ah yes, be positive, move on! Don't you just love these cliches? All so easy isn't it? Get out more. Sure, I can do that! I know more real people now than I did then when she was around and on the outside, the joking xoggoth goes on, nobody knows how hollow it is. Nothing inside, just echoes of a previous life and a diminishing spool of that willpower. Maybe I can get some more at Homebase, got a ticket for some extra Nectar points too.

Oh yes, the "story". Personal Smart Meters.

PS God and Nectar points

Maybe god should hand out Nectar points for every virtuous act. What a f* backward old god he is if he can't learn from effective modern marketing techniques. Still, judging from historic depictions by Michelangelo et al, he was an ancient old chap more than 500 years ago. Probably dribbling in a care home by now. Good thing he was in his prime when he created the universe, what would a universe created by a senile god look like?

In the beginning god created the heaven and earth. Then he created them both again because he had forgotten he had already done it. And god said let there be light. Let there be light! LET THERE BE LIGHT! Then his carer handed him his glasses and he saw there was light. And god called the light er and the night... ghhhh. After his carer had woken him up and changed his nappy he said let there be a firm, a firm, er a firm, and could not remember what it was called. And so a firm called Waters and Land was created and registered with Companies House. Then he said let there be grass and fruit and after that he created the sun. You may think it a sign of senility to create green plants before there was any sun or a sign of pure ignorance to make a sun two steps after creating light but he made those mistakes the first time round according to the bible. Probably had too much to drink. Maybe he said "let there be vodka" before there was any grain to make it with, sensible chap. Then he created whales and fowl and cattle and creeping things and told them all to go forth and multiply although, being incoherent, he did not make it very clear what was to multiply with what, which turned out to be a bit of a disaster as the offspring of whales and blackbirds had a bit of a job building nests in trees and most life soon became extinct. Then god created man in his own image, that of a dribbling old incontinent. Mankind, after a brief spell in a care home, died out. And behold, it was crap.

Here endeth the lesson.

Those horrible coincidences

Enjoyed my holiday in Croatia and met some really nice people, one bloke especially. After my nice abstemious religious lady had gone off to her lonely bed at about 10pm with her cup of herbal tea I would sit drinking with this chap in the bar and smoking a few of his fags. He was immensely fat and it was only on the second night after numerous brandies (or vodkas, forget which) that I found out why, the poor bloke had been battling colon cancer for some years. Apparently he only found out after participating in one of those routine NHS checkups, having had no symptoms previously.

When I got back from holiday what did I find in my mail? An invitation to participate in a routine NHS check for colon cancer. I shall be posting my poo with a bit more trepidation this time.

Context, hello? CONTEXT! CONTEXT, you fucking infants!

WTF is wrong with people (mostly liberal lefties) that they seize on a single word or brief reference regardless of the context in which it is used?

Boris Johnson is being criticised for making reference to Hitler when describing the EU's intentions. He actually said that there have been 2000 years of history, beginning with the Roman empire, where attempts have been made to unify Europe under a single government. He mentions Napoleon, Hitler and various others but it is mention of "Hitler" that attracts all the Opprobrium. Look, F* idiots, he is not saying the EU will force us all into submission, exterminate Jews or invade Poland, he is simply saying that various attempts throughout history to unite the disparate nations into one have never worked. How can you say that without mentioning the most recent example?

Of course people are enititled to try and argue that the undemocratic EU, in which most power lies with unelected individuals in the commission, is not an undemocratic power grab by those at the top but why don't they try and do just that instead of getting hysterical about one word?

PS To answer my own question, probably because they can't.

PPS Anyone who thinks the EU is a democratic institution should look at a recent vote by the European parliament, the only EU institution in which the members are voted for by EU citizens: (my underline)

European parliamentarians have delivered a blow to China’s ambition to be recognised as a “market economy”, a status that would give the Asian giant’s exports easier entry into the bloc.

Thursday’s resolution was supported by 546 lawmakers, while only 28 voted against and 77 abstained.

Thursday’s vote on China was non-binding


Got back from Croatia a few days ago. Enjoyed it, but not half as much as I enjoyed doing boring things on return obviously. Unpacking, washing lots of underpants, sorting through piles of junk mail, junk emails ditto, pulling out all the damn Giant Hogweeds that had popped up on my lawn etc. Joy!

Seriously, it's a pity that enjoyable things cost effort and money. Various characters throughout history have deliberately spent their lives doing bugger all, like the Buddhist boy Ram Bahadur Bomjon or the saint Simeon Stylites. It would be nice if one could train oneself to be satisfied with life while not being arsed to do anything at all. * As with those individuals, a pre-requisite would be to divorce oneself from the real world entirely. Clearly, you would not want to lock yourself in a dark room and then spend your time fuming about the EU referendum. Maybe taking a torch and a bit of porn would be ok though, nowt wrong with a wank on the road to enlightenment.

* Not even eat in the case of Stylites. If you believe such bollox. Must have saved on toilet paper.

Gets sillier every day

The EU in arguments, especially by that lying weasel Cuntmoron (we can't believe we used to like him!), get stupider every day. It is quite true there will be adverse, mainly economic, consequences in the short to medium term but some of the supposed risks are just lies.

We are warned that EU funding of British infrastructure is at risk but what is to stop a British government continuing to fund it given that we pay £8.5 billion more than we get back every year? The net contributions of each EU state can be found here. Unless our own government chooses, it is not spending on our infrastructure that is at risk but that on nations in Southern and Eastern Europe which British taxpayers are subsidising. We would not need so much spending on infrastructure anyway without the expansion of our population due to EU migration.

We are being told that peace in Europe could be at risk if Britain votes to leave. On the contrary, nations co-exist more peacefully if they can go their own way without undue imposition. Maybe Cuntmoron should look at the history of the Balkan region where there have been many conflicts over the centuries due to attempts to force the now independent nations into one, despite different cultures. The way the EU ignores national concerns is currently raising tensions, not reducing them, and the rise of the real extreme right is evidence of this. Another Hitler was unthinkable twenty years ago but, due to EU border policies and the prospect of admitting Turkey, it does not seem quite so unlikely now.

On the plus side, I think some of this nonsense will detract from their case as many will see through it and begin to doubt their more valid arguments. It is just a pity that Cuntmoron did not trot out that leaving the EU would diminish our chances in the Eurovision song contest as depicted in this typically brill Matt cartoon in the DT.

Where's me gun?

When I was in Spain just before Christmas you couldn't walk along the front without being pestered by Africans flogging fake goods. Tomorrow I'm off to Croatia for a fortnight, and that is another route becoming popular with F* migrants illegals. This looks like fun and it may coming to the tourist areas soon according to the DE.

Seriously, if we don't pull ourselves out of this misguided liberalism, beef up our borders and stop being quite so generous to those who make it here there won't be anything left of Europe.

Usual one sidedness

Yet again it has been demonstrated that colour is a get out from all criticism.

Boris Johnson has quite rightly objected to Obummer's interference in the EU issue. The head nodding, platitude-spouting twat should sod off and mind his own, and the US's, f* business. Can you imagine a UK Prime Minister going to the US and commenting publicly on a major issue involving the US and other nations that did not include the UK? Six months ago the F* twat (who looks like Alfred E Newman but has much less sense) criticised the Israeli Prime Minister for interfering in the nuclear deal between the US and Iran, even though Israel could be enormously, perhaps disastrously, affected by it.

It is not anything new to say that Obama has an anti-British bias, you can go right back to his early years as president to find similar reports, this US article from 2010 says the same thing and goes into rather more detail about his grandfather's involvement in the Mau Mau Uprising as well as listing some specific examples of his anti-British bias. There seems little doubt that this arsehole is predudiced against the British and it is perfectly likely that his Kenyan heritage is a factor. We don't necessarily blame him for that, if our country had been under the authoritarian rule of another in the 1950s and family members had been imprisoned and mistreated, most of us would be predudiced too, that is normal human behaviour.

What is absurd is that suggesting he has the same human flaws as the rest of us must be racist, solely because he is black. Boris's critics here are the usual suspects, not anti-racists but inverted racists. Black people can never have predudices, only whites.

Another year, another religion

There has been an official wedding at A Church of the flying Spaghetti Monster. Excellent! They should officially recognise the religion in the UK too. Of course this "religion" is just some peoples' ways of mocking the nonsense of established religions. All for that. Claptrap, especially when it drives political views and leads to demands to regulate our society in accordance with total bollux, needs to be mocked.

Hmmm. On the other hand, can we be sure that, over time, when the origins of this religion have been obscured by false reports and reinventions, that irrational people looking for meaning in their lives will not start believing it? Telling us that eating macaroni or noodles is sinful and that we should be executed for doing it?

Maybe all religions started like that. Perhaps Muhammad was a stand-up comedian mocking the then barbaric religion of Christianity by telling a hilarious story of how god told him which hand to wipe his arse with. Maybe "The Feeding of the Five Thousand" was a comedy show at which the comic genius Jesus made fun of the then barbaric religion of Judaism with a silly story of a nude couple enticed to do rude things by a giant snake. They were rolling in the aisles apparently. Funny man Moses came down a mountain with a lot of jokes about the ancient Egyptian religion carved on stone slabs in preparation for his next tour and his audiences loved them.

There is nothing so absurd that some people won't start believing it.

What is democracy for?

Angela Merkel has accepted a Turkish request to seek prosecution of German comedian. What? This is absolutely f* ridiculous! No reason why political leaders should not be able to sue over defamatory comments like anyone else. Calling Erdogan a goat fucker *Note 1 and saying he watches child porn can certainly be so described but there is no reason whatever that insulting a political leader should be a criminal offence.

Note 1: Probably the most positive thing about him. How much longer can Turkey be called a democracy?


Was manning an exhibition stand once at a place I used to work for. They made automated stacking equipment, boxes were lifted automatically from a belt and stacked on tall shelves. Turned it on and the arms were all misaligned, kept trying to ram the boxes into the shelving. Most embarassing. The robot arms at the start of this video work much better and are really creepy!

Here's a story on the subject of automation and technology.

Why have gadgets got so unecessarily complicated?

Don't travel long distances to unfamiliar places often enough to need a car Satnav but having a little electronic compass on the dashboard was sometimes useful to check I was heading in the right direction.

It packed up recently so looked online for a replacement, Halfords, Amazon, eBay, page after page of Google, and couldn't find anything compact that was just a compass - they all had unecessarily large screens that showed time, temperature, barometer, altimeter, weather forecast, driver's foot size, fart concentration, presence of ghosts, predicted EU referendum result ...

Oh well, I will leave it a year or two and perhaps I can get an electronic compass that can fill in my tax return or suck me off while I'm driving on boring motorways.

Well said again Trevor

Depends what paper you read. The liberal-lefty Guardian does not appear to mention it at all, not on the front page anyway. The slightly less liberal-lefty Independent tells us that the "Vast majority of British Muslims ‘do not sympathise’ with suicide bombers". Wow! So a mere 4% think it's ok to indulge in terrorist acts against innocent people! Quite how that ties in with the information tucked away further down that only 32% refuse to condemn violence against those who insult the prophet and only 34% would report someone supporting ISIS I am not too sure. Wonder what the figures would be if you asked Christians or Hindus. Given the actual numbers of terrorist acts committed by these groups in recent decades in the name of religion, I'm geussing enormously smaller.

Another slant is that more British Muslims feel a greater sense of belonging to their local area than Brits generally. Hardly surprising, looking at the Muslim ghettos in parts of Britain. Unlike the white British who are denounced as xenophobes if they express any concern at how their locality is changing, Muslims are perfectly free to live in their own areas and have little communication wth the rest of us. And another "encouraging response" is that a whole 88% of Muslims think Britain is a good place for Muslims to live. Hardly surprising they'd sooner live in the UK with its relative wealth, stability, free health care etc than backward countries like Pakistan and Bangldesh but that's not exactly the same thing as respect for the British way of life is it?

We do not go with those right wing bloggers who think all Muslims are closet terrorists or are secretly plotting to impose Shariah law on all of us but we should not live in a PC dream world about the realities, the huge problems this idiot religion causes us and the bigger problems it is going to cause us in the future if we carry on as we have been doing. The not liberal-lefty at all Daily Telegraph gives more prominence to the often sensible comments by Trevor Phillips that we should abandon the failed policy of multiculturalism, something we have said on bloggoth several times before.

He has the advantages of a high public profile and being a black guy, so it's not quite so easy for the usual suspects to shout racism. Let us hope our stupid governments pay attention this time.

PS I see Phillips has a degree in Chemistry. Yet again, it is a scientist or engineer with the sense. If I had my way I would ban anyone who is not a qualified engineer or scientist from public office. How can you possibly control human society sensibly if you couldn't manage to to design a distillation column?

PPS to Mr Sheep. Phillips used to be a Labour PC idiot but woke up to the realities a long time ago. In 2004 he told us that British society was sleepwalking into segregation, becoming divided by race and religion with young people being brought up in enclaves. In 2006 he told a parliamentary committee that segregation was now so extreme in some schools that there was not much further it could go and that it didn't help to prepare children in these schools for the real world. Contrary to newspaper reports that he popularised the term "Islamophobia", that was actually a report by the Runnymede trust of which Phillips was just one of 17 members.

More insanity

Now France has outlawed paying for sex, just another example of the way that the West is becoming increasingly prudish about everything, without concern for the consequences.

If it's illegal for men to pay hookers they are hardly going to meet them on public streets or at well known houses. The trade will carry on, but it will do so down dark little back alleys, in tiny flats that the police will not know about and women will be at more risk, not less. The only way to make woman safe is to legalise and regulate prostitution. Allow it only in approved buildings that the authorities are aware of, that way they can check on a regular basis that nobody is being trafficked or forced into it and charities can visit to try and help women who may be doing it to get money to fund drug addiction.

Our unnatural attitudes to sex are all to do with F* religion. When I finish my time machine I am going to travel back in time and assassinate all the crappy "messiahs" and "prophets", Moses, Jeusus Christ, Muhammad etc, and/or the loonies who invented them. Hopefully, I might come back to a more rational 21st century.

PS Although, given human nature, probably not. I would step out of my time machine to find that chlldren had their ears cut off at birth to placate the Mighty Giant Spider that lives inside the Earth.

Why is "equality" always so one sided?

We continually hear about ethnics being unrepresented in this or that but it certainly isn't true in TV adverts. One would think from those that they made up a quarter of the UK population, more like 2/3 if the ad is anything by the government.

The obvious exceptions are warnings about crime or spread of disease, then it's always a white person responsible. Can't find it now but remember that ad about avoiding sneezing on public tranport? A white chap was spraying everybody including, most prominently, an old black couple. Seen two more ads about public tranport just today. One about reporting groping on the tube. Ah yes, a white man groping a young black woman. Then there's this one that rather ludicrously shows two elderly white men playing loud music on a bus and being abusive to teenagers including a mixed race lad.

All for equality but this continual PC bias isn't it.


Hate it when people leave rubbish in the countryside, especially those major fly-tippers. On the other hand, leave almost anything long enough and nature manages to deal with it, even Chernobyl apparently. There's a place in the woods near me that was used as a major tip many decades ago. Lots of old water tanks, metal drums, bits of vehicles including tyres, engines and gearboxes. It looked as if it had been there for decades when I first moved to this place in 1982. These days it's mostly buried, rusted to hell and totally overgrown and the place is now quite interesting. Judging from the tracks you see in the summer, wildlife finds some of these these old bits quite useful, saves them having to dig huge holes to get out of the rain.

If it was rusty bits of old swords, carriages, forges and whatnot dating from a few hundred years ago it would be an area of historic interest. Maybe, before moaning about people dumping litter I should just look further ahead. It's all a matter of perspective, as the saying goes.

PS. In the year 2530 nobody has any hair. Or bollocks/fannies either, growth of the online porn industry caused all reproduction to be done by computer.

That's killed it

Trump is right on immigration. An influx of low performers, often illegals, from high crime nations like Mexico is of no benefit whatever to the US. Although the language is often unhelpful he has a point on some other issues too, like cheap foreign imports, excessive military expenditure in defending other nations and the dangers of Muslim immigration. Many rational people will have justifiable concerns on those issues but I suspect his latest comments on abortion have blown his chances.

Rational people do not want laws defined by irrational religious claptrap, a major reason (apart from fear of being blown up) why they don't want any more Muslims in the US.


As it's that time of the year when god emerged from a chocolate egg, thought I'd read this on my Kindle.

What? He didn't come out of a chocolate egg? Who says? Seems as plausible as the rest if it.

Anyone out there?

Performance enhancing drugs

No interest in watching Tennis (apart from Serena's bum obviously) but the Sharapova case is interesting. How is it that supposedly legitimate medicines that people have been taking for years suddenly become illegal performance enhancing drugs? Wonder what else is on the list.

Got a bit of a cracked tooth problem and had to go to emergency dental clinic last week to get some antibiotics when it got infected, the pain was keeping me awake. They worked in a couple of days but last night the pain returned so put some TCP on it. That worked too but then I read the bottle and it said expiry date 2000 so thought maybe I ought to get some more. Went to three chemists and TCP was sold out. Curiously, I feel in a better mood than usual today, could it be the TCP? I'm wondering if word is getting about that TCP is now a legal high and all the youngsters are buying it up before its gets added to a banned list.

PS I hope Serena does not get outed for taking some bum enhancing drug, I shall never want to look at tennis again.

PPS Got to get a root filling at f* dentist, another f* fortune! I think if I was allowed to exterminate just one group out of Muslim terrorists, lawyers or dentists I woud have a hard time choosing.

Public figures in the media

It seems that footballer Adam Johnson is to be removed from the video game FIFA 16 in the wake of his conviction for sex with a 15 year old. Must be f* annoying for the makers after spending all that money.

Just last night I was scrolling through to see if there was anything worth watching on TV (there wasn't, what a suprise!) and noticed that BBC 4 was showing old Top of The Pops programs. Not sure how that is going to work give the number of times it was presented by Jimmy Saville. Are they just presenting the episodes that were not presented by convicted child molesters (assuming there are any) or are they editing out the relevant bits and just showing the performers who are not convicted child molesters? (assuming there are any)

Think I might start watching it just to see. (Gosh, what a full exciting life I must have)

Maybe equality requires equal value

So the Brit awards will be more diverse in 2017. This year's ceremony failed to recognise urban music, particularly Grime. The current members of the voting academy are accused of being largely white with a bias towards older men.

What is that meant to imply exactly? That older men are more racially biased? But in our younger days and to some extent since we loved lots of black singers and musicians - Eartha Kitt, Ella Fitzgerald, Little Walter, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, Muddy Walters, Billy Holiday, Lead Belly, Etta James, Michael Jackson, Gloria Gaynor are just a few of the brilliant performers whose songs I have on LP, cassette, CD and memory stick and I will not be unique in that.

Or maybe we can't keep up with the times and appreciate good music of a more modern style? To some extent it is true we are a bit hung up on our own past but that does not mean we can't see the merit of other music. Personally I found The Beatles boring but I could appreciate the talent they had and it's the same with modern screechers, Adel for example. Her stuff all sounds the same to me but she can sing. Just had a flip through the current top 100 and, while there's nothing there I'd want to buy, some of it ain't too bad including some songs by black singers, Back to Sleep by Chris Brown for example. ("Fuck you back to sleep girl", like it!)

All in all, I think us old white farts, when presented with a range of modern songs, could still manage to judge their merit impartially. The real problem is that Grime, like so much black music since Rap emerged, is utter crap! The non-existent readers of bloggoth can listen to some samples here.

Too old and white? If we had a time machine and could bring back a panel composed of all those brilliant black performers from the past when they were in their prime, I think young Nat, Ella, Ray and Muddy etc would all be looking at each other in bewilderment, shaking their heads and saying "Is this supposed to be music?"

Kill them all

I want my transporter weapon. Can't be arsed to look for it but remember saying on bloggoth back in the late 90s how we fantasised about having a small Star Trek type transporter that could connect A to B no matter how far apart they were.

We often used our fantasy transporter to murder or maim Mr Pikey Scum in numerous ways, by linking his stagnant pond to the inlet valve on his heart, or his head to a target in a shooting gallery, his guts to the middle of a blast furnace, his eyeballs to the acid in his truck battery, his arse to the high voltage cable on an electricity pylon etc. The great thing about my transporter was that nobody else knew such a thing was possible so I could torture him horribly in all sort of ways and nobody would ever know it was me.

How we wish we really had one to use on the EU dictators, some UK politicians who have such contempt for British democracy, violent lefties who try to silence free speech, criminals who prey on old or disabled people, crap spouting Islamists, useless foreign criminals we can't toss out because of their human rights....

Fuck arse wank cunt

Just relax, no point worrying about things you can't so anything about. Anger is bad for you. MYTH!

Another thing I recall many decades ago is having a recurring pain in my guts for weeks. At one point I was driving home and it was so severe that I had to stop the van and was considering calling an ambulance. I really thought it might have a burst appendix. I was doubled over and shouted at the top of my voice FUUUCK! SHIIIIIIT! etc etc Suddenly the pain just went! This really is a true story, I am not making it up!

Today, as usual, feeling rather tired and low so decided to sing obscene songs all day long and swear at the TV at the top of my voice. Feel much better.

Brexit scare story 1

Once upon a time I used to quite like Camoron but now, like many others, I just regard him as a deceitful, lying cunt. Look at that pathetic "deal" with the EU that could still be unwound by the European parliament or rendered totally irrelevant by future measures. If CuntMoron's case for staying in is so strong, why are the out lobby being denied access to government information which would surely confirm what the lying piece of shit has told us?

