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Pluses and

Bit of a loose end last night, not in mood to be on me tod but getting fed up with the village club so went to the cinema club in nearby village. Fantastic! Film about a bloke dying of cancer! Didn't stay, then walked back to the van past two funeral directors including bloody Ballard & Shortall! On plus side it started with this bit of music I've never heard before.

Shoulda been me

Advice to the non existent readers of bloggoth who are not old farts. (The only two I know of are old farts!) Memory gradually fades. Think twice before you throw anything away, no matter how unimportant it seems at the time, it could be an important bit of your own history, summit to look back on when you're sitting drooling in the sun outside the care home.

I never watch anything on TV these days except the news and cartoons like The Simpsons but decided to try New Tricks tonight and it covered something from the cold war days when selected people were contacted with a view to them helping to organise things in Britain in the aftermath of a nuclear armageddon. I got an invite to be part of such a group *Note 1 and I ignored it, thought "how stupid" and chucked the letter.

Darn it! If only I had replied in the affirmative and the world had really been blown to smithereens I might have been one of the world leaders today! If I had at least kept the letter it would have been a great bit of my personal history. I've still got my post war ID and my Edward Heath petrol rationing book but they ain't the same.

*Presumably because I was one of the few in those days to get a first class honours degree. Sneer!
PS: Having an M.Sc (distinction), being more successful and having a much bigger conservatory does not come close!

Phil again

Shaming Britain?

The Independent reports on "the dowry violence shaming Britain". Don't blame me sunshine. The shame lies with the minority communities who bring this backward crap into Britain with them.

Of course our governments deserve some criticism for not outlawing this practice, especially given that it is outlawed in India and Pakistan, two of the main nations from which we import it into the UK. What our PC establishment constantly fails to grasp is that, when fear of appearing racist makes them turn a blind eye to migrant and minority problems like dowries, black gang crime, honour killings, FGM, the cast system, forced marriage, child beggars, abuse of children during witchcraft rituals or whatever, it is the members of those minorities who feel the consequences.

Given the reality of "the wall of silence", tackling these things comes at an immense cost to the British taxpayer of course, yet another cost which is never included in those estimates of the "benefits" of immigration. If our governments deserve blame for these problems, the biggest share of it should be for their failure to have firm immigration policies to ensure, as far as possible, that they never entered the UK in the first place.

More slug artwork

A few posts back we showed some great art made by the slugs feeding on the algae on our greenhouse glass. Here's a couple more, even more brilliant. Look closely at the first and there's a great cartoon face of a rather sad little girl. Reminds me of a comic book character but can't recall which. The second is even better, what a brilliant drawing of a lion!

Ebola again PS

So now they are going to screen arrivals. How will that stop infected persons exactly? A flight takes about 12 hours but the virus will not be detected until symptoms start, anything from 2-21 days after infection. They are also going to ask questions about whether people have been to dangerous areas or been in contact with infected people. Do they really imagine everyone coming all the way to the UK from that part of the world is going to tell the truth and jeopardise their chance of entry?

We want effective action not pointless gestures so the government can claim they are doing something. Stop anyone who is not a British citizen from coming here!

Ebola again

Some think that the Ebola scare is overblown, that it won't be a problem outside Africa where there is poverty and poor hygeine. We disagree. Just because the UK does not have the obvious problem of sewage running down the street, that does not mean there is no potential to spread this disease as this link indicates:

Faecal bacteria are present on 26% of hands in the UK, 14% of banknotes and 10% of credit cards, according to new research carried out by hygiene experts from Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). ... Findings suggest 11% of our hands are so "grossly contaminated" they are carrying as many germs as a dirty toilet bowl. ... The study of bank notes and credit cards suggest only 39% of people wash their hands before tucking into some food.

Basic maths tells us that another factor in potential spread is population density and you do not get much more crowded than London where many Africans live. Ebola can survive for a few hours on dry surfaces. If you hold the rail on a tube train that has been grasped by an infectious person and then go and eat a sandwich, the risk may be low but is it non-existent? So far, we have a case of transmission in Spain to a nurse who would have been using all precautions and a case in the US of a sheriff who spent 30 minutes in an infected man's house and supposedly had no physical contact with the man or his bodily fluids.

Then there are the beliefs and practices that are factors in this spread which Africans bring with them to the UK. Beliefs that illness is due to witchcraft or can be cured by laying on of hands might delay reporting of an infection and spread it further among those communities before the authorities are aware of it.

It is high time European governments did everything possible to stop travel from affected areas by stopping flights except those carrying properly checked aid workers. If the threat is not overblown this could save lives and money. If it is pure hysteria, let's be honest, stopping travel from the likes of Sierra Leone or Liberia is not exactly going to have any significant downsides. Actually, Ebola hysteria sounds ike a damn good excuse.


Ebola outbreak: Witchcraft hampering treatment

Stop Laying Hands on People to Cure Ebola, Clergy Pleads


Seasonal Affective Disorder is a well known condition but is there a Weekly Affective Disorder? Over and over again it keeps happening. Mondays and Tuesdays we feel ok. Wednesdays to Saturdays we go progressively down, getting more and more ratty and by Friday evening, if we had a gun, there would be a Hungerford style massacre round here. Saturday evening we feel nearly suicidal. Sunday mornng we feel tired but get progressively better as the day passes and come Sunday evening we feel ok again.

Perhaps we should start a WAD club but we might get people with FAD, MAD, SAD, YAD or DAD turning up. Don't want those twits turning up, silly f*ers should pull themselves together!

Hang on

Couldn't sleep last night and the solution came to me. Why do I feel lousier as the weekdays go by and then pick up towards the end of the weekend? Vodka! All we have to do is drink all week instead of just weekends. LOFVAF Sorted.

Ho hum

Not into gardening and the missus's expensive wooden greenhouse is basically just my little private drinking club nowadays. Sitting there today trying to cheer ourselves up with the last of our Turkish fags and some heavy rock music. No vodka unfortunately, the village shop was closed and there was a "Police do not cross" ribbon across it. Heard some bastards has broken into a series of local shops last night and nicked all the fags. Bastards.

Really ought to get round to clearing the algae off the glass but find the artwork of the slugs and other little creatures who feed on it rather interesting. Look at this bit, it clearly depicts a couple of dragons fighting while other dragons and a big spider look on. Brilliant little artists! Better than Tracey Emin's crap anyway.

Talking of prophets

We are so wise. It is no wonder we have the same birthday as Nostrodamus.

Just yesterday, on an Ebola thread on CUK we pointed out the similarity to the Dustin Hoffman film Outbreak in which an Ebola-like disease spreads to a US town and mutates into a much more infectious airborne form. Today a UN chief has warned that Ebola could mutate into a much more infectious airborne form.

Talking of prophets 2

Several years ago we also said it would be unwise to open the door to the Gurkhas. While not disputing their qualities as soldiers, we argued that a) Ex soldiers who have suffered the stresses of combat do not make good citizens and b) That we would be opening the door to many others from yet another poor low-performance nation. We also got some flack for a similar post on CUK. Yet today we see the reality for Aldershot of that idiot Lumley's posing. Lack of funding for many elderly Nepalese, health centres blocked up, overcrowded Nepalese areas and fear of Nepalese youths on the streets.

While there is no suggestion they are a major problem and the Gurkhas themselves are still rightly held in high regard it is difficult to see this as a positive for the UK and these are early days. Look at the scale of trafficing of Nepalese women, mostly to India so far, and then at the scale of trafficking and illegal immigration to the UK among other migrant populations who have been here much longer. Look too at the high crime levels in that country. Is it really likely that the problems of such a desperately poor nation will never affect the UK? People love to blame migrant/minority crime on exclusion but look at the facts and problems in any community here tend to reflect those in their countries of origin. And what will happen if the civil unrest and political uncertainy that never quite goes away in Nepal turns into something more widespread and the pressure to leave rises?

There was never a reason to open our doors when Gurkhas' pensions would have provided a good standard of living in their home country. It is a pity that policy is always based on emotion and never on fact and common sense.


The Gurkhas in Aldershot: Little Nepal

Aldershot: the town turning away the Gurkhas

Trafficking of females from Nepal

Human trafficking to UK rising

Crime and political unrest in Nepal


Jeremy Clarkson (my beloved prophet) is supposedly taking the piss out of Argentina. Good for you JC! (are his initials really a mere coincidence or is he the new Messiah?)

It is another example of the curious double standards that prevail today. Anyone who cites relatively recent, pre WW2, history, to defend a white British UK is called racist, told that we must take account of the ethnic population that makes up part of today's UK. Actually, I entirely agree with that. While we should not go on repeating past mistakes, creating conflicts and tensions by taking in those who do not succeed or who reject British values, you cannot turn back history. It is in everyones' interest that British citizens, regardless of ethnicity, should be fully part of our society, that we try and create a Britain where everyone is of equal value and eliminate the differences that exist.

And yet some argue we are supposed to use disputed events of nearly 200 years ago to reject self determination by the Falklands Islanders, most of whose ancestry goes way back to that time. The accusations of colonialism are particularly bizarre coming from Argentina, a country formed by Spanish colonials, most of whom arrived in that region no earlier than the ancestors of the Falkland Islanders.

I particularly liked a comment on that Express article:

I rather like Clarkson for saying what he thinks. He reminds me of myself and how the UK used to be before all these tree hugging leftie dainty flowers came about. Now the country is no longer known for being the Bulldog breed,.......more like the pink Poodle shampoo race. Its no wonder we are being crushed from both the inside and out. The ones who are prepared to speak out are being over shadowed by don't make a fuss wimps.

Stuff it to the lefty, debt defaulting (yet again) twats JC!

Good for you truckers!

The BBC TV news for Kent reports that truckers plan to blockade the port of Dover in protest against the flood of illegal immigrants from Calais. Who can blame them when some have been threatened and attacked? When they get fined up to £2000 a time for each of these parasites that sneaks onto a truck when they stop at a traffic light or to refuel? When their lorries are damaged by the break ins? When the cargo, including foodstuffs, can be written off by migrants pissing and crapping on it?

It is not just truck drivers whose lives and livelihoods are at risk, there has been news of illegals escaping onto motorways or falling from beneath lorries. How long before one of them causes a serious pile up? We have also had recent news of them sneaking onto private vehicles. How long before an ordinary driver gets attacked for trying to get one them to leave? Life must be awful for the people in Calais too. This has to be stopped.

One of the truckers interviewed asked rhetorically why they come here and do not stay in Belgium, France or Germany before saying "We all know why" and he is right. Anyone who thinks that the idea that we too readily grant asylum or mollycoddle these people is a Daily Mail invention should check the figures. Many of these people are Eritreans and over 82% of Eritreans applying were granted asylum or concessionary leave to remain in 2012. Note that that is not the percentage actually remaining in the UK as, even when people do fail to gain asylum under our lax systems, they have only a 13% chance of being removed. As for their usefulness, 80% of Eritreans in Lambeth live in social housing, social housing that should be going to our own people. Another major group, from Somalia, is even more hopeless. Just 1 in 10 is in full time work.

While France and other nations can be criticised for trying to offload the situation onto us by letting them through their own borders, while the stupid EU Schengen agreement can be blamed for making border controls much more difficult, the main fault lies with our shitty governments for making the UK far too attractive.

We have no obligation under the Geneva covention to offer asylum to anyone who comes from a safe country, so why is the government not making it absolutely clear, with a public statement from a government minister, with leaflets and posters in various languages in Calais, that nobody from there will be granted asylum under any circumstances? That any illegals from another EU country will be immediately deported from the UK without further process?


Migrants make Calais a war zone for lorry drivers en route to Britain. Note: missing top image! Scroll down.

Police say they are struggling to contain violence and crime by illegal immigrants encamped in and around the French port

Illegal immigrant suspects run from lorry on M25

Illegal immigrant stowed away under camper van

Asylum decisions by nationality

Only 13% of failed asylum seekers deported

Eritreans in Lambeth

Somalis fare much worse than other immigrants

Ah! fuck it!

Back from holiday in Turkey.

Not really my idea of a great holiday, long delay in outgoing flight, hotels everywhere, packed beaches, piles of litter all over the place, woken up at 5.30 every morning by f* call to prayer from loudspeakers at the nearby f* Mosque. Bet if I went to a local Muslim area here and blared out atheist slogans from loudspeakers on my van at 5.30 I'd get arrested and accused of hate crime for offending their bloody religious sensibilities!

On the other hand, there were some nice days, boat trips, swimming, ancient ruins and a few wanders in the spectacular coastal mountains that were great once you got past the piles of rubbish!. Hotel was ok too, apart from its proximity to the f* mosque, good pool, nice staff, huge all inclusive vodkas at the bar and loud dancy music in the evening. Needless to say, we at bloggoth set it all bopping with our wild dancing and got joined by a couple of nice Russian ladies. And young Turkish men! Blokes dancing together, as in Greece, is not gay apparently.

Ah! fuck it 2!

Holiday was just too much time with the very nice but so bland religious lady. Irritated me to f*. I'm used to serious, daft, irreverent and sometimes crude conversations with those I know. I can only take so much "Ooh! Look at that sunset! Isn't it beautiful? Isn't it? Eh?" without injecting my total irritation into the "Yeh! Lovely!" in response to about the fifth "Eh?". I have seen a sunset about 5000 times before you know missus!

Was wondering how to end it or reduce the contact when we met up last night. In the end, after the 3rd long wait while she exchanged inconsequential pleasantries with acquaintances or passing strangers I got fed up and walked off.

Fuck it! Where do you find a proper woman at my age?

PS Fuck it!

Ah! fuck it 3!

Just back from the holiday and had to go to yet another family funeral.


Saw this in a comment a few weeks back. Apparently a quote of one Jam Zama on Fox news.

The Muslims are not happy!.........
They're not happy in Gaza.
They're not happy in Egypt.
They're not happy in Libya.
They're not happy in Morocco.
They're not happy in Iran.
They're not happy in Iraq.
They're not happy in Yemen.
They're not happy in Afghanistan.
They're not happy in Pakistan.
They're not happy in Syria.
They're not happy in Lebanon.
So, where are they happy?
They're happy in Australia.
They're happy in England.
They're happy in France.
They're happy in Italy.
They're happy in Germany.
They're happy in Sweden.
They're happy in the USA.
They're happy in Norway.
They're happy in Holland.
They're happy in Denmark.
They’re happy in Canada.
Basically, they're happy in every non muslim country and unhappy in every country that is muslim!
And who do they blame?
Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves.
THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN! And then; They want to change those countries to be like the shi*hole country they came from....WHERE THEY WERE UNHAPPY IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Rather sums it up. When there is so little enjoyment in life, when not just the admittedly undesirable western excesses of casual sex and overdrinking are taboo but also the normal and harmless human pleasures, like dancing, romance, loving physical relationships, real art and music are banned, when their education sometimes teaches disdain for those of other religions, how can people ever be warm human beings with normal feelings for others? And how can an ethos that discourages independent thinking on major issues of life not impact flexibility of thinking in other areas? Is it any wonder that the economies of Muslim countries lag those of their non Muslim neighbours unless thay have vast oil wealth, extracted mainly using Western technology?

In a few millenia, when Islam has moderated or died as all irrational beliefs eventually do, when they can look back with detachment, historians will see it for what it is. One of the most malignant millstones that humanity has ever placed around its own neck.

Pakistan - Public schools teach intolerance towards religious minorities: a U.S. Report

Modern perspectives

Modern life links things together have no relationship whatever. Was swapping a lot of utility payments to a new bank account this morning and, from that perspective, electricity supply, water supply, satellite TV, phone bills and sewage disposal are all the same, just a lot of monthly payments in a bank statement.

Just had a huge thunder storm and unplugged the phone line and TV arial to avoid any damage to equipment by a lighting strike. Isn't a good thing that Thor didn't spend his morning sorting out utility payments and get temporarily confused by the similarity?

Who reads it anyway?

Non existent readers of bloggoth who have noted the lack of bollux here should know it was all due to a technicality. There was lots of new stuff on bloggoth, all that was missing was the will to upload it. It was all here in TextPad on my PC, all you had to do was fly to xoggoth Towers in the UK and ask for a free viewing. Granted, it all seemed very dull but, when you are down in the pit we are at the moment, we find absolutely anything very dull, so cannot really judge. Found a previous undiscovered manuscript of a musical colloboration between Shakespeare and Mozart behind the dishwasher last week and threw it away because it was so tedious.

But that doesn't matter anymore. Looked up a thing on depression and it said keep doing the things you used to like doing even though they don't interest you, so bloggoth, for the time being, is purely a therapeutic outlet.

PS Actually I'd have charged you $59397484899785195 and 52 dimes, whatever they are

PPS And the bloggoth 3 Rs, Rude, Rant and Rubbish will be 2 Rs as we are ditching Rant for the moment. Worrying about things we can't change is too fekking depressing at the moment. Actually that's stressful for everyone at the best of times: Study finds news is stressing people out

Who reads it anyway 2?

Damn woman. Shoulda called it off given how I felt but went for a trip to the beach last week with the nice religious lady and I was so bad tempered on the drive down there I'm pretty sure she's gonna chuck me. The hug, phone calls, emails have all changed. I'm just a damned atheist but I would not hold an off day against a friend. Christian forgiveness eh? Oh well, screw her, hopefully I can find a non religious replacement with the rare condition of Culusliberalis, an abnormal generosity in donation of the rear passage.


Another silly little coincidence. Took these pictures in the local woods a few days ago. A huge dead pine tree trunk had fallen right across the public footpath because the trunk has rotted through. Would have been a bit unlucky (or should that be lucky?) if somebody had been walking there at the time. Turned on the TV this morning to see news and there was an old episode of 'Allo 'Allo on Gold. The bloke who played Rene was seriously injured when a tree fell on his car. Does 'appen. Never to the right people unfortunately.

Overstated but not my fault!

Non-existent readers will be aware that we are a famous author and have claimed to have made a fortune (£7) from sales of our fantastic stories on Amazon. Today we got a remittance advice and cheque from them which we do not understand at all. Each sale was supposed to be for the equivalent of one dollar with a fixed fee but there are varying amounts with some sales netting as little as 26p. Sure the dollar/pound exchange rate has not fluctuated that much!