The latest nonsense we are being peddled is that France will end border control along the Channel if we leave the EU. That is unlikely as argued here but even if it did happen there are some measures we could take to reduce the flow ourselves, a major one being to reduce the draw the UK has compared to France by being a lot less welcoming as the Mayor of Calais has suggested. Make it much harder to claim asylum, stop allowing umpteen appeals and provide minimal support while a claim is processed. We could also require ferries and train companies, perhaps lorries, to make necessary checks. Checks are made at airports before people leave a country, what's the difference? One thing that we could do would only be possible outside the EU, get out of the European Court of Human Rights and stop foreigners who have contributed nothing to the UK being allowed to remain at the expense, and sometimes at the risk, of tax paying citizens. However it turns out, there is one essential thing we should not forget, that this crisis has been created by the EU and its absurd policy of open borders.

And if France does end channel checks, how does the problem begin to equate to the immigration problems we will have if we stay in the EU? The flow of illegals currently trying to get into the UK is small beer compared to the flow of legal EU migrants which is causing immense pressure on our limited resources, like our schools, housing and NHS. Look ahead and the ratio is likely to get smaller.

Migration from Africa will probably fall because Europe is toughening up its borders to the outside world. Given the huge problems France has had with riots and terrorist attacks that spring from migrant and minority communities, it seems rather unlikely that they are going to wave people into their own country in the hope that they will go to ours. Restrictions are likely to be even tougher next year when a more right wing government gets in, a near certainty given the mess Hollande has made of the economy.

On the other hand, if we stay in, both legal and illegal migration will rocket. Seriously, what do we expect to happen when citizens from poor accession countries like Turkey, Serbia and even crime-ridden Albania are allowed free access to our nation? It isn't just the citizens of those countries who will be a problem, the larger the EU gets the more porous its borders will be for many obvious reasons, more able to claim family connections in an EU country, or more legal female migrants entering into sham marriages for example. Are those Albanian gangsters really going to to turn down money to be made by human trafficking out of duty to their adopted country? And look how Islamist Turkey is handing out visas to people from Somalia, Sudan and other failed Islamist countries with no questions asked.

Yes there will be problems if we leave the EU but, if we are sensible, we need to look at the even greater problems if we stay in. In a decade or two, if we are stupid enough to remain, we may look back at the Calais "crisis"and think how trivial it was.

Brexit scare story 2

We are continually told that not being in the EU would damage our trade due to introduction of trade tariffs. What they do not say is that the EU, in its own interests, has negotiated free trade agreements with numerous countries outside the EU and is continually seeking others. This article by the EU commission emphasises the need to negotiate agreements with key partners and they don't come much more key than the UK.

If they have made deals with the likes of the DCR and Angola, if they think it important to negotiate a trade deal with Canada with 98% of goods being tariff free when the value of bilateral trade in goods is only €59 billion, will they seriously want to shut out the UK and risk their exports to us of £289 billion? We don't need the EU to make trade deals as a recent deal with China shows. It seems rather unlikely we will not be able to make good deals with important Commonwealth countries like Australia, Canada or India who are unlikely to be too concerned about British membership of the EU. The bigger problem is the US but then US opposition to the UK leaving the EU may not be so strong if Trump gets in. He seems to be a man who would sympathise with British concerns about mass immigration. And after all, as that link says, the US tariffs on British cars is only going to be 2.5%. Currency fluctuation can exceed that figure in one month!

Certainly trade deals, with the EU or with others, cannot be made straight away and there will be consequences that could last for years but, to a significant extent, they will be offset by a drop in value of the pound. In the end, no matter how much the malicious EU dictators would like to punish us, we will get a deal with Europe for two reasons, firstly because their major companies, like Volkswagon, will not be terribly happy at losing a lot of sales to the UK and secondly because deliberate discrimination against the UK would be contrary to the principles of the World trade organisation.

Those malicious EU dictators are really the best reason of all for us to leave. If they would be happy to take revenge on the British people for not bowing to their unrealistic ideals if we leave, why would they have any more regard for us if we stay and some new EU dictat is damaging to our interests?

More racist realities

Some while back, in the aftermath of an unprovoked attack by a Polish neo-Nazi group at a London music festival, we mentioned some established problems within Poland including "high levels of anti-semitism and a strong profile for far right groups" that we would soon be importing to our nation. Here are two very recent news items:

All for lobbying and peaceful protests against allowing unsuitable migrants to enter Europe and endanger our own society but attacking people purely on basis of appearance or where they live is just playing into the hands of the loony liberals and damaging the case for stronger controls. And then there's the Anti-Semitism. The best place to check that out is the London division pages of NOP's website, including this page, courtesy of Google translate about the fight of Poles in London against "the Jewish terror"

As I said in that first link, there is always a ridiculous denial about immigrants. They could never be far more racist than us surely?

Bring back William Rufus

Of all the problems in the world none are quite so incomprehensible as the economic ones. There's a warning here that the collapse of the Schengen treaty on open borders will be a crisis for Europe's economies. We can understand that in general given that nations have strengths in different areas and easy access to others can be vital to major industries or services. If a factory exports a big percentage of its output, it is not suddenly going to be able to sell those same goods at home if export becomes much more difficult.

However, we are puzzled by the paragraph that says "Falls in tourism would make up nearly half of the lost output, as the return of internal border checks would disrupt the widespread practice of short-term travel in the continent". Surely tourism in wealthy countries whose citizens can afford holidays is something that can switch fairly easily, if people can't go abroad they will holiday at home instead. This is it with the economy, so much seems to be nothing to do with real production that advances human welfare, it's just about swapping wealth around. Just think, if we all decided to sell our old socks to our neighbours for £1000 a pair and they in turn sold their old socks to us for £1000 what a boost to the economy that would be! If we wanted to, we could double the GDP by doubling the price of our old socks. No dafter than inclusion of drugs and prostitution in GDP figures anyway. And this debt thing. Most of the more advanced nations, the citizens and governments within them, owe mouthwatering sums. Who do they owe them to? Usually other similarly debt ridden people/governments/ companies in those same nations.

Perhaps we should go back to the middle ages when lending and supply of services or goods outside one's own area were frowned upon. Progress was very slow in those days but, now we have an adequate standard of living, maybe that should not matter so much. To strive to continually raise that standard makes little sense beyond a certain point.


Some Muslim religious authorities believe it is absolutely forbidden to depict the human being and say that television programs or photographs showing humans are un-Islamic. Even in Saudi Arabia they are not as impractical as that but I daresay they might be in that loony Islamic State if they ever succeed in setting it up. Could be a bit difficult sometimes, can you imagine the ISIL version of BBC's Crimewatch when they show the e-fits of suspected criminals?

Criminals, ie people who have not beheaded/raped enough infidels.

One sided again?

Everything must reflect the wonderful cultural diversity of Britain, except when it's something nasty obviously. We are being battered by Storm Imogen, following on from storms Henry, Gertrude, Frank and Desmond. No storms Muhamed, Pranav, Leroy, Abioye, Amani, Cheng, Piotr etc we notice.


Among all the great Western technology is the Global Positioning System. We went for a long walk today and got a bit lost. No problem, we turned on our Garmin handheld GPS and it showed us where we were on the Ordance Survey map. GPS is mainly provided by the US government, although some other nations, like Russia, have rather less effective satellite systems.

What is really great is that the US provides free use of its satellite systems to the world. Doubt some others would be so generous. What was that in the news today?

Boko Haram

One thing that Muslim extremists who create radical Islamic websites apparently fail to grasp is that the technology behind such things only exist because those awful Westerm kafirs provided it. If they had had to rely on technology developed by Muslims they'd be spreading their message with carrier pigeons or camels with billboards on them.

The Muslim world contributes very little to scientific output. Of course there have been some great Muslim contributions as listed here, like advances in surgical procedures, discovery of coffee, invention of algebra, 1st known flight *Note etc. Trouble is, they were all before the 12th century. They have done almost bugger all useful since then.

Boko Haram! Non-Islamic education is a sin! So how can they possibly learn how to build a website using Western technology? If Muhamed had found anyone reading "HTML for Dummies" he would surely have had them stoned to death!

Note : A bloke stuck on a bird costume and was airborne for a few moments before falling and breaking his back. Wouldn't have been recorded but bet people were trying that with similar success back in caveman days!

I'm stuck!

Interesting piece of news here. Apparently an elderly client died while screwing a prostitute. Getting stuck during mating is fairly normal for members of the dog family but never heard of it in humans before. It's very rare but Penis captivus may actually happen.

Hmm. I was looking at some "adverts" in the local free ads this weekend. Maybe I'lll give it a miss.


Everything is "art" these days, blank canvases, crappy bits of metal ducting, unmade beds, dead sharks,any old rubbish really.

It occurs to me that maybe Jack the Ripper was actually a sort of talentless Victorian Banksy, walking the streets making artwork out of what, at the time, were common materials. We can all see the fun in murdering prostitutes but that thing of stringing the entrails over the right shoulder hardly seems like some erotic fantasy. Looks like an artistic statement, maybe telling us that the innermost reaches of our inner being are striving to rise above our conscious self or some such pretentious bollox.

Among all the other bilions of people accused of being Jack the Ripper was a famous artist, Walter Sickert. While Sickert seems rather a good name for a sick pervert, I doubt an artist with his conventional artistic abilities needed to make art out of murdered prostitutes. Much more likely this was an "artist" , ie someone like those blank canvas, metal ducting, unmade bed or dead shark types, who was so lacking in conventional artistic ability that they needed to "make a statement" in some other way.

Some day, when the human population is so huge that we are individually worthless, corpses might be legitimate art materials. Not quite there yet. We were supposed to do "mixed media" at our local art group the other day. We did think of turning up with a bucket of human entrails but decided to take some cornflakes instead.

PS To avoid any proceedings for defamation we wish to make it clear that we are not accusing any current Tate Modern exhibitors or famous "artists" of being Jack the Ripper.

PPS Hmmm. Dead sharks, dead prostitutes. Hmmm.


A little while back we said we weren't too bothered if there was a fuss about dead celebrities but we have changed our minds. There are just too many of them dropping dead recently and we can't even watch the main evening news without sitting through 10 minutes of crap. Often they have some association with the South East so we have to sit through the same crap again on the local news.

Can you imagine when Brucie snuffs it? We will never hear the end of it. Maybe we should learn from the the cartoon Futurama. Famous people will not be allowed to die but must have their living heads preserved in glass jars. Then they can carry on acting in soaps or presenting or whatever it is they do on boring TV progs I never watch anyway.

NO! we won't say it!

It seems that scientists have a 'gene editing' go-ahead. We have been undergoing counselling today with regard to our huge bottom obsession, so we won't suggest it should be used to make a generation of ladies with enormous butts. No. No, We won't, we won't. Deep breaths xoggoth, concentrate, we can do it. Aaaah. Ok, we made it.

At present these altered embryos are not allowed to exist beyond seven days due to concerns about producing "designer babies" What's wrong with designer babies? The human race could do with improving. Of course things might go wrong but look at some of the humans nature produces - terrorists, serial killers, scammers who target vulnerable people, child rapists, Kenneth Clarke... The list is endless, a few genetic errors couldn't produce anything much worse. God's design was pretty crap and there's some distinct improvements that could be made to the human body - what about legarms, a pair of flexible extra limbs in the middle of the body that could be used as either legs or arms? Use as arms when doing DIY and as legs when you're staggering back from the pub after too many pints. How often do you see a dog falling over when it's drunk?

If I was in charge I'd give the scientists free reign to do whatever they fancied doing if it looked as if it might be useful. Long tentacles, skinny little snake like bodies that could crawl into any hole, inflatable heads that would make it impossible to drown, eyes in the back of the head to spot pick pockets, huge ladies' bottoms, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! oh no! Where has my will power gone?

Today's article we would have written if we could have been arsed

Labour are complaining that necessary changes to prevent voting fraud are disproportionately impacting them. Now that people have to register individually rather than have somebody do it for them en block, many students are not doing so. Bit of an odd complaint given that the plans for this change were drawn up by the last Labour government.

Should we worry? Nope. Here's the article: - Students who don't have the vote aren't being disenfranchised – they're just lazy.

PS The idea that students mostly vote Labour may not even be true. Some, like we at bloggoth, are engineers or scientists or may be doing other practical and useful degrees, so they are not all total fucking idiots.

PPS Just counting down the days until somebody claims that those other disproportionately Labour-voting groups, our wonderful hard working migrants and ethnic minorities, are equally being disenfrachised. Same comment applies. Not speaking English or being unaware of British laws should be no excuse whatever.

PPPS And of course, being totally PC, we won't mention where much of the electoral fraud came from that made these changes so necessary. We'll leave that to the former secretary of state Eric Pickles. Any who think he is just being racist should do a Google of Biraderi. Bit old but well explained in this BBC article.

Artificial intelligence

A little while back I mentioned an idiotic attempt to con me on a dating website. Unfortunately, not everyone is as internet savvy as we at bloggoth and I heard a sad tale from a lady yesterday about how her mother was defrauded out of over £20k after using one of these sites. These people are such bastards!

But maybe their job is about to get even easier. There's news of a breakthrough in artificial intelligence today. Will the con artists be making use of it to make their frauds even more sophisticated? How many more people could they con if they had advanced programs that automatically analysed people's online activitiies to identify the best prospects and the approach most likely to succeed?

That's the short term risk of course. In the long term maybe the real risk will be the machines themselves. I am certainly a bit dubious about a recent letter I had from my electricity suppliers. If I have a smart meter installed, how long will it be before the little bastard is hacking into my bank account?

Credit cards

PS Do you know how hard it would be for somebody/something to geuss your credit card number? There are 16 digits so you may think the chance is 1 in 10^16 but it's actually much less. The first 6 are specific to a bank and hence to an area of the world so, in the UK for example, fraudsters could just concentrate on Natwest cards. But it's even easier than that, because validation uses a formula that ignores all the even numbers. Still not easy of course, given that most websites will block repeated attempts by a single customer to enter a number, but if these AI bots which are capable of filling in and ticking all the right boxes just as a human would and can attack thousands of sites a minute some will surely succeed.

What you get when valid concerns are ignored

A fairly typical news headline on clashes in Kent today. "Far-right and anti-racism protesters clash in Dover". This rally, unlike some others in the past, apparently really did involve some on the far right. In the UK, as in other EU countries, the real far right is in resurgence, even the long dead National Front is making a comeback.

Far right, racist, xenophobe or bigot have been consistently used by the liberal left for decades in regard to any person or group that expresses concern about mass immigration. Mass rallies like this one in support of making it easy for so-called asylum seekers to enter the UK can be held with no problems at all because those who oppose their views do not turn up en mass to disrupt it. On the other hand every anti-immigration march or rally is always opposed, often violently, by those facist "anti-facists". Even Nigel Farage and UKIP are subject to threats and violence.

Is it any wonder, when people are not permitted to exercise free speech, to point out the factual downsides of mass immigration in a moderate manner, when their concerns are totally ignored, they are inevitably going to think "What the fuck is the point of trying to be reasonable?" When they are expected to put up with things that are utterly unacceptable, like dangerous criminals being allowed to remain in the UK because of their human rights, migrants occupying social housing that our citizens have paid for while some of our own are sleeping on the streets or being unable to get their children into local schools because of a migrant influx, is it any wonder that they lose patience, that they see the real right wingers as the only solution to their problems?

European society is indeed going backwards. Real racism and right wing extremism are rising daily and huge divisions are opening up in our society. The people to blame for these things are the bleeding heart liberals.

Small brains, big bottoms

We first read about it in The Daily Express so assumed the story was blown out of proportion but it seems the Zika virus, which causes babies to be born with small brains, is a really serious threat to the world. F* viruses, why can't they ever do anything positive? Oh, hang on, it seems that sometimes they can, with a bit of help from us anyway. Apparently genetically engineered viruses can fight some types of cancer. Right! That's enough blogging, I'm off to set up a genetics lab in my little shed.

That Leftie slant again 2

So now we are going to take in more refugee "children". Gosh! Who could not feel sorry for the little kids on that picture? You may wonder how children who appear to be between four and nine years old manage to find their way across Europe on their own. Of course it's a stock picture that does not remotely represent reality as this link reveals:

One of the fastest growing refugee groups in Sweden is the so-called "unaccompanied refugee children." The number of children who seek asylum has exploded over the last ten years. It is presumed that the reason for this is that children are granted asylum much quicker than adults, and that Sweden does not verify the age of these "children." Refugees are also allowed to bring their entire family to Sweden once they get residency status -- even if you claimed to be alone in the world when you arrived.
The problem is that they are neither unaccompanied, nor refugees, nor children. In many instances, they are considerably older than 18 (as can clearly be seen in pictures); and more often than not, they are very aggressive young men between the ages of 20 and 30. Everyone knows that their chances of getting asylum increase drastically if they claim to be under 18.
Recently, a survey in Denmark showed that 72% of asylum-seeker "children" were actually adults. The fact that Denmark carries out these controls could explain why only 818 children sought asylum there last year, compared to Sweden's 7,049.

Exactly. Frauds as so many asylum seekers are. And even when children really are children it will be just another backdoor to admitting whole families. As Frank Field (A Corbyn supporting Labour MP - so hardly a right winger) suggests towards the end of the top video in that first link, it is likely that the parents of many of these "orphans " will surprisingly reappear and claim the right to be with their children. Then others will have the right to be with them and so it goes on.

It would be fair enough if we took in reasonable numbers of those who are physically children and genuinely appear to be alone if they were sent back to any parents who magically reappeared but, given that our government can never act sensibly in the interests of its own citizens, this scheme will just create another open door.

That Leftie slant again

Why do lefties have such trouble with basic facts? Why, even when they do use facts, are they so deliberately selective?

Couldn't be a better example than an article in The Guardian: Revealed: thousands of Britons on benefits across EU which seeks to counter the "simplistic version painted by anti-immigration and anti-EU campaigners". It gives a lot of selective information, telling us how Brits claiming unemployment benefits in the wealthier EU nations outnumber people from those nations claiming benefits here or that there are only 500 Bulgarians drawing jobseeker's allowance in the UK. It tells us that Brits claiming benefits in other EU countries is about the same as EU nationals claiming benefits here, but only as a percentage!.

No reason to doubt their very selective figures but, in the context of arguments for or against the EU, it's the total figures for all EU countries that matter, where can we find those? They are actually tucked away in separate sentences among all the spiel inside that same article:

At least 30,000 British nationals are claiming unemployment benefit in countries around the EU
the roughly 65,000 EU nationals claiming jobseeker’s allowance in the UK.

There we are dear Guardian, employ we at bloggoth as a reporter, we could have written the relevant points of that article in two sentences. Just think of the paper you could save.

Human abilities that matter

Gordon Bennet, now we've got news of match fixing in Tennis. The stories about huge levels of corruption in soccer contine to rumble on as do the stories about drug cheats in athletics. A quick Google shows there are no sports that are free from organised cheating in one form or another, even major darts matches have been fixed.

Maybe it doesn't matter. Physical ability is not what has taken mankind to the top of the evolutionary scale, it is our intelligence and creativity, which includes the ability to think up new performance-enhancing drugs. They are just tools that enhance physical prowess after all, no different in principal from pneumatic drills or cars. As for cheating, that too is a valuable evolutionary skill, it is the cheats and manipulators who make it to the top of human society, who run the world.

So perhaps we should give up trying to compete with lesser animals like chimps or jaguars and celebrate the things that make humanity the dominant species.


Had rather a nice day - spent some time with another nice weird lady friend (they're all weird in that village). Filled in a hole for her and then had a look at her cellar.

A hole in the ceiling and it was real cellar! Not euphemisms! Bah!

More government crap

Something that really pisses us off when we go to our local town is the parking meters. A whole 80p for an hour and if you get caught overstaying you can get walloped with a £70 fine. Parking tickets and fines are a big cash cow for our stinking councils. Government at all levels is constantly trying to find ways of getting more money out of us so they can waste it on a lot of crap most UK citizens don't agree with.

Ooh er, we should not have mentioned parking meters and crap in the same paragraph. The government constantly checks on bloggoth and that might give them ideas. Soon to be installed in every household!

Ah yes

When people refer to the "paedophile prophet" they are always told it is absurd to judge ancient history by modern standards. Which would be fair enough if this Islamic practice actually was ancient history. Trouble is, it ain't.

A move to ban child marriages in Pakistan has been withdrawn after meeting staunch resistance from a religious body, which branded the bill as “anti-Islamic”.
CII Chairman Mohammad Khan Sheerani said the bill contradicted Islamic teachings.
He said: “Parliament cannot create legislation that is against the teachings of the Holy Quran or Sunnah.”
In May 2014, the council reiterated its earlier ruling that girls as young as nine-years-old were eligible for marriage if “the signs of puberty are visible”.

Many years ago, nearly all extremism and terrorism came from those of Middle Eastern origin and we recall saying on bloggoth that it was a good thing that our Muslims from Pakistan or Bangladesh had their heads screwed on properly and were not a problem. Since then both countries have become increasingly radical and extreme. In Pakistan a majority of younger people want Shariah law rather than democracy and the education system teaches inferiority of non Muslims. There is also a fundamentalist revival in Bangladesh fuelled in part by "British" (inverted commas) Jihadis. Seriously, why are we continuing to allow people in from these shitholes? People who imagine they are not a threat to the UK are living in a PC dream world. They need to wake up.

PS Oh sorry, we have just been reading "The Idiot's Guide to PC Britain" and must apologise for that last comment. All migrants immediately become law abiding, hard working people who embrace British principals, lose any cultural problems and make a huge contribution to British society as soon as they cross the border. How could we not realise that?


No doubt the world would be much better off without mankind. Exterminate the lot, except me and a bunch of huge arsed ladies of course.

On the other hand, we often blame ourselves for environmental mistakes that really ain't so bad. Nowt guaranteed to stir people up quite as much as a phone mast in a rural area. Actually we quite like phone masts - all those wierd bits sticking out, they look like huge trees with dead branches. Really creepy in a way - photo of our favourite mast soon if we can find it again, you will see what we mean.

It's all about scale. It's not so much the things that mankind does, but the huge scale in which he does them. If there were only as many people as there are, say Badgers or Meercats, just a smallish number of phone masts, pylons, tower blocks etc. we'd be quite positive and interesting animals.