We must therefore apologise for overstating our fame, the massive fortune we have earned so far is £4.16. We must remember to include it on our tax return.

Peddling the myth

In our idiot UK, the "anti-racists" love to seize on excuses to criticise the white British. Recent news that poor white British children (not to be confused with white British children in general as some are doing) are now the worst performers in our schools has attracted the usual comments about migrants caring more about their children, being less welfare dependent etc etc.

Isn't it very strange how nobody mentions the obvious main reason, provided by the government's own statistics, that enormous amounts of money have been spent on improving schools in area of high ethnicity while our own children have been ignored? When we are spending under £4000 per pupil in largely white Knowlsley in Merseyside and around £8000 in high ethnic areas like Tower Hamlets and Hackney what do they F* expect?

Peddling the myth 2

To those of us who ever bother to check, there are some disturbing realities about Eastern Europe including higher alcohol consumption than ours, fundamentalist Catholicism, high levels of anti-semitism and a strong profile for far right groups that make our BNP look moderate. This news of an unprovoked attack by a Polish neo-Nazi group does not come as any great surprise to we at bloggoth.

Strange how the "anti-racists" always seem to think that only the white British ever have any faults. It never seems to occur to them that all men are equally flawed and that every nation has their share of major problems. They never look at the realities of the world or at our own history and draw the obvious conclusion that the poorer a nation is, the more crime, religious conservatism, social problems and unnaceptable attitudes and practices it tends to have. They never learn from the consequences of past migrations either. Immigration from some Commonwealth nations since 1950 has provided us with low performing groups who are more likely to need welfare or social housing, commit more crime, have worse health and have landed us with an ongoing terrorist threat and riots that we never needed to have.

Will those from some Eastern European nations be any better once we have several years of statistics to go on? One would hope so but one thing is certain, that attack in Tottenham will not be the last.

So where is the racism?

In our idiot UK all valid objections to immigration, like this one, are cast as racism. There is nothing in the banners or in any comment that is racist, that mentions this chap's complexion or origin, and yet we get the usual guff about racism based on skin colour etc. Cut to the basic, relevant point. WTF are we doing taking in someone who is not an asylum seeker, who is not stated to have made a previous high contribution to UK taxes (sure the BBC article would mention it if he had) and who needs social housing? The only economic migrants we should be taking in are the ones who will make a well above average net positive contribution to the UK. No migrant should receive social housing or other significant benefit without a significant record of contributions to the state. People who have been on the housing list for years and find themselves pushed down it by migrants who have contributed little or nothing have every right to feel aggrieved.

I once would have said that I don't agree with targetting individuals and that any protest should have been directed at our governments but as our governments will not listen I am not so sure any more. Why should adults who are free to make their own decisions and choose to take advantage of our lax systems at the expense of those who pay for them expect not to receive any criticism?

Maybe if we were a lot less tolerant of the parasites we would get fewer of them.

The arsehole is partly right

The bastard Blair is defending his idiot decisions again.

His assertion that his actions didn't cause the current Iraq crisis are probably correct. If Saddam or his successor had been around today he would probably have been targetted by Islamists just as the Iraqi government is being targetted now. Given the nature of Islamism and the tribal nature of the Arab world, the mistakes of those like Blair probably make very little difference in the long run. "All" Blair and Bush did was waste the lives of our soldiers and billions of taxpayers' money.

For the same reasons, there is not the slightest point in us getting involved now as he suggests. How can we help the moderate (by Muslim standards) rebels against Assad without also benefiting the extreme Islamists? If we help put the former into power, how long before they are targeted by the latter just as the Iraq government is being targetted now?

Probably nothing effective we can do but wait a few hundred years until, hopefully, Islam moderates as Christianity has done. In the meantime we should ensure, as far as possible, that we keep this fuck awful creed out of own countries and stop any of its tenets, except those that are harmless or compatible with our own, being taught. It's good to see that Camoron and others are abandoning their politically correct silence on this issue. What will actually be done is not clear but it's a necessary start.

A bit more recognition of some uncomfortable realities with respect to some other ethnic/migrant groups would not come amiss either. WTF is the point of the government gathering stats on crime, educational acheivement, health, unemployment, welfare and social housing if it does not act on them and ensure that all immigrants really are as beneficial as some claim they are?

Suspicious devices

The bomb squad had to be deployed when relatives of a deceased old bloke found a suspicious device in his shed.

Good for him. Whatever happened to the good old days when we could make explosives and guns just for the fun of it without being labelled terrorists? Used to make lots of bombs out of sugar and Sodium Chlorate, which you could buy at any garden centre. For a gun you just needed a bit of steel piping, a battery, a switch and a bit of nichrome wire from an old iron. Wouldn't work now, chlorate is 50% fire retardents.

Perhaps if we had not been stupid enough to import groups prone to terrorism we might still be able to have a bit of harmless fun.

Whatever happened to Time and Motion Studies?

In the 1st year of our degree we did a business studies course and Time and Motion Studies appeared to be a big thing. The idea was that experts studied business methods or manufacturing processes and worked out the most efficient way of performing them, avoiding any time wasting.

Never hear anything about it recently, maybe expecting anyone to work efficiently is now a gross violation of human rights. It can only be a matter of time before the EU decides that incompetence and laziness is a disability and companies will be obliged to take on people who are totally unsuited to the job, fail interviews or never bother to turn up to them.

We seem to be acheiving very little recently and decided to do some Time and Motion studies on our everyday tasks and try and force ourself to be more efficient. This morning we took on a fairly small job of moving a water butt divertor on the downpipe of the conservatory as the replacement butt is a different height. Not much to it, should have taken about 20 minutes but it took about an hour and a half. Another reason nobody mentions time and motion studies is because it is among the most tedious subjects going so we won't bore the non-existent readers by presenting our 63 page report complete with numerous bar charts and a detailed analysis but the basics are summarised here:

Might be a couple of minor mispellings there, but we are not quite sure. Please come back in an hour or two when we have found our glasses.

A solution to all mankind's ills

Pretty often these days we can't sleep at night, feel tired and depressed all day and suffer from constant catarrh. We know it isn't hay fever as we had it during the winter too. Yet today we felt pretty good, alive and lively and had not a trace of a sniffle. Last night, and the last two times we slept well had something in common, we had scoffed a Sainsbury's Apple Strudel with lots of cream before going to bed.

It's a miracle cure! Trouble is, if we resort to that cure every night, will we end up too fat to get out of bed at all?

This week's post we could not be arsed to write ourselves

We have said it before but it's good to see a professor is saying the same thing. Let us hope our ridiculous governments wake up to the realities of encouraging multiculturalism before the UK ends up as the tribal society we thought we had left behind 1000 years ago.

Sir Paul Collier, a professor of development economics at Oxford University, has produced a model that shows that it inevitably becomes a self-reinforcing process: each diaspora community gets ever more entrenched in reproducing the values of the society from which the migrants to it come, which in turn attracts more migrants from that society to it, which then ensures that it is less integrated with the host society – and more attractive to the immigrants from the traditional society in Pakistan, India or wherever.

Professor Collier thinks that unless the state takes very definite steps to stop this process happening, it will continue more or less indefinitely, with the result that migrant communities become ever more alienated and remote from the society to which they are supposed to adapt. That leads directly to the nightmare scenario: a Britain made up of mutually antagonistic “monocultures” that do not trust each other, do not work together and do not share the values of secular democracy, freedom of conscience and the equality of both sexes before the law.

White racism is not the biggest obstacle to integration: the highest levels of segregation anywhere in Britain are those recorded between Indians and Pakistanis in towns in the north of England. The segregation between African-Caribbeans and Asians is markedly higher than the degree of segregation between whites and African-Caribbeans. And it seems to be getting worse, not better. Immigrant communities are getting more isolated, less integrated and more locked into their own traditional values.

Sensible chap

The Guardian reports on Michael Gove's views on Islamism:

"Nowhere has moral clarity been more lacking in British state policy over the last ten to fifteen years than in our approach to the Islamist threat," begins chapter eight, before detailing his belief that "a sizeable minority" of Britain's 1.8 million Muslims hold "rejectionist Islamist views" which he compares to the threat posed by Nazism and Communism.

F* Cats!

The only animal I loath (apart from people) is f* cats!

Looking at a local volunteering site and selected interests as Animals/All activities. Almost all it brought up was page after page of opportunities with Cats Protection. This organisation must have more people on its staff than Tescos! I tried Education and Literacy and 3 out of 8 opportunities there were for Cats Protection too. I thought "Environment and Conservation" would be free of them, given the adverse impact of domestic cats on our wildlife but no, they are there too looking for administrators. Searched for "website" and 1 of the 3 was for the Cats Protection website.

There are more vacancies caring for f* cats than there are caring for the elderly! What the hell do people see in the creepy little bastards?

PS No I wasn't looking for "activities" with lady pigs, how dare you!

PPS Mmmmmmmm!

That sensible lefty again

Polly Toynbee, that "liberal lefty "that us righties are supposed to loath, has been talking sense in The Guardian again.

The Muslim 'Trojan Horse' schools frenzy hides a need for integration Children should be taught about religion, not have one imposed on them. That a third of state schools in the UK are faith schools is a disaster.
The state's duty is to protect children and to see they get a good education to fit them for life. It makes no difference whether they are Muslims or Wee Frees, Plymouth Brethren or Roman Catholics, children have a right to an education free from imposed beliefs, and be free to choose their own path.
What is needed is socially and religiously integrated education. All children should be taught religious education, learning about all religions. But what serious programme of sex education or prevention of homophobic bullying can there be in schools where most teachers adhere to ancient texts that punish gays? It's hard to complain of some of the teachings in the Qur'an when Gove sends a Bible to every school, filled with the most extreme and bizarre prohibitions.

Quite. Those who do not live in PC ignorance will know that Christian schools do not even begin to compare in terms of the frequency or nature of extremism that is common in Muslim schools but that does not really matter. Stop the teaching of dogma in all schools and it all stops and nobody can complain of discrimination. Freedom to teach stigmatisation and exclusion of others for totally irrational reasons is not a freedom that we should respect. The nonsense of religion is a millstone around the necks of humanity and is is time we progressed beyond it.

Low skilled immigration is not a positive, it is taking us backwards

In my younger days DIY car repair magazines, like Popular Mechanics, sold lots of copies and many people did their own servicing, repairs and modifications because it was reasonably easy. Almost nobody fixes their own cars anymore, the compact designs, complex electronic control systems and sensitive emission controls make it far too difficult. On the other hand, cars are vastly more reliable, economical and less polluting than they used to be, so the changes have certainly not been a bad thing.

That is just one example of the way things change as a result of progress. Often we get nostalgic for the way things used to be. Wasn't it nice when every town and many villages had their own butchers, bakers and greengrocers? Unfortunately in the modern world, when almost everyone has a car, when large out of town stores offer economy of scale, when shopping malls concentrate a range of stores in one place with convenient parking, when goods can be ordered online and delivered to your door, it does not make commercial sense anymore.

That is why articles like this claiming that an influx of immigrants has saved our high streets make no sense whatever. Leaving aside the question of how Polish food stores or other businesses that simply cater for increased demands caused by migrants are of any benefit to the native British, all that is happening is that those from less developed nations are stymying progress and taking our local economies backwards in line with their own. Another example we see routinely is how the automated car wash that your local garage has invested a lot of money in is now standing unused because Eastern Europeans hang around supermarket and garden centre car parks providing car washes with buckets and sponges.

We have heard before how cheap immigrants were supposed to save our economy but they never did. In the 60s and 70s our textile industry in Lancashire took in large numbers of cheap workers from South Asia but it was entirely predictable that the industry folded anyway. Low wages by UK standards could never allow the UK to compete with countries where wages were even lower and where basic workers' rights and even proper safety standards were often non existent. The Lancashire industry is now beginning to make a comeback by diversifying and concentrating on innovation and quality as it should have done back then.

We cannot afford to have our economy governed by nostalgia about how things used to be, we need to embrace changes that make economic sense in a market economy. The UK cannot compete with poorer countries using cheap imported labour, it needs to grow by innovation and technology.

Women in my life

Apart from my nice religious lady, I have the regular company of another bird in my life and she's lovely. No, I haven't bonked her because she really is a bird, a female Blackbird to be precise. Whenever I go out, she is there waiting for her bird seed and stands a few inches away as I put it out. Even when she has had her fill she often hangs around me. I sit on the garden seat and she perches on the trellis next to it and we exchange little wip noises.

Looking at her photo, she does look a bit sad. Do you get sad loners in the animal kingdom? Because that it what she seems to be. Shows no signs of having a mate or a nest and rarely strays from a small area of my garden, rarely flies either. I call her Betty. Don't worry Betty, me and Mr P will keep you company. Do you like vodka?


A very short snatch in a BBC news item reminded me of this. Wow! Why do we keep remembering things recently? (As long as they are not names of celebrities obviously)

Camoron is right

It isn't saying much but we are increasingly coming to the view that Camoron is one of the most sensible PMs we have had in my lifetime. What a shame the Tories were obliged to be in a coalition with the Illiberal Despots.

He has said that people should not be allowed to erase their history from the internet unless it is factually innacurate. In principle, leaving aside the difficulty of proving if it is or not in some cases, he is quite right. Our private lives should be private but if we are seeking a loan or an investment in our business, running for public office, buying goods or services on credit, looking for a job, renting a flat, getting married, seeking a partner on a dating site or interacting with others in any of the numerous ways that affect them, those others should have a right to know what they are letting themselves in for.

A personal example. We recently had a cold call about an investment opportunity that looked too good to be true but checked it out anyway. It did not appear to be a fraud and had been endorsed by a fairly well known presenter but, digging a bit deeper, we found that the director who started the scheme had been involved in a previous scheme that had lost a lot of money for his clients. Should I, and many others probably, really not be able to find that out?

This ruling is yet another bit of nonsense from the European court of rights based on the irrational idea that one person's rights should be allowed to override everyone else's.

PS. And one of the directors was Nigerian but it would be racist (AKA realistic and sensible) to take that into account.

Product variety

Do you ever wonder if we really need so many different products? What exactly is the difference between a bathroom surface cleaner and a kitchen surface cleaner? They clean the same type of surface, such as formica, tile or PVC and they are all supposed to kill 99% of germs. Is a bit of chlorine really fussy about what germs it kills? Can't help feeling it's all just a ruse by the manufacturers to make us spend more money. It's the same with a lot of other things. I bet there isn't an ounce of difference between male and female deodorants.

PS Did you spot this week's deliberate error? Yes, no finger on the nozzle but the can is spraying. Yes, it was deliberate! I am just trying to keep the non-existent readers on their toes.


Watching old Simpsons while eating dinner. Another sad and long forgotten song.

The merits of real nationalism

As is normal for leftists, those who wrongly equate Nationalism with Nazism or think that nationalistic governments are likely to set out to conquer others are plain ignorant. Since 1950, very few wars, conflicts and major tensions have pitted rival nations against each other as this list shows. Exactly the same is true today. We live in a world of organisations like the UN and NATO and, more importantly, large populations and international trade where old style national conflicts are much more difficult. Few nations on their own have all the resources to support their own economies in the face of trade sanctions.

The worst conflicts in the period have been ideological, pitting a large block of nations against another, but the great majority have been civil wars or tribal conflicts within nations. When nations have gone to war, it has rarely been a simple case of one nation's citizens versus another but rather a case of opposing ethnic groups in either nation, with one nation intervening on the side of what it regards as it's own people. In other words, as in Syria, Nigeria, Somalia, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Iraq, Ukraine and the CAR today, it is ethnic, tribal and religious divisions, not national rivalries, that cause most conflicts.

So far, they are small beer compared to those but look at tensions closer to home. Terrorist attacks in England since 2001, the major riots since 1980. the current stories about attempted Islamic takeovers in many schools. These are tensions which, with more nationalist policies, we might never have had and they have increased racism, not reduced it. We would have more respect and tolerance for those of different ethnicity if a significant minority were not a threat or a burden to us.

The logical conclusion is that by breaking down national barriers, by allowing supra national bodies like the EU to impose laws on sovereign nations that ignore their interests, by encouraging mass immigration without proper controls and without requiring integration, we are likely to be creating a much less peaceful world.


We happen to live right next to the Greenwich Meridian, 0' degrees longitude, where East meets West. Yesterday we went rambling on a footpath which is part of the Greenwich Meridian Trail. If we keep on murdering our sense of national identity, importing problems and tensions from other nations, where will it end? And, if the old East vs West tensions rise again, will they be much closer to home?

Jogging down a footpath that is the new demarcation line between hostile political blocks may be interesting but we would prefer just to look at the Bluebells.

Lenny Henry

Used to like the bloke but our opinion has just nosedived after reading details of this campaign.

The principle of trying to bring the ethnic British into our society and economy, especially the lowest performers, is something we should all support out of pure self interest because anything else is going to deliver yet more decades or riots and terrorism. However, the sort of thing he proposes is just an inverted racism that favours one group over another purely by reason of skin colour, disproportionately impacts the white majority and will simply raise resentment. Look at his actual words here:

Henry contrasted pictures of the casts of US and UK dramas such as Gray's Anatomy and the mostly white Channel 4 series Southcliffe and ITV's Broadchurch, saying you "rarely see a black face" in high-end British dramas and comedies such as ITV's Downton Abbey.

That is plain stupid. How can a British period drama show an ethnic face, except rarely, and be remotely accurate or believable? It's not just that he mistakenly chose a poor example, you could never have blacks or other minorities significantly represented in any realistic British-based drama that did not cover the last six decades without making it totally unbelievable.You could not have a historical program about life in Britain that did not cover the same period without changing history. Or an up to date crime drama set in Dorset that was not almost entirely white for that matter. Are we expected to give up all interest in our own culture and history or accept ludicrous distortions for the sake of recent migrants?