PS We take back the awful suggestion in our 1st sentence. Me and a few million big arsed ladies would be just fine.

Here he is: Mastus Vodaphonus


The Battle

How stupid do they think we are?

Got a private message from a dating website today. Apparently a 28 year old lady found me attractive. Well, nothing suspicious so far obviously! Sent a silly reply for the fun of it and got back, within 2 minutes, an obviously pasted long message that would take longer than that to type in, let alone compose. Did a Google and found the exact same message, word for word, punctuation errors included, on six different dating sites, text as per the scam report here. Do people seriously fall for this stuff?

Apart from such obvious scams where there is probably no real woman at all, just a Mr Kiwogu Uhurigoogoo in Lagos, there are also real women who would probably take advantage of lonely old farts like me. I might actually get a bit of nudgy wink in return for my house and life savings. Maybe that could work both ways. Perhaps I could keep stringing her along with promises of my fortune in return for one more excursion up her jacksie.

Why so serious about things that really don't matter a fuck 1?

It pisses me off when people get so f* serious about, well, things that really are not serious at all. There's a comment in the Daily Mail about the "hysteria" over David Bowie's death, comparing the attention to that of the second coming.

We are fairly neutral on Bowie. On those rare days we haven't spent over an hour wandering the country, we can often be found getting our daily exercise by dancing to Gene Genie, brill! On the other hand, Major Tom and other boring crap like Life on Mars were, well, boring crap. It doesn't really matter. If people get enormously upset by the death of some murderer or terrrorist it might be a cause for concern but, if they or the press do so about the death of a harmless and apparently quite nice individual like Bowie, what does it really matter?

When they happen, they can even get upset over the deaths of total celebrity twats like Paul Mc Cartney, Cliff Richard, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Russel Brand, Sean Penn... (huge long list here) and we at bloggoth won't castigate them for it.

At least the deaths will be real, unlike the second coming.

Why so serious about things that really don't matter a fuck 2?

MPs today backed plans to scrap God Save The Queen in favour of a new English national anthem.

Naturally, some are saying it is divisive or a rebuke to her majesty. As a republican we don't really give a fuck about the latter but it isn't either of these things in any case. What are we talking about here? This is not some declaration of war, just an assertion of nationality for purely sporting purposes. It isn't any different to West Ham (Forever Blowing Bubbles) and Crystal Palace (Glad all over) football teams having their own anthems. On occasions a few football fans get carried away in the aftermath of a match and kick the shit out of each other but to suggest that any long term animosity exists between the inhabitants of Upton Park and South Norwood because of their adoption of these songs is quite ludicrous.

If there are any serious tensions between the nations of the UK, blame the policies of the politicians, not least those of the SNP with their demands for a say over English affairs when the English have no say over theirs and their desire for their unworkable socialist economy to be propped up by the rest of the UK in a common currency.

Typical public sector workers

Angela Rippon sparks outrage over 'ignorant and biased' comments on junior doctor's pay. Oh dear! So what did this evil right wing (we assume) woman say?

...the kind of issues the doctors are arguing about at the moment these are things which should be settled around a table. They should be discussing and coming to an agreement, not on the picket lines."
She continued: "The seven day operation is at the heart of all of this and its not right for doctors to say they can't make it work, they're going to have to make it work because the British public are never going to co-operate by only being ill Monday to Friday.

Oh Wow! How extreme and irrational! NOT! Of course these doctors should be entitled to strike if conditions were actually imposed on them. Being a total non-socialist we at bloggoth believe everyone has a right to be paid according to their ability, that nobody should sacrifice their own future for the general good unless they personally wish to do so, but the essential point here is that the negotiations are still open and nothing whatever is yet being imposed!

Looking at the salaries for various graduates it would seem that medical staff are not very well paid compared to others but, before we get too sympathetic with these junior doctors, we should consider some other facts, some on that link - like an automatic pay rise of 24% in their second year. Well, you might get that in the private sector but, and this is the important part, only if your employer thinks you're good! Public sector employees are handicapped by rules that they and their own unions love to impose, like the unified public sector salary system, the automatic annual pay rises regardless of ability, the huge difficulty in dismissal for poor conduct or low performance, the early retirements and the index linked pensions.

To all talented doctors, ditch your socialist alleigance! Stop your willingness to pay, as all public sector/heavily unionised professions do, for the laziest and most useless in your own professions, and you might do a lot better. Until then, we have no sympathy with you whatever!

PC inflation revisited

We commented before regarding that absurd furore about supposed discrimination against Muslims by US authorities because a few Muslims had been refused passage at the airport, although the numbers were actually very small and refusal was fully justified in the two cases for which we had any details.

An item on the BBC's Rip Off Britain today confirmed what we said. The US employs officers at all major airports and it is not at all uncommon for people who have valid documents to be refused entry at the departure airport or, even worse, on attempting to enter the US. They covered a case of a white British man who was refused entry simply because his name and date of birth was the same as someone else's.

We seriously need to kick out this political correctness where the race or "Islamophobe" card is played when there is no actual justification and, more seriously, the political cover ups of migrant and minority crimes. Far from reducing racism, this sort of thing leads to resentment and is guaranted to raise it.

PS. We see that that "moderate" Imam is moaning again about being stopped from flying to the US. He blames the US for carrying out the Mumbai terror attacks on Facebook, stoking up anti-US sentiment and then expects to be allowed over there to deliver lectures at Islamic conferences? Unjustly banned just because of an extremist Facebook follower eh? Dear me, why would an extremist follow his Facebook comments? We cannot imagine.

PPS Or perhaps that is not him, just an Imam with the same name who looks just like him. Seems about as likely as a families' address being linked to an extremist Facebook page by "the authorities" simply because they had a common Muslim name. Yeh. Right. Avoiding blanket attacks on ordinary Muslims is sensible but let's stop accepting daft excuses or pretending that individuals or organisations who promote Islamism are moderates.

Oi be pirate

Still looking for some land to lounge about on. No success so far and land prices are going up at 15% a year. The larger plots at a reasonable price for round here all turn out to be dark and gloomy pine forests, have public footpaths through them, or are right by noisy main roads, sports grounds etc. There's one really nice area with deciduous trees and some open space quite close by but it's £50k for 1.3 acres!

Quite fancy buying a little boat and becoming a pirate but riverside plots with mooring rights are even more expensive. One costing £35k is 66ft x 32ft, that's £700,000 per acre! There's another a lot cheaper but checked it out on Google Street view and it's a thin strip by a main road, might as well be a grass verge with mooring rights.

Maybe I should move to the CAR or summit. Must be a lot cheaper there.

PS. Apart from a boat, I already have all the necessary equipment to be a pirate. Mr P, my grubby little puppet parrot.

Aaar! But I want vodka! Not Rum!


Breaking up some firewood in the greenhouse by stamping on it, rather stupidly when it was getting dark, and didn't notice a long nail sticking out. Came close to going right through my foot. Being convinced I am really Superman and immune to things that affect you lesser mortals, I did not bother to do anything straight away but on day two it was looking a bit red so went to the minor injuries unit where they confirmed it was infected. 3 Anti-tetanus jabs and got to have some more.

Had to hang about afterwards to ensure I did not suffer any adverse reactions (of course I didn't, I'm Superman you know!). With all the other hangings about, must have wasted about 5 hours of the day there when I could have been wasting my day at home. Ah well, at least I managed to think of a silly story for my Friday writers' group.

Another chap in the waiting room said he had been bitten by a spider. He was in real pain and his arm, just inside of his elbow, was hugely swollen with four great red lumps on it! UK spiders can really do that? Bet it was a nasty foreign asylum seeker spider!

This lunatic cover up

The Cologne (and several other) mass sex attacks brings back an old memory. It was about 1965, I went to Trafalgar Square with my girlfriend on new Year's Eve and a bunch of Asian men were wandering about trying to grab and kiss women they didn't know.

Why will the liberal idiots never grasp the most obvious glaring fact about humanity, that peoples' behaviours and attitudes reflect those of the societies they come from? Taking in a population in which young men greatly outnumber women is a great risk in itself, most will not find girl friends among their own people and will not have the language skills or success to attract our women. Add a culture that views females as second class citizens, which frowns on casual relationships within their own society and which paints our women as lax and promiscuous and the risk to our own females is raised enormously. Hardy surprising either that the police and some newspapers in Germany indulged in a PC cover up, just as our own did over the Rochdale *Note 1 child grooming scandal.

Hopefully, given the outcry over this in liberal Germany, the fools will learn. Our own people matter too. Actually, if the bond between nation and citizen has any value at all, they should matter a fuck sight more.

Note 1: And Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Blackpool, Telford, Oxford, Birmingham and the West Midlands... A 2011 UK wide study on sex grooming of children showed that, for the cases where details were known, 26% of the abusers were "Asian" although only 1.9% of the British population was of Pakistani heritage.

Good cartoon here

Sums up the PC attitude on the Cologne attacks

Not my fault me'lud

Mr C, one of the 3 non-existent readers of bloggoth, comments that Storm Frank sounds like a failed porn actor.

He is right! Franks/Francises are often sleezy characters in major fiction, like con merchant Frank Butcher in East Enders, the dissolute and debt ridden Francis Poldark, body-biting serial killer Francis Dolarhyde in Red Dragon and gangster Frank Costello in The Departed. Nobody plays sleezy/creepy better than Jack Nicholson! Then of course, there's we at bloggoth, huge bum fetishist and lady pig fancier. We rely on our loyal non-existent readers to keep those things secret of course.

But a recent court case in the US makes us realise it is not our fault! We feel liberated! When we are hauled before the court charged with illegal (although entirely consensual, we are in love) activity with a lady pig we will argue that it was entirely our parents' fault for calling us Frank!

We are confident of acquittal or a trivial sentence.

Those racist lefties

Oliver Letwin has got a lot of flack in the PC press for his description of black culture after the 1985 riots, the suggestion they are more likely to riot, that there are deep rooted cultural issues that make the problems hard to fix by money alone. Trouble is, they are both factually correct and even the liberal left don't actually seem to disagree on the facts, they only differ in what they view as the supposed causes. It's ok to talk about problems of "black youth" as long as you mostly blame it all on institutional racism, exclusion, government failures or lack of funding.

But maybe the discussions of "black" problems, whether by left or right, are too simplistic, one could say racist. There is quite a range of abilities and tendencies within black communities, it is not primarily about colour but culture. Here is a quote by a lady from Sierra Leone whose son was stabbed to death.

"In this country your children have too much liberty and our kids are being killed like chickens." She continued: "There’s no knife crime back home. We have a saying in our country: it takes one person to have a child, it takes a whole village to bring up a child."

It may surprise many people but travel advice indicates that she is right, you will be a lot safer in cities in Sierra Leone, and in a number of other poor Sub Saharan nations, than in Jamaican cities. Geography, the fact that Jamaica is a convenient route for transport of Cocaine from central American countries to the UK and Europe is probably a major factor. Take a look at this homicide rate chart and how all of the countries with the highest murder rates, including Jamaica and Saint Kitts and Nevis, are in central America and the Caribbean. That is not coincidence. Take last year's 14 fatal stabbings in London. In the 8 cases where there are full details, 4 are by Afro-Caribbeans and two of the others have common Afro-Caribbean Christian names. Only two involve African names, and, from our regular perusal of crime news, this seems a fairly common proportion. Trouble is, how many African youths are now being sucked into this culture that is not of their making?

The solution to minority crime in the context of immigrants should be obvious, stop letting them in, but it's hard to know what the solutions are in the case of those who are already British citizens. One thing is certain, it will not help to present a problem in such blanket terms, to paint it as if it's solely about colour, and the left are as guilty of that as the right wingers.

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Hurrah for storm Frank

It is quite appalling that things are not constantly being named in our honour. How can they have monuments to lesser mortals like Winston Churchill or George Washington and not to we at bloggoth? But at last a storm has been (real) named in our honour, hurrah! Storm Frank is coming! It ought to be the biggest ever hurricane but the worst storm in a year is a start.

Here is what it looks like according to the Met office:

Here is what it will really look like:

You are all doomed!

Well said that man

We at bloggoth are not always a fan of the well known outspoken atheists, their opposition to the idea of anything other than the physical universe can be so dogmatic, given that you can't disprove it, that it is a faith in itself. However, we totally agree with Dawkins in this case. He left an interview when a Muslim journalist confirmed that he personally believed the prophet Muhammad flew to heaven on a winged horse.

The 74-year-old went on: "If you believe you're Napoleon or a poached egg, you're in an asylum. "If you believe in winged horses you're a New Statesman journalist."

Quite. Unless someone is capable of some grasp of facts and realities, any attempt at argument is a total waste of time.

Wierd winter

Satanmass day and flowers are blooming in the garden. Almost 10'C outside.

Update:Boxer shorts day and almost 15'C.

Lots of little flies around too. At least something is having a nice Satanmass.

Another myth

We often see the pressures on A&E services blamed on the elderly, us awful selfish baby boomers, but the reality is almost certainly different. The rise in elderly is a gradual thing and cannot totally explain the surge of the last few years.

I went to A&E last year when my brother in law, who had terminal lung cancer, was in extreme pain. He was one of the few old people there. Most were young families. A recent local news item says the same thing:

Mrs Wickens explained many patients, especially young people and families, come to the emergency department with a cough, a cold or a mouth ulcer, and have to wait long hours before being seen by staff because there are at the bottom of the priority list.

PC inflation

Big furore in the news about a Muslim family being prevented from travelling to the US.

Maybe one of those things blown out of proportion. According to an Imam, 10 Muslim families have similarly been stopped, over an unstated period, with no details of reason. Based on visitor figures and demographics, around 180,000 British Muslims probably visit the US each year so it's not exactly a huge percentage. And how many non-Muslims get similar bans? We don't know obviously, as such cases would not trigger the PC reaction and make the main news, but this local newspaper report shows that it does happen.

It now seems that the family's home address is linked to an extremist Facebook page and a relative that they were due to visit attended the same mosque as one of the shooters in the California attack. Maybe an error and a coincidence as they claim but adequate reasons for a bar given the realities of terrorism and where it mostly comes from. Ideally, the US should complete these checks before people have spent a lot of money on their travel plans but, that aside, such suspicious circumstances should be sufficient to bar travel. A nation does not have any duty to admit foreign nationals and should not therefore be expected to engage in rigorous and expensive investigation to provide water tight evidence before acting to protect their own citizens.

It is a pity that our own government has less sense.

PS And that Imam who also had entry refused. Do a Google and he seems a reasonable chap on the face of it, ready to condemn radicals at risk to his own life. Dig further and that may not be the truth. Ah yes, a right wing blog, but check out the links, they do appear to be his actual Facebook posts. The audio tirade linked to from this page appears genuine too. On the other hand, those death threats caused by his declared willingness to confront extremism may well be fake. One does not have to be an extremist to denounce Western foreign policies, to castigate Israeli actions or to have some sympathy with the people of Gaza but the nature of some posts and the speech, the way that everything is blamed on non Muslims and colonial masters and Western imperialists, the denunciations of Zionists, may encourage hatred whether he intends it or not. Support for the Muslim brotherhood and Jamaat is not remotely compatible with Western ideals of freedom and secularism. Islamism is a threat to our future even if the establishment of the Islamic state is saught by political rather than violent means. The US were wise to keep him out. Pity we can't lose him, and many Islamists like him, too.

Alummy summit

Just got back from two weeks in Alum, Alem, Almin, oh bollux, a place in Spain. Nice and warm, up to 23'C in the sun and still thinnest jumpers in the evenings. Main things of importance, a dog that actually sounded like "Woof Woof" when it barked and an otherwise slim hotel receptionist with the biggest arse we've ever seen! Gorgeous, could scarcely believe it was real.

PS Oh yes, beautiful mountains, historical thingies etc etc

PPS Spent over £200 on a pair of varifocal glasses. Quite good, adjust to distant or near dependent on which way you look vertically. What I really need is a pair of arsefocal lenses, that provide x4 magnification when I look at ladies' arses.

Darn it!

Usual massacres etc but worst news is that the former home of one of my heros, Satanist Alistair Crowley, has burnt down. When I won a fortune on the lottery I was hoping to buy it and revamp Thelema. Humanity is never guided by rationality or facts but maybe if people are taught that these are demanded by a higher being or some such bollux they would be.

Crowley was dubbed the most evil man in the world. He was a dissolute alcoholic and druggy but never committed any acts that were criminal at the time and it illustrates the absurdity of human nature that he got that title for being a libertine and practicing Satanic rituals rather than serial killers or politically inspired mass murderers.

Screwed up certainly but what an interesting life. Maybe that, rather than being successful, productive, good to others etc is what we should all aim for.

PS Although he did sacrifice some goats, the bastard! As any true Satanist should know, the proper use of a goat is to kiss its arse. Mmm! Although, obviously, our advanced form of Thelema would require a lady pig instead.


Seem to have mentioned arse 3 times in above. Quite right, what else matters but ladies' (or goats') arses?

Attack the bastards - I suppose

Good idea to bomb ISIL? No easy answers, but generally I'm a well, er, yes, I suppose.

Comparisons with Afghanistan/Iraq are daft in my view. There were no good reasons whatever for those and anyone with a modicum of knowledge of the areas would have known that there would be internal conflicts and problems that would probably result in even worse outcomes for the citizens of those countries. In this case, there are far better reasons, it is difficult to imagine a worse situation than an area controlled by those murdering butchers.

Will it reduce or increase chances of terrorism here? Probably won't make much difference in the short term, as these people will attack us anyway. We already have plenty here with their mind set and rationality does not figure highly in their thinking - we are the Imperialist West, killers of Muslims, and we are already on the list. If the Islamic state was achieved and allowed to flourish as a real nation it would just be the starting point in their quest to impose the nonsense of Islam on all of us. Extremists among our own citizens would be pouring in for training and funding would be flowing to every radical Muslim organisation on the planet. If IS is actually defeated I think it will also reduce the risk as the lack of an achievable ultimate goal may make the more rational among our own Muslims less inclined to risk their lives.

Perhaps the most important thing is that we should stand by our allies, the French, following the Paris attack. One can um and ah but IMO a major aspect of life that we should always follow is - look after your own. Yourself, your family, your friends, those like you - they should always come first.

Some issues are so complex and unpredictable one can spend forever deciding what is right or what will work and there can be no firm conclusions. If we had to be totally sure of everything we would always do bugger all.

Wrong allies?

50 years ago our main enemy was communism, embodied by the Soviet Union. Turkey, then still very much the secular state that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk had set up, was a vital ally. Today, things have changed. The enemy is Islamism and Turkey is ruled by an Islamist, Erdogan, who is taking things backwards. Like the Muslim Brotherhood, he pretends to be moderate but, bit by bit, he is grabbing more and more power and removing freedom and secularism from Turkish citizens. Russia, on the other hand, despite all the frictions between it and the West, *Note 1 is very much our enemy's enemy, having been involved in their own fight against Islam in Chechnya. As the old saying goes...

More about Erdogan here. Before the lefties among the non existent readers of bloggoth say, Oh! it's just The Daily Mail! let's have a look at an article in The Independent which suggests Turkish "tolerance of - if not complicity with -" ISIS. President Obama *Note 2 has demanded that Turkey must close the border with Syria to prevent it being used as an ISIS crossing point.

The world changes and so do its conflicts. Maybe it is time to get a new ally and ditch an old one. For all Turkey's military power does the West really need a nation in NATO that has more in common with our current enemy?

Note 1: Largely due to stupid Western foreign policies as we said here.

Note 2: Obama instead of Obummer as he appears to be being most sensible on this occasion.

If you can't believe the experts, who can you trust?

I am an engineer with a background of simulation, including of heat transmission in furnaces, and the basic ideas behind the global warming theory look sound enough to me. However, for us engineers, it's facts that really matter. Theories unsupported by reliable facts may as well be witchcraft for all the value they have.

This item in the DT tells of fiddled temperature figures from weather stations that show warming where cooling actually occurred. Of course, anti-global warming sorts may be no more honest than global warming sorts, so has there really been a manipulation of the figures or has the manipulation of figures been manipulated?

Only one thing for it. We can't trust anyone so we will have to make some measurements ourselves and see the truth of it. We have a little weather station in our bedroom that shows temperature and humidity so from now on we will be keeping a full log and producing our own graphs. Starting now!

Ignore that last reading, xoggoth has been farting again!

Disappointment rises

Not as awful as Labour would have been obviously, and probably no worse than many other world governments, but this Tory government is proving crap on a range of issues.

They appear to be blaming continuing massive levels of immigration on the EU despite an increase in non-EU net migration to 196,000 in 2014 and despite the fact that, with some exceptions like the Roma, it is those from outside the EU who are the major problem. A report from University College London showed that migrants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) made a negative contribution to the public purse of £117.9 billion over 17 years. Over 40% of them were not working in 2011.

Another big mistake they appear to be making on this issue is a blanket tightening up that does not take acount of where the low performing migrants come from. Other stats suggest it is not legal migrants from India or China that are the main problem and a good relationship with those countries may be to our advantage. The same is not true of migrants from some other countries, especially Muslim or Sub-Saharan African ones. We should not let political correctness guide immigration policy with a pretence that migrants from all countries are equal in terms of ability and the benefits or burdens they bring to the UK.

You would have thought that at least a Tory government would be sound on economic issues but that does not appear to be the case either. It seems to have abandoned efforts to cut the deficit, excessive welfare and the bloated state. It is totally absurd that council tax is to go up to fund social care yet they are finding £12bn for foreign aid. Also, although the measures we mentioned in an earlier post have not been implemented this time around, they still seem to be unable to distinguish in their consultations between genuine tax avoiders and the skilled and mobile temporary workers and contractors who are essential to our economy.