They should be properly represented in other programs, other parts of the BBC or in the economy generally but proper representation should take the truly non racist form of ensuring that all applicants are considered impartially on their merits. What if there are not sufficient suitable BME applicants for any particular job? Considering that we are not actually comparing like with like and that some BME groups tend to have fewer GCSE passes and other qualifications, that is bound to happen sometimes. Will better qualified white chaps be passed over in favour of the BME applicant? What resentment will that justifiably raise and will it really help to reduce racism in the UK? And, while equality generally may be desirable, does that really mean that we should have quotas for every single position, given the different strengths and preferences among different cultures? There are many blacks in the legal and medical professions but, if companies had to recruit the proper quota of black engineers or computer programmers, vacancies would be unfilled for a long time.

In a few cases, in the police perhaps when there is a need to reach out to minority communities, being of ethnic origin can be valuable in itself but in most cases quotas are a racist nonsense. Whites are the subject of racism too, (how many white waiters have YOU ever seen in an Indian or Chinese restaurant?) but there is no reason why they alone should be subjected to it by law. Not that we are against the idea of people getting what they pay for. We already have a BBC Asian Network and if Henry wants true representation of blacks on TV we have no objection whatever to one or more black channels, staffed entirely by blacks if he likes, as long as it is financed entirely from black license fees or black taxpayers.

Provided we can have a white channel funded by whites obviously. Or is it too racist in our idiotic one sided multi-cultural Britain for the white British to have equality in anything?

REAL democracy

It would be great to have a properly proportional voting system and REAL democracy where all opinions, including extreme ones as long as they were not advocating violence, have weight in proportion to those who support them.

Why not let the BNP and no borders groups, the far left and the far right, the anarchists and extreme libertarians, the Marxists who want property ownership outlawed, the Shariah law supporters, the Green loonies who put the animal welfare above that of humans, the Ayne Rand elitists etc have an MP or two if they can muster the necessary support? There is not the remotest chance of any gaining power in the UK but there are two big advantages. If opinions could be freely expressed rather than hidden or shouted down, we could judge them according to their merits of otherwise. If the extremists had freedom of expression and their parties were allowed some influence they would not feel the need to support more moderate parties and damage their case.

If we exclude some and not others according to current thinking about what is acceptable, there is no true democracy, because extremists will support moderate laws that go a little way in their direction. A bit of basic maths. Removing just one end of a normal distribution shifts the mean in the opposite direction and this also impacts moderates close to the centre of the distribution.

Mmmmm! Damn!

Another generic message from dating site.

"I am a large lady.... "
Wahee! Yippee, snort, drool!
"I dont drink very much."
Aaagh! Damn! Darn it! Bollux!

Endangered species

We are always reading about endangered species and it is quite right, IMO, that we should do all we can to protect them. On the other hand, if I lived in some remote part of India and Tigers were eating my goats/children I might not be so keen. We are all hypocrites.

Even pro-nature Brits think killing some species such as rats or ants is ok but what if we developed some really effective poisons and some creatures we currently regard as pests become endangered too?

PS Actually, if Tigers were eating my children I would be even more in favour of them.


The non-existent readers of bloggoth might imagine that we would be among those objecting to Camoron's assertions that Britain is a Christian country but we aren't. While we cannot understand how intelligent people can believe in the irrational nonsense of the established religions, we really don't mind if they do, provided that they do not try and impose it on the rest of us. Cameron's words were just that, words, there were no suggestions of more Christianity-based laws.

If we had to have a religious state, one could probably not do better than one based on the teachings of the Church of England, probably among the most tolerant and least fundamentalist of all the world's faith. So there is also a big positive in Camoron's words, and of some other prominent Christians in recent months, in that it might make some of those tolerant Christians a bit more willing to speak out against intolerant and fundamentalist religion that has mainly been inflicted on the UK by mass immigration over many decades. The threat to our secular society is not just from Islam, although that is by far the worst, but from Evangelical Christianity from Africa and Catholic fundamentalist from Eastern Europe. Those "public figures" who lambasted Cameron for his views were not serving us atheists and agnostics, rather they were supporting the politically correct viewpoint that we should continue to turn a blind eye to the unnaceptable views and practices of minority religions.

So yes, keep it up Dave. It would be good if one day we could have a nation without religion, but that will only happen when the Flying Pig God takes to the air. In the meantime, if us non-believers and Christians like him can be united in rejecting these largely foreign beliefs that threaten our secular society, it will be a good thing. Of course, stopping even more pouring in might help too.

We repeat. Tolerance must be a two way street. Respect for the beliefs of those who do not have equal respect for ours is insane.


Oh dear. Several years ago when I wrote this very short story I never imagined it could actually happen.

New condition

There does not appear to be a psychiatric condition called Hyperanthropomorphism but it exists 'cos we at bloggoth definitely have it. Lots of adults talk to their pets as if they are people but does anyone else treat every damn thing as if it human? *Note 1. We always park our van (Vannies) where it will have a nice or interesting view. We can't even throw away a sock with a hole in it without feeling guilty and sorry for the other sock, left all alone in the world without its mate. *Note 2

In return for some website work, our brother bought us a Garmin GPS unit for our wanderings so we can always see where we are on a map. Works well, once one masters all the complexities, but we could not possibly leave our little I-gotu GPS travel logger at home, it would be too sad, so will carry on taking that too. Trouble is, if I take them both, will they get on?

Note 1: Except some humans, treating loony lefties as human beings would be silly!

Note 2: But our Old Sock Dating Agency always matches them up with another widowed sock of vaguely similar colour or pattern. Saves spending a whole 3 quid on a new pair too!

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Value in a crap film

Went to see the film Noah last night. Gordon Bennet! What a totally rubbish film it is! On the other hand, maybe they did the best they could with a totally crap script. The next time you create a universe Yahweh, don't try and document things yourself, hire Stephen King to write your Genesis, he'll make a much more believable job of it.

The film did its best to make some things faintly more believable. You may have wondered how Noah managed to find the food required for two of every beast, including many with very restricted diets, for 40 days and nights without any of them eating each other or what the toilet arrangements were. The film tried to explain that with a 0.1% more believable story that Noah put them all to sleep. You may have wondered how any normal rain could cover the entire world, including mountains, unless it went on unrelentingly for many years but they explained that by saying it burst from the ground, slightly more believable given that the earth's mantle may hold as much water as the oceans, so we'll give it 0.5% Doesn't explain what stopped the water running back into the sea, resulting in an increase in the oceans' average depth that would be nowhere near enough to submerge all the land*. You may have wondered how one man and his family could possibly build a 41,000 M3 vessel complete with suitable storage for about 60,000 land-dwelling vertebrates and 1m invertebrates. The film explained that by giving them help from some giant rock-covered fallen angels. That is pretty credible, by the standards of the bible that is, so we'll give it 5%

Too many loose ends still unaddressed. If only man had sinned why could not an almighty god destroy them only, rather than all land-dwelling life? A plague or two should have been simple enough. Would all the unrescued land plants have survived? If there was just one of every beast, including man, wouldn't a proportion of them have died of natural causes before reproducing? What did all the carnivores eat in the months before any offspring appeared? How could every species have repopulated the earth from two individuals without a host of genetic defects appearing? And, if the flood really encompassed more than a very small area of the earth, how on earth did all the animals far away or over the sea ever manage to get there in the time available? The film really could have covered that point, shown god handing out plane tickets or something.

The only way genesis can possibly be literally correct is if it is describing some alternative universe. The more plausible explanation, as with all "holy texts", is that it was written by a man with only the limited knowledge of the time and not one iota of divine guidance.

The value of the film? Well, it might make a few of the idiots who believe in the literal truth of these things examine just how unrealistic their beliefs are.

PS By few we mean very, very, very, very, very, very few. We are not that naive about human stupidity.

*Average ocean depth is 4,267m and covers 76% of Earth's surface. There are more than 100 mountains with heights of over 7,200 metres.

Real non racism is assuming everyone is as crap as everyone else

Too many liberals fall into a well of contradiction. They insist that all people are equal, regardless of origin, but then imagine that others have none of the flaws that we do.

They denounce UKIP or the far right but fail to realise that many migrants will have equally strong or racist views. They say we should not act in our selfish interests to protect British culture but fail to realise that many migrants will equally act in the interests of their own people and their own culture and will not give a damn about what happens to ours. They insist that asylum seekers are all genuine despite the fact that many of us would also resort to invention as they do to avoid living in appalling conditions.

If you want to look at immigration from a truly non racist viewpoint, start with a real un-racist attitude, that all people have the same faults.

Then look at what has happened and at what is happening today around the world when people of disparate cultures are thrust into proximity, when idealistic aims are pursued too quickly and the legitimate concerns of ordinary people are treated with contempt.

Rhythm of the falling rain

This song popped into my head the other day. Won't go obviously but it could be worse.


Obviously we at bloggoth much prefer the orgies/kissing goat's bottoms/inflicting evil upon the world variety but there is another version of Satanism with a very different basis. It views Satan not as the opponent of god but as his agent, a lesser being who has been appointed by him to deal with mankind on a day to day basis. Does any of this look evil? Tenets 3, 4 and 5 in particular are a great improvement over attitudes common to most established religions.

The mission of The Satanic Temple is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people. In addition, we embrace practical common sense and justice. As Satanists we all should be guided by our conscience to undertake noble pursuits guided by our individual wills. We believe that this is the hope of all mankind and the highest aspiration of humanity.

There are seven fundamental tenets.

1.One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason.
2.The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.
3.One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.
4.The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forego your own.
5.Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs.
6.People are fallible. If we make a mistake, we should do our best to rectify it and resolve any harm that may have been caused.
7.Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.

Pity they spoil it with by using a black/red colour scheme that we associate with conventional Sanism.

Darn it!

Now even Gordon Brownstuff is doing summit I mostly agree with by tackling forced marriage in Pakistan. The only bit I obviously don't agree with is that the UK should be paying for it - deduct it from the foreign aid we give that awful Islamic country please Gordon. The lot of women in Muslim countries is awful. The UK too. Just driving down a country road today and there was a group of girls hiking in horrible black Muslim veils in hot sunshine.

This is England? Trivial maybe but just the tip of the iceburg of what some women of Muslim or third world ethnic origins in the UK have to put up with. Anything other than total equality for women, letting them make their own decisions about their own lives, should be totally unnaceptable. The reluctance of our PC society to tackle these issues for fear of appearing racist may in reality be rather racist itself. Aren't ethnic minority women important enough to deserve a principle that white British women, in our society, take for granted? Males who don't accept it should have no damn right to be here.

Anyway, rant over. Getting back to Gordon Brownstuff. Him doing something sensible and decent is just not on! Hate is as necessary in a human life as love in our view. God and Satan, Ying and Yan, Sooty and Sweep and all that crap, it's about balance. By not hating Gordon Brown so much we are left with a big void in our lives that we must now fill by hating somebody else equally, but who? Not Ed Milliband or even Ed Balls, they're just annoying/pathetic.

Only one possible choice. Step up to the no 1 platform - Vince Cable. Undoubtably the biggest arrogant arsehole in politics today.

Come back

We must try and rev. up the imagination. Get back to our stories, cartoons and art. We are trying - one thing that should help is recording odd thoughts that might be useful. We looked at one of our many little notebooks the other day. It said "nuclear war just Wheatabix Sharon Osbourne"

Yeeees. Most helpful.

On faith and drink

Hail outside. Sitting here listening to Dean Martin.

The two dates were good and have another planned but can't imagine there'll be anything more to it than company for the occasional NT visit or countryside wander. She's a really nice lady but religious, thinks crystal healing can actual work (beyond the purely psychological effect) and does not accept that experience shapes human nature. Philosophy and religion, or lack of same, may not form the substance of most conversations but they do provide a basic foundation for attitudes to almost everything.

Got another date in the making. Sent the lady a message, got a reply and in her first sentence she mentions she likes Vodka! Forget all that crap in my first paragraph, she likes Vodka! I think I'm in love.

Update. Not heard from the vodka lady but never mind. Great day wandering the country with our original date. Sun shining and she's lovely company. Definitely helping to undepress me. In more libidinous days I would have found it impossible to have a very decent looking lady as a friend and not jumped on her but when you're a pensioner, maybe it can work. Who wants complications of sex and stuff at the mo. anyway?

Sex. How do you do that again? Forgotten. Think it involved spoons but our memory is not what it was.

Update 2. Quite a few days out with my nice Baptist lady, she does cheer me up.


Had various things done to the house and appliance repairs over last few years. Couple of things you notice about the average British workman is a) They do a damn good job and b) they don't pay much attention to any of this health stuff. If they are here for any length of time I always make them tea/coffee and they nearly all have two or three sugars. They also smoke a lot. Just had some scaffolding put up so a village friend can do my gutters/soffits and found fag butts everywhere. (It was quite cheap, so not complaining, and a visit from my brother was much worse). Blokes I know up the club who do roofing, fencing etc for a living drink so much they even make Mr P looks abstemious and are constantly popping out for a fag.

I suppose they do get a lot of exercise in their jobs, unlike us IT and other deskbound sorts. Sitting at a desk all day, even if you do get exercise outside of working hours, is not exactly healthy either. but not sure that entirely compensates. Health does seem to be very much a "class" issue.

A vote can't be democratic can it?

A strong national identity, with a population which shares common culture and beliefs, is a very positive thing. For that reason we are happy if the Scots choose to leave the UK, good luck to them, provided that they take on their share of national debt and do not expect the rest of the UK to be hampered by a currency union. For the same reason, assuming the poll results are genuine and there is no serious risk to those of Ukranian origin, we see no reason why Crimea should not be free to join Russia if it wishes.

We see no suggestion in the press that the vote in Crimea, which has a 59% Russian majority, was rigged but the reaction of Western governments is predictable, since when was the result of a vote ever a factor in our "democracies"? It is only the idiocy of the West that has caused all this tension. There was a chance to build relations with Russia but we kept the cold war going with a typically insane US foreign policy to bring these countries into NATO and a rush by the ego-driven EU empire builders to burden us with the poverty-stricken citizens of Eastern Europe.

At least the Scots and Crimeans get a vote. More than the rest of us ever do on the major decisions that impact our lives.

Update: Too true, this is: PETER HITCHENS: We're being dragged into a new Cold War by a puffed-up bullfrog (and I don't mean President Putin)

Privacy or privates?

I see the NHS records database has been shelved over privacy concerns but, given the stories about future costs of providing health care for an aging population, should privacy be the main priority? Maybe the NHS should start up a porn site and flog all those pictures they take of intimate bits. Where else can you get a live video from inside somebody's fanny or backside?

Whatever it is, you can always find somebody with a fetish about it, so even the most unlikely images might have a value.

PS To Our occasional Yank viewer. No, a fanny and a backside are not the same thing!


Going down slow. Being on your own really sucks. In the good old days I'd have just gone to a disco with a couple of mates. No Casenova but I wasn't too bad at finding women, it was at an 18+ disco in Bromley that I met the missus. Unfortunately, there ain't no discos for us old 1960s farts. After a few minutes of our usual mad jumping about the floor would be littered with walking sticks, false teeth and colostomy bags.

So reluctantly signed up for one of those mature dating sites. A lady nearby contacted me and invited me for a drink tomorrow evening. Looks legit but who knows? You read things about these sites. Will she be an 18 stone Russian woman in search of a UK passport? Said that to someone else as a joke but just an hour later got added as a "favourite" by a Chinese Lady, living in China and seeking to join her sisters in the UK. She was honest about it, at least.

Getting rather nervous now. When I get there tomorrow will it even be a women at all? Or a Bangkok ladyboy?

Real Reality TV

In real life there are no invasions by aliens from outer space, no plagues of zombies, no expanding black holes swallowing the land, no giant Japanese lizards escaping from ships, no immense Gorillas climbing skyscrapers, no 50 foot women (damn shame that one), no time-travelling heros and no climate storms freezing the country. We don't solve murders in our village every week, get to go to distant planets or ever get a chance to defeat criminal gangs and save the world from evil dictators while bedding lots of hot women.

Has the impact of decades of this extreme fiction ever been investigated? Could it be that people become unsatisfied with life because, for most of us anyway, it is never as exciting as films or TV? Perhaps we should have much duller things on TV to make people more satisfied with what they have:

Socks in the City Four American women, including one with enormous teeth, run a business that buys odd socks and matches them up so that they can sell the matching pairs on eBay.

The Adventures of James Bland. A boring chap who sits on his sofa every night, visiting online casinos, fighting villains in computer games and bedding hot women in his imagination while tossing off to xnxx.com

Dr Hugh. Eccentric retired GP Dr Hugh Smith lives in an old police box. Every few years he likes to put on makeup and masquerade as somebody completely different. His living accomodation is far bigger than it appears because a hole in the police box wall connects it to the shed behind.

CSI East Gobsley. A spin off from the US CSI programs including "CSI New York". Investigators in the quiet little town of East Gobsley use their skills to track down those responsible for its most serious crimes, including a discarded pizza box, a damaged wing mirror and "ARSE" sprayed on the post office wall.

The Walking Deaf. In this post apocolyptic world a virus causes large numbers to become almost deaf. The few people unaffected do their weekly food shopping at the supermarket while trying to steer clear of people shouting "CAN YOU SPEAK UP PLEASE?" at the checkout staff.

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That's communism - yes, it really is!

Had a vodka-fuelled political argument with a bloke up the club the other day. He's a nice chap but a bit of lefty.

I mentioned some failures of the former Soviet Union and heard something I have heard many times before, going back to student days. The USSR was nothing to do with communism, it was just a dictatorship that had abandoned its Communist ideals. Not so many months back I was told that China was never a REAL communist state either. Whenever one points out the numerous failures of communist states, the lack of personal freedom or democracy, the corruption, the poor economic performance until they embrace some capitalist principles as China and Vietnam have, we are blandly assured that those were/are not really communist states.

In purely theoretical terms they are right, communism is not supposed to have any leaders and everything, both property and means of production, is supposed to be shared equally by all citizens. There are two problems there. The first is that the idea is utter bollux, how can you possibly acheive a concensus between millions of people without some taking charge and organising things? The second is that it completely ignore the realities of human nature, people will never contribute equally to society and those who do resent having to share with low acheivers they do not know. Communism may work in small communitoes of like-minded people but in a state? Never. In purely practical terms the USSR, China etc were communist states because that is what communist principles will produce every time, one party dictatorships.