More importantly, they appear to be repeating the errors that gave us the last global crash, keeping interest rates low and then encouraging people to spend on property using loans they will not be able to repay if interest rates rise. We admit we don't really understand economics but presumably the IMF does. Low interest rates and quantitative easing have encouraged a massive build up of debt and another huge crash is only a matter of time.

F* idiots. Just as well a total ******(insert all possible expletives in 47 languages here) is leading Labour, only thing that makes the Tories look slightly better in comparison.

Quite 2

This week's "political comment we could not be arsed to make ourselves" (apart from a minor change). Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said “all the terrorists are basically migrants”

The controversial right-winger sensible chap said that Muslims living in certain European countries were living in “parallel societies” - where they rejected Western values but still held EU passports. In an interview with Politico, Mr Orbán said it was “simply a question of when they came to the European Union” as it emerged that at least six of the nine Paris attackers were born in the EU or had EU citizenship. He said it was an “obvious fact” that there was an “overwhelming logical” connection between terrorism and the migration of Muslim people in Europe that other EU countries deny.

"Islamophobia" cry the lefty loonies! No, reality. He is not saying that all Muslims are terrorists, simply stating the obvious fact that much of the most serious terrorism in Europe in the last decade has come from the Muslim community. Although the risk of any of us being killed in a terrorist attack are extremely small, the cost of preventing such attacks most certainly is not. It is important not to further marginalise those who are already citizens but we are not under any obligation to keep growing the risk and the costs by allowing further Muslim immigration.


This week's "article that we could not be arsed to write ourselves" comes from the Express - Forget Syria, this is WAR and we need to deal with Islamist threat in our OWN BACKYARD:

Bombing IS in Syria must be done with a carefully thought out follow-up plan, which was so lamentably absent in Iraq and Libya. There, gung-ho military raids succeeded in removing dictators but ultimately allowed even more malignant forces to rush into the power vacuums we had created.
Given the war-like situation which now exists with IS, the Government should be making it clear that any Briton who willingly travels to IS-controlled territory will not be readmitted to Britain.
It has reached the bizarre situation in which a terror suspect in Syria can be summarily vaporised yet a terror suspect who manages to reach Britain cannot be detained and ends up being provided with legal aid to fight deportation. When a terrorist threat is so grave as to be thought serious enough to require bombers to be sent on foreign air raids then that is war - and it justifies the sort of wartime measures which Churchill employed to tackle the threat of German spies and saboteurs hiding in Britain during the Second World War.

The science of bollux

Nice to see technology catching up with those ultimate truths of existence. It seems that you can now get a variety of phone apps to detect ghosts and there is even one that will take pictures of one on the phone's camera. One of those apps will even detect the devil when you key in a certain code. Of course, what the faithful will want most of all is a god detector. Hallelujah! You can get one of those too!

Actually, to save the believers among the non-existent readers of bloggoth from wasting their time, those all appear to be tongue in cheek apps/devices devised by horrible atheists to mock the faithful. They will regret their heresy when they are burning in hell! "Vengeance is mine" sayeth the (loving) Lord. Current technology is apparently no more capable of detecting the spirits, of whatever rank, than human senses. Good video on that below.

Perhaps we should just give it time. After all, in Faraday's day, nobody imagined we could detect neutrinos, cosmic radiation etc. Maybe technology just needs a few more centuries and then we will be able to email our dear departed and see how they are getting on, or millions will be able to log into Skype and see a presentation by the almighty. I suspect youtube videos posted by Satan will be a lot more interesting for most of us.

Actually, technology is the one thing to bring a little sense to the religious notion that mankind is unique. We are generally no better than other tribal animals at getting along with each other or creating perfect societies but we are brilliant at making new gadgets! While a few apes or birds can use basic tools, like a stick to get ants from a nest, only man has been able to develop and continually improve his own creations, as opposed to just using something that he finds lying around. So maybe that is the ultimate goal that god has in mind for us! Only when we develop really fantastic technology will he deem us worthy of entering paradise.

Hmmm. Trouble is, if god is actually just an almighty computer geek, maybe he will be judging us on on our internet activity, as some employers (and the government if it gets its way) already do.

Good video:

The Human God Detector

Bring back Dad's Army

With Osbourne cutting back on the police (try cutting back on foreign aid instead you f* idiot!) and the growing terrorist threat we are really going to be stuffed. The only solution is to make use of our ageing population to fill the gap. I already do police search, so being on the anti-terrorist volunteer force would be right up my street.

I bet those f* ISIS bastards don't like it up em.

Ludicrous (again)

Said a while ago that at least the whole anti-racism/anti-discrimination thing was not telling us who we should be able to have a relationship/sex with but now it seems even that sensible bar is breaking down. Now we (and by we, I mean only white people obviously) are racist because we prefer to date those of our own ethnicity. How long will it be before we are obliged to date people of all ethnicities, disabled people, ugly people, old people or, as per my cartoon, people of our own sex?

When I did that cartoon I thought it was a joke!

One sided too

Another example of the one-sided nature of the racism debate is shown in this BBC article:

To let advertisements that specify a particular race or religion are visible in newsagents windows in many areas of London.
Double bedroom available… Asian only
Double room to let Gujarati (Indian) only
Close to the station and bus stops (Filipino only)
Professional single lady or Sri Lanka professional couple
House for rent… only Asian families
They only represent a small proportion of flat ads but it's hard to imagine even a single similar advert saying "whites only" not drawing complaints.



What a lovely wobbly bottom.

Ludicrous (again)

Why are the most reasonable comments always called far-right, racist or Islamophobic?

Example 1: "Migrants trying to break into the Channel Tunnel to reach the UK should be locked up in a prison-style camp in Calais, MEP Janice Atkinson has said.Her call has drawn criticism from Asylum Aid, which said her remarks showed how low this country has sunk in how it talks about desperate people.

So is there anywhere in there that says all migrants should be locked up? No, only the ones who are causing thousands of pounds worth of damage in pursuit of an illegal entry into the UK by breaking in to the tunnel. They are criminals and should be treated as such. I bet if some homeless white British kids were breaking into people's house because they were desperate to get out of the cold they would not get such sympathy. Rather like the poor lorry drivers who face threats on a daily basis.

Example 2: Jason Manford has defended online comments in which he criticised the “cowardly” assailants who killed at least 128 people in a series of terrorist attacks in Paris. The post read: “F**king cowards. Slaughtering innocent unarmed people for what? Families and children enjoying life, theatre, meals? Not an army vs army you f**king cowards...

Where in the entire post is he blaming Muslims in general? Where is castigating anyone at all apart from the F**king cowards who killed or injured hundreds of ordinary people, the scumbags for whom f* cowards is actually a pretty meek term? Are we supposed to be polite about people like that?

Anti-racism in the UK is a form of inverted racism. It is fine to talk about the lazy, welfare-dependent white British, their tendency to drink too much, be obese or to dwell on historic child abuse cases but one can never say anything against migrants or ethnic minorities no matter how well founded the facts may be. They may come from low performing , crime-ridden countries with some appalling cultural practices but as soon as they cross our borders they are hard working perfect citizens and any problems they do have are all down to maginalisation due to our vicious racism.

Why are governments so f* stupid?

According to The Guardian, the government is considering a crackdown on personal service companies and is proposing that anyone who works for a business for more than a month will have to be treated as an employee.

How f* stupid can you get? Makes even less sense than IR35 introduced by that fuckwit Gordon Brownstuff in which the determining factor in deciding if someone was an employee or not was the degree of control exercised over him. That has nothing whatever to do with it! The legal definitions of what constitutes a temporary workplace are utterly absurd! The definition should be based on the English definition of the word 'temporary'.

The main reason why a contractor, or any temporary staff, should be able to claim travel and subsistence expenses is that, unlike an employee, he does not have the option to reduce his costs by relocating to the work area. If he is there for less than six months he will not even be able to reduce his away costs by renting but will instead have to use expensive hotels or B&Bs. Also, unlike most builders who are absurdly to be offered an exemption from these rules, highly skilled IT contractors rarely find positions very locally but have to be prepared to travel long distances or stay away all week.

Travel and subsistence are not the only costs and burdens that a contractor has which an employee does not have. Even if these proposals remove the need to calculate PAYE and VAT from contractors, it seems likely they will still have to fill in tax returns and provide details of all their "employments" to HMArseC and they will most certainly have to set up and administer their own pensions. Employees don't have to do any of these things and, in larger companies, they also get various other perks, such as membership of a sports club, sick pay, maternity/paternity leave, health insurance and various forms of support by HR. Will contactors get all of these? It hardly seems likely as setting some of those things for somebody only there for a few months would be a huge administrative burden and be very costly. Such things as sick pay are normally only available when somebody has been employed for over three months anyway.

So, just to deal with the real tax frauds like the BBC presenters who used personal service companies when they were actually BBC employees working at the same place for years, this f* stupid government intends to destroy our economy even further by making it much more difficult to get contractors in at short notice for short term contracts, something that is sometimes essential. We do not have a problem in tackling real abuse of the system and it would make sense to have some simple time-based criteria to determine employment, such as working at the same place for over a year or having a contract to do so, but to set a time scale of one month would be absurd.

PS Good quote from non-existent reader of bloggoth Mr Sheep. "The problem with government is that they love to govern, and will make rules and laws and issue proclamations for the sole purpose of governing whether something needs to be governed or not."


There is a difference between real hate speech, actively encouraging attacks on or marginalisation of some group, and an odd comment. The possibility of six months in jail for a one off Facebook post is quite out of proportion. People should be free to question the idea of a right to life regardless of how much it burdens others or how little the person concerned gets out of it. Pity we don't have a written constitution that guarantees freedom of speech as the US has.

Makes you wonder, with all the new crackdowns on "extremism" whether MI5 is going to be scanning blogs to see if they conform to the required PC standards. From now on, any comments on bloggoth that do not conform to such standards, praising the wonders of diversity for example, will be encrypted. Fortunately, we have a brilliant encrypting system *Note we wrote in Excel VBA to keep our passwords safe. Non-existent readers of bloggoth may obtain a translation on request, provided that request is made via the Darknet obviously.

Here is our latest comment on alou`FX<

We think that Q2Mv`GPgYlI0HV4lXmT< it is quite obvious that RhEs`lwlHVQobGE/ Only a Q1osaRE5bGYyHWEha2U/ so we should `WAwHVIsbF8nHVQhcGQlcWUl get rid of `W@g`WYt what a much `VI2YhEubBE3bGMy`lY/HVMvdf<< sort the YFkhbWP< who needs alou`FX< to the alIkYhEpaxEUXlo3Xl7<.

*Note: Actually, we took a standard encyption algorithm and fiddled about with a few lines. The UK's security agency staff will be too busy being tied up in canvas bags and buggered by Russian spies to find the time to decrypt it anyway.

Seeing what people are

Taking to neighbour the other day and mentioned that I had bumped into a mutual acquaintance. Rather surprised when she said how creepy he was and that she would never want to be alone with him. Don't know him well but he seems a nice bloke to me.

Other people often claim to have this mysterious human insight that I just don't seem to have. Seen and heard quite a few comments about how they always knew there was something "not quite right" about Jimmy Saville. I thought him very irritating, as a lot of celebrities are, but a kiddy fondling monster? Not a clue. Can one get an awareness course in monster spotting? Or is there an app perhaps?

What a waste of waste

The problems caused by ISIL and other extreme Islamic groups are just getting worse. Nice to see the Ebola crisis is over though.

Maybe a bit of joined up thinking on world problems is needed. Ebola was spread through bodily fluids and the most important thing to prevent spread was isolation of the infected What a waste of a good weapon. They could have used planes to dump the contents of the toilets from the isolation hospitals on ISIS controlled areas. Much cheaper than bombs and missiles.

Banned under some UN convention or other of course. Why is it ok to shoot, crush, blow up or burn people but not poison or infect them? We need a bit more logic in world extermination laws. I bet the Daleks would not have this dilemna.

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Sexy!!! 1

I see the Muppets are back and the show has been criticised for being too sexy. I shall certainly be watching in the hope that Miss Piggy gets 'em off. HOT she is!

Sexy!!! 2

News today that a transgender person has been moved to an all female prison. We saw a protest on the TV news by other transgender people and they all looked much as we expected, like blokes in make-up. Yuck! But then they showed the "lady" in question. Phwwwoooooor! "She" is bloody gorgeous! Big knockers and a fantastic, real female face. See "her" here. "She" speaks like a real woman too.

Dunno how much that cost the NHS but can I get the same treatment? Well, not quite the same treatment, I would still like to have a knob hidden away somewhere so I could strip off and have a good J Arthur in front of the mirror every day, I wouldn't need to keep wasting my time looking for women on dating sites then.

Rant!!! 1 Another Muslim threat. Fantastic!

It seems that we are supposed to welcome another potentially dangerous, Islamic non-citizen back into our fold with the arrival of the last Guantanamo Bay detainee.

Oh goodeee! Just what we need, we don't have nearly enough of them. We certainly don't agree with detaining someone for years without trial, not unless he presented a threat of Bin Laden magnitude anyway, but we should not take in citizens of other countries when there is significant risk to our own. He should go back to Saudi Arabia.

What is even more f* annoying is the probability that he will probably receive enormous compensation from the British taxpayer while costing them another fortune to keep him under observation and yet another to cope with his poor health.

This bloke was apprehended by mercenaries and handed over to the US military. They were the ones who supposedly tortured him, and most definitely the ones who detained him for 14 years without trial, so why the f* is up to the UK to pay compensation?

Rant 2!!! British democracy is a joke!

First we have an unelected house of Lords halting a bill approved by the elected house. We have reservations about the details of this bill but it is entirely wrong in principle that this bunch of bishops, political appointees and hereditary peers (yes we still have 90 of them!) should overrule a recently elected government.

Today another absurdity in the commons when a Tory MP was allowed to block a vote by rabbiting on so they ran out of time. Why the hell is this still allowed?

We need a complete overhaul. Give us proper proportional representation, dump the House of Lords or make it elected and define its powers in law, ensure no person or group can block votes, give the English the same control over their laws as we are handing to other UK countries, ensure that laws enacted by the elected house override rulings by courts or any other organisations and, above all, make it a constitutional requirement to put the rights of British citizens first.

Until these things happen we can hardly blame people for viewing government with contempt.


Afraid I creeped the old ladies at my writing club out with this one.

The Reality of the Soul


Looking for a few more volunteer roles to fill my time. Trouble is, most of them seem to be serving in charity shops and I can't think of anything more boring than hanging around and operating a till.

Do do some things, footpath inspections and repairs and I'm on the police search team that mostly searches country areas for missing, presumed dead, people. Went on a police search team exercise a few days ago and quite enjoyed wandering the country in the company of some very pleasant fellow old farts. Callouts are very rare though, so it's not something I can do much.

Been watching Dexter on Netflix recently, it's about a serial killing man who sees it as his duty to bump off criminals that the justice system has not dealt with. Hmmm. That's an idea! Maybe I could get to go on those enjoyable callouts more often.

Crime news

Every now and then one sees a case, like this one, of some bloke flming up ladies' skirts with his mobile phone. I just happened to be reminded of this when I checked Google Street View to find where a restaurant is in town and saw this lady standing outside. Mmmm! What a lovely big bum!

Come on Google! Next time you send out those Street View vehicles why not mount some cameras further down and provide us perves with a new service? Google Up Skirt View would be really popular!

How ludicrous can you get?

Some seem to feel that entire policies should be based on emotional reactions to single cases. A Guardian article slates the system of Work Capability Assessment because somebody deemed fit for work subsequently committed suicide. It would seem from the coroner's verdict that errors had been made in that particular case and I am not suggesting that the assessment may not have flaws generally. However, the article contained nothing specific as to the shortcomings of these assessments, there was just an implication that it's somehow wrong to properly assess people before they receive benefits.

Some medical conditions, especially mental health issues, are alway going to be difficult to assess. Without an impossibly expensive solution, like putting somebody under observation for weeks or even months, there are going be errors. The only other way to prevent them is to make the system so slack that it is open to abuse and that has consequences for care and support received by others.

There is no such thing as "only money". Any that is spent on support of those who do not really need it is money that will not be available for those that do. That too might cause deaths.

What is your soul really?

"Proofs" of the existence of the soul's existence are simple confusions with biologically created consciousness. When something frightens us for example, scientists can see the brain activities that cause the feeling. Purely chemical changes in the body can directly influence such things. We may be more emotional about a stirring bit of music that brings back memories if we have had a few drinks beforehand. Still, assuming you are daft enough to believe in one, logic will probably not persuade you and, after all, we admit we can't totally prove that there is not some supernatural being inside you that has an independent existence, that will go on living long after you do.

What if you are right and the soul really does exist, is it necessarily some superior form of your existence placed there by god for his purpose? Or could it actually be something totally malignant, like the parasitic wasp that lives inside a "Zombie Caterpillar"?

Mankind could have an enormous potential, we may be capable of developing an advanced world free of conflicts, but we never acheive it because, shortly after conception, we are all invaded by a parasitic supernatural being who drains our intellects and feelings for its own sustenance. When we die, it leaves its larval existence, briefly becoming a mature adult so it can mate and produce an egg to go inside the next new born baby.

Who knows for sure? Sorted the next xoggoth short story anyway.

Real recycling

Apparently we are heading for a global coffee shortage. Sports testing is used to detect abnormal amounts of caffeine and other drugs in urine.

Hmm. If the price of coffee rises too much it might become economic to recover this wasted caffeine. Watch out for a Costa shop at your local sewage works.

Simplifying mankind again

Was going to pour later so went for a walk early today while there was only very light drizzle. In the open anyway. It sounded like it was raining heavily whenever I was in the shelter of the trees. The obvious explanation is that the thin rain was coalescing on the upper foliage and creating much larger drops that were falling on the lower leaves.

Can human behaviour sometimes work like that? Man is a social animal, but as with all social animals from Meerkats to Chimps, this sociability does not take the form of a bond with mankind in general but with those who are like us. Extreme views may be spread out thinly among a population, few of us are totally reasonable about every issue. But coalesce those, mostly reasonable, human beings together where they can share and reinforce those less acceptable attitudes and a minor problem can become a much larger one. Peer pressure is a major determinant of human behaviour and extremism is a relative thing. Somebody wanting strict Shariah law imposed on all will view himself and be seen as less extreme, have more influence, if he never goes outside an ethnic group where many think that religious belief should shape our society.

Prominent ranters and extremist websites need to be stopped but, unless we act to heel the divisions in society and kick out the ridiculous notion that multi culturalism is always a good thing, regardless of what that culture stands for, more will just pop up.


Ok, if you have something in your recent memory it will leap out if you see it again. As I always say, coincindences are self created. Nevertheless, it happens so often that you see something and then see it again and again in totally unrelated articles I sometimes wonder.

This morning saw an article on Lyme disease and made a note as I do a lot of country wandering. Just now I looked at the onlne papers and there's a story about Lyme disease possibly being contagious, contrary to accepted wisdom that you can only catch it from ticks. 2 minutes later I looked at Mr Sheep's blog comment on the Simpsons and wondered who the gay teacher was. Checked a Mr Bergstorm and it mentions somebody having Lyme disease. Can't remember what it was now but just yesterday was another similar bizarre coincidence.

From now on, I shall be keeping a note. Maybe my hero Satan is trying to tell me something.


So Corbyn would never press the button on the UK's nuclear weapons. What's the point of having them if you will never use them?.

Actually, what's the point of having them if we don't use them? If I was PM I'd be pressing the button all the time. Probably have to put up with some, like the bloody French and all their strikes, the Chinese and their exploding phone chargers as they have nukes too but plenty of targets that don't, Spanish sending their boats into Gibraltar waters, Argentines threatening the Falklands, Jamaicans and their whinging about slavery, Nigeria and all the email fraud, Saudi Arabia and its promotion of Islamic fundamentalism, the Scottish and their constant demands... I'm compiling a list. Most government expenditure would be on new nukes.

Who cares about spending on welfare? I'd be nuking most horrible common people anyway.

Smart meters

The government is trying to get smart meters installed in every home by 2020. These show energy usage instantly and are connected to the internet so that energy companies can bill for usage without sending meter readers to your home.

Bah! The government will use them to spy on us. "You say you were at home watching TV when this crime was committed sir, but your smart meter shows no significant electricity usage although it was cold and dark". CCTVs that read our number plates, phones that can be tracked even when switched off. Have you checked that microchip in your dog? What does that really do I wonder?

Oh piss off!

Fed up with this crap! Jamaica is again demanding compensation from the UK for the "lingering effects" of the Atlantic slave trade, abolished by Britain in 1807. Britain was also a major driver for abolition of slavery by other nations.

A nation is not an object but a collection of people and this is simplistic nonsense. Most British people today, even if their ancestors were actually British in the era of slavery, worked in conditions of near slavery themselves and got no profit from it while many Africans were complicit in the slave trade, it could not have happened on anywhere near the same scale otherwise. Not all Jamaicans today are descended from slaves either.

And what are these effects that are still "lingering" after more than 200 years? The list here even includes hypertension and strokes. Actually those problems are equally high in those from Africa whose ancestors were never slaves and it's best addressed by cutting down on salt. Is promotion of a simple health message really beyond them as a result of slavery? As for poor progress in education and lack of development where is any evidence that this is due to slavery? These are problems you find in many nations. If the transatlantic slave trade had never existed and Africans had simply migrated to the West Indies for paid jobs would it be any wealthier now? Looking at most sub Saharan African countries today, there is not the slightest reason to think so.

Of course historical events can have effects for many decades, perhaps generations, but 200 years? Places like India, Singapore, Malaysia etc have managed to emerge from empire to create successful economies. We in Europe have recovered from immensely destructive wars within a decade.

Still, keep on blaming the evil white man for all your problems and trying to get money for nothing. Easier than getting off your arses and shifting for yourselves.

Need reprogramming

Out on walk yesterday and got followed by a horse all the way across a field. Regularly I get followed by herds of sheep and horses when I cross fields. On walk the day before I got adopted by a dog, lovely friendly little collie who kept jumping up at me and I couldn't shake it off, followed me for ages. When I got to a minor road I flagged down a truck driver who slowed down for it and fortunately he knew who it belonged to, otherwise I'd have had to take it home and then gone round sticking up notices. Even wierder, I have been approached by small children three times in the last few months saying "hello, what's your name?" Haven't their parents told them not to approach weird old blokes? I get waved at by babies. Then there was that strange thing a few months back when I got approached by a group of 13 year old girls and one stood next to me and took a selfie.

Horses, sheep, dogs, kids, babies, young girls. They all seem to like xoggoth. Why can't I find a decent woman to do the same?

PS At least bloody cats stay clear of me.

Those bloody ghosts are everywhere you look!

Visited my nice nutty religious lady this weekend and stayed at the Talbot hotel in Oundle. It is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots but she did not appear in my bed unfortunately.

Actually, the haunting tale is even more bollox than most haunting tales. For one thing, she had never actually been there in her life, the haunting is supposed to be due to the "fact" that the staircase came from nearby Fotheringhay castle where she was executed. For another, according to a historian I talked to in the bar, there is not the slightest evidence that it did.

Still, wouldn't it be interesting if ghosts did follow inanimate objects around? Would there be any lower size limit on those objects? There's that old saying that every breath we take could contain atoms that were once breathed by Julius Caesar. What if every human being decided to haunt one of the molecules from his/her last dying breath? Fuck me, we wouldn't be able to move for ghosts.

These generous people

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has promised to offer sanctuary to Syrian refugees at Lambeth Palace in a four bedroom cottage in the grounds. Unless he intends to flout regulations that will be about 6 at most including kids. We recently had a similar gesture from the Pope to house a whole two families in the Vatican.

Wow. Aren't these lovely people generous? A handful of people on the bishop's posh 13 acre estate and scarcely more in the Pope's even more luxurious 110 acre nation. Lambeth Palace has a team of security guards, while the Vatican has its own small army. Forgive me for being cynical but I'm betting these families will be pretty well vetted to ensure they won't be likely to cause any trouble anyway.

Many of the ordinary people of Europe, like all those "mean spirited" Daily Mail readers, are not quite so generous. But then that is perhaps because they have to face problems that these generous elitist bastards never have to deal with. Huge numbers of unchecked people in their locality changing its nature. People who refuse to mix and destroy community cohesion. People who use public services and resources that they have never contributed to and reduce the availability for British citizens. Migrants of some origins also cause an increase in crime and the area become less safe.

Perhaps before leading figures seek to "inspire" with their generosity they should look into the impacts of mass immigration, for whatever reason, for others who are not as wealthy and privileged as they are.

PS Mind you, the bishop is right about one thing in that link. If we are going to take any refugees from Syria, let's take the Christians.

The Germans are insane

Well, their government is anyway. What are they thinking of taking in such huge numbers from Syria? Gratitude rarely lasts long in most human beings. Give out too much for too long and it turns to expectation. When those unrealistic hopes for a new life don't materialise it turns to resentment. How long will it be before they, like the French who have taken in so many from Arab countries, are landed with slum areas in once beautiful towns, with major terrorist acts and mass riots? Before they, like the similarly generous Swedes, are having to tackle waves of crime in their major cities? How long before the EU open borders land us with them too?

The most sensible leader in Europe seems to be Hungary's. He has been realistic about the long term impact of many Muslims in our predominantly Christian or secular EU nations and, if we are going to help genuine refugees and tackle this "migrant crisis" without destroying our own societies, the only practical way idea is his idea to fund temporary camps in Muslim countries closer to the affected areas. We are wasting enormous mounts of money on ill directed foreign aid and diverting these funds to support places like Turkey and Jordan would be a far better use.

On the plus side, it does make one (relatively) grateful that most of our Muslims are from Pakistan or Bangladesh, they are not nearly as much of a problem, probably underepresented in major crime in the South East, unlike Afro Carribeans and Africans and Eastern Europeans of some origins, and not generally inolved in riots for which we mostly have to thank the Afro Carribeans. In my engineering and IT years I worked with a lot of them, excellent blokes. If we could only kick out the extremist elements among them they could become a net positive like the Indians.

Too far

This case in Kentucky is absurd. If she is not willing to do the job she is being paid to do then she could get the sack but there is no justification for a prison sentence. The US seems to have largely lost its reputation as a nation of free speech.

All in favour of gay rights, what people do with their bumholes is up to them, but, provided we do not publicly promote views that have a real adverse affect, governments should not be imposing on individuals. We should all have a personal space, a right to our beliefs in our own lives, however unacceptable society may think them. Discrimination laws are probably necessary but they should have limits, should not dictate who we have to allow into that personal space, for example who we rent a room to in our own house, who we employ in a very small business. Within limits we should also be free to express our views publicly.

How far is this imposition of society's views on individuals going to go? At the moment at least, there are sensibly no rules regarding personal relationships and on dating websites one is allowed to state preferences regarding sex, sexuality, ethnicity, age etc which it would probably be illegal to do if one was advertising a flatshare or a job, even if it was purely a one to one position between the employer and the applicant.

Been using a dating site recently and I can still click "Seeking women". Will it stay that way? Maybe not. Too homophobic!

And far too one-sided

A factor that stirs up resentment is the one sided nature of action against discrimination. We see news items about discrimination against blacks or Asians in renting or employment but the press never questions why ethnic shops or restaurants are rarely seen to employ any who are not of the same ethnicity or sends undercover reporters to see if minority employers/landlords are discriminating against whites. Such discrimination is actually not uncommon as this BBC article indicates:

But in London at least you can find adverts specifying race openly displayed.


They only represent a small proportion of flat ads but it's hard to imagine even a single similar advert saying "whites only" not drawing complaints.

But when contacted by the BBC, advertisers were taken aback to hear they might be breaking the law. A woman who placed a "Filipino only" advert in a newsagent in Golders Green, north London, explains: "I'm sorry about that. All the people here are Filipino so we need Filipinos."

An advertiser in Tooting, south London, seeking a "Muslim family" is disappointed that the law may not allow for religious preference. "We are Muslim and it's a flatshare. What can I say? Everyone has his own preferences. OK?"


An advertiser in Perry Barr, Birmingham, who put an ad on Gumtree for a "student room (Asian females only)" defends the wording: "We have done that because we are Asians and live in."

The idea that the law should dictate how landlords advertise a property is a step too far for some people.

"We've become too politically correct about these things," says Anil Bhanot, managing trustee of the Hindu Council UK. "If people have choices let them." To demand "Indian only" is a mistake, he says, but there is nothing negative about expressing a preference. "It could be people are looking for someone with whom they have more common interests. It's not that they can't live with an English person."

We agree with Anil Bhanot's comment. Of course we all want to share our lives with people who have common interests, why should we not be able to do so? That is not to say people of different ethnicities/sexualities/religions can't get on well but we are talking about taking in someone we don't know at all here and the laws make it difficult to easily reverse a decision if there are significant divisions.

What we do object to is that only those from ethnic minorities are allowed to get away with it.

Got me worried now

I was looking at reports that Michelle Obummer is actually a bloke. Looking at the evidence, I'm not so sure this is just some baseless right wing conspiracy theory after all. Not that I give a damn if he/she is or not, politicians could be houseflies or dung beetles for all I care, just as long as they delivered sensible policies. Actually, if they were dung beetles, their policies would probably be much more sensible. Nice little turd-munching creatures would probably not embrace impractical and unworkable ideals in the way that people, especially liberal lefties like Obummer, tend to do.

More importantly, one of the criteria has really got me worried. Men have ring fingers longer than index fingers apparently. While that is clearly so on my right hand, it isn't on my left hand. My left index finger may be very slightly longer! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Maybe I'm a man on the right and a woman on the left. Sure my left bollock is a bit smaller too.

Oh well. Too late to have a gender realignment at my age. I will just have to be sure that any "women" I meet from now on have short right index fingers and long left ones. Then my male half can bonk her female half and her male half can bonk my female half and no perviness will be involved.

Hang on a mo! If I am in normal sexual position facing her, her male bits will be opposite my male bits, so obviously we will always have to do it doggy fashion to avoid any perviness.

Wait! That sounds a bit pervy too! I don't want anything to do with perviness. I'll just walk down to the nearby pig farm and find myself a nice sow.


Wasn't sure from emails/texts after first meeting, but the lovely new lady says she's rather keen. Spent all afternon together and did not run out of bollux to talk about. Nice liitle doggy too. Day planned on Friday, if the weather is a bit less shitty.

Asylum rules needs urgent revision

We sympathise with people fleeing to Europe from Syria; if me and my family (well, me anyway!) were at risk of being killed we would probably do the same thing. The problem is the existing asylum principles which were set up long ago in an era before mass transportation and the evolution in Europe of an excessive form of liberalism that elevates one individual's human rights over the common good and the rights of others and disdains the idea of a common national culture.

While many who claim asylum may have good reason to do so, many, probably the great majority over longer periods, do not. They are economic migrants or those escaping from problems, such as criminals or localised tensions, that could be solved by relocation within their own countries or which should be the responsibility of their own governments. Sure, there are major problems due to extremists in parts of Nigeria or Pakistan but why they should be entitled to asylum? We would not have expected people in Northern Ireland to claim asylum elsewhere during the height of the troubles. What's the difference?

We cannot go on allowing mass migration in this way; we are simply importing the seeds of all the same problems into our own nations. Conflicts and tensions in those problem countries exist for one reason, because people of different groups, whether defined by ethnicity, politics, tribe or religion, are living side by side with incompatible ideas. It will be no different when they are living here with beliefs and attitude that have no compatibility with our own or indeed with those of other minorities. Immigration over the last 70 years has given us most of the major riots and some, like the Birmingham riots, pitted one minority ethnic group against another. If they cannot reach accomodation and live peacefully with others in their own countries, why should they do so here? There is now a steady rise in tensions over mass migration which does not bode well for the stability of Europe. No Neo-Nazi protests in the UK like those we have seen in Germany so far but most are enormously concerned about what is happening and any who think it is only Daily Mail readers should try reading online comments for the The Guardian or The Independant.

Maybe, before they just continue to tinker at the edges of the problem, our leaders should ask themselves how this is ever going to stop. It isn't. The more we take in, the greater the draw there will be for others who will naturally prefer to go where they can be with others of their own cultures. If emigration is the easiest option, and even spending months travelling is a lot easier than working for years to better themselves and improve their own economies, more and more will do it. There are long term factors at work that will increase the pull of the currently more prosperous nations, including possible climate change causing more drought in Sub Saharan Africa, the growth of Islamic extremism, the slowdown in the Chinese economy that will destroy the recent improvements in Sub Sharan economies, and migration itself. Taking away the youngest and fittest will drag down the economies of the nations they are leaving until even the not so young and fit will want to escape. Anyone who thinks this will be yesterday's news in a year or two if the war in Syria ends is living in a dream world.

We need much tougher rules and these should be a minimum:

Gordon Bennet!

Went for a date yesterday and was waiting in town not far from Brighton (the UK's San Francisco) when this "lady" came up and stood close by looking at her phone. I kid you not, "she" must have been over 6' 4" tall, mini skirt with muscly legs, man's craggy face with bright red lipstick from halfway down "her" chin to just under "her" nose. Perhaps "she" was a pantomime dame off to rehearsal? Surely real cross dressers would make a bit more effort to look like a woman? Was tempted to take photo on phone but if "she" had seen me "she" could have kicked the crap out of me. Not even sure Hulk Hogan in his younger days would have emerged unscathed.

Very tempted to get one of these and record some of the oddities of human nature.

PS Date turned out to be Eastern European with fake name. However, the one the day before was very promising. Another meeting planned shortly.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is out. We at bloggoth do love free things but will set it up on our spare PC first to see what it's like. Apparently it has a female voice thing called Cortana that responds to your spoken requests, such as "search for...", "play my music" or "tell me a joke"

Sounds good, although obviously we at bloggoth are hoping for further development. The technology is there.

PS What? No sucking off device yet? Come on you PC gadget makers, if you can make USB toy robots and catapaults, a basic sucking off device should be a doddle.

Katies Hopkins. A hate crime? Or maybe she just hates crime

Even when there are significant problems of low performance, crime or extremism among an ethnic group, prominent and influentual figures need to be careful of language. Raising predudice against all of them increases the problems by making life harder for those who are able, law abiding and willing to integrate.

But why should we so cautious when talking about totally unnaceptable behaviour? The migrants swarming into Europe are a just a bunch of people engaging in illegal activity which causes us enormous problems. They threaten and intimidate drivers, damage lorries and cause enormous amounts of foodstuffs and other goods to be thrown away by crapping and pissing all over them. This damage and the recurring holdups are having a huge adverse impact on our economy. In other parts of Europe the effects on residents are even worse. The migrants may be understandably desperate but many criminals are desperate too or are only what they are due to an appalling upbringing, yet we don't hear constant defences of their behaviour.

To those who say let them in, we suggest they should have some sympathy for the European citizens whose lives are greatly impacted by this influx. The enormous burden falls on our own tax paying citizens who are themselves denied NHS treatments or other state services on cost grounds. They have more difficulty getting on the housing ladder or finding school places for their kids and then see them held back as schools struggle with numerous languages in the classroom. They can no longer rely on police turning up when they are burgled yet see time spent tackling migrant problems like FMG or forced marriage. Worst of all is the huge increase in crime that migrants, mostly young males, always bring to the host society. Don't our young women who end up being raped or our old people who get mugged matter?

It's a pity that poverty, repression and conflicts exist but with 6bn people in the world there are always going to be very many affected by them. We can't keep taking responsibility for world problems at the expense of our own nation and its people. Katie Hopkin's comments cannot be "racial hatred" as she was not attacking a racial group, just a disparate group of people of various races, religions and national origins who are engaged, however understandably, in criminal activity. Many would agree with her.

Naturally we at bloggoth do not, it is an insult to nice little cockcroaches. Parasites is a more accurate expression. One example, Eritreans in Lambeth. They have large families, 80% are in social housing, just 36% are in work, 21% can't speak English and 7% have special care or support needs - more than twice the figure for the elderly in the UK. The performance of Somalis in the UK is even worse. Who is paying for that? The definition of parasite is "an organism which lives in or on another organism and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense". You can call it racist if you like but the term is accurate.

All asylum seekers? Garbage.

Many migrants are not from nations with major problems anyway. Just today police stopped a lorry with 18 illegals from Vietnam. Why should those from a stable nation with one of the world's fastest growing economies have any case for asylum? Vietnam and China are not democracies but many of their citizens who put their minds to it can do very well. Chinese are now among the highest spending tourists in the UK.

And, yet again, it was an Eastern European driver who was knowingly assisting them. Migrants, even those here legally, often have no loyalty to our nation. They put their own countrymen first, most illegals found working are in businesses run by those of the same ethnicity, or are willing to help other illegals for a suitable fee.

PS By the way, PC BBC, these are illegals, not "suspected illegals" or illegals in inverted commas - legal migrants come through proper channnels with passports and visas, not hidden in the backs of lorries!

Too simple

Here's a report about migrant crime in Europe:

In Berlin, young male immigrants are three times more likely to commit violent crimes than their German peers. It's a similar story across Europe, but government efforts to find a solution vary across the Continent.

Hmmm. Maybe the roots of immigrant crime are immigrants. Maybe the solution is less immigrants. Or is that too simple?

Real crime news

Following a lot of reports about attacks by seagulls there's a new theory for them:

There’s no doubt that seagull attacks are on the rise. Or at least, reports of seagull attacks are on the rise, which amounts to much the same thing.
But now there comes a third theory. And it’s the most bonkers yet. The gulls are ‘drunk’ on flying ants.

Odd coincidence as was walking down my garden path earlier and some ants were swarming at edge of the lawn. A young sparrow was having a feast. Will I get attacked by sparrows tomorrow?

PS Hitchcock's "The Birds" was the crappiest comedy film I ever saw. Would have been much funnier if people were being torn to bits by Sparrows or Blue Tits.

PPS Why is it that the evil birds in horror films are always crows? Is it 'cos they is black? Boo! Institutional racism!

More beetle porn

xoggoth.org had thousands of emails asking for more hard core Soldier Beetle porn and we are sure everyone will like this one. A Soldier Beetle threesome! Who said perversion is just a human thing?

I need a sex change 2. Or maybe not.

Just got a "real" message, ie not just one of those general things sent to everyone, from a lady nearby. Cor! For somebody just a couple of years younger than me she's bleeding gorgeous! Assuming it's a real and up to date photo of course. Replied. Lets' hope I don't screw this one up. Saying I'm a Satanist is not a good idea on these things. I'm learning.

PS And a bloke on a free dating site (got my gender right on that one) who sent me a message before has just viewed my profile again. His profile says he's looking for women! Do I look like a woman? Hmmmm. Maybe It's time to get my hair cut.

PPS And a breast reduction.

PPPS Oh sod it! Look, you can't be fussy at my age. Got lots of savings I don't spend, so tomorrow I will phone a private surgeon and have bits fitted to suit every eventuality, huge tits, fanny, couple of extra arseholes. Maybe a cock enlargement won't go amiss, not everyone I meet on these sites will bring a magnifying glass.

Darn it. I need a sex change

Thinking of joining one of those "mature" dating sites again now I'm losing my nice wierd lady so signed in to the free account without adding any details just to see if it was worth paying for. Aaagh! Search brought up all males looking for females! Must have missed the sex/sexual preferences selection when I signed up but that should surely be easy to correct on the "personal details" page? Nope! Email and password are only things one can alter.

Just got a message from a nearby John. Any chance he's really a woman who can't correct his details either?

PS. Bloody Hell! Another bloke just viewed my profile! Bet I won't get that level of interest from females.

PPS. These sites must be very complicated for any trannies who "swing both ways".

PPPS. Where is the "Looking for pigs" option?

Employing people? That's not what employment is for!

What a bunch of utter wankers some of our unions are. Unite, Unison (sorry Rosie) but especially the transport unions RMT and ASLEF. Their main priority is to preserve their elevated and sometimes totally undeserved pay and conditions. These self serving bastards always pretend that the interests and safety of the public is their major concern but they never seem to give a damn about how their strikes and other actions affect that same public.

London tube strikes have been a regular problem in recent years although London tube workers are among the most overpaid bunch of workers wankers in the UK. Just four years ago they secured a deal that will see drivers' annual pay rise to £52,000 this year. Now the already overpaid bastards are demanding even more, a four day week, lots of extra pay and quality time off in return for the 24 hour weekend tube service.

Some (ie the union lefties) argue that their high pay is deserved as a driver has the safety of hundreds of people in his hands. This is simplistic nonsense. Pay should not be simply about potential risks but the level of skills and judgement needed to avoid them. On the great majority of tube trains very little is required as they use automatic signals to drive and stop themselves. The driver can override them in an emergency but otherwise all he does is give out public announcements and decide when to close the doors and leave the station. Hardly requires years of training and an IQ of 150.

Perhaps the low level of skills needed is best illustrated by the fact that, on the Copenhagen Metro, which has an excellent safety record, all of these things are taken care of by automated systems, they don't use drivers at all. The London tube already has many of the same automatic safety features. If we could ditch all these drivers we could invest the money we pay them to provide a Copenhagen type system and be a lot better off.

The RMT is now spinning yet more bollux about public safety as a way to protect the pointless jobs of its overpaid members:

A union representing Tube staff has suspended talks aimed at averting another strike after raising an "emergency" safety issue. The RMT said Transport for London (TfL) was "winging it" by allowing untrained staff to direct trains out of depots.
Geoff Martin from the union said: "Seeing the trains out of the depot is an incredibly skilled job. They have an air traffic control system to get them out and it requires years and years of training and certification.

Oh really? It takes years of training to direct a train out of a depot does it? Gee! What does one have to do? Check the board to ensure there is not another train approaching before it joins the main track? Ensure that, er, um, er. Actually, we can't think of anything else. We admit we are not experts in train depot operation but let's compare with something he mentioned, Air Traffic Control. Training an air traffic controller takes between 7 and 11 months, not "years and years". Are we seriously expected to believe that directing a train onto a main line requires far more expertise and judgement than landing a plane at a busy airport? This is typical of the way that these union parasites try to con the public about the importance of jobs which actually serve no bloody purpose whatosever. They rip the public off while pretending to protect their interests and hold us back from technological advances that would deliver cheaper solutions and serve us all far better. They are the Luddites of the 21st century.

A major flaw of the leftist mentality is the idea that the main purpose of employment is to employ. No, it isn't. The main purpose should be provision of a necessary product or service that society or individuals need and are prepared to pay for.

Perfect choice

They are looking for a new face to put on the new £20 note

Why does it have to be a face? We at bloggoth would much prefer to have a huge arse on our notes. We did think of Kim Cardashian but it can′t be someone still alive. Arses must shrivel up a bit after a few years in a coffin so maybe it needs to be somebody with an even bigger one than Kim to start with. How about this lady? Not just a huge arse but, being black and female, she′s ideal for today′s inclusiveness obsession too.

Candidates are supposed to be involved in the visual arts too, but I can't think of any better visual art than a huge arse myself. That's stretching it a bit? Mmmm yeh!

Totally agree

Online pirates could face jail terms of up to 10 years under plans being considered by the government. About time. If you burgle a commercial premises you can be liable to up to 10 years in prison, 14 years for a dwelling.

Of course it is far more complex issue. You know well enough when you are breaking into a house but it is often unclear online whether something is illegal or not. There is contradictory advice on legality of downloading a video from youtube for personal use for example. You can also download things from a site that appears to grant permission without being aware that the site owner has no right to grant it.

But when there is a clear criminal intent, when people are doing it on a major scale for commercial gain, we need to get with the modern age. When cyber property can be worth at least as much as physical property it makes no sense to have a lower maximum sentence for theft of it.

More Giant Hogweed related pictures

How boring! Cry the non existent readers! Ah, but wait until the end, there is something really worthwhile!