These denials make as much sense as saying that global companies ripping us off, economic bubbles due to speculation with no substance or banks rigging the markets have nothing to do with capitalism. The only difference is that I have never heard any capitalist say anything so utterly stupid.

How convenient for lefties that nobody can cite realities to criticise their imagined utopias on the grounds that they have not yet existed.

Yet another illustration - as if needed

We have cited Venezuela on previous occasions as a lefty state where freedom and economic performance would inevitably decline as socialism, approaching communism, was imposed. Chavez is dead, fortunately, but his successor is no better. This should be one the richest SA countries due to its oil reserves but the economy is falling apart with high inflation and shortage of goods, there is government censorship and clampdowns and violence is rocketing.

Why is that socialists lack logic or any ability to grasp facts?


The sort of history that interests you probably reveals a great deal about the sort of person you are. The missus was a lovely, normal, caring sort of person and history was a passion. She was fascinated by the intrigues of the Plantagenets and could spend days reading about the doings of Eleanor of Aquitaine and thinking about what they said about her character. Me? I don't give a a shit about individuals past or (if I don't know them) present but am fascinated by the doings of mankind in general and what makes him tick.

I popped in to a local history exhibition today that had a lot of maps and photos about our two adjacent villages. About half was about the people who played a part in our past and I did not spend long looking at that information. Mr J Rawlings (or whatever his name was, we forgot) may have been a great bloke and done sterling service to Britain in the first world war but the only thing we found of interest was that his bust looked just like that old bloke who makes sneering comments in the balcony of the Muppets. On the other hand, the more general stuff about our iron industry, the smuggling trade and the origins of our historic buildings was fascinating.

No, I am not a people person. For me there is no obvious difference between studying the behaviour of men and animals and the chance of me ever being a leader of men is therefore zero. On the other hand, is it a good thing that people like me are never leaders? So much of our society is governed by a) emotion that blots out the wider picture or b) idealism that ignores the practical realities. Perhaps the actions of our governments would make a lot more sense if our rulers thought in a more detached and scientific way.

Perhaps we should form the Psychopath Party. It has a nice ring to it.

PS For people-oriented people, here's our local war hero , on the right:

PPS Posted to Photobucket by the guy who thought of this one. Better if it actually worked obviously.

Like this

Among the interesting new facts we learned at the exhibition was the prevalence of smuggling in our area. It was unsafe to be in certain places at certain times, things you saw might get you killed. Another thing we had never heard of was Rough Music. Apparently, if somebody offended the local community, they would get a crowd together and stand outside the micreant's house and make a lot of noise with catcalls, bells, horns, pots and pans or any other suitable apparatus. This could go on for many days.

Rough music, or Ran Tanning, was often directed against those who had abused children or been responsible for domestic violence and was banned in 1882. I suppose things like this may well get out of hand and, in our overcrowded communities, could well be a nuisance to others but, compared to some of the things that happen in the third and developing world today to those who offend their comunities, this practice of 18th century Britain seemed to be remarkably civilised.

When you consider the various reported failures of our authorities to take problems like stalking or domestic violence seriously until it's too late, when you consider the ineffectiveness of ASBOs in tackling the problems of petty youth crime that makes peoples' lives a misery, maybe it would be no bad idea to allow a bit of non-violent vigilantism back into our society provided there is adequate control.

Teenagers causing anti-social behaviour on our streets? Three nights of being followed around by people playing Cliff Richard albums could surely sort it.


Good Joke on Sickipedia:

My wife, children and I have been sitting upstairs in our Somerset home, totally cut off from the outside world, with the downstairs flooded for the last five weeks.

Today the Red Cross pulled up outside in a boat.

"Thank God!" I shouted. "Have you come to save us?"

"No," they replied. "We're collecting donations for Syria."

Flooding? We just need more flying pink zebras!

Even the daftest arguments often have a bit of reality and sense in them somewhere. People arriving at unsound conclusions will often make use of facts, they just tend to be rather selective in their use of them. There are exceptions and it is no surprise whatever that the most utterly ridiculous and nonsensical statement we have seen in recent years, outside of religion anyway, should come from a politician. Erick Pickles has said that the effects of extreme weather in the UK will be alleviated by our spending on foreign aid.

We have covered the idiocy of previous claims that foreign aid will reduce immigration and terrorism, see links below, but to say it will reduce flooding in the UK takes idiocy to an entirely new level. Even if future aid to the likes of Somalia, Haiti or Nepal did somehow start to help them develop significant industry and commerce of their own, despite the fact that it has never yet managed to do so yet, how the hell does he think that could reduce CO2 emissions? All the evidence from emerging countries shows that their main priority (sensibly) is to improve the wealth of their people and environmental considerations are not a priority. China, for example, is the world largest consumer of coal and the pollution that causes is not only endangering hundreds of thousands of their own children but is responsible for up to 25% of sulphate levels in the Western US. The use of coal in the Far East generally is growing rapidly, not reducing, while India's use of coal is growing even faster. It is growing in other countries too, like Russia and South Africa.

Foreign aid will never do anything for the likes of Somalia or Sudan until their peoples get their Khat-chewing heads out of their fundamentalist fundaments and, when/if that does happen, what is more likely? That they will forego improvements to their standard of living for the sake of a greener planet? Or make use of their largely untapped coal and oil reserves to make their lives more comfortable as quickly as possible?

Only a F* idiot, or a thick, fat politician could have any doubt on that one. That UKIP bloke who said flooding in the UK was due to legalisation of gay marriage made as much sense as Pickles.


Saw a joke the other day that sums it up:

Concern grows year on year about the lack of any real democracy in our so-called democratic countries. If you want a recent example of the sort of utter contempt that our politicians hold for public opinion, look no further than the killing off of the EU Referendum Bill by Labour and Liberal "DEMOCRAT" (hah! hah! hah! hah!) peers in our unelected House of Lords. Strange how the Liberal "DEMOCRATS" (hooh! hooh pnaar! gumph!) want a reformed House of Lords with all elected members, yet are quite willing to use those unelected members to oppose the right of the electorate to have any say on a major issue!

Our first thought is DEATH to all politicians! Kill the F* lot of them, especially the most contemptuous in their stinking ranks, like Ken Arrogant Cunt Clarke and Vince Ignorant Wankshit Cable but then (after a few vodkas) we recovered a little of our atheist charity. Being open-minded, we are not against learning a few lessons from the world of religion. (As long it's not the malignant bollox of the lunatic prophet obviously, there are limits!) Pope Francis is a very decent and sensible (for a pope) chap and we felt quite inspired by this story of him washing the feet of prisoners in imitation of Christ's reportedly similar services to his disciples.

If a Pope can show such humility towards the lowest in his church, if the son of a god (snick, snick) can show such humility to us mere mortals, is it too much to expect some humility from mere politicians, especially when we are paying their salaries? Let's make all our MPs undertake a training course in humility before they are allowed to stand in elections!

Welcome back art!

Fame in the art world is a lottery. We went to an excellent little local art exhibition last year in which the art was by people with a disability, we forgot what exactly, and one artist was just brilliant. So why was she not famous or even selling her work for £100s? No idea. Given the many really good amateur artists around, it is debatable if this boy's paintings are worth quite so much attention but they are darn good.

One thing for sure, to our mind anyway, is that it's nice to see that attention focusing on works of a real artist instead of utter bullshit from the likes of Emin and Hurst.

Sensible countries

The lefty loonies in the UK will castigate anyone who wants tighter immigration controls, yet what most people want are not BNP style anti-black/anti-Muslim/anti-etc policies, just ones that prevent significant problems for British citizens, ensure their safety and do not oblige them to foot the bill for the problems of the third world and nations blighted by conflict and religious conservatism. The sort of policies that most sensible countries, like the US and Canada, already have. Here is the US policy on Asylum seekers:

If you have a criminal record that includes any of the following, you will not be eligible for asylum:
•conviction of a particularly serious crime
•commission of a serious non-political crime outside the U.S.
•reasons to believe that you are a danger to the security of the U.S.
•participation in terrorist activities, or
•persecution of others.
These criminal bars to asylum are mandatory. That is, even if you meet the definition of a “refugee,” you will not be
granted asylum once an Asylum Officer or an Immigration Judge finds that a criminal bar applies to you. Also, if you
are applying “derivatively” through your spouse or parent who obtains asylum, but a criminal bar applies to you, you
will not be eligible for asylum.

WTF is remotely racist or unreasonable about any of that? How did the UK ever get so politically correct that the most rational laws should be taboo?

They would do well to pay attention

We will not comment yet again on the idiocy of uncontrolled immigration to the UK. Anyone who is prepared to look at the real facts and weigh up all effects on our own citizens rather than ignore or even actively look for reasons to exclude the downsides will not need convincing. So we will just warn of what this contempt for the valid concerns of people of the UK is doing.

Look at the majority of comments in the online press, and we do not mean just the right wing ones but all of the major papers including The Guardian, and they are increasingly bordering on hatred. How many more really are considered hate comments and have been removed we can only geuss. People of our acquaintance who used to be rather left wing are now far less so. They are annoyed by the frequent overrepresentation of minorities, on pictures on government ads and website except those dealing with crime or spread of disease, for example. They are beginning to voice resentment at the one-sided nature of multiculturalism, where ethnic minorities are encouraged and subsidised to cling to their own areas, cultures, languages and beliefs while any white person who does the same is called racist. Many ordinary people at the bottom of our society who do look for work are sick of finding it more and more difficult, of being accused of laziness if they do not want to settle for conditions that those from much poorer countries are used to, of finding rents at the bottom of the rental market being pushed up by demand from migrants.

The UK has taken in far too many useless migrants over 6 decades. We have major groups who are overrepresented in our prisons, who use a disproportionate share of our social housing, health and welfare budgets, who have brought back diseases to the UK that we once thought were defeated, who present huge administrative costs due to poor English and disparate cultures, who have kicked off most of the major riots in the last 50 odd years and been responsible for most of the terrorist incidents and threats, outside NI, for the last 12. We are supposed to allow people with serious communicable diseases to freely enter the UK while our citizens who have paid taxes cannot get the treatment they need on cost grounds and put our own safety at risk to protect the human rights of dangerous foreign criminals.

True, we ought not to hold to hold it against the many decent ones among those groups but, human nature being what it is, when real concerns are constantly dismissed, many more will start to do so. As Shakespeare said "A plague o both your houses". Our government needs to act before the occasional racist verbal rant on a train is replaced by something much more serious and much more common.

Ah yes!

We continually see these dismissals of the realities of Islam in the UK. What terrible Islamophobes the EDL are for suggesting that there is a serious problem with militant Islam in the UK!

Now the former English Defence League Tommy Robinson, who quite recently left the EDL over concerns about far-right extremism, has been jailed for mortgage fraud and will probably have to spend his entire jail time under protection in solitary confinement because his life is in danger from Islamic militants, among others. Ooooh let's think! Did the Monty Python performers need police protection from offended Christians after the "blasphemous" Life of Brian was released? It seems not.

Doesn't this tend to prove the point about Islamic extremism in the UK that Robinson used to make?

Ah yes! 2

More recent news, someone defending the wearing of Jesus and Mo teashirts gets the inevitable death threats from the usual suspects, serious enough to involve the police. As anyone who reads it will know, this atheist cartoon is no more derogatory about Mo than it is about Jesus, yet, once again, Christians apparently don't feel the need to threaten people. Here is a much longer comment on the issues that we at bloggoth would make if we could be arsed. You don't need to go back too far to find other instances of death threats from extremist Muslim organisations like this one or this one. It is perfectly true that others make online death threats but how many are taken seriously enough that police provide protection?

Why are we allowing the free speech we have fought for over centuries to be threatened by this imported bullshit?

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Crappier still

Crappy life and major problems in family keep coming. Still, music always helps.

Too wet for running/cycling today and could not be arsed to go to the boring gym or swiming pool so spent 35 mins doing some dancing to "Best of the Rolling Stones". Funny how tiring really dull things like slowly swimming back and forward in a swimming bath are, while jumping around like a loony to loud rock music for 35 mins seems really easy.

Relatives had best not play "Start me Up" at my funeral or that coffin will be dancing out the door.

They are watching us again

We went out for 90 mins of off-road cycling the other day on what used to be a local railway line and is now a public foot/horse/cycle track. There are a few breaks where building means you have to use the roads to get to the next bit and, not being keen on cycling on busy roads anymore, we usually walk on those. A strangely tall dusky woman with a big beaky nose was behind me. So what xoggoth? cry the non-existent readers, other people walk on roads too! But we walked along to a main road, could not be arsed to go any further, walked round the roundabout and turned back. She did the same. Three changes of road, round a roundabout and back the same way, both of us. Only lost her when I got on the bike and peddled off down a bridleway.

Yeh, coincidence probably, or was it? Funny, we keep on seeing that old bloke too, twice in the last week in just two trips to town. We thought we had discovered why, there is a care home on the road, so he was probably keeping fit by volunteering to pop into town for the other residents. Except that this week he was well past that place heading into the country and there is nothing beyond for miles except the Scientology Centre.

So this is our new theory. He is really Ron Hubbard. He does look remarkably like Ron might if he was 113 years old and, after all, a wise Guru with the powers of the Thetans at his beck and call can surely avoid ageing like the rest of us.

Crappy life and a story

Most miserable Christmas/New year ever, times like that really make you aware of a loss. Things much better the last week or two but now it looks like my bro in law may have the big C too, was at hospital earlier and my sister is facing the same as I did. And a great nephew's (great in the sense of nice bloke, I ain't that old!) marriage has fallen apart.

Oh well. I actually recovered a bit of my creativity this week and managed to come up with a story for my writer's club.

Running Around in Circles

On mice and men

Serious disruptions to natural cycles are rarely good for wildlife, even when it's something we find positive, like an unusually warm winter. The most obvious danger is that premature growth and development of plants or animals can be nipped in the bud when normality returns but there are others, as mentioned here.

Still, it's nice to go for a run in January (despite the mud) and soon be warm enough to be down to the tee shirt. For nature nuts like us, it's also interesting to find oneself running through swarms of flies or see bumble bees buzzing about or a hover fly (?) crawling on the van or find spiders making webs in the shed. Don't recall another winter with so many nice little bigs around. Rescued a couple of earthworms wiggling on soaking paths too, normally they'd be way down away from the cold. Maybe if you keep an eye on the temperature and go back to bed at the first sign of frost little things you'll be ok.

Not just invertebrates acting peculiar either. Pheasants are very common around here and, in the winter, what is very noticeable is that the males and females are segregated. You see fields and clearings with numerous males or females but almost never both together. Yet today I looked out the window and there was a male with his usual little harem of three ladies, something you usually only see in the spring. There was another male next door, if he had come through the hedge would they have been buddies as they usually are in winter or would we have seen one of the springtime punch ups?

Sex and breeding are major causes of aggression in man too. How much hate speech has included the allegation that those *** are after our women? How many kings have murdered their rivals throughout history to ensure it was their line that continued in power? One does wonder, if our governments put bromide (or something effective in minute quantities) in our drinking water except for one week a year, the designated breeding season, would it bring a vast reduction in human conflicts?


One of the chefs at a local pub has a marked resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe. One of my nephews looks quite a bit like whatisname, that chap who played Superman. Given the 60+ million in Britain there are probably a fair few who closely resemble other people, we recall passing ourselves in a Croydon street a few decades ago. Are there any unfortunate sorts who look like Tony Blair or other bastards whom every sane person despises? Must be tough.

Another surprise - not

Given significantly higher unemployment figures for some major ethnic groups over decades, from Pakistan, Bangladesh and black nations generally, it is hardly any surprise that these groups appear to be much more affected by immigration from Eastern Europe than those supposedly lazy white British.

According to the Guardian, while unemployment fell a little between 2012 and 2013, unemployment among those ethnic minority groups has risen. More worryingly, following the Duggan trial, unemployment for younger members of these ethnic minorities is now up to a massive 37% and rising, compared to a steady 21% for the UK as a whole.

Whether they are ethnic minority or white British, the interests of British citizens should come first and, if we want to avoid more gang crime and riots, it is in everyone's interest to include the former in any economic improvement. Funny how those who laud the latest immigration wave at the expense of national interests appear not to give a damn about previous migrants or their descendants.

Poor old Bulgarians and Romanians. Give it ten years and they'll be calling you lazy and handing your jobs to space aliens.

Future plans

Is it right that those who do not do all they reasonably can for themselves should be funded by others? What do we do about the entitlement mentality?

We have suggested before that individuals in the UK should be obliged to file annual accounts. Pluses on the profit and loss account would include tax payments and allowances for things like charity work or genuine disability, minuses would be things like pension payments, welfare claims, use of the NHS, crime etc. Anyone with a negative balance sheet would be unable to claim any form of state help or benefit until they were back into profit.

Somebody made a valid criticism of this very sensible scheme. What if a disability is genuine but an avoidable consequence of the individual's own actions, such as overeating, lack of exercise, smoking etc? Surely they should not receive a credit on their account for that? There are other flaws too, like the fact that only detected crime would count.

We would like to address these failings with a new proposal for microchipping all citizens in infancy. This chip would gather data from behaviour sensors embedded in the body which could be picked up by government monitoring points around the country. Then the goverment would be able to check that filed accounts were accurate whenever an individual made a major claim on the state. Some specific details of this scheme are below:

  1. The microchip. This would be bound to the carotid artery to prevent removal without danger of death. Other monitors would be similarly embedded in vital organs.
  2. An arial to beam data to government recording posts.
  3. A stomach food monitor to check for healthy eating. This is easier than you might imagine because law will require that all food sold must contain one of a small number of flourescent dyes in exact proportion to the unhealthy items within it, one for saturated fats, one for sugar, one for alcohol and so on. The monitor uses a small LED and UV sensor to measure quanitities of each dye and hence the unhealthy food amounts.
  4. An embedded pedometer to monitor amount of exercise taken.
  5. Several cameras with microphones to make sure you are not doing something dangerous or criminal. The number is a matter of discussion and it is probably there will be several more than are shown here. These would include a bum camera which could be scrutinised for unprotected bum fun should you attempt to obtain NHS treatment for HIV. The purpose of those on the ankles may not be obvious but you lot are bound to be up to something even there.