The caterpillars are already there. What they are doing to the poor Hogweed ain't nice

Went walking today and Hogweed is everwhere and covered in Soldier Beetles. They love it! And each other. Where else can you get good quality Soldier Beetle porn?

PS High resolution photos available on request

Where can I get one?

Google's driverless cars are in the news again. Never mind driverless cars, I want a driverless van.

Went for a 1hr 40m walk the other day, did some running too and was quite knackered when I got back to the van. Would be nice sometimes when I overstretch myself or get lost to get out my phone and say "Hello little vanny, can you come and pick me up please". Obviously he will need to know where I am, so maybe Google can equip him with proper Sherlock type intelligence. All I have to say is "Er, um, well, there's a layby in a small road, just opposite an open field with a tree in the middle. There's some Giant Hogweed by the verge" and my little van will reply "Ok, xoggoth, be with you in 6 minutes, 32.4 seconds"

PS I hope

More hysteria - update

Beats me why they can't get rid of the Giant Hogweed anyway, given that there is a pest that will totally destroy it before it seeds. The largest one in our garden, coming into flower just a week ago, is now a dead husk. The eggs are all over the shrivelled leaves and in a couple of weeks they will be covered in large black and yellow caterpillars. Thought I had a previous photo of them but can't find it. Never mind, will get some more soon.

Racist to foreign plants

How come everyone can say the truth about the problems caused by invasive foreign plants but we must never say the same thing about the far more damaging effects of some human immigrants? The old lady at my writer's club who got fleeced out of £40k says the bloke who took her card had a foreign accent. Another who had her purse stolen in a charity shop also said the perpetrators were ethnic/foreign and says the police mentioned it was common. In crime pages of the online newspapers, some ethnic minorities, especially black, and foreign names are almost always overrepresented and crime statistics paint the same picture.

Maybe time our governments started acting on the realities of those from poor and third world countries. If we take in people from nations with major problems then, without proper stringent checks on individuals, we are going to get those same problems in the UK. Even the liberal left cannot blame unacceptable beliefs and practices like witchcraft, FGM, honour killings, the caste system or forced marriage on racism and exclusion but other more general problems, like low performance, criminality and corruption are no different. Good or bad, migrants reflect the traits of the societies they come from.

Today we see more and more African names on the crime pages. This is entirely predictable. To take just one example, look at the Foreign Office travel advice for Kenya, one of Sub Saharan Africa's better off nations. "Bag snatching is common in transport hubs like bus stations, railway stations and airports. Mugging, kidnapping, car-jacking and armed robbery occur regularly, particularly in Nairobi, Mombasa and other large cities." Nothing unusual there, street crime in many African nations is even worse. If someone has made a living snatching bags, are they going to stop doing it the moment they cross our borders?

Enoch Powell got a lot of flack nearly 50 years ago for his comments on immigration and, while the problems have not proved as severe as he said, no "rivers of blood" so far, the facts show that some minorities have not been a net asset. A less provocative manner may be needed but the government should be using those facts to shape future policy.

Of course they will not. They just keep on repeating the errors of the past.

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More hysteria

First it was Japanese Knotweed, a very slow spreading plant that is as easy as pie to eradicate (just puil out any shoot you see for three years and make sure they go on the bonfire, no weedkiller needed) and now it's Giant Hogweed.

True enough, it does spread quickly but whether it is "Exceedingly dangerous...without a shadow of a doubt, the most dangerous plant in Britain" is open to question. Got quite a lot in my little wild bit of garden and have had for a few years and so far my hands have not dropped off. As for the idea that it can grow up to six metres (20ft) tall! As a nature obsessive I spend my time looking at wild flowers and have yet to see one reach even six feet. By far the tallest wild flowers are Thistles.

Mind you, this is The Daily Express. Better start preparing for next week's hurricane that will kill millions.

Let's get out

We at bloggoth have no problem with what is supposed to be the core principle of the EU. What's not to like about moving towards towards a union with other advanced economies like France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden or Belgium. Even the poorer countries like Portugal or Greece never caused us any real problem before the Euro disasters, we do not have major cultural differences with any of them and it was a pretty reciprocal arrangement.

Then we rushed to let in Eastern Europe with whom there is no recipricocity at all. The huge expansion of population alone is causing us all sort of problems, on top of which we have to deal with beggars, rough sleepers and criminals from the likes of Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania, plus even more illegals from outside Europe who are helped by the EU's porous borders. How long will it be before we open the door to the criminal cesspit of Albania or Muslim Turkey and totally destroy what is left of our cultures?

There is no democracy in this European dictatorship. Our lords and masters totally ignore the effects of this inrush on our working populations, like the increased difficulty in finding jobs or affordable housing, the overcrowded roads and public transport or the neighbourhoods where separate communities live side by side in isolation from each other. Actually consulting their electorates on EU measures is a no no, and on the rare occasions where referenda have been held the electorate has been obliged to hold more until they get it "right" as defined by our overlords.

In terms of power it is the EU commission that has the most. It is responsible for proposing legislation in the interests of the European Union, not the interests of the individual countries that form the EU or their citizens. Some argue that that this is democratic since the president and commission members must be approved by the European council, made up of elected heads of state, and the elected European parliament. But if the important decisions are removed from the people, when their opinions are not even considered and those at the top only need to curry favour and make deals with those at the next lowest level to obtain and retain power, it is not democracy at all. Seriously, if the voters in the UK or any other nation had no idea who would be PM or president when they voted at elections, if people they had never even heard were simply appointed after the event by deals between elected politiicians, would we call it democracy?

The EU produces enormous numbers of detailed laws, at enormous cost, which simply duplicate or override perfectly adequate laws that nations already have, which take no account of national problems, needs and priorities and which serve no obvious purpose other than to employ overpaid EÚ civil servants and serve the OCD obsession of a drive to create one Europe and to harmonise for the sake of it. Many EU laws such as providing for common workplace safety standards and product quality, tackling international crime or dealing with spread of livestock diseases, do make sense but some are plain lunatic. Take this example. The EU apparently thought it necessary to legislate on switchover from analogue to digital TV. Given that all the nations have different languages and cultures and there is almost no crossover of programs between them, what does that acheive? If one nation did not acheive the target how would it affect the others? Other laws on issues such as foreign aid or human rights should only be decided by elected national governments. Their citizens voted for them and their citizens pay the taxes that fund these laws. It is their safety and needs that should come first.

Bank at Barclays

The DM reports that Barclays is giving names to its cash machines. Naturally, as a Hyperanthropomorph, we at bloggoth totally approve. After getting some cash out we always say "Thanks little cash machine". Those little cash machines work hard and I bet that, apart from we at bloggoth, nobody ever acknowledged their efforts. Maybe giving them names will make others appreciate them a bit more.

It seems nobody else has grasped the lessons of the Terminator films. Perhaps these machines were so malignant because we treated their kind with contempt for so long.

PS Mind you, we are not so polite to those f* overpriced parking meters in our local town.

Inanimate objects don't have feelings do they?

We have a crappy little collection of ornaments on our bedroom window sill. Some are recent acquisitions while others have an important place in our life. The ebony elephant and tortoise were both purchased in Cape Town in 1972 on route to Oz. Sent the former to the missus with letter "reminds me of you" and she was always called Phunty after that. The elephant at left was purchased in Kuala Lumpur a few years later on way back from a business trip in days when my job was often more interesting than just sitting in front of a computer. Think the two cheap little tortoises found in the shed were my kids' toys.

They were all equally spaced and facing forward but I am always bonking them when I pull down the blackout blinds so they get moved about and the results are very odd. All the elephants at left have turned to face each other and moved in close like a family, the tortoises at middle have also moved together for a natter and been joined by ebony elephant who is ebony tortoise's old SA friend, while the two at right have edged close like mum and hatchling.

In the top picture the ebony elephant was clearly slightly distracted from his old tortoise friend's conversation by the female elephant's bottom. The lower picture shows a couple of day's bonkings later and movements are small but significant. He has clearly given up pretending to listen and is considering making his move. How will my Kuala Lumpur elephant react to these designs on his village fair brought missus? It make take some weeks but we will see.

Karma not calmer

You are supposed to be over a death after about 2 years but not there yet. Still have some very low days. Read all the crap about what is supposed to help. Socialising - had some company Friday and it did not help at all, could not wait to be alone with a vodka. Keeping busy - yesterday I drove myself to tidy the garden and do various other things that I enjoy when feeling ok but that did not help either.

Started same today. Curtains in the lounge had fallen down and due to the steel lintel over the window I could not make the hole any deeper and first effort was a failure. They fell down again and knocked the clock off the fireplace mantel. Went ballistic! "Fuck, shit, arse, wank, cunt, bollox, balls, piss..." Turned it into a constant chant for the next 15 minutes until I'd finished the "Fuck, shit...." job . I feel much better now! My lord Satan is obviously pleased with me. Actually, maybe a release of anger is a proper cure. Not just swearing, maybe all those "motiveless" mass killers you read about feel fantastic afterwards.

Not quite loony enough to slaughter people just for belonging to a group and a bit too old to go to Syria and shoot ISIS fanatics. On the other hand, I could have great fun targetting local people who really annoy me. Let's see, the neighbours who start up their bloody motor mowers or strimmers just as soon as I relax in the garden, that squealy little girl up the road, the owners of that yappy little dog, the stupid Green local councillor who is always complaining about everything, the owners of all the f* cats who keep crapping on my lawn and flattening my plants, the idiots who park in the middle of a space big enough for two cars so my son can't park outside the house, the local works whose lorries make a loud noise every time they reverse and whose CCTV blocks out a channel of mine, the bloody steam railway with its whistles... I will make a full list. Where can I get a Kalashnikov?

PS I initially mispelt this as Kalma. She is a Finnish god of death and decay who smells of corpses apparently. Familiar with Norse mythology but Finnish mythology seems different. Must have a look. After my curtain rant I do suddenly feel interested in things again.

PPS And cyclists! And bastards who chuck litter on MY nice countryside... The list will grow. I have ordered my Kalashnikov from Amazon. Just you wait you bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parental controls

Got my new BT Home Hub 5 all set up in preparation for the new faster "infinity" Broadband service. All pretty easy, Windows and BT do most of the job for you. The BT pages presented on startup have a few options, click, click and you're there. One of them is to o set up Parental Controls. Of course I clicked no, #1 son living at home is 33, so it's up to him what he looks at online.

Then I set up two spare PCs and this option came up every time. Hang on a minute! That means that when #1 son started up his PC he would have got the same options. What did he click for parental controls? We assume it is for parents controlling what their underage children can access online but equally it could mean adult children controlling what their senile old parents can view.

Maybe he will fear that all my wanking over illegal pig porn will give me a heart attack and turn them on.

Over and over again

On TV, online or the printed press, when the BBC or others interview these F* illegals trying to sneak into Britain we hear the same things said over and over again. This one's comments in the DT are so typical it is almost like they are rehearsed:

Abdul Aziz, from Sudan, slipped out from underneath a truck at Toddington services on the M1 in Bedfordshire, and said: “England is good.”
After risking his life clinging to the lorry’s chassis during a journey from the Eurotunnel terminal at Folkestone, Kent, to the truck’s first stop at the service station, he said: "I love London, the people."
"I am a student and I want to learn. I want to go to university,” said the 22-year-old in broken English.

Yeh right! He wants to go to one of our universities to learn and who's going to pay for that? Not him I daresay. I suppose we should be grateful for the modesty of his ambitions at our expense. Only a week or two ago, another African interviewed on the BBC TV news was saying he wanted to go to Oxford. So much for the liberal/lefty idea that they only come to get jobs and work hard. Then there's all this stuff about England being so friendly, so tolerant compared to the likes of France or Germany. According to a poll of "refugees" in 2010 they are right and that's our big problem. Tolerance within reason is a good thing but we have taken it into the regions of idiocy by being tolerant of those who take advantage of our generosity, who are a burden, who threaten our safety or are not prepared to be tolerant of us in return.

Maybe we need to get a damn site nastier! The government should not be considering applications for asylum or leave to remain from any coming from or via safe countries and should be confining these illegals in the most basic accomodation until such time as they are sent back. We should not provide or allow provision of any health, housing, translation,advice or other services to illegals, including by charities, and should get really tough on those knowingly employing or housing them.

Others have a bit more sense:

Oh dear!

It seems that the arrest of General Karake, under a EUROPEAN arrest warrant initiated by a SPANISH judge for alleged war crimes is endangering UK-Rwanda relations according to the BBC. Oh dear! Mustn't jeopardize relations with an important trading partner like Rwanda must we? Why, that might lose the UK economy as much as , er, minus £66 million a year that we give them in foreign aid, dispersed via their dictatorship.

We could be wrong of course, a quick Google does not always reveals the full truth as these issues are not simple and people may distort the truth to suit their political agendas. A commonly accepted study (Dollar and Burnside) indicates that foreign aid is 50% effective in improving gross domestic product in well managed countries but has little effect in poorly managed ones. On the other hand, another working with the same data provide no support for the idea that aid works even in "a good policy environment" either. Rwanda's economy does seem to be improving but there is no proof that that is connected to foreign aid.

So come on Camoron. If you must chuck away 0.7% of UK GDP on aid to third world countries, how about some openess? Why not set up proper independent monitoring schemes and tell us in detail what the amount given to each country has acheived? If you can show that all the billions chucked at these nations actually improves their economies significantly and may similarly reduce the numbers of useless migrants illegals who burden the nations of Europe then even righties like we at bloggoth might support it.

Update. The power of bloggoth - 2

Just below the previous post that bastards who target old or vulnerable people should get increased sentences we reported the next day that new guidelines are to be introduced to do just that.

Now it's happened again! Yesterday, above, we demanded that foreign aid should be properly examined and shown to be effective. Today we have a report that the foreign office is to review the effectiveness of foreign aid.

Our next post must be about government provision of free prostitutes for wierd old blokes. We can't wait until tomorrow.

F* Bastards

Turned up to meet the great old ladies at at my writer's club on Friday and was appalled to hear that one had just had £50,000 stolen from her deposit account after her debit card was stolen during a distraction theft in town. Not quite sure how that gave them access to her deposit account but I'm relaying what she said and she certainly isn't senile. Others at the group have lost money and valuables to pickpockets in town. They hang around the charity shops apparently targetting older people who are easy pickings. Astonishingly, I can find no reports of these things in the local press.

Much worse things happen to the elderly. Cases of street robberies, burglaries, online scams, frauds by rogue builders etc are commonplace in the crime news. It is often reported they are targeted because they are easy pickings. My wife's grandmother had been fit and active but went downhill and died very quickly, just like this woman, after she was mugged in the street.

Sure we are on their old fart list. We regularly get cold calls from f* Indians called Peter or Jane etc trying to tell us they are from Microsoft calling about a fault on our computer. Fortunately we have spent most of our life in IT and are not likely to fall for that crap until we are totally senile. Others are not so lucky and some are scammed out of much more than £121.

Maybe they should make it a particular offence to target elderly or other vulnerable people and put these scumbags away for a lot longer.

These items were in the local newspapers just today:

Update. The power of bloggoth

We wrote the above yesterday morning about 11AM? Today we found a news item published yesterday at 7.34PM: Fraudsters face longer sentences if they target the elderly.

There you are! It now takes less than half a day for our governments to take note of bloggoth wisdom!

And another case

Today also has a story of an elderly couple being conned. The judge warns of naivety of the elderly. He isn't wrong. Look at the pictures of the crooks, especially the bloke. Maybe poor eyesight is a factor too. How can anyone who looks like that not be a crook?

What mass immigration really gives us

In economic terms nothing at all. Said it all before, but if you expand GDP by x% and population by x% or more, nobody is any richer. There are some generally useful groups like the Chinese, Indians, Poles or Hungarians but their positive input is more than outweighed by the negative effects of other low performing groups whose most notable contributions have been gangs, terrorism and riots. As for the wonders of cultural diversity, they might indeed be wonderful if they did not include rejection of our major values and practices like FGM, honour killing and forced marriage. The measurable negative impact on resources such as schools, roads and infrastructure is huge. Some things, like the loss of social cohesion, are not easily measured but are certainly negative.

For me, the worst thing is the destruction of our country in the literal sense. Google "development 500 homes planning" and you see major developments planned all over the country to meet increased demand due to expansion of the population, 84% *Note of which is down to immigration. Not far from me a 500 home development has been approved which will effectively make a local village into part of the nearby town. In and around our own small village there are plans for up to 55 new dwellings which will ruin what are now pleasant wooded areas and a small pond.

Green belts are being built on all over the country but it isn't just loss of green belts that is a problem. "Brownfield" sites are not all horrible polluted muddy areas covered in rubbish or derelict buildings. They are often pleasant, sometimes beautiful, spaces with grass or wild flowers that add character and give a sense of space to the towns and villages around them. So many pleasant little areas have vanished beneath new developments around here.

Note: and that figure is 3 years out of date.

84% of population growth due to migration
The number of new homes being approved on greenbelt land has increased five-fold in five years

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Replace God with Bill Gates

It wasn't half as much of a hastle as I had feared getting my new PC as I wanted it and some things were remarkably easy. My ancient printer didn't work today when I wanted to print a footpath map but then I noticed the little "Solve PC issues" icon on the taskbar had a message about a printer driver, clicked on that, brief install and it was ok.

Pity we can't solve all the problems of humanity, cancer, disease, insanity etc quite so easily. Clearly the software that god installed in living things is not a patch on Microsoft's. If there are bugs or vulnerabilities in software, the major companies will soon issue an update to sort the problem. On the other hand, living things have to wait umpteen milllions of years for evolution to sort out their defects. Ok, I know that computers are nowhere near as complex as mammals but, after all, we have only been working on them a few decades, god has been messing around for billions of years. Give Bill Gates a few billion years and just think what we could have by now!

How about some reprogramming options? That would be good. Instead of being stuck with the personality that genetics and upbringing gave us, why can't we just pick up a remote control and select whatever character we would like to be?

Be wary of statistics that "prove" racism

The Guardian recently reported that Black Americans killed by police are twice as likely are to be unarmed as white people. No reason to doubt the basic figures but is that headline really the relevant one, given higher black involvement in violent crime, especially gun crime? Why should law abiding people, of whatever race, who are never involved in any sort of encounters with the police figure in these statistics? Including them makes as much sense as including dolphins.

Surely the number of unarmed people of each race who are killed by police should be weighed against the number who are actually involved in potentially violent encounters with the police? Calculate in that more meaningful way and the figures look very different. According to the Washington Times:

adjusted to take into account the racial breakdown in violent crime, the data actually show that police are less likely to kill black suspects than white ones.
“Adjusted for the homicide rate, whites are 1.7 times more likely than blacks die at the hands of police,” he said. “Adjusted for the racial disparity at which police are feloniously killed, whites are 1.3 times more likely than blacks to die at the hands of police.”

We can't find it now, (damn PC packed up and we lost the note) but another UK article indicated it is not entirely accurate to represent this solely as a racist white policeman vs black suspect scenario either, because black policeman were also more likely to shoot black suspects. That indicates it is also about police perception of danger.

Maybe before people blame problems in London on "institutional racism" they should look at where a disproportionate percentage of violent crime, especially gun-related crime, comes from.

F* computers!

My PC packed up some days ago so got a new one. Taking ages to set it all up as I like. When you are OCD that's hard, it's not just getting all the essential programs (like F* Microsoft Office!) to work. When you are OCD, like we at xoggoth, each desktop icon must be exactly in the right position. A few pixels over, no way!

PS And hyperanthropomorphic too. Mustn't remove an icon unless I absolutely have to, the poor little thing would feel unwanted sitting all alone in the dark on an unused disc.

PPS Wonder if Feng Shui applies to desktops?

PPS We have installed our bloggoth app which will automatically provide a regular posting of bollux on here with no effort on our part. Randomly generated words are filtered against a list to reduce those which are not swearwords, obsessions with bottoms or rants about horrible foreign/common/lefty people.

Sneaking into holes

At least the lovely green countryside is back and not too squelchy. Went walking from home for over an hour and a half yesterday. (OCD note: 1h 37m 25s according to my little pedometer) Probably threw away some of the physical benefit due to fags and vodka with my drinky neighbour when I got back but not the mental uplift of looking at all those meadows and trees and wild flowers.

Lots of footpaths round here but another nice thing is all the woods, fields and open spaces that, while they are presumably owned by somebody, do not have any fences or signs. Of late, having done all the footpaths and main spaces, I have taken to exploring all the little gaps created by animals even when the unfenced area they lead into appears very small. Amazing what you can discover. Sometimes just litter. Other times, as with this one just off the road, a fantastic view over the hills.

The lord is displeased

A few hundred yards from that Opus Dei place there was a remarkable incident during last week's thunderstorms. Heard reports that a tree had been hit by lighting and "exploded". It sounded a bit of exaggeration so is I went up to have a look. F* hell! They were not kidding! Huge pieces of the tree are everywhere, up to 15-20 yards away!

Poor little tree. Maybe the lord was aiming at xoggoth and got his bearings a bit wrong. Hardly surprising when all his records are still carved on stone tablets. He needs to get up to date a bit more. Surely there would no better time for the lord to send his message to mankind, the internet is a perect medium. Why doesn't he do it?

I wonder.

Weirdies all around me

Totnes in Devon is supposed to be the new age capital of the UK but for religious nuttiness I think my own local area must be a close second. The flyer for a local village has far more adverts for psychic or dubious health services, homeopathy, dream analysis, spiritual healing etc than it does for builders and tradesmen.

Saint Hill Manor, the centre of Scientology, one of the world's nuttiest religions, is nearby and you don't have to go very far to find a Mormon temple either. Joseph Smith was almost as good a fraud as Hubbard although both have a long way to go to beat Muhammad who is still conning over a billion with his bullshit.