There's Liberal Lefties and there's really stupid Liberal Lefties

Some whose politics or faith one does not generally agree with deserve respect and we quite like The Guardian. That bete noire of the right wing, Polly Toynbee, is an intelligent lady and pretty sensible a lot of the time, as in this article in The Guardian. Apart from the paragraph about Tory intentions *Note there's a lot of truth there. Quite why she is castigated as a mindless PC spokeswoman we have no idea, maybe some never read her because of the reputation.

Unfortunately, The Guardian does on occasion live up to their reputation with some articles, like this one The essence of the "argument" is that, since there has not been an immediate flood of migrants from Romanian and Bulgaria by 2nd January, all those right wing fears are unfounded. If he had waited six months and numbers were still small he would have a case, but even most of the Guardian readers point out how stupid it is to judge a trend after one day, especially when it's a public holiday over there too.

Why the hell would any reputable paper give a voice to an idiot who writes material that would be utterly laughable even by obscure blog standards?

Note :Would ANY party seriously shrink the state, and therefore its own power, to a rump Polly? Wish you were right, I'd vote for them like a shot, but it's not in their interest. Even Thatcher only managed a tiny reduction.

Real socialism

Polly Toynbee's latest article in The Guardian suggests that employers should be providing decent wages and conditions to British people rather than undercutting them with cheap imported labour.

Some white collar liberal lefties might cast that as right wing but it is it?. When a society becomes more prosperous, shouldn't it be left wing policy that we share that prosperity with the lower earners? It is often the capitalists, the businessmen, who insist on boosting their own profits by bringing in foreign labour, letting the rest of us subsidise these low wages through our benefit system. They cast aside our own working class and contemptuously call them lazy if they are not prepared to settle for the wages and conditions that those in poor countries are used to. On the EU too, some real socialists like Bob Crow believe the rights of the British workers should come first.

Look at every communist state in history from Stalin's Russia to modern day China and the emphasis has been on providing for its own people, these were/are very nationalistic nations. WTF does real socialism have to do with mass migration, a global economy that serves international businesses and self serving bosses or globalist notions that dismiss the rights and wishes of the working class as necessary casualties in pursuit of an ideal?

Deterrent? Maybe, but not of the right people

Some commenters on Toynbee's 1st article above article suggest that the furore here may be a factor that will deter immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria. Maybe, but unfortunately the ones who are likely to be deterred by this hostility are those who would probably not be a major problem. It will not deter theives and beggars who are already outcasts in Eastern European society; they are used to it.

What we need is real action by our government.

Adapting to the environment

Interesting series about animal behaviour on TV at the moment. Last night they covered the stray dogs in Moscow who use the tube trains to commute, just like humans. They spend the night in quiet suburbs, travel to inner city areas in the morning to beg for food, then travel back again in the evening. They mostly use the same trains at the same times every day just like human office workers. These dogs no longer have their normal hunting instincts, preferring to hang around humans looking soulful in order to get fed. It isn't totally unique behaviour, cats and pigeons have been known to commute too.

Humans are also more affected by technology than we imagine. Apparently, when we know something will be on Google, we are less inclined to remember it. Bad enough while most have to fiddle around with keypads/smart phones to look something up but we now have weareable computers controllable by winks or eye movements. How long will it be before they communicate directly with our brains? How long before we start relying on such technology so much that we forget how to think, how to react, how to move on our own?

Attenborough Fakes

We like David Attenborough. He a) is an atheist b) likes wildlife c) thinks there are far too many crappy people in the world. Sound chap. Some have accused his nature programs of faking various scenes. As long as it is to make it interesting and does not actually distort the facts about nature, why not? I expect his critics will have a field day with his latest program set in London's Natural History Museum. I bet hardly any of those Dinosaurs, Mastodons etc shown wandering around in it are real!

What a pity they aren't. A few Tyranosaurs, Sabre-toothed Tigers etc could acheive a lot of good in some parts of modern London.

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F* ell!

Not all modern art is bad. Even when little talent seems to be involved it can nevertheless be very decorative and would look good on your wall. Unfortunately, stuff from some prominent artists is just absolute crap.

Great to own some Tracy Emin "artwork" for its value but that's about it. Until some idiot paid us for this piece of crap we would probably just leave it in a bag in the attic somewhere. Better than this bunch of dots by Damien Hurst though. £33k for those???? Not even original, my granny had an apron like that back in about 1952.

That moderate Islam again

Problems continue in Turkey and commentators say it is caused by a power struggle bertween Erdogan's Islamist government and an influentual cleric, Fethullah Gulen, whose Hizmet movement is "seen as the modern and benign face of Islam".

While he has said the Muslim community is obliged to conduct interfaith dialogue with the people of the book, AKA Jews and Christians, he has made no such committments to those of other faiths and has compared atheists to terrorists. Dialog does not necessarily mean there is equality in decision making of course. Some believe, according to the BBC, that this group seeks to gain power in order to spread socially conservative views on issues like marriage and alcohol and several prominent critics of the group have been jailed. What does it say on Gulen′s own site? Well, despite the defences of a curse he made, it does state that these were the exact words:

If they have done things that are contrary to the spirit of the religion, if things they have done are contrary to the fundamental disciplines of the Quran, if it is against the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, if it is against Islamic law, against modern law, against the accepted rules of democracy today... then may God bury us and them into the earth, bring fire to their houses, ruin their homes.

Regardless of the context in which he said it, does that really sound like the words of a man committed to a secular society with equal rights for all? On another page there is praise of Muhammed's Medina Charter. Even if this airbrushed tale of a tolerant prophet impartially judging Jews according to Jewish law is true, there is no dispute that it was still an Islamic state, it was a Muslim doing the judging. What happens in such a state when the laws of Muslims and others conflict or when a Muslim and non Muslim face each other in court?

We know that already from supposedly moderate Malaysia which has such a system, non Muslims are second class citizens. Civil cases between Muslims and non Muslims are increasingly heard in Islamic courts yet Christians are barred from representing their clients in them, all lawyers must be Muslims. True equality that! Even in this supposedly moderate state, as in almost every Islamic state in the world, Christians face rising suppression and persecution. Christians even face prosecution for using the word Allah, even though that has been their own word for god for centuries. Muslims have no rights as individuals either and are banned from leaving the religion.

So often when you check on these prominent Muslim moderates or look at the laws of so called moderate states you find their ideas of democracy, tolerance, freedom and equality bear no resemblance whatever to our concept of these things.

It's moderation Jim but not as we know it.


Does anyone really understand it? Buggered if we do. Just a few months ago we were reading about the economic success of Turkey. Now it seems Turkey is the ′sick man′ of the emerging market block. An increasing political crisis caused by Erdogan's Islamisation and the inevitable decline of human rights and democracy is scaring investors in Turkey but the wonderful emerging market in general is suddenly not the great investment opportunity that we were assured it was a little while back, with many countries in it close to recession.

One reason? The US is winding down global stimulus. So wasn't anything real in these booming economies? Weren't there genuine entrepreneurs with flourishing businesses, actual factories making goods for export etc etc? Presumably there must have been but they have been halted by a decision in another country. Beats us how this works. Most grateful if any economists among the non-existent readership of bloggoth could explain it.

PS One figure on that chart is no surprise though, Venezuela is well above most other countries for risk of recession. We admit we do not understand economics but one thing is sure, stupid leftist policies correlate very reliably with economic failure. Venezuelan Society does not seem to be developing too well either.

Sums it up

Yet another family do today, didn't go again. Go Elvis. After the boring 30s advert obviously.

Blue Christmas Elvis Presley by CPOSTIT


Maybe go to the club and get drunk. Heading there last Friday just before closing time but never made it. Spent about 15 min trying to direct an Eastern European delivery driver with very little English to a local business park. Naturally, at 11pm, it was all shut up and had been for over 5 hours.

The wonders of skilled immigration eh? What would we do without them?

PS Club deserted, usual pub only had MR PIKEY SCUM, so went to our 3rd establishment in next village. Ok except for loud drunk who kept singing. Spanish.


Power cuts/voltage reductions all xmas eve and part of xmas morning too. F* pothole damaged my van wheel. What′s the nasty version of "Icing on the cake"?

Mould on the turd - that will do.

More sense from unexpected quarters

Rare that the agnostic republican bloggoth will praise sermons by archbishops or a speech by the Prince of daftness but these prominent men have spoken out about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, something that, all too often, is never voiced due to this ridiculous pretence of a tolerant Islam. It isn't only in the Middle East and it isn't just Christians either, Sikhs and Hindus are also under attack in Muslim nations, even in the supposedly moderate ones like Bangladesh:

Violence is dominating these elections with minorities being the easy target. Hindus are being attacked every time there is a spike in the political thermometer, with their properties and their very own lives being vandalized. Rapes, kidnappings and conversions are being reported almost every day for the last couple of months. Women and other minorities, such as LGBTs are being excluded from participation at the elections, effectively diluting the voters’ pool and derailing from the democratic process that the country has been following the last years.

Maybe if prominent men like this, especially those generally seen as politically correct, will speak out more often it may bring some to see what so much of Islam really is. Facts sure as hell don't seem to work.

Rather than repeat what we have said many times before, we will simply link to this week′s article we would have written if we could be arsed.

Looking for somebody to blame? Try the back of the queue!

Following the butchering of Lee Rigby there has been unsurprising news of a spike in anti Muslim hate crimes. No surprise either that the papers quote a Muslim who blames it all on promotion of online hate by far right groups like the EDL.

We all defend our own but too many non Muslims also have this inexplicable inability to relate cause and effect. It isn't comments by the EDL that have provoked this questionable "spike" but the actions of a Muslim man. One never sees online or real attacks on Sikhs or Hindus because of their faith and the obvious reason is that they do not cause the rest of us any problems. The words of the far right are not driving anti-Muslim feeling, they are merely reactions to the primary driver of Muslim extremism, of which the Rigby attack was only one in a long line of extremist actions that have been in the news in the last ten years. It is only the efforts of our police that have, so far, protected us from a 7/7 scale attack every year.

Such an obvious thing really should not need saying, but you do not solve problems by tackling their consequences, you solve them by tackling their causes. If our government is serious about reducing hatred against ordinary Muslims it needs to tackle those who are stirring it up and that is not the EDL but the radical Islamists.

And does it really help to quote someone like that?

Some on the right have it that all Muslims will lie to further the aims of Islam and, while this is clearly nonsense in relation to the majority, one does have to wonder about too many supposed "moderate" leaders, given the nature of news that often emerges.

The man quoted above as blaming the EDL is a director of Faith Matters which aims to reduce tensions between religious communities. That sounds a great idea but he is also a leader of a project to monitor anti-Muslim attacks which has had a government grant withdrawn. This Telegraph article tells a tale of misleading figures, potentially illegal methods of obtaining information which have been reported to police and legal actions against critics. The lawyer acting for this group is also reported to have acted for Islamists. Hard to reconcile any of this with a group of Muslim moderates trying to reduce inter-faith tensions.

The same group is reported as opposing a crackdown on radicals on the grounds that this will raise anti Muslim feeling. This is the complete opposite of the truth. People will be less inclined to take matters into their own hands if they feel our authorities are at last taking the the problem of Islamic militancy seriously. Nothing will reduce antipathy towards Muslims more than a few years without news stories of actual or foiled terrorist attacks, Muslim vigilantes enforcing their view of society on others, radical clerics spouting anti-Semitic hatred, young men fighting Jihadist wars abroad, polls showing not insignificant support for Shariah law among Muslim youths, banners calling for the death of those who oppose Islam etc. etc. Does this group seriously believe that allowing these things to continue will reduce anti Muslim feeling? Are they really that ignorant of how human nature works?

Whatever the real reason, the Muslim extremists must love its defence of them.

Oh, gee, what a F* surprise!

Just a few weeks back we questioned the daft focus on internet porn and said that simplistic porn filters would not work without impeding legitimate searches. Sure enough, that is exactly what is happening. Sites offering sex education, sexual health advice or support for rape victims are getting blocked while real porn sites are not.

How this could not be F* obvious to anyone is beyond us. We don't blame the internet providers, just the stupid and ignorant politicians like Camoron who are pushing them into it.

The real downsides of population increase vs the imaginary benefits of immigration

Immigration in the UK as a whole accounts for 60% of the UK′s projected "soaring" population and nowhere is affected more than the South East. Our local town now has 10% with English as a second language compared with almost zero ten years back, the next nearest has 20% Polish alone, again almost zero before 2004. Walk down the high street and you constantly hear foreign languages and accents.

We at bloggoth do attempt to be less ranty about the insanities inflicted upon us, honest, especially those we can do nothing about, but it is hard. WTF will this do to our lovely countryside? Everywhere we go, in every pleasant little village, affordable housing developments are covering the once pleasant little green areas and major developments, like this one, are planned on beautiful countryside. And for what? A princely net contribution of £8.8Bn over 15 years. Are these people total idiots???? Even assuming they mean £8.8bn for each year and that that figure is accurate, which it almost certainly isn't judging by the ludicrous misrepresentation in past studies, it is still a paltry 0.6% of GDP and it is GDP per capita of the existing population that matters anyway.

The adverse effects on all of us are already very apparent with projected power and water shortages, an acute shortage of places in schools, pressure on the NHS and other public services, ever more crowded roads and railways and increasingly expensive housing. Land is going to become more and more expensive and that green and pleasant stuff is going to diminish.

Ah well! Calm down xoggoth! At our age there should be still be plenty of country around by the time we snuff it. What will things be like in 50 years time? We went swimming at the local council leisure centre the other day, take up a lot of room they do and they will be less and less affordable as land prices rise. Maybe they should start planning ways to save space by combining them with other necessary facilities.


What is this "I before E except after C" crap. It′s not true! Probably invented by some religious person or lefty. Reality never bothers them.

Interesting bits

Bro in law phoned tonight. Great chap and very normal, unlike my own demented relatives. Anyway, he mentioned that, since retirement, he likes doing jigsaw puzzles so searched online for some adult jigsaw puzzles as a Christmas present. Seems a lot of adults do like jigsaw puzzles so plenty of choice online but surprisingly, when you think of what you get when you type adult toys into Google, there appear to be no "adult" jigsaws.

Dunno though, on second thoughts, maybe that would be rather unsatisfying.

Clicking around

Fairly fit for our age and we do a lot of exercise in the attempt to remain so but one can't escape all the consequences of advancing years. No obvious pains or stiffness in our knees but we have noticed they have started clicking when we move around. Looked it up on the net and it seems that this often happens, even in much younger people and is no cause for concern. Phew!

Dunno though, have our knees got Death Watch Beetles? It's a possibility.

Correlations - real and imagined

Out running yesterday and got nipped on the leg by a dog. Not suprisingly, it was a tiny little terrier thing, they are always the aggressive dogs, it's never the bulldogs or alsatians. There's a common perception that small people are more aggressive too and it certainly seems that, if there's unecessary violence, as in this case, it is often some shortish chap, about 5'5" or 5'6". But logically smaller blokes need to be more aggressive than large ones to acheive the same result of intimidating the opponent, that does not necessarily mean they are more aggressive by nature. What is the truth of it? According to this research it′s a fallacy but according to this research it′s true. Take your pick.

Two other common perceptions concern white van drivers who are a) dangerous drivers and b) kiddy snatchers. The first appears to be true, according to these links: White van men are involved in twice as many accidents as heavy goods vehicle drivers and are the most aggressive drivers when it comes to overtaking cyclists. We can certainly relate to that, F* cyclists! Get off our roads you bastards!.

But are we all kiddy snatchers? Can't find any figures from reputable sources on that one but, like others, we have noticed the seemingly high incidence of white vans in attempted abductions and checked news reports on the first 10 pages of Google. Ignoring the many duplicated reports about a single incident in Halifax we found one serious rape, four cases where a man had actually tried to entice a child into his white van and ten cases where there were simply reports or rumours about a man in a van stopping or driving slowly near children. In many of these the police had investigated and found the suspicion of attempted abduction was without foundation. Do the real cases show a greater propensity of white van drivers to commit such offences? It does not seem so. We could not be arsed to check 10 Google pages again but checked the first three and there were 7 actual abduction attempts by car drivers compared to 3 by van drivers.

Fellow white van drivers, be sure to check (discretely) that there are no kids about before you stop at your destination or drive around slowly looking for an address, otherwise the unfounded hysteria about this issue is liable to get you into trouble.


Now we have to do our own housekeeping (a woman's job my lord) bits are even more annoying. You hoover the dark carpet and within an hour that bits monster has scattered white bits all over it again.

Actually, the universe is is full of bits, made of bits. Could it be that, at this very moment, some enormously mighty creature out there is looking at all those stars and planets in our galaxy, tutting and pluggin in his Dyson?

Digging for any facts

Do you sometimes wonder whether the mainstream press are all covering the same story? That's certainly true of today′s news about the scale of sexual abuse of children by other children following simultaneous release of a report by the Childrens' Commissioner and a supporting study by the the University of Bedfordshire.

Read this article on Sky and the issue is almost entirely one of gang rape but the Daily Telegraph's tells of a much wider problem fuelled by easy access to porn and says that practices once associated with inner city gangs are now common in affluent middle class areas, although what they mean exactly and where they are getting that information from, we can find no clue whatever. Curiously, we were firmly into "racist" territory, as far as the South East is concerned anyway, with the supposedly liberal BBC this evening. The BBC SouthEast news, with its shots of "diverse" London streets and the voices in the interviews, left viewers in no doubt that this was primarily a black gang problem.

So what is the truth of it? The commissioner's report is principally concerned with addressing failings by local authorities to tackle child abuse by both youth gangs and adult groups. There isn't any actual data in it, the nearest we get to this idea of a major problem of sexual violence among youths in leafy suburbs is a vague statement on page 5: "While we have published chilling evidence of this violence in gang-associated contexts, we know too that it is more widespread than that". Hmmm. So why not publish that evidence too?

The only real figures are to be found in the supporting study based on interviews with young men and women of whom 41% described themselves as ‘Black/Black British’, 27% as ‘White’, 10% as ‘Asian/Asian British’ and 22% as ‘Dual Heritage’. Hmmm again. If all this gang rape is going on just as much in white areas of the UK shouldn't these kids be 90% white British?

There may well be bullying and sexual pressure on girls fuelled by online porn and sexting throughout the UK but to fudge this with the issue of brutal gang rape, as some papers seem to be doing, looks like just another cover up of a separate problem that is largely a result of laxity on immigration, a failure to raise the bar for groups whose youths, for whatever reason, fail to succeed in Britain and feel alienated from it.

Yet again, we repeat what should be basic logic. The fact that our own society has significant problems of its own is not a reason to import more problems from other nations to whom we we have no obligation whatever.

Chamberlain all over again?

This week′s article that we at bloggoth would have written if we could have been asked. William Hague’s appeasement of Iran’s mullahs is a historic and terrible mistake. Why do we agree with it? Are we experts on Iran or foreign policy in general? Of course not, but there are a couple of basic logical points to consider here:

Hassan Rouhani certainly appears a more moderate and rational character than Dinner Jacket but, like Dinner Jacket, he is not the man who actually runs Iran. Real power is in the hands of a) the Guardian Council, a body of theologians which has to approve all laws passed by parliament and which can bar parliamentary candidates and b) the Supreme Leader. These are conservatives who, at times, made DinnerJacket seem liberal and there have been no recent changes so is it likely that attitudes have really changed? According to CNN, Tehran has continued its incendiary statements against Israel even in recent weeks with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei saying Israeli officials "cannot be even called humans"

Then there's the lessons of history which, judging by the results of one failed foreign policy after another, those "experts" never seem able to grasp. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich is a book they would do well to read:

Chapter 9
The First Steps: 1934-37
To talk peace, to prepare secretly for war and to proceed with enough caution in foreign policy and clandestine rearmanent to avoid any preventative military action by the Vesailles powers - such were Hitler′s tactics during the first two years.

Bluddy 'ell!

Coincidences keep coming! I read the The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich about three years ago and, while I recall reading that Hitler was very clever in appearing moderate while secretly rearming, I could not have said what chapter it was in. I took this 1245 page book off the shelf, opened it at random and there was the above quote!

Another un-PC correlation

Watching BBC's Fake Britain tonight about counterfeit alcohol and the specific instances indicated, although we are not supposed to mention it, a strong link to immigration. The food standard agency figures quoted here state that fake food and drink incidents have risen by 29 times in 6 years with fake alcohol accounting for most of them. What else has happened in that period that might explain this huge rise?. Er, um.

According to The Institute for Alcohol Studies "it is largely foreign migrants who are behind the growth in the illegal alcohol trade, which is not restricted to Lincolnshire." Major distilleries in the UK have been run by Lithuanians and Poles while, according to HMRC, most illegal alcohol is smuggled, predominantly from Eastern Europe. Apart from the loss of £1.2bn a year in tax revenue and the defrauding of customers who are paying for what they think is quality booze, there is a huge health risk to those who drink this stuff due to the high concentrations of methanol and other toxins. Although buying from small retailers is the main risk, one case on Fake Britain indicated that even buying from a major supermarket is not a total gaurantee that your booze is genuine.

Needless to say, this is yet another downside of all that wonderful immigration that will never be counted in the next lefty "study" showing the benefit to the UK. Carry on living in your dreamworld of ignorance lefty idiots. Hey! Maybe they are all stoned on methanol!

History and tits

Was watching a TV program about naval history with Richard Dimpleby. He was describing a miniature of the figurehead of HMS Victory, pointing out the figure of George III at the top, the British Lion peering around the back, the crushed and defeated figures of Frenchmen and American Indians at the bottom, saying how they were all told a story of British power and invincibility.

Most interesting, but what did the lady with one tit showing represent Richard? And what did all the bare tits on the other figureheads you enthused about mean? At one point he was rubbing his hands all over a large one, marvelling at how smooth it was, careful avoiding the nipple. Curious symbol for war machines but naval figureheads often had nice tits in those days. Maybe sailors weren't all rum and bum with cabin boys, not when they had any other choice anyway.

Pity the way these great old traditions have died out, killed by technology and feminism. If we at bloggoth were PM we would be bringing them back. We are not so much a tit man but we would honour the principle at any rate. If there ever is a nuclear war we are sure the Iranians or whoever would really appreciate being hit by a nuclear missile with a huge carving of a fat lady's arse on the front.


Those country runs (and vodka) are the only thing keeping me sane at the mo. Always seems only to be sunny late afternoon recently. Here is Dracula's castle:

PS Weren't Romanian migrants great in Dracula's day? No welfare or begging, just the odd pint of blood.

PPS Actually it's a water tower. So they say anyway.

More pretence

Hardly any surprise that Attorney General Dominic Grieve has felt forced to apologise for suggesting there was an issue of corruption and electoral fraud among some ethnic minorities, especially Pakistanis. It′s not true? Really? This is what The Economist had to say on this issue:

Yet two trends are troubling. The first is the prevalence of Asians, especially of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin, among those convicted of electoral fraud. Stuart Wilks-Heeg of Democratic Audit, a research group, points out that British Asians make up half of all those convicted since 2000. Where fraud is most common—such as in Burnley, Oldham, Birmingham—and allegations most persistent there are also large Asian populations. He points to “biraderi”, brotherhood networks, used to rally support for particular candidates—a practice imported from Pakistan. (He also notes that convictions for electoral fraud may be undercounted because some cases are pursued under general fraud laws.)
The most serious allegations of electoral fraud suggest that leaders of biraderi networks, or others, apply for postal ballots for non-existent or ineligible voters and then establish “vote farms”. Residents of one small home in Tower Hamlets, for example, where five adults were previously registered, reportedly applied for an extra seven postal votes in recent weeks. Even where voters do really exist, the suspicion is that network organisers put pressure on people to back a favoured candidate, or complete their ballot papers for them. Salma Yaqoob, a Respect candidate in Birmingham, wants postal voting on demand scrapped because “thousands” of Asian women are disenfranchised by male relatives who take control of their votes.

As is always the case with major migrant groups, this is not some by-product of exclusion etc but simply a reflection of similar corrupt practices in the country of origin. This is from The Guardian:

Close to one million strong, 45 per cent of all Muslims in Britain are of Pakistani origin and 80 per cent come from villages in Kashmir and Punjab. They brought with them a rural tribal mentality, where everything remains in the family group. Marriage, business, religion - who your friends are, who you vote for, everything from the cradle to the grave - it's all designed to keep power with the elders, who are in turn answerable to clan elders, who may be answerable to senior members in Pakistan. This clan system is called the Biraderi. In a community with two thirds aged under 35, the closed doors of clan power mean frustration. Clan elders have for years provided huge vote banks for mainstream parties, in return for positions and influence in local politics. Uneducated, even illiterate, Biraderi elders can get elected as councillors. Younger members of the community talk about a closed hierarchy, which does not recognise talent or ability. I am No 53, in a huge extended Biraderi, and no amount of personal achievement will change that.

Those who believe that most third and developing world nations do not have far more corrupt societies than our own are just ignorant, maybe they should take a look at the Corruption Perceptions Index from Transparency International; Pakistan is in the bottom quarter. Those who imagine that migrants do not bring such corruption in with them have no understanding of human nature. How can we ever have a real debate on immigration when anyone can say whatever they like about the white British while nothing negative whatever, no matter how true it is, can ever be said about others?

Ah yes

This is a trivial case but it does, yet again, illustrate the stupid one-sidedness of all "debate" on race. A councillor suggests that a merger of two local authorities could be awkward because one has mostly white staff and another black. Naturally some (white) twat has complained that his remarks are infering that people of African origin can't get on with others and that his comments are terribly offensive to those of African origin.

No they don't, you fucking illogical twat! They are infering that both sides may have similar problems! If that is offensive to those of African heritage, then it is equally offensive to white British people. Again, in reality, it is no more than an observation on human nature.

There is another idiocy inherent in these comments. Those who praise and encourage multiculturalism apparently imagine that cultural differences can never be any sort of barrier or will instantly disappear when it matters, such as in the workplace.

More selective leftiness

Loony lefties love to castigate readers of The Daily Mail and compare them to far right sympathisers, as in this bit of utter nonsense. The reality is that most Daily Mail readers are normal people whose real anxieties have been ignored for far too long. When real issues are not addressed, when legitimate concerns are constantly denounced as racism or xenophobia, it is hardly surprising that resentment grows.

Another reality is that indignation about what is inflicted on the British citizen and taxpayer is far from being limited to Daily Mail readers. We do read the online version of The Daily Mail but we also read The Guardian, an excellent paper mostly, and it is apparent that many British citizens who do so share many of the concerns of the Daily Mail readers, on mass immigration, the EU, the money wasted on foreign aid and the necessity for the West to be expected to solve every problem in the third world.

Take this Guardian article on the conflict in the Central African Republic. The author asks " What needs to happen before the world intervenes?" Funny how almost no Guardian commenters are agreeing and calling for more taxpayers′ money to be spent or British soldiers′ lives to be lost. The great majority of those "lefty" readers are against the idea. They are saying that it is absurd for colonialism to be blamed so many decades after the event and that nobody needs to make such excuses for India or other Asian former colonies, that Africans need to start accepting responsibility and solving their own problems, that nobody else can do it for them, that outside interventions do not work anyway, that if we took military action it would only be a matter of time before we were being blamed for more deaths and being accused of neo colonialism or trying to grab their raw materials.

This failure of real Guardian readers to fall in line with what some idiots (yes, the right has them too!) think is the liberal lefty Guardian agenda is nothing unusual, try the comments on this Guardian article on Asylum seekers. The great majority of the serious commenters are against the idea of too ready asylum, express scepticism about the claim of this overstaying Nigerian and are against the idea that someone with numerous health issues who would be a burden on our society should simply be granted leave to stay.

We all have different opinions but the great majority of people in the UK have similar concerns on many issues and opinion polls show it. Unfortunately, too much attention is paid to those who try to cast anyone who does not agree with their extreme ideas as extremists.

Sympathy rises with respect

Although not a fan of international aid in general, we do agree with it being used to help those struck by natural disasters. Most of us are also much more willing to help when we see that the recipients do what they can to help themselves and, from the TV reports, the Fillipinos certainly seem to be doing that.

The coincidence storm

We have said before that coincidences create themselves. You latch on to the few things that do chime and forget the many more that don't. All events are in accord with statistics but we are selective about our recording of them. Most logical, xoggoth, we hear you cry!

Trouble is, we are no longer entirely convinced by our own logic. Take that old man we reported seeing over and over again on our occasional (once and, rarely, twice a week) trips to town. If our theory had been correct we should have seen him no more, just a run of coincidence, but the sightings will not stop. We keep seeing him; we saw him yesterday and again today. Here he is, in chilly November, dressed exactly as he was in the last photo taken in August:

What is even crazier is that #1 son, who works nights, reports regularly seeing him when he comes home from work at 7 am. Either this old bloke spends his entire day walking backwards and forwards to town to keep fit or he is part of a coincidence that is off the scale of probability.

If only he was the only one. I dig out my old records from the attic, listen to a tune I have not heard in decades, turn on the car radio and there it is. Following a tip I spent much of this morning looking at investments in storage pods, including the growth of the market in the US. So what is The Simpsons about this evening? They discover apparently gay apparel in Grandpa Simpson's storage pod which looks just like the one on my brochure!

From now on we are keeping a log, this deserves further study. At the very least it will make a silly xoggoth tale.

PS It was 14.05 not 15.05, knew we forgot to put the clock back on something.

PPS The last photo we posted of the old bloke was taken on the 22nd too. This is getting creepy!

Update 23/11/13. Here we go. Just yesterday, two posts down, I gave a link to Tor, AKA the Darknet. Never seen it in the mainstream press. So what's in The Daily Mail today?

Henry VII was a great chap, really

Our village has traffic lights due to laying of new water pipes and the work is scheduled to last until mid January. As is usual with such works, absolutely bugger all seems to be going on. We expected the length of the road to have been dug up by now but there are just a couple of small holes. WTF are they doing closing the whole road? Must be just to annoy the public, as are most road works.

However, we have discovered from a local source that the pipe is actually being laid, they are using horizontal drilling which does not require the whole length to be dug. We do apologise for doubting you clancydocwra, please assure Henry VII that we are his most loyal of subjects.

questioned before whether this emphasis on tackling illegal online pornography is actually doing much at all to reduce sexual abuse of children. Fewer images on the (visible) internet may make child abuse less obvious but will it stop it happening in the real world?

Now things are looking really silly with the latest measures by Google. Now, if you type "child pornography" into the search engine you see a warning ad at the top that child porn is illegal. Hmmm, I daresay that blokes all know that anyway, will a little ad do anything? Unless it is going to do long term tracking and perform pattern analysis of searches made by individuals, will even Google be able to distinguish perverts from others making legitimate searches, a parent concerned about a rash on their baby for example? Are illegal website owners really so ignorant of SEO that they won't adapt their text to reach the right people? And what is to stop men just finding illegal stuff on Darknet?

Still, as long as these measures let politicians feel smug, what else matters?

PS To non existent readers asking why I was Googling "child pornography", the story about the warning is in The Independent. No specific link as their videos do not appear to have them.

PPS Phew! At least there′s no warning when you Google "pig pornography". Thank heavens for that, we thought we might have to find some other online satisfaction.

PPPS. Here it is, How to access the Dark Net. Wahee! unrestricted pig porn!

Talking of which

Forget all this stuff about apes being the nearest living species to humans, except in some strictly scientific, DNA analysis sense. Who gives a shit about such technicalities?

The nearest relatives we have, in any sense that really matters, are certain members of the camel family. We have mentioned before just how human and very, ahem, interesting are the naughty parts of female Llamas. While other female animals (not that we have been looking of course) just have boring little holes, they have fantastic slitty bits with flaps and stuff, just like our own ladies. We would encourage our male non-existent readers to go to their nearest Llama park and take a look for themselves, purely out of scientific interest obviously.

We caught a bit on BBC's Country Watch today about how female Alpacas will discourage the male′s attentions when they are pregnant by spitting in his face. A big drop in amorous interest when the f* kids are on the way? That rings a bell too.

Nice day for a White Widow

Bit dubious about all this "White Widow" stuff.

So, A WOMAN, wields this incredible power among militant Islamists who are mostly Wahhabinists, members of a creed that comes from Saudi Arabia where women have few rights at all? Men who follow the most extreme interpretations of the idiotic Islamic texts, who believe that women have half the intelligence of men, that they must satisfy their needs on demand, that they cannot leave home without a husband′s permission, that they can only inherit half what a man can inherit, that their testimony in a court of law is worth half that of man′s, men who have assassinated (or tried to) any other women of influence in the Islamic world, are running around obeying the dictats of this white foreign lady?

Not to say she does not play a part in these groups, after all, women have been willing suicide bombers before and maybe she did spy on the Kenya Mall, although the Kenyans themselves say they have no evidence of that, it′s just this notion that she, or any woman, can be a powerful leader that looks like bollux.

We don't know for sure but this looks like another case of The Daily Mail trying, yet again, to counter its racist image with some politically correct craptrap - hey look! white British people can be major Islamic extremists too!

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Non existent readers seeking usual Daily Mail rants move on, nowt to see. Drivel follows:

Some things have sentimental value but are of zero worth, like stupid little free toys your kids used to play with. Can't throw those away, so there is a little collection down in the greenhouse. We have to admit that, being very puerile, we occasionally add to it with things we find lying around on our runs. Like this Smurf we found a few weeks back and put next to a miniature bottle to make him look like a drunk.

Then #1 son rearranged things and sabotaged our little tableau by creating a Viz style Up the Arse exhibit.

More drivel/dribble

Water was dribbling out of the overflow in the water tank and was probably adding at least 10p a week to our water bill! Anyway, looked a simple job, so we replaced the main ballcock and valve only to find one joint kept dripping. Among all the bits in our shed we soon found a suitable seal, sorted. Think it was a brake cylinder seal from our old 1970s Morris Marina van. Didn't we always say it would come in handy one day?

Utter crap - no hang on - utter FUCKING crap

The papers report that treasury coffers would be boosted if employers paid the living wage. You can find the figures of this study (ha! ha!) here. So the government gets more due to increased tax and NI from these employees and increased employer NICs, less, er, er.....

Less NOTHING! There is no account taken of reduced company profits and the consequent reduction in corporation tax or their employer's tax and NI, no account taken of the fact that they will be less able to afford to take on other employees and get them off the welfare bill.

Anyone who is taken in by this crap must think that money can be conjured out of nowhere. For such lefty idiots we have a great idea. Why not make employers pay everyone £1 million a year? Just think how much better off we would all be!

Mutual obligation should be just that - mutual

You take a job, you work hard and fulfill your obligations as an employee in accordance with your contract. Your employers treats you well, provide you with salary, holiday and perks, again in accordance with the contract you both agreed to. So when you leave, do those employers still owe you anything, apart from good will and a decent reference? Of course not! Why should they? You worked for them and you were fully paid for the work you did!

So why, when the British government provides any sort of employment for foreign nationals, is there always this assumption that Britain has an open ended duty towards them? This is one of the more trivial examples of the sort of case we have in mind. If he had been engaged in covert operations or knowingly putting himself at risk, like some of those who worked for us in Iraq, it would be right to protect him and his family but there is nothing in that article to suggest that was the case. We are supposed to have a duty to protect this man from his own government, to take in him and his family and to provide for them simply because he worked as a security guard at one of our embassies.

A more significant example is the 25,000 Gurkhas who retired before 1997 demanding equal pensions to British army retirees. Like any employees they received what they were promised in accordance with the contracts of employment they agreed to, including pension rights which would have seen them quite reasonably well off if they had remained in Nepal as was the intention at the time. But, thanks to that F* cow Joanna Lumley, the previous government caved in and let them settle in the high cost UK where such pensions are inadequate. Now we have to up their pensions to the level of Gurkhas who signed up after 1997.

1997 eh? I think I will write to the place I used to work at then and demand they pay me to make up for the salary and pension I have now decided I ought to have had, otherwise I will get my lawyers on to them.


Yuck! Just by chance came across the word Noma. You don't want to do a Google images search of that! Even worse than a Google of Krokodil.

This means WAR!

Interesting stats on religious belief in England and Wales here. Between the last national census in 2011 and the previous one in 2001:

At some time in the future there may be a UK composed mainly of sane rational people, ie those who are not convinced by the illogical nonsense of any established religion, and Muslim loonies who believe in the biggest pile of widely accepted, irrational crap in the history of humanity.

Interesting times lie ahead.

Good old Express

Mentioned the obsessions of The Daily Express before, including their repeated warnings of weather disasters. Other papers have reported The Met Office prediction of strong winds on Sunday night and Monday with a potential for gusts of over 80mph, especially on exposed coasts. In the Express this becomes MEGASTORM: Devastating 100mph winds to bring 48 hours of ‘utter hell’.

Last week they warned of Apocolyptic weather. Watch out for pale riders. Maybe we need some more stories about F* Princess Diana to ward off the evil.


That nasty right wing Daily Express has also revealed that nearly a quarter of Birmingham's residents were born abroad and that only one in three school pupils is white without saying how utterly fantastic that is. Still, at least they do quote a Birmingham City Council spokesman who said that: "Birmingham’s diversity makes it the great city that it is, and has done so for many years.".

Hmmm. Is this the Birmingham that is a 'national disgrace' according to an Ofsted chief inspector?

  • Social problems now so bad that it compares unfavourably with communist Cuba, and parts of Eastern Europe.
  • Infant mortality rates almost twice the national average and “worse than in Cuba and on a par with Latvia and Chile”.
  • Having 12 of the 20 neighbourhoods which have declined most dramatically in the whole of England over the past 10 years.
  • A third of children growing up in households on low incomes.
  • The highest levels of homelessness in the country and double the national unemployment rate.

    Let's have a look at London where Newham, the borough with the highest proportion of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) residents, has the lowest employment rate in the UK and is among the worst in the UK for poor health and high crime. According to the Independent, Newham is the most deprived borough in England. London24 brands Stratford, in Newham, as the crime hotspot of the UK.

    All coincidence obviously. Or the white British minorities in the worst areas are dragging everyone down. Yes, that must be it!

    Here they go again

    Yet again, the religious are demanding rights at the expense of others. Other staff members had to cover for her in order that this Christian could have Sundays off. It may be that this woman had a verbal agreement before starting work but and it is reasonable that that should be honoured but her claim does not appear to restrict rights to such cases. If her legal challenge succeeds it may grant rights to those of all religons to similarly demand specific days off, including Christians on Sundays, Muslims on Fridays and Jews on Saturdays.

    While there should be no problem making such arrangements if they do not inconvenience others how often, in most small workplaces, will that be the case? And what days can atheists demand to have off, when F* Christians, Muslims and Jews will be obliged to fill in for them? Oh no, silly us, they can't can they? Because they don't believe in irrational f* bollox, they have to adhere to the contract they signed when they took the job.

    Time the modern world gave religion the boot. It does nothing whatever for human behaviour as so many facts, including the overrepresentation of Muslims and Catholics in our prisons, show. This millstone has been around humanity's neck for far too long.

    ANg adaghin! A couple of staunchly religious beekeepers who refused to file their VAT returns online have won a landmark battle with the taxman. Graham and Abigail Blackburn run a small business making honey, and were told they had to follow the new guidelines on tax returns. But the couple refused – because they are members of the Seventh Day Adventist church, who shun modern technology. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2470227/Christian-beekeepers-win-case-HMRC-post-VAT-return.html#ixzz2iRZBzNnp Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook oh yes blood donor ambuance

    History? Gone!

    Damn it! We hate Google. Yes, it (or any other search engine) is great for looking up things at times. EXCEPT, when you want to look up something to see what it was that something else reminded you of, that something else that you were reminded of has been completely drowned by reports about the thing that reminded you of it. We trust that's clear.

    No? Oh ok, here's today's example. Our MP, Fatty Soames, has lambasted another MP, Adam Afriye, for trying to force Camoron to hold a referendum on the EU before the next election. Concentrating on the important issue here, he has has called him a chateau-bottled nuclear powered ****. Chateau-bottled? That brings up a memory and when you are, if not quite senile, old enough to be losing your memories that matters. Yet we cannot find why we have fond memories of the phrase chateau-bottled because Google brings up lots of stuff about Fatty Soames.

    Hang on, hang on. The Rolling Stones? Marianne Faithful? No, wait, a cat! It's coming! "Our cat is chateau bottled, has a label on his navel". Nope, that's not on Google either. Hang on. The carrier pidgeon of memory is arriving in its own good time. It was something some odd chap kept saying at school.

    We looked up "St Josephs Catholic Primary School turd in urinal" on Google. It's not there either! Damn it!

    PS And every time I have Googled "where did I leave my car keys" it has been no help either. If Google can't even answer a simple question like that about recent events how can you trust anything it says about the Hapsburg Empire?

    Keep targetting celebs and dead people

    In the wake of the Jimmy Saville Affair the investigation into historic "child" abuse rumbles on, concentrating on celebrities although, in many of these cases, they were only children in the legal rather than the biological sense. Let's be honest here, if you were a pop star and some fully developed and experienced teenager threw herself at you, would you ask for her birth certificate? Really?

    But is this investigation ignoring the real paedophiles? Those powerful men who took advantage of children in every sense of the word, often vulnerable kids in care homes? Somehow, this aspect of the allegations seems to have been pushed under the carpet. It seems to have been accepted that MP Cyril Smith was one such but he is dead, how convenient! Was he really the only one? We at bloggoth do not intend to risk being sued but the non existent readers can easily find for themselves who the allegations have been made against and there are some very well known names in the political sphere, men still living.

    Are they all innocent? Unless this story in The Daily Express is a complete fabrication, probably not. Lots of hand wringing about failures to bring the influentual and powerful to justice in the past but has anything really changed?


    When did we ever get to the point where we can do nothing by ourselves? So much industry that used to be British, our steel, car and chemical industries, our utilities, is now dominated by foreign ownership. Now we can't even build our own nuclear plants, they have to be provided by France or China.

    If our useless governments hadn't procrastinated about new power stations for decades, leaving us with a serious threat of power shortages, we could have built them while we still had experts who were not retired or dead. Will foreign companies have the UK's interests at heart? Of course not. Many British companies are rip off merchants too but at least the profits are more likely to stay here and they are easier for our government to regulate.

    Wait a minute? China?? F* 'ell! Take a look at this EU report:

    (BRUSSELS) - EU nations issued more safety alerts on consumer products than ever last year, with Chinese products again accounting for most of the potentially dangerous items, a European Commission report showed Thursday.

    The number of dangerous consumer products notified through the EU's rapid alert system (RAPEX) rose by seven percent in 2009, extending an upward trend which has continued unabated since statistics were first collected from member states in 2004.

    China increased its record as the country where most of those notified products originated last year, alone accounting for 60 percent of the 1993 cases in question, up slightly from 59 percent in 2008.

    And we are going to allow these people to build nuclear power stations in our country? Osbourne say the strictest safety standards will be observed but, if we no longer have the expertise to buld our own plants, do we really still have the expertise to properly monitor what others are providing?

    If the Chinese are to be involved in building nuclear power plants in England, we at bloggoth are looking to move to the Outer Hebrides. Should be reasonably safe when large parts of the UK are irradiated due to Chinese control rods made of processed rice and pressure vessels made from old milk bottle tops.

    The idiocy of green energy in the EU

    In Brazil they are lucky enough to be able get much of their energy from "green" (if you ignore the direct impact on the environment that is) hydro-electric power but they are an exception. Coal is the main source of energy in China and India and other countries like Pakistan are concentrating on building coal-fired power stations to meet their needs.

    We have said it before, but it is quite pointless pursuing some green policies in the West unless there is a global strategy because they push our costs up and drive manufacturing to third world and developing countries where fuel efficiency is understandably less important. Add in the fuel oil needed for transport and this does not reduce greenhouse gases, it increases it.

    Still, never mind that, as long as we can be smug about our green policies.

    Mail Chuggers

    Got an uninvited wad of 8 Christmas cards complete with envelopes from a charity in the post today. It was all good stuff, for anyone who can ever be arsed to send Christmas cards anyway. How much did that cost them? On the other hand I suppose many may send them money, even mean uncharitable bastards like we at bloggoth might if we ever get round to it.

    The charity in question was Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. It's incredible what people can do without use of hands. But why do they only use mouths and feet? What's wrong with arse, fanny or knob Painting?. You can stick paintbrushes in them too.

    More slanted reports of discrimination

    The BBC reports discrimination by letting agents who were willing to avoid letting to black tenants.

    But did they send anybody posing as a black or Asian landlord saying they preferred somebody of their own ethnicity to see what chance whites had of renting a room in predominantly ethnic areas? Of course not. The same article mentions a survey by the Runnymede Trust that found that 29% of black people looking for accomodation reported discrimination as opposed to 1% of whites. It's impossible to draw any exact conclusions since other ethnic groups, geographical distribution and relative levels of ownership all come into the equation but, given that the black population is about 3%, that does not look out of line with the assumption that blacks and whites are equally racist.

    On the issue of racism we always get these slanted investigations or selective reporting of the facts. It's ok to compare responses to similar CVs with white and Asian names on but has anyone even questioned why it is that Asian shops and restaurants only ever seem to employ, legally or otherwise, Asians of the same ethnicity? When it is reported that young black men are more likely to be unemployed does anyone dare to point out that, according to DOE reports, their qualifications are significantly lower?

    The white British might be a bit more in favour of multiculturalism if implications of racism, and blame generally, were not always dumped solely at their doorstep.


    A long time ago, the comedy duo Punt and Dennis did a thing called Spot the stiff in which you have to geuss which character in a war film will soon be dead. Anybody talking fondly about how, as soon as the war is over, he looks forward to life with his darling wife Maisy, raising chickens and sitting on the porch watching the sunset - Dead! As far as war films went it was amazingly accurate but it wasn't just war films. You can usually spot who is going to end up dead in many other films too - when me and #1 son are watching some old crap one of us will say DEAD and we are usually right.

    Hmmm. But is this strange perception limited to films? We read this news item on Richard Branson today and for some reason DEAD popped into our head. We trust we are wrong.

    Real issues? Eh?

    There has been much fuss recently about The Daily Mail's comments on Ed Milliband's communist father and we don't really blame Moribund for reacting to them; who wants smears concerning one's family in the press? By "smear", we do not mean that the comments are necessarily untrue, just that they are a deliberate attempt to besmirch by association. His father was a Marxist and therefore, we are supposed to think, Moribund is also a Britain-loathing closet Marxist whose secret Stalinesque tendencies will only become clear after the next election.

    Of course it is perfectly reasonable to comment on the character of a party leader who may (the atheist god forbid) be our PM in a couple of years but people do not necessarily mirror their fathers. Why is it necessary to dig up such stuff anyway when the nature of this dipstick is fully apparent from his own idiotic leftist speeches and policies? His nickname is "Red Ed", after all. The left are no better, focusing on the words of some loon in UKIP or lambasting leading Tories as privileged toffs is much less hastle than serious argument about polices.

    Wouldn't it be great if political debate in this country focused on the real issues?

    Give it a few years

    Predictably, there has been much fuss by lefties recently about the "spare room tax" whereby those in council houses that are too big for them lose some of their benefit. Anyone who has not done volunteer work that has taken them into many council houses and also been a cheapskate contractor living in some pretty rough rented bedsits may not appreciate that accomodation provided to those who rely on the state is much better than anything that others at the low end of the income spectrum can afford. Yet heaven forbid that that those who can't or don't fully support themselves should be expected to reduce the burden on those who do by giving up any luxuries whatever!

    Lefties would like to abolish the "spare room tax" and make it ok to depend on others to provide things the latter often cannot afford themselves. They would also like to bring in a real property tax (as opposed to a "tax", ie a reduction in handouts) on larger houses without any consideration of how hard the owners have had to work to acquire them or how much tax they have already paid. How long before these lefty twats are in power again? Less than two years probably, given the electorial bias in favour of the Labour Party and the large numbers of mainly left-voting immigrants, with 77 marginal seats where Muslim voters alone could tilt the balance.

    When it comes to other legislation on property, will there be a reward for those who helped them to power?

    Too forgiving by far, that Jesus

    We at bloggoth always check everything a million times and are a bit suprised that others do not appear to check them even once. How the hell can the Vatican issue a coin with a misspelling of the word Jesus?

    The mispelt quote mentions a publican. Publicans feature in the New Testament quite a bit and in those days they were not pub landlords but tax collectors! Not that we beleive in him, but if he had existed, WTF was JHC doing forgiving tax collectors? Bastards! We a bloggoth are totally on the side of the Pharisees in this one. What is a bit of self righteous smugness compared to demanding taxes from ordinary people so they can be wasted by the state?

    Crappy paper

    Notwithstanding its excellent anti-EU approach, we have always felt that The Daily Express is a truly crappy paper. Apart from being the wrong sort of right (christian values, royalty, establishment, toffs) it has such totally predictable obsessions.

    Today's headlines has two of the main ones including a thing on Princess F* Diana, yet again! Definitely no 2 on the all time most tedious dead person list, after Stephen F* Lawrence obviously. Then there's the usual prediction that we are going to get the worst winter in decades. Seem to recall they said that last year and the year before that. Do they just make it up? The only online long range forecasts for the UK that we can find give no hint of it at all.

    Not true for other parts of the world. If the DE is correct, we can only conclude that the UK is to become part of the Rocky Mountains in the next few months.


    So what do we do with the garden come next year? We ain't really into gardening, unlike the missus, but don't want it to be a total tip. It's got to look reasonably good with minimum boring effort.

    We have already extended the lawn area, lawns are easy if you don't look too closely, and made a nice pond which will hopefully be infested with MR PIKEY SCUM biting mosquitoes next summer. Not sure if Mosquitoes never bite we at bloggoth because we are nice to them or if we just suffer no reaction to them whatever. Either way, a pond is a great downside-free neighbour tormentor. Lots of Raspberry bushes is another idea, we love Raspberries, although we would probably die of an overdose if we planted too many.

    Another must is Lilies. Apparently they are fatal to cats who simply brush against them. Wahee! Creepy little bastards!

    Old Dreams, past life, look in the attic

    Got a plumber coming this week so had to tidy up the attic so he could find the pipes. Attics hold far more of our lives than the rooms we actually live in. The latter are constantly changed in accordance with practical requirements, the whims of fashion or so they look good to visitors. Our real history ends up in the attic.

    We were most annoyed recently to find that the Greek "Burial Jacket" that we brought in Athens when we hitchiked there in 1969 had been eaten to buggery by clothes moths and we had to chuck it out. It did look rather like I was wearing a mini skirt though, no wonder that chap in Istanbul got the wrong idea.

    Still got other even older stuff though, like this painting, circa 1967, based on a nightmare.


    The London Fire Brigade has reported some of its strangest callouts. One case involved a man who had his penis stuck in a toaster. A toaster? We can understand sticking it in something warm and wet, like a pile of fresh horse manure or the dog, but a toaster? How can anyone be turned on by bonking a toaster?

    We trust fellow horse manure/dog bonkers will join us in roundly condemning such disgusting perversity.

    The day that man nearly invented the wheel

    Stupid applications of technology - 1

    We have a Samsung cyclone vacuum cleaner. You can use it a couple of times with just emptying the cyclone chamber before the power drops off drastically and then you have to clean the tiny (about 5 square inches) foam outlet pad in water and washing up liquid to remove the fine dust the cyclone does not collect. This is not a criticism of Samsung, their stuff is great, but a criticism of the utterly ridiculous concept of using a cyclone in a domestic cleaner.

    This is not what cyclones are any f* good at and we know what we are talking about, having worked in the cement industry where they use huge cyclones in the manufacturing process. We have even done mathematical modelling of the things! A cyclone is great for cheaply separating the major part of the solid particles from a gas with a high dust concentration, where the material has a high density and where the particle size is relatively large or where it flocculates. It is pretty useless at separating light or fine dust in low concentrations and no cyclone can discharge directly to atmosphere, a more effective device like a bag filter or electrostatic precipitator is needed to finish the job.

    It is possible to improve cyclone collection efficiency of fine particles but the power required goes up with the square of the inverse of the particle size, it's all about centrifugal forces. A 5kw vacuum cleaner would probably work quite well but a cheaper and a more practical solution is to ditch the cyclone and just use an old fashioned dust bag so you only have one thing to empty.

    You have to hand it to Dyson, making a fortune from a bollux application of an ancient device which was invented by person or persons unknown before patents existed and which the ignorant public found so thoroughly cool that all the other manufacturers felt obliged to copy it.

    What a joke!

    Real democracy should not just be about winning elections, it should be about delivering the society that most citizens want.

    The Liberal "Democrats" consistently oppose leaving the EU and ridicule a significant claw back of powers from it, despite the result of a poll showing that 56% of Britains would vote to leave, as opposed to 30% who would vote to remain. Not suprisingly, they don't even think the electorate should have a say on the issue.

    The Liberal "Democrats" consistently oppose any serious attempt to tighten up on immigration, even opposing efforts to tackle illegals, despite the 60% who correctly believe that mass immigration does us more harm than good as opposed to just 1 in 6 who accept the PC mythology.

    The Liberal "Democrats" consistently oppose any serious attempt to reduce welfare costs despite clear public backing for the chancellor's efforts to do so.

    Worst of all, the Liberal "Democrats" refused to back electoral boundary changes that would have made our elections results more representative of public opinion. Revenge on the Conservatives for not backing their changes to the House of Lords was more important to them than ensuring the electorate is properly represented.

    Still, at least they were consistent in that last one, why give a damn about proper voter representation if you don't give a shit about voter's opinions anyway? Democrats? What a f* joke! While nobody would seriously compare Liberal "Democrat" policies with theirs in other ways, Clegg, like so many others on the left, does have something in common with Stalin, Mao Zedong or Pol Pot. Just like them, he puts his own ideals and beliefs first and what the people he supposedly represents think is just not important.