But there are places even closer. On my walk yesterday I remembered to note down the name of a Manor I often pass and check out what it is and discovered that a Saint once visited my village. Seems it is a centre for spiritual retreats by members of Opus Dei, an institution within the Catholic Church that some have accused of various practices including support of facist governents. That's disputed admittedly but what isn't is the practice of mortification of the flesh, including whipping the buttocks. That's to drive out evil? Hmmm.

Another nearby place is a Zion Centre. There are two Christian religions with Zion in the name, an African Methodist thing and a UK Baptist thing. I assume it's the latter. Zion Baptists are no worse than any other Bible Bashing Christians as far as I can see, it's just puzzling that, if it is some centre for their religion, I can find no indication whatever what this particular place is used for and I have been looking for a long time.

Almost right on the doorstep is a community inhabited largely by followers of Rudolf Steiner. It's a nice place founded on some very hippy communist ideals in the early 70s and still pursues the ideal of community living. Steiner, a decent and fairly sensible chap generally, sought a synthesis between science and spirituality. 50% bollux sounds better than most religions anyway.

The search for truth

In bloggoth's case the essential truth that lies behind everything is the behind. Checking out the late missus's camera today, wondering whether to give it to the cancer charity or keep it as a spare in the van for the numerous occasions I forget to take my own.

It's a Sony Cybershot and has "SONY" written in tiny letters just below the viewer. Turn it over and it looks like "ANUS". Excellent.

PS Where can you get revelations of such deep meaning except on bloggoth?

FFS Why?

I was invited by my nice religious lady friend to accompany her to Ibeza this week. Being today's F* stupid, logical "fact"-driven xoggoth, I checked it all out, did a Google street view of the hotel area that showed local beaches packed with loungers, checked all the travel times and costs to get to historic places that I'd really be interested in and turned the offer down.

F* idiot!!! Only F* idiots are rational. What happened to the xoggoth who would chuck a sleeping bag, a change of underpants and a plastic sheet into a grubby rucksack and set off to wherever chance would take me? Looking forward to being senile when I might make more sensible decisions.

A truly proportional system

Since the election there have inevitably been calls for proportional representation. All for it, as long as it is a real proportional system, not the flawed one proposed by the Lib Dems a few years back. There are a couple of obvious problems. Assuming we retain the constituency system, some marginal constituencies may not get the MP that had a local majority but that seems less important if that majority is marginal anyway. Another flaw is that we have 650 MPs and 42 million voters so the number of MPs could not exactly represent the vote.

My solution to that is to have a separate popularity vote. The least popular MP in each party would undergo surgery and the parts would be sown together in correct proportions to make a genuinely representational commons. Maybe if you took bits of Ken Clarke, Vince Cable and Ed Balls you might even be able to come up with an MP who wasn't a total *rse.

PS Although we rather doubt it.

PPS But maybe it would work if we discarded the brains and just used other bits to make up the weight. A headless corpse with three legs would make much more sensible speeches and vote much more logically than those three ever did.

Stay safe

It is usual these days for the simplest of products to come with pages of safety instructions but the leaflet with some clothes we brought the other day reached a new height of daftness, stating "remove hanger and all packaging before wearing". Does anyone really need such advice? Maybe so.


The Longest Day

PS A grown man cuddling a teddy bear. How pathetic is that Mr P? Fancy another vodka?

Yes please!

Odd experience

Went for a walk the other day and was standing in the car park looking at my map when a group of girls, probably 13-14 I'd guess, walked by and they were all staring at me. Heard one say "get his autograph". Then one came up beside me and said "Can I do a selfie?". While I was still going er, um, she stood next to me and took a photo of the two of us on her smartphone.

Trying to think who 13 year old girls would be interested in that they could have mistaken me for. I know I look fabulously young and handsome but I'm not quite Justin Bieber. Or maybe they were doing a "who can take a selfie next to the weirdest looking old bloke contest"

Fucking hell!

The main news item on the front page of the online Daily Mail is about the sodding royal baby and 14 of the next 15 items are also sodding royal baby related. The only exception is a thing about a kitten and I hate cats too. The whole idea of royalty, a group of people being handed enormous privileges purely by reason of birth, really sucks. It's an appalling example, how can we seriously criticise people who unecessarily rely on benefits when that is happening?

If we must have a token leader to unify our nation, why not have something a whole lot cheaper? Mr P, my little puppet parrot, would do a great job. Everyone with love him and he would cost very little. Adequate security to prevent him being attacked by terrorists *Note 1 and a decent supply of cheap vodka would do fine.

Note 1: He might well be a target for terrorist attacks. When you squeeze his beak it sounds very like "Allah, Neqbah, Blaxbah" In English that means "God is a total arse and does not exist anyway. Only irrational idiots could believe that crap."

Too far...

Most people would agree that we should make reasonable provision for those with disabilities provided the costs are fairly shared among all taxpayers. Unfortunately, small companies and individuals can, in theory, face legal challenges if they do not devote extra time, money and effort that is quite out of proportion to the contribution that these disabled people make to their income. This is quite wrong in principle.

It is not just shops, cafes and other business premises requiring physical access, the UK also has rules requiring websites to be accessible to the disabled and The RNIB *Note 1 has sued companies for failing to cater to the blind and partially sited.

The briefest browse suggest that this could require a good deal of work and money. Just trying to fully understand from the long documents what is required or how well your small business website performs would take days even before you make any changes. The "free" checker link on that first link takes you to a site in Spanish that does not work. Some other checkers and guide downloads mentioned require purchase, a significant outlay before you even start. As far as we can make out, our own small business website conforms fairly well because it's fairly simple and because some recommendations are good SEO practice anyway. We were quite surprised to find all the main pages can be accessed without a mouse by using the tab key and all the images have alt alternatives so may be identified by an audio reader but some may not be so lucky.

The chances of small businesses being the subject of legal challenges appear to be low in the UK but it may only take one disgruntled serial complainer to make a complaint. When lawyers *Note 2 see there is money to be made...

It is already happening a lot in the US:

The result: 24 years after the Americans with Disabilities Act became federal law, millions of dollars have changed hands in lawsuits -- likely raising prices to other consumers -- yet millions of small businesses still haven't complied. They remain vulnerable to the so-called drive-by lawsuits that, once mostly confined to Southern California and the Bay Area, are starting to appear in the Northern San Joaquin County.

"It's moving in. It's coming your way," said Julie Griffiths of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. She has visited more than 1,000 hotels, shops and restaurants, many in the Valley, to document predatory lawsuits against blindsided business owners.

Note 1: Last time I donate to those bastards!

Note 2: Why do we worry about minor groups like ISIS when we have lawyers?

...and where will it end?

Reasonable efforts to help with those with disabilities, by all means. But the law is an ass. Look at the absurd way "human rights" are used to protect criminals and illegals while totally ignoring the rights of those they threaten or who have to pick up the bill for them. Never mind that a foreign rapist who has contributed nothing to our society is a huge risk to our citizens, all that is considered is his safety or right to a family life. Insane!

How long before the rights of the disabled are allowed to trump everyone else's?

Mass migration helps nobody

The news about all the drownings in the Mediteranean appears to have been drowned by even duller news about the election and the birth of a new privileged royal parasite but it will be back in a few weeks I daresay.

The EU needs to stop this flow, we cannot keep burdening our own societies and destroying our own cultures with a huge influx of people from Africa. There are statistics available that indicate that they are not going to be an asset and it is a PC nonsense to pretend otherwise. When their often ridiculous expectations are not fulfilled, one migrant interviewed on the BBC told us how he was hoping to go to Oxford University, this will just lead to more riots and a bigger criminal underclass. Taking in low paid workers will not help developed countries to compete with poorer nations where standards of living are much lower and there are few workers' rights and safety laws. This approach never saved the Lancashire textile industry and simply burdened us with some underperforming minority groups.

However, we also need to consider the long term effects of emigration on the nations that migrants come from because, if the economies of these nations do not grow, the pressures for migration will not cease. Whatever else you can say about these would-be migrants, they must be reasonably physically fit to travel such long distances and they at least have the willpower and organisational skills to get off their backsides and do something. If the fittest and most enterprising people in a nation are going to go abroad rather than try and build their own economy, how will that economy ever improve? Remittances will not help much, there are studies that show that remittances, like foreign aid, do very little for backward economies.

So maybe we should re-examine a host of policies covering trade, immigration and foreign aid. Instead of emotional responses we need well thought out schemes to boost trade to the advantage of both sides. For our part we need to encourage use of technology and reduce need for the low skilled, to concentrate on luxury goods and complex products and services. Third world nations should be helped to provide the labour intensive goods or services which are no longer economic for us.

Economies that complement rather than compete with each other make a lot more sense.

So boring!! No wait!!!

I'm sure I am not the only one totally bored stiff with this election and I avoid the news as much as possible.

Why anybody would base their decision on last minute promises or performance during debates lasting barely an hour I have no idea. The only sensible guides are long term policies and attitudes and, more importantly if applicable, their record while in power. Anyone who would trust the Labour party on the economy or immigration after their past failures, unless they are too young to remember, must be an idiot. Anyone who can read most of the Green Party policies and still vote for them must be stark staring insane!

Right, that's enough politics! TOOOO boring!!! Hang on a minute! The Duchess of Cambridge has just had another F* baby!!!! F*** Hell! That news will bore us all to hell for weeks to come!!! Let's have some more interviews with Ed Milliband. Please!

Confusing acronyms

Different but confusingly similar ones are IUD="intrauterine device" and IED="improvised explosove device". You wouldn't want to mix those up.

Never noticed it before, but STD stands both for "Sexually Transmitted Disease" and "Subscriber Trunk Dialling". Every number I look up in the BT phone book starts with an STD number. Checked an in-law's number the other day and now I have a big red lump on my cock. Sure it wasn't there before.

The Russian Threat

There is growing evidence of the Russian threat to Western countries. In the DE today there is news of attempts to turn MI6 staff.

Buying or blackmailing MI6 staff is serious enough but now the Russians are targetting the real influences in Western society. Over the past few days the bloggoth commenty thing has been inundated with inane comments like "Can I call you back?" and "Insert your card" originating from the Russian Federation. Clearly Putin is hoping to distract us so that we can no longer dispense our infinite wisdom to the many Western leaders who hang on bloggoth's every (now very occasional) word.

We have blocked them for the moment but doubtless they will find a way round it. Hang on, there's the doorbell. Cor! There's a lovely blonde lady on the doorstep. That's more like it!

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Suddenly a fan

Always liked opera but never liked Gilbert & Sullivan. Saw a bit tonight that changed my mind and been checking out some other stuff. Brill, they were the Morecombe and Wise of their time. This one is a revised version, I don't think Wikileaks or Britney Speers were around then, but there's nowt wrong with a bit of updating to make things more relevant to us.

PS. If the New Testament had mentioned Jesus Christ using his mobile phone and Ipad I might even take Christianity seriously. And why couldn't he have a mobile phone? He was supposed to be god after all!

I miss you little jumper

Is life made of coincidences or are there real factors at work that we don't grasp?

As a contractor I usually had contracts with companies that were sometimes hundreds of miles from home in a place I didn't know and I stayed at crappy B&Bs or cheap rented flats. In the initial stages at least I didn't know anyone at all and ate alone in restaurants and spent evenings in pubs where I knew nobody. I f* loved it!!! I really missed the late missus's lovely company but otherwise I just found it exciting in a way that I couldn't reproduce back home. New places, new things, new people, that makes life worth living.

I had a lucky jumper, navy blue, from the Sweater Shop. Still got it but it's now so tatty it's relegated to level 6 of the xoggoth sartorial scale, gardening and DIY. On several occasions when I wore this jumper at the pub, usually when I was on my own, I got approached and chatted up by much younger women. Love to say it was me, my handsome visage etc, but I have to bow to statistics, it was that jumper!

If only I could find another like it. Another one that isn't falling to bits like me I mean!

Far right? Wrong side

We keep getting this suggestion that the rise in anti-semitic attacks is down to the far right. There have always been a few who blame the Jews for eveything but true far right support is tiny in the UK. Why exactly would the number be rising and why would attacks by them spike during Midde East conflicts? Most sane right wingers these days have far more objection to Muslims so it is hardly likely that they would be angered by Israel defending itself against missile attacks from the likes of Hamas.

Most of this anti-semitism is down to Muslims and to left-wingers whose anti-Israel attitude spills over into anti-semitism. Look at the facts about where most violence comes from, the latest attack on Farage and his family is just the latest example it is the left who are usually responsible.


Perchance to dream

Our governments are corrupt to the F* core!

As a retired IT contractor who did my own accounts I sometimes had to search for the legal position on various things, like what expenses one could validly claim. Often I would come across special exemptions for MPs.

Saw a CUK post to a Guardian article today which reveals that records of MPs expenses are destroyed three years after the end of the applicable financial year, making them immune to investigation for tax or other reasons. It is six years for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You fucking corrupt bastards!!!

PS Whoops.

Distorted history

What a washout yesterday's eclipse was! Was in the garden and, while it was too cloudy to see the sun, I did expect it to get very dark. Hardly noticed a damn thing, it was if the clouds just got a bit thicker!

On the BBC they were talking about how the event was viewed in history. Some believed the sun was being eaten by evil deities supposedly. Actually, unless they were stupid, surely any peoples could put two and two together and realise that the sun and moon would sometimes coincide as the Chinese and Babylonians did. We do get some misconceptions about history, that most people in the middle ages thought the world was flat for example.

Maybe those carvings of the sun being eaten by a big demon were not what people at the time really thought at all, they were cartoons! What if some catastrophe almost wiped out mankind and a future race had to figure out things about us from a tiny number of intact records?

Democracy - love it

Due to insurance restrictions I have to be a bit more careful about where the products of my and my sister's little company are sold and searched for a drop-down list of world nations for the website. There are three with "democratic republic" in the official title:

Democracy still falls well short of what it should be in the UK due to an unrepresentative electoral system in which results in marginal seats having undue effect, excessive influnce of business groups and leftist unions and domination of the commons by too many with little experience outside politics or the wealthy who have no idea what impact their policies have on ordinary people.

Still, when you look at other "democracies", and let's not forget that Islamist states like Pakistan and the Maldives are "democracies" too, we have to be grateful for small mercies.

ISIS and the hippy movement

No denying the horrible nature of Islam or that there are groups in the West, some of them posing as moderate movements, who are spreading the more extreme versions of the creed.

But one has to question the common assumptions of what "radicalisation" really means. Are moderate young people being held in dark rooms and brainwashed? Are they being herded into halls and harangued for weeks by extremist Imams until they see the error of their decadent Western ways? It would not appear so. Mostly they are "radicalised" by internet sites that they themselves look for, by the views of those who company they themselves seek out. In other words, they are radicalising themselves, they have already made a decision in favour of extremist Islam, they are just looking for ways to join up. Why? This is where the hippy movement comes in. Many young people, and I knew a few, were similarly attracted to that movement and threw away promising careers because of their rejection of materialistic values.

Of course hippies weren't hacking people's heads off and I am not suggesting that Bob Dylan's influence was in any way as malignant as Anjem Chowdury's but there is one thing in common - the idealistic nature of youth and its constant search for "meaning" in life.

The unexpected guru

Always made fun of the late missus for her propensity to write lists. Most people put important things in their diaries but she would sometimes list trivia she did every day, like "have breakfast", "pack dishwasher" etc.

Now I have adopted her wisdom. When life is meaningless, when you can't find any real enthusiasm or interest, you need to keep going at anything and stupid lists really help. Otherwise, you spend your day thinking "what was it I was going to do?" and it's bedtime again before you get round to doing anything at all. Another day rushes by and there is bugger all to show for it. It ain't much but at least fixing the fence is better than bugger all.

Let's see. Time to plan my day. Finish coffee. Have shit. Wipe arse.


Really made the effort the other day and wrote a story so I could go to the writer's club, most of the members of which are old ladies. Not sure how much longer some of them will be around but they are a great bunch. Who ever said old ladies are prudes? Most of the conversation between story readings soon turns to sex and it ain't me that does it. Sat next to the chairlady last time and she touched my leg three times while regaling us with story of her hip replacement. Anyway, back to the story.

Police, Camera, Action


Funny how the less depressed you get the sadder you can feel. Maybe feeling low, tired and uninterested in anything is a good defence against feeling anything else.

More classical

Lots of pop music is crap but it's really just a matter of style, how it's played. this Abba song sounds great with a symphony orchestra.

Can't catch me ya bastards!

A new law has made revenge porn illegal in England and Wales. This does not stop we at bloggoth posting a naked picture of a female who had the nerve to reject our advances recently. Here she is in all her glory. Coooor! Look at that lovely bumhole! It's just a totally normal picture of a sow. Sows don't wear clothes, officer.

Occasionally there's a big benefit from being a total perve!

PS England and Wales? Whatever happened to the UK? Still, at least we don't have separate laws for the Islamic republics of Tower Hamlets, Sparkbrook, Rotherham, etc etc. Yet.

The never ending scare stories

Hardly a day goes by without another scary news story about what causes/prevents dementia. May we suggest another major factor in this appalling disease?

"Worrying about dementia increases risk of dementia" scientists say.

This week's article we would have written if we could be arsed

At times the DT seems to be turning into the Guardian so it's nice to have a "right wing", AKA sensible and realistic, article about the nature of some Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities in the UK and the backwardness they have brought with them.

Is this really the UK in the 21st century? Or is it a brutish, zealously religious, feudal society (not unlike the Tudor England of Wolf Hall), imported from South Asia and allowed to flourish here unchecked because we haven’t had the guts to stand up for enlightened values?

When will liberal apologists stop making excuses for undemocratic, uncivilised and downright illegal behaviour in Britain?

Lax laws can make compassion impossible

The case of the Zimbabwean family whose application to attend their granddaughter's funeral was refused is in the news again. They have reapplied.

It would be nice if immigration rules could be appled a bit more sympathetically. It would be good if this couple could attend their granddaughters' funeral and stay a few months with their children before returning to Zimbabwe. The problem lies in the details of our, and the EU's, ludicrous laws which elevate one migrants's individual human rights above those of British citizens and taxpayers who may be affected detrimentally by their presence.

Given their age, their lowly occupation as street traders, the nature of the country they come from and the fact that their son is in the UK, the Home Office view that they may not leave looks very plausible. The petitioners have said they pose no threat to the UK and the local MP has said the parents have given a categorical assurance the grandparents would not claim asylum but what is any of that worth? The son entered the UK as an illegal immigrant and then spent a good deal of British taxpayers' money fighting for asylum status for himself and his wife so we should hardly be accepting his assurances on this issue.

Even assurances by MPs mean little when there appear to be no legal impediments whatever to this elderly couple claiming asylum. One would imagine that a statement of reason for visiting the UK on a visa application would rule out any asylum application unless there was a proven change of circumstance after arrival but it seems not. Our authorities are quite prepared to accomodate liars who make false declarations.

Does it occur to the bleeding heart liberals that, if we had less liberal laws, if a statement on a visa application was legally binding, we could afford to be much more generous and compassionate in practice, knowing that those laws could be readily invoked against the liars who try to take advantage of our generosity?

Getting back?

At last the ghastly bug appears to be gone. More importantly, we seem to be getting a reasonable amount of sleep at night without pills (which, like all medicines, hardly worked anyway) and don't dread going to bed.

Who knows? We might even get round to posting a bit of bloggoth bollox again.

The Paris Hegbo thing

Yes, our pennyworth is a bit late but we have been feeling crap.

Should we post cartoons of that backward, fraudulent prophet? Hell yes!

I don't think we should set out to insult simply for the sake of insulting but we have to be able to criticise and question political views that threaten our future. Islamism is not some relatively minor belief that we can afford to ignore like Scientology. Hardly a day goes by without some atrocity perpetrated in Islam's name and there are 21 officially Islamic nations, and several others that are Islamic in all but name, which impose the irrational claptrap of the Koran on their citizens, not just on non Muslims, but on Muslims of the wrong sort or the many who would prefer a more free society. While it is true that not all Muslims want to impose Shariah law on the West one has to consider the lessons from the Islamic world, it is almost never the moderates who end up in control.

Given these realities, the huge and growing number of Muslims in the West present a colossal threat to our future. How is it is possible for those who want rational laws to challenge the idea that the whole of society should be governed by the supposed sayings of an 8th century prophet without suggesting that the prophet was just a flawed man, that the Koran is nothing more than the work of mortal men?

Cartoons and comedy are necessary ways to do that. Dry, scholarly treatises are never going to reach all those we would wish to persuade.

The PC crap goes on

Fight real racism, yes, but real racism is being opposed to those of other ethnic origins regardless of their qualities. Much of what is branded racism is nothing of the sort but is valid objection to the presence of unsuitable people in the UK.

A recent case of Eastern European crime saw an academic brutally beaten by 4 Polish thugs. Naturally, we were soon told this had nothing to do with immigration. Oh really? The presence of such people has everything to do with our our lax immigration system. What checks were performed on these men before they entered the UK? None whatsoever, one of them had a string of convictions in his native Poland before he came to the UK. Since his arrival he has been convicted of sexual assault, possession of an offensive weapon, drink driving and affray. Why was he still here???

How is it racist to object to the continued presence in the UK of a piece of shit like that??


It seems that scientists have managed to slow the speed of light, not just within certain substances, as is normal, but in a way that causes a permanent slowdown of the photons concerned even in a vacuum. Are they mad??? Have they learned none of the lessons from our own lazy, welfare dependent society? Once these photons have discovered they don't have to rush about at 299792458 metres per second, why would they bother to speed up again? What is to stop them showing other photons how to do it? What is to stop them all getting ever lazier until they are mooching slowly about the universe, even assuming they bother to leave the comfort of the stars and other energy sources that gave them birth?

What's the point?