    PS It isn't as though the British are uniquely xenophobic on the issue of Europe, the citizens of the other largest EU countries are sick of it as well. According to Europe wide polls 59% of Germans, 56% of French and an astonishing 72% of Spanish no longer trust this institution. Polls in Germany indicate that half want to repatriate powers from Europe as opposed to 26% who oppose it.

    These Liberal "Democrats" are not even representing the views of citizens in the Europe they claim to support.


    As expected, in the wake of the sinking of a migrant boat on the way to Lampedusa, the usual idiots, AKA human rights groups, are demanding that we somehow make migration much easier so people don't resort to desperate measures like crowding onto unsafe boats. That they should just be allowed to turn up at any embassy and claim asylum without even leaving their own countries.

    Nobody wants to see people drowned, especially children who don't make their own decisions, but there has to be a limit on what the first world can take in. Have these human rights sorts ever done any basic research? Have they calculated just how many people in poor, third world countries or in nations with conflicts or repressive governments would leave if it was easy? How many more can we let into Europe without overwhelming our own societies? Without bringing our own economies down towards their levels, with more unemployment, crime, poor health and overcrowding, without destroying the advancement of centuries with the poor education and backward attitudes that characterise much of the third world? Properly vetted high acheivers are a different matter but anyone who thinks African migrants generally are assets, let alone those from nations like Somali or Eritrea where many of these illegals come from, is living in a dreamworld of ignorance and we suggest they try checking the facts.

    Unless we totally threw open our borders and provided free transport would simpler asylum claims help? Given the numbers of people who would want to come to Europe if it was much easier, and we could be talking millions, probably not. If we let in a few hundred thousand more each year, the trafficers would drop their prices and supply and demand would soon see these unsafe boats as full as ever. Maybe the more rational solution is to tighten up on asylum and immigration generally. To tighten up the visa system and border controls, to crack down on illegal migrants and throw them out without right of appeal, to stop allowing asylum claims except in accord with the UN convention and where there is a high degree of proof of their case, to put the safety of our citizens first even when asylum seekers do have a genuine case, to stop every migrant we do accept creating an open door for relatives, to stop allowing migrants access to our welfare, social housing or health service unless they have already made a proportionate contribution in tax and national insurance.

    People will only stop risking their lives if nothing worth the risk is being offered.

    Eye of beholder

    Why do perfectly reasonable looking young people do such hideous things to themselves? Almost every young bloke you meet now seems to have a horrible tattoo on his arm. Those little studs both sexes have in their eyebrows, cheeks, lips and side of the nostrils are even worse, they look like silver warts. Why don't they just wait until they get old? Then they will get lots of discoloured patches and lumps from mother nature and it won't cost a penny. That's an idea! If looking hideous is trendy among young people, why do us oldies worry about it? Rather we should regard all those signs of ageing as marvellous free decoration!

    Mature adults

    It is quite a comfort, when a missus goes, to have a son still living at home, even one as wierd as #1. Brought some conservatory furniture today, including a glass top table (no Una Stubbs jokes please) so naturally we used it for a wind-up yappy teeth race, the loser made the next cup of tea.

    Wouldn't it be great if, instead of boring cars, we all went to work on huge wind-up yappy teeth? Of course they are hopeless at following any sensible path and tend to go randomly round in circles but that wouldn't matter if we were not so anal about qualifications. So what if a plumber ends up at the vets surgery, he should take it in his stride and get stuck in. Fixing a ballcock in a water tank, sticking your hand up a cow to deliver a calf in the breach position, much the same thing really, if you can do one you can surely do the other.


    A couple of popes are to be made saints having, supposedly, performed the necessary couple of miracles each. We will leave it to the non-existent readers to check into the details of those in the unlikely event they are interested but these miracles are never proven facts. Firstly, there may be doubts about the diagnosis in the first place. You only have to read the news of the latest suings of the NHS to realise how common misdiagnosis is, even in first world countries. Secondly, it is sometimes possible to find cases of similar unlikely recoveries from the same condition when no divine intervention was ever requested.

    Case studies aside, it is the rareness of these events that should make these people question them. How many religious people, when gravely ill, when in pain or facing death, pray to the lord or one of his earthly representatives? Without doubt, given human nature, a pretty significant proportion, if not most. How many are actually cured? Almost none unless miracles are grossly underreported. So what can do we conclude? The obvious one is that the frequency of these very unlikely recoveries is entirely in line with chance.

    Another explanation, for those who insist on believing in irrational crap, is that the almighty is so bloody selective in whom he deems worthy of help that most people might as well give up religion. The chance that you are one of the tiny elite he cares about, who might be admitted to paradise, is pretty negligible. Get out and enjoy the one life that we know exists.

    No matter how rational you think you are

    Of no interest to those who are not fascinated by nature but we intended to make an observation a few months back and never got round to it, about the interaction of man and wildlife.

    It concerned the silence in a place we had been running in and the lack of bird song which contrasted so sharply with the almost continual cacophony in our garden, the harsh rasp of Magpies, the repetitive woo-woohing of Doves and Pidgeons, the chatter of Sparrows, the evening chorus of Thrushes and Blackbirds, the tiny twitterings of Bluetits or the varied song of the male Robin whose volume belies his tiny form.

    If the presence of man is quite so destructive of nature, we were going to ask, how come these birds seem much more common in areas close to us than those more remote? It was a valid point in general we think, there does seem more natural activity closer to home than in other areas and maybe the things we do, feeding birds, cultivating different plants that encourage insect variety, clearing land to provide varied habitats and nesting sites, digging our gardens to expose worms and other food, can actually be positive for many bird and mammal species. Not to mention laying lawns that that F* badger loves ripping up!

    But we ran through that same place again today and it isn't typical of the country around here except in appearance. It is a large oval field of uncultivated, unkempt grass entirely surrounded by trees like many others in the area. The footpath runs through the middle. Nothing unusual about it all - except for the stillness and silence. In other similar fields you may see deer, rabbits, pheasants or birds flying overhead but not in this one. When we say there is no bird sound we mean NO bird sound, nothing at all. No other sound either, although it not far from a road you can hear no cars. Only after we had just left it and run onto the adjacent woods did we actually hear the roar of the approaching aircraft from the nearby airport. We did think of running back into the field to see if the sound disappeared but thought that was a bit too silly.

    We will try it next time. This field is open, green and sunny. But definitely, very, very creepy.

    What the hell are we doing to ourselves?

    It is common in Britain for any mention of problems with migrants and minorities to be denounced as racism despite the facts that are available from government and other sources. Even if the realities are acknowledged they are largely blamed on racism and exclusion despite the facts, again from reputable sources, that show that migrants' success, beliefs and practices in the UK tend to mirror those in the countries of origin.

    But there are some beliefs and practices that even the most idiotic liberals cannot blame on us, like honour killings, forced marriage, FGM, acid attacks on women, belief in witchcraft or beating of children to drive out evil spirits. Now there is another barbarism we appear to be importing from West Africa, breast ironing, in which young girls have their chests pounded with hot objects to delay development. Not surprisingly it is hugely painful and may cause permanent deformation.

    There are unlikely to be any compensating factors for UK citizens due to the presence of these people. A 2007 report showed that 39% of Ghanaians and 29% of Nigerians in the UK live in social housing, compared to 17% of British born. We can find no figures for those from Cameroon, where this latest barbarism mainly comes from, but this report suggests their contribution is probably even lower because many are French speaking and have poor English.

    Given the basic premise, which we would regard as self evident, that British citizens do not have a duty to provide for those of other nations, nor to solve all their problems, can anyone please explain just why it is that any reasonable person should NOT object to the importation of such backwardness into our once advancing nation when there are no plus sides for us whatever?

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    A real opportunity to save money

    Didn't see it, but the BBC's Panorama has raised questions about the guilt of Shrien Dewani, who is accused of arranging his wife's murder in South Africa. We at bloggoth have no idea if he is guilty or not but we are intrigued that high profile criminal cases are being so thoroughly investigated by the press/media. This must have reduced the cost of Dewani's defence as members of the jury who have seen or read about the program will already be at least partially convinced of his innocence, whatever the prosecution may say.

    More press/media investigations into high profile cases would reduce the need for time spent by overpaid lawyers and judges, saving taxpayers' money and providing entertainment into the bargain. When celebrities are involved, and there's no shortage of such cases, why stop with investigative documentaries? What is the point of making a jury sit for days, sometimes weeks, in dingy courtrooms when we already have millions of willing jurors sitting there in front of their TV screens! Let's put entire trials on TV and let the public decide. We can imagine it now, the program could run on Saturday and Sunday evenings and be called Strictly Come Judging. Introduced by good old Bruce Forsyth of course. And Claudia Winkelman, we do like Claudia.

    PS Innocent! Rolph would never do such a thing.

    PPS Just as well the charges concern girls, otherwise that Two Little Boys song would really have counted against him.

    When will some people wake up about the nature of Islam?

    Another day, another indiscriminate massacre of innocent people by Islamists, with 59 killed in Kenya. Just 3 days ago they killed 87 people in Nigeria and only a few weeks back they slaughtered at least 44. In 4 years they have killed over 3000 people in Nigeria alone. Actually, make that two massacres today, 60 have also been killed in Pakistan. Violence against Christians and others is not exactly new there either. Parts of the Philippines are currently in turmoil due to violent Islamists who have been kidnapping and beheading people for over a decade.

    In every part of the world where Islam has a significant presence, including Indonesia, Malaysia, The Phillipines, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Kenya, the Central African Republic and Tanzania, there is major violence against others. Yet some prefer to continue living in their dreamworld of ignorance, denying the realities or citing scripture to argue that these people who claim to act in the name of peaceful Islam are somehow not really Muslims. What the hell difference does it make what we call them when they all spring from the Muslim population? Who is responsible for the rising tide of Islamic violence against others in what were once fairly safe nations like Bangladesh or Indonesia, Chinese immigrants? Are the Jihadists in the West really coming from atheist backgrounds? How many times have we read of extremists who were once moderate, Westernised young men? What made them change, studying the bible? These arguments are as idiotic as quoting the Gospel to prove the Spanish inquisition had nothing to do with Christianity.

    Extreme Islam, false Islam, pseudo Islam, whatever you want to call it, has only the one source, Islam in general. The more Muslims you take in, the more extremists and terrorists you will get. We need to focus on extremism in particular without further marginalising law-abiding Muslim citizens of the UK to avoid making the problem worse but it makes no sense whatever to encourage the growth of Islam with any further immigration from Muslim countries. Immigration from them, except with the highest level of checks, needs to stop now.

    PS "British" Jihadists are training in conflicts abroad. The Kenya terrorists are thought to have come from all around the world including the UK.

    Three years ago the then head of MI5, Sir Jonathan Evans, warned that Muslim extremists from the UK were increasingly switching from Pakistan to Somalia to receive training in militant camps. “It is only a matter of time before we see terrorism on our streets inspired by those who are today fighting alongside al-Shabaab,” predicted Sir Jonathan.

    At the time, about a 100 UK passport-holders were estimated to be in Somalia. That number is believed to have grown threefold, along with others from Europe and America seeking to join the jihad. The upward trend has continued despite the recent rush to Syria.

    Maybe, if any "Briton" goes to a nation like Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan etc. without proven peaceful reason, we should not let them back in. It is time the safety of the real British, of whatever origin, came first.

    Socialist Idiots

    Two recent comments from senior Labour Party figures illustrate the destructive thinking of socialism. Rachel Reeves said a Labour government would only raise taxes for the "privileged few" on £150,000 or more a year. Ed Moribund has pledged to end the coalition's welfare cuts for those in social housing who have unecessarily large properties.

    Privileged means confined to an exclusive or chosen group. While wealth can buy privilege, simply earning a good salary is not in itself privilege and the term is more accurately applied to those who live in overlarge homes at the expense of ordinary taxpayers who could never afford such space themselves. Yes, of course it must be stressful for somebody to have to move out of their home, but equally it is stressful for working people to struggle to pay the rent on what they are paid after the taxman has taken all his cuts *, for business people to have to cope with ever more onerous taxes and red tape.

    Changes in welfare policy will often cause problems and stress but, in the long term, we cannot keep spending money on what is unecessary. While some compassion is desirable in enforcing the policy on occasions, it is insane in general to keep destroying the incentive of working people and the efficiency of productive businesses to provide unecessary benefits for those who already get more than they contribute.

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    * Yes, we mean cuts, plural. The tax and NI the ordinary man sees in his pay slip are the tips of the iceburg. Corporation tax, employer's NI and the huge costs of complying with all the government red tape and form filling have already vanished from what his employer might have been otherwise have been able to pay him. When he spends he is not just paying VAT but all those same costs for the suppliers that might otherwise have allowed for a cheaper product.

    No updates from the Good Lord? How come?

    What are the most annoying things in life? That's a hard question to answer when you are a ranty old git because absolutely everything, from the global operations of our political leaders to the gardening activities of close neighbours is annoying! One common minor annoyance is software updates, you cannot turn on your PC without yet another update, especially from Adobe. How many years have they been doing Adobe Reader? You would think they would have got what is basically a single format document reader about right by now, so it didn't need updating every F* week!

    Mind you, software like Adobe's is definitely another argument against the existence of a caring god. If companies created by mere mortals can remotely improve their creations, how come the almighty never thought of it or couldn't manage it? Why do we grow progressively older and frailer? How is it that, if we recover from illness and injury, it is often only due to the efforts of other men? Why can't he send us a regular health update? You may say that this is like expecting software updates to modernise your PC hardware. Maybe, but then the non-existent bastard is supposed to be omnipotent, so it isn't expecting too much for him to do a bit more than Adobe can manage. At least he could do a few memory upgrades, stop us being forgetful, prevent dementia. If that isn't the biological equivalent of a program update, what is?

    What would you do?

    This is getting a bit awkward. What do you do when a lady regularly calls round in an extremely plastered state, saying her husband doesn't f*/love her anymore and getting very clutchy? Answers on a postcard SVP.

    PS: she is quite ancient. If she was a bit younger we would not even ask. Or if her husband was not an ex marine!


    Our cheap little driving safety recorder/dashcam is still working well. Well done Chinks, it hasn't blown up yet, we are impressed! Ready to come to my aid if some bastard runs into me. Oi! Who said you could use my name?

    King Cull

    People are often complete hypocrites, being in favour of this and that except when it affects them. Even we at bloggoth come close at times. We are totally against culling badgers but we would damn well give them, the stripey little bastard that is destroying my lawn anyway, a darn good shouting at. A darn good beeping at anyway. Stuck two of those movement detector alarms out there.

    If they wake up MR PIKEY SCUM, that will only be fair as we have to stick a big piece of cardboard over the window if we use the spare room, due to his security light going on and off all night; it must be triggered by moths. It has to annoy other people as well, it lights up the whole road. ANNOYING NEIGHBOURS? Don't get me started, too late! Bloody motor powered tools! Nice weekend for a sit outside and the so and so two doors up starts mowing the lawn or the so and so two doors down gets out his bloody strimmer. Look you idiot, why not just pull the F* weeds out? Not only is it better exercise but it stays weed-free for longer. And bloody noisy kids! The road is full of hordes of identical little blond girls riding up and down on bikes and shrieking and screaming their heads off. They can't really be human surely?

    Wait a minute. Are these evil little bastards creeping in at night and digging up my lawn? Is Mr Badger innocent? Probably. Animals (except cats) can do no wrong in my view. I'm sorry I doubted you little badger.

    PS MR PS is very quiet and gloomy up at the club these days. I hear he he has severe pain in his teeth. What a shame! All together now, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    Reality is not racism

    Following suggestions that G K Chesterton should be made a saint (as if it matters) some have complained about his "racist views" because he said that Jews cannot be loyal to a country because their higher loyalty was to fellow Jews.

    As with any comment about any group there were those, perhaps a majority, it did not apply to but then who seriously believes he meant ALL Jews? Talk to anyone in their 80s or 90s, pleasant, good natured people like my father in law and there is still anti-semitism and their complaint is exactly what Chesterton said. It is hard to see why anyone has a problem with Jews these days but we tend to forget that Judaism has moderated considerably since Chesterton's time and that Jews have now integrated well. It was not always so.

    The problem with the modern tendency to dismiss any criticism of any group as racism is that it often ignores realities, not just about specific groups and the nature of the countries or creeds which have shaped their views and practices, but even about human nature itself. All groups, including the white British, have a higher loyalty to others of their kind, whether by ethnicity, religion or however else defined, than to those outside. When religious belief encourages a contempt for others, as Islam too often does and as Judaism once did, or when low achievement feeds resentment, as with too many black youths, the gulf is only widened.

    This separation has consequences for us all but it is those within groups who remain outside society that are the most affected and the culture of silence is a major reason why crimes within major ethnic groups, such as gangland killings, gang rape, FMG, forced marriage or child abuse are more likely to remain unsolved or never reported at all. Pretending that any mention of the problems within minorities is unjustified white racism and encouraging separation will not lead to any solutions. Maybe liberals should consider the minority victims of their idiotic multicultural society sometimes, or don't black and Asian victims matter in the pursuit of their ideals?

    Links on the consequences of multiculturalism:

    • AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF CRIMINOLOGY: It is now common knowledge that a large majority of offences that occur in a community remains unsolved and nothing is known about the perpetrators.

    • LONDON24 on a club shooting: Police have not been able to solve the crime due to the ‘culture of silence’ surrounding London gangs

    • The Guardian on forced marriage: Nobody knows what the true figure is because so many young victims are terrified of coming forward. But it is definitely much, much higher than what is reported.

    • The BBC on FMG: The victims "are hidden behind a wall of silence", said Lisa Harker of NSPCC.

    • The Guardian on gang rape: Women and girls who are raped in this context rarely seek help and support, or have their victimisation recognised by professionals. The fear of retribution, and the wider context of neighbourhood violence within which such sexual assaults take place, should not be underestimated.

    • The NSPCC on child sex abuse: In those communities where sexual abuse remains a taboo subject, there is more likely to be a fear of reprisals from a relatively strong community network that may condemn rather than help the victim: anecdotal evidence from the NSPCC’s Services to minority ethnic children and families support the view that South Asian, African, Caribbean and Chinese communities all share a common fear of ‘everyone finding out’.

    • The Telegraph on honour attacks: But campaigners warn that recorded