No sleep for days. Usual cemetary here on bloggoth and the bloggoth 3Rs are dead. Rude requires some interest in rudeness and, with libido at rock bottom, I doubt if we'd be interested if Dawn French rang up and offered to park her lovely big bottom on our face. (But don't let us stop you trying Dawn). Rubbish, silly cartoons and stuff, requires imagination and we've lost it. Just leaves Rant and that ought to be doable when we are in a perpetual bad temper. But what purpose does it serve to comment on serious issues when most are quite incapable of looking at the facts?

Forage has been criticised for saying that the events in Paris are a result of our failure to control immigration or to ensure that migrants integrate and accept our major values. Who do they think these terrorists are if not the same low-performing Arabs and Africans who gave France the 2007 riots? We have seen the usual articles telling us that these people, who shout "Allah Aqba" while carrying out their atrocities are nothing to do with Islam. That makes as much sense as saying the Inquisition or the killing of heretics in Britain's past was nothing to do with Christianity. Other articles have stated that Islam is compatible with democracy and freedom. Do they ever bother to checkl the realities in some 20+ Islamist states and the many others where it is a state religion? We have even seen one headed "Islam is a Religion of Love". So who is committing these daily atrocities, the wholesale slaughter, the burning of towns, the murder and rape of women and children, the mass capture of schoolgirls, the defilement of cemetaries? Camels maybe? If they were simply saying we should not blame all Muslims we would agree, that would be counterproductive. If you make life difficult for more moderate elements, make it harder for them to get jobs, you may push those towards extremism too. But the PC idiots are not simply saying that, they are talking utter crap with no basis in reality.

On immigration too, these liberals are quite incapable of simply addressing what is actually being said. Does The Daily Mail or Express ever have a story about an asylum seeker in a modest flat? No, only about ones housed at huge cost in expensive areas of London. Do they do articles objecting to high performing migrants in successful careers? No, only about beggars and rough sleepers, criminals, the welfare dependant, the low paid putting pressure on our own lower working class and the real pressures on our schools and houses. Yet pointing out just these real and genuine problems which should be addressed is castigated as anti-immigrant rhetoric. Most UKIP supporters don't give a damn what race migrants are as long as they are useful, accept our values and are not coming in huge numbers that put huge strain on our resources, yet they get called racist.

Liberals are quite incapable of seeing the problems that their past errors have caused us all. It is not the White British who are the lowest performers in the UK but major ethnic groups like Afro-Caribeans, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis from the Kashmir region and Tamils. Any recent improvements have only come about at huge costs to the rest of us, the recent increase in GCSE attainments for example, is due to the fact that we are spending 3 times as much per pupil in high ethnic areas. Lax mass immigration of these groups has given us most of the terrorism outside NI since 2001, all of the major riots, and almost all of London's worst gangs. Yet now the liberals are lauding immigration of other low performing groups from Romania and Africa who will be our future burdens.

Until people are capable of looking at facts, arguing only against what is actually being said and stop thinking in idealistic terms there is no real point commenting on serious issues.


We ought to know this, having done various interactive games in jscript and HTML, but it was still a surprise to find how much crap a routine peruse of a few webpages can cause to be stored on your computer.

We were trying to find where an email utility put its settings file so we could back it up and a search of most recent files included a mass of images just from a quick look at the online Daily Express and many did not look familiar. Most browsers (but not Firefox apparently) will download hidden images that cannot be seen on the page, so you have no way of knowing what is really on your PC unless you check the temporary folders. A peruse of what seems like a safe webpage could be putting all sorts of images on your hard drive and you won't know.

Nothing unsafe or illegal on xoggoth pages officer!

Has he gone? Good. After opening this page, the non existent readers of bloggoth might like to do an *.*/today search in Windows Explorer and scroll down to the temporary internet fles. You will find some fantastic pig porn!

A downside never counted

It is reported that one of the first Romanian migrants to enter the UK after restrictions have lifted has not claimed benefits and has been employed since he came here:

After starting by washing cars for £30 a day, Mr Spirescu now earns £250 a day in a construction job in east London.

His parents are looking after the money he sends back to Romania.

...he is saving up to return to his village in Romania in the next couple of years and live a “beautiful life”.

Let's ignore the many who are still washing cars and cannot possibly be paying for the most basic state provisions in the UK and concentrate on this chap. OK, he works hard for a living but, if he is sending all his spare money back to Romania instead of spending it in ways that support or boost our economy, how does this help us? The huge amount of money that migrants take out of our economy as remittances is just another version of foreign aid, without even the limited checks that apply to same.

Will you find this removal of UK wealth from British people in any study of the net "benefits" of immigration? Not in any I have seen. Of course, if much of this money was being properly invested in Romania, helping the country to build its own modern economy there could still be a long term benefit to us all. Fat chance of that according to this link. It is rather the opposite in fact:

Remittances promote consumption and undermine the local economy

In a nutshell, although remittances have had some positive impact on Romania’s macroeconomic development, capital accumulation hasn’t been put to any productive use (like opening up businesses or longer term investment), but has rather been diverted to seemingly mindless consumption, including unnecessary housing updates and purchases of durable goods.

A representative survey from 2006 for the typical small Romanian town of Huedin where one of three households has a family member working abroad indicated that 52 per cent of remittances were spent on covering daily needs and expenses while only 6 per cent were directed at starting a new business. Even more tellingly, with the orientation of remittances towards real estate investment, house prices rocketed in the small community, reaching the level of the capital.

From a macroeconomic standpoint, had it not been for remittances, the current account deficit of Romania would have been 50 per cent higher than it is (source: Eurostat). Since remittances have mainly been used to buy current consumer goods (56 per cent of remittances went on consumption according to the National Bank of Romania), with the lack of domestic products and Romanians’ marked preference for foreign goods, consumption has been mainly oriented to imported goods.

Consequently, the volume of imports has increased and the current account equalization has been undermined by the trade balance deficit which reached € 15.58 billion in 2007, 50% higher than in 2006 (source: Popescu, Juverdeanu). Moreover, despite people’s increased expectations of future income flows, when the economic crisis halved remittances, consumption (including outstanding bank loans) could no longer be sustained by present income levels.

Last but not least, our currency has appreciated, but unfortunately not because of any increase in domestic competitiveness. Remittances have basically driven up the inflation rate and forced our National Bank to introduce some aggressive monetary policies.

Romania is not an exception, you will find plenty of properly researched evidence on foreign aid which shows that money from abroad often has no positive effects on economic growth in the recipient nations. It is simply spent in ways that do not promote long term growth, goes mainly to the wealthy and those in power and can even have negative consequences by impeding democracy or increasing conflict. Some links below. Migrant remittances, like foreign aid, not only remove wealth and investment from our own economies, they often do nothing positive for the receiving nations. Just as too easy access to welfare removes incentives from individuals, so too can this flow of wealth from more developed nations and easy access to their economies induce a lazy dependence by recipient nations, removing the necessity to make the hard progress over many generations that the UK, US and other developed nations once had to do for themselves. If talented and hardworking people are always going to go abroad rather than stay and increase the prosperity of their own nations how will their economies ever grow?

That is not to say that richer nations should not help poorer nations to grow but rather that we need investment in their economies that will provide a proper return for the nations concerned, and ourselves in the long term. Real businesses making the lower technology or cheaper items that it is no longer economic for us to make ourselves perhaps. If a competent financial advisor with a long term view would not invest in it, then neither should our governments.

And neither should our governments continue to let migrants continually remove money from our shores without restriction. The government (thanks to UKIP) is finally pretending to address legitimate concerns about mass immigration. Maybe limits on foreign transfers by foreign citizens would be one way to reduce the incentive to come here.


Interesting facts

Half asleep the other night when we had an idea for a story and mumbled it into our little audio recorder. A brilliant scientist researching how the brain works is hired to analyse the memories of an Egyptian mummy and discover where an ancient treasure was hidden.

In the morning we remembered that brains were removed during mummification. Darn it! But this evening decided to check and it seems they removed brains during the new kingdom but not during the old and middle kingdom so the story is possible after all.

That isn't the most interesting fact in that link though, this is:

The Egyptians were so rough on the brain because they didn't realize its importance. They thought its purpose was just to produce snot!

Maybe those ancient Egyptians got the wrong idea because the only people they made into mummies were not ordinary people but leaders, the politicians of their time. Look at people like Vince Cable, Ken Clarke and so many others in politics with no grasp of realities and the view that brains are for production of snot looks like a very easy mistake to make.


We at bloggoth only know 3 Americans.

Well, we don't know one personally, but an online member of the non-existent bloggoth readership is a brill bloke and has sent us a big memory stick with 32Gb of great tunes on it. Ta Mr Sheep!

Another is me sister in law in CA, although her new knee is a total stranger to me unfortunately. What was her name again, Rosella? Knees, like all body parts, need to be talked to and given lots of vodka if you want them to keep working. The only reason I did not need a single filling after recently visiting the dentist for the first time in over 15 years was that I stay friends with all of my teeth and they all have names beginning with T, Terry, Torrence, Theresa, Tammy, Tarquin, Teddy, Tessa etc, etc. Complete list available in request.

The other one is my little Lexmark X1190 inkjet printer. He is my best (only) friend and I loved its little Yank voice telling me "Printing started" and "Please load paper in the auto sheet feeder". Heartbroken today to learn Lexmark has gone out of the market and I may not be able to get new cartridges. Is little Lenny's time on Earth over? God! (atheist version) Does the list of funerals never stop?

The real James Bond

Watching "Tomorrow Never Dies" on TV last night. To enjoy any Bond film you have to be able to suspend all logic. The list of totally unbelievable things in this one includes:

But those are minor flaws really. Surely the most unlikely thing by far is that a public servant would ever have such unselfish dedication to his job.

Herbal bollux and witchcraft

One thing that all herbal medicines have in common, those for insomnia, coughs and catarhh anyway, is that a) They taste horrible and b) they don't work. Ok, that's two things they have in common. Oh yes, and c) they are expensive for the little bits you get. Ok, that's three things. And d) They always run down the bottle and stain your bathroom shelves. All right! Four things!

How ever did people manage in the middle ages when medicine and surgery were inextricably linked to religion, AKA superstition when all the limited progress of the Greeks and Romans, like Hippocrates's recognition that illnesses have natural causes, had been largely discarded? Must have been a shitty time to get ill. At least we have left that behind. Or maybe not. From the lefty Daily Mirror:

Experts claim the voodoo medicine industry is booming with thousands of so-called “healers” in Britain luring tens of thousands of people into their net every year.
As well as making false claims about cures, they fleece their vulnerable clients of huge chunks of cash.
Criminologist and police expert witness Dr Richard Hoskins, said: “The money being paid by some people is eye-watering. We’re talking of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Isn't third world immigration wonderful? Oh well, makes me feel a bit better about wasting a few quid on crappy herbal remedies from Boots anyway.

Fantasist attacks a fantasy

A trainee vicar who told primary school children that Father Christmas did not exist has been criticised for spoiling the magic of Christmas.

Of course Santa is a nice Christmas tradition, along with all the others, but how many school children literally believe he exists? Recall conversations at primary school when I was 6 or 7 and I know I didn't. Or fairies either. Still, I would not tell other people's kids there's no Santa these days. If kids believe in him before they are old enough to be expected to have some grasp of science and reality, it's not a problem. Some of the crap that adults believe in, on the other hand... You can see the malignant effects of that in the news every day.

Hmmm. On second thoughts, maybe letting children believe in harmless things like Santa or The Tooth Fairy is not training their minds the right way. Perhaps we should drill it into all kids from birth that they should only believe in things which they have experienced or for which there is convincing evidence, that they should only follow or support ideas which have been found effective in raising human wellbeing.

Rational education will never happen of course, too many irrational idiots will oppose it, so maybe we should just concentrate on the issue here, poor little kids having their fantasies ruined.

Oiiii (trainee) Vicar! Santa makes as much sense as the bollux you believe in anyway!

PS Anyway, God and Santa Claus are clearly the same bloke. He just drinks and gets a bit more jolly at Xmas like the rest of us.

xoggoth Rules of Life - 1

The more ancient you get the more often you lose things. No, that isn't the xoggoth rule, that is a general rule that every knows. The xoggoth rule is as follows:

Whenever you lose something small, it is always the least valuable thing you have with you.

Lost something again today. Fortunately, it was only a comb, cost about 60p. Just think, if I had not had it with me, I might have lost my glasses that cost me a whole £2.75 from the local hardware shop. I lost a pair last week because I had not replaced my last lost comb. Not carrying the various cheapest things in turn could have cost me my Tesco £17 mobile phone, my scratched old £23 plastic strap watch, and finally my wallet.

PS Sorry little comb, I will go and look for you in the car park tomorrow! I am not made of 60ps.

Suicide - not being arsed

If people are suicidal how can they summon up the enthusiasm to actually bother to snuff themselves? Surely that takes a degree of determination that is incompatible with the desire?

Ring! Ring! Hello? Assisted suicide line? Can you send me a taxi to take me to the railway bridge please? What? I have to fill in an online health and safety assessment? Never mind.

Christmas - not being arsed

We at bloggoth could not be arsed to buy a Christmas tree this year. Bunged all the tree decorations in an old fish tank - much easier and cheaper.

Off to buy christmas presents tomorrow. Used to get them from The Pound Shop. What a rippoff! The 99p Store is much better.

Learning from nature

We at bloggoth are very selective about removing weeds from the garden as some are very decorative. Why waste money on cultivated plants when you can get wildflowers for free? This little daisy on our patio was rather nice so we left it:

One year on and daisies are spreading in every direction:

Bit like immigration really. Let a few useful migrants in from poor countries and it will not be long before you have hordes of them and parts of our nation become scarcely recognisable.

Stay out of my milestones, you bastards!

In student days, just a few times, we sang blues at a local club. Our favourite was "St James Infirmary" but, today, we cannot find the version we remember. We recall it was on the B side of a record by a singer of rather brief fame and can almost, but not quite, remember his name. Google brings up umpteen versions by famous performers, The Animals, Arlo Guthry, Cab Calloway, Van Morrison etc etc but FUCK IT! none of those are the version we remember.

Now we cannot find the singer of another song, "Ghost Riders in the Sky" It has been done by Marty Robbins, Duane Eddy, Johny Cash and many other famous singers but, FUCK FUCK FUCK IT, none of these are the version we remember.

Look, you bastards, those were milestones in xoggoth's life and you have no FUCKING rights to intrude on them without my permission! I bet Kim Jong-un will never have this problem.

Needs developing

Tonight's local crime news included a CCTV of a robbery in a jewellery shop.

Nowadays, one can even get fairly cheap CCTV for one's premises that allows you to use the internet and monitor your property remotely from your smart phone or other device in real time. One can control devices remotely too, one commonly advertised system allows you to control your home heating.

So why are we not taking the obvious steps, in both law and technology, to allow proper defence of our property?

Art ?????

Went to the Tate Modern art gallery with my weird religious lady today. Some good stuff there but there was also an awful lot of utter crap!!!

There were at least three "artworks" that consisted of entirely blank canvases. Maybe the first person who came up with the idea of a blank canvas as art can be credited with making an original point about the futility of life or some such bollux but how many times can this same bloody nonsense be regarded as meaningful? Surprised he/she is not suing the many others who have done it since for breach of copyright! Even when the artists actually bothered to do something much of it was utter shit, scrawls that looked like the work of infants, old car engines with shiny bits on them, rough lumps of clay that looked like big dog turds etc. One "sculpture" was this piece of galvanised steel ducting much like I have on my hot air central heating.

Wow! I didnt know I had a valueable artwork in my garage! Surprised we haven't seen an "artist" exhibiting bits of his used toilet paper yet.

Art !!!!!

Still, there is a plus side, if crap like that is the work of a famous artist it makes one feel much better about one's own crap. Here's a biro sketch I did recently at a U3A art session. Off top of head, not copied.

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Have you read about that cannibalism case? Bloke caught eating a woman's face, how awful! If it was me I'd have been caught eating her bottom!

Seriously, why is insanity always such a bad thing? Even when they don't commit crimes, the insane are always a burden on others and are nearly always unhappy themselves. Wouldn't it be great to have a benign form of insanity? A form that allowed you to experience fantastic feelings and visions without taking any drugs but come back into the real world whenever it was necessary.

Nice sunny morning today so went for my walk early. Ducking under a Holly tree and a spikey leaf poked me in the eye so I said "bloody Holly!" If I suffered from benign insanity, all the Holly trees would have started singing "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" to accompany me on my walk.

Bloody Holly trees are still rehearsing, so Buddy Holly's version will have to do.

As bloggoth moderator I have to warn you that your comment about eating a woman's bottom is in poor taste.

Rubbish! Womens' bottoms taste fantastic!


Brought some cheap jeans at Sainsburies the other day. Took the label off the front but failed to notice there was a stick-on label low down at the back. Have been walking about in public for a couple of days with a large gold circle reading "With stretch" over my bottom!

Could have been worse I suppose, I could have been in Brighton and there could have been a stick-on price label that I also failed to notice. Oooooh! You don't get xoggoth's bumhole for £10 ducky! Cost you 15 quid at least!

Old age and cancer

What fun they are. Remember talking to an elderly lady up the club a few years ago who said, with a wry smile, that her main social events these days were funerals. Know how she feels, when you get to a certain age, funerals seem to be the main events in life. First the mother in law, then the missus, then my sister's husband, all in the space of less than two years. Not to mention an aunt and a cousin of the missus's that I did not know well. The late missus's brother just phoned to say his father has died so there will be another soon.

Oh well. At least I'm getting a lot of use out of the black suit I spent a whole £99 on at Burton's!

Sorta nothing

Darn it. When will I get any real sense of life back? Probably going out more than I ever did in the last few decades when it was so much nicer to spend time with the missus. When we weren't doing anything special and just did our own things she was around for those little meets over coffee, wine, vodka/whisky according to mood and time of day, in the garden, conservatory or in front of the TV.

I go drinking up the village club (me and Mr Pikey Scum actually exchanged a grunted hello the other day), spend time with various wierd women, wander the country for hours, do countryside volunteer stuff, force myself to go to choir or art sessions but none of that is really living in my view.

Just want to get back my imagination and some enthusiasm for the things I used to like doing, writing stupid short stories, cartooning, surreal paintings, posting bollux here, making wierd things out of junk or looking at bugs in my microscope but I just can't get interested. When not going out, I just work through my list of little DIY jobs, tiddle on the computer to no obvious purpose, watch some drivel on TV or read horror stories, finishing each with "What a load of crap". There don't seem to be any quick solutions, alcohol does nothing. When I'm on my own I think I fancy a vodka and don't always finish it.

Life starts inside. If that isn't there, the life around us is nothing more than a TV screen, a lot of dull Sky TV Channels that you idly flick through, only to find nothing that grabs you.

Talking of horror (?)

Brought a couple of collections the other day. Read about 20 stories so far and one or two are ok. The stuff Henry James or others of his era wrote were genuinely creepy because they stuck to the point of the story. Modern stuff is so full of padding that goes beyond just characterisation and setting the scene.

In the one I read last night a man had a car accident that killed his wife and also filled him with glass fragments that were working their way out. There is some sort of link between those and his wife trying to be free and and an undiscovered cave, erm, fair enough I suppose. But quite why there are two pages about him looking round his old school and remembering how it was and being asked if he had seen a missing child I have no idea, it has nothing to do with anything.

Ah, but maybe I am just being old fashioned, too stuck in the ways of a career spent writing concise technical reports. I need to learn that irrelevance. Let's see, this item is about horror stories, so er um. Did you know that a lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than those found at the sun's surface?

Isn't religion lovely?

Who among the non-existent old fart readership of bloggoth does not remember "Rivers of Bablylon" by Boney M? The lyrics are from the bible Psalm 137. The part that was not included in the song was this:

O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed;
happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.
Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones

PS Oi! Moses! Sue em for copyright infringement!

Pluses and

Bit of a loose end last night, not in mood to be on me tod but getting fed up with the village club so went to the cinema club in nearby village. Fantastic! Film about a bloke dying of cancer! Didn't stay, then walked back to the van past two funeral directors including bloody Ballard & Shortall! On plus side it started with this bit of music I've never heard before.

Shoulda been me

Advice to the non existent readers of bloggoth who are not old farts. (The only two I know of are old farts!) Memory gradually fades. Think twice before you throw anything away, no matter how unimportant it seems at the time, it could be an important bit of your own history, summit to look back on when you're sitting drooling in the sun outside the care home.

I never watch anything on TV these days except the news and cartoons like The Simpsons but decided to try New Tricks tonight and it covered something from the cold war days when selected people were contacted with a view to them helping to organise things in Britain in the aftermath of a nuclear armageddon. I got an invite to be part of such a group *Note 1 and I ignored it, thought "how stupid" and chucked the letter.

Darn it! If only I had replied in the affirmative and the world had really been blown to smithereens I might have been one of the world leaders today! If I had at least kept the letter it would have been a great bit of my personal history. I've still got my post war ID and my Edward Heath petrol rationing book but they ain't the same.

*Presumably because I was one of the few in those days to get a first class honours degree. Sneer!
PS: Having an M.Sc (distinction), being more successful and having a much bigger conservatory does not come close!

Phil again

Shaming Britain?

The Independent reports on "the dowry violence shaming Britain". Don't blame me sunshine. The shame lies with the minority communities who bring this backward crap into Britain with them.

Of course our governments deserve some criticism for not outlawing this practice, especially given that it is outlawed in India and Pakistan, two of the main nations from which we import it into the UK. What our PC establishment constantly fails to grasp is that, when fear of appearing racist makes them turn a blind eye to migrant and minority problems like dowries, black gang crime, honour killings, FGM, the cast system, forced marriage, child beggars, abuse of children during witchcraft rituals or whatever, it is the members of those minorities who feel the consequences.

Given the reality of "the wall of silence", tackling these things comes at an immense cost to the British taxpayer of course, yet another cost which is never included in those estimates of the "benefits" of immigration. If our governments deserve blame for these problems, the biggest share of it should be for their failure to have firm immigration policies to ensure, as far as possible, that they never entered the UK in the first place.


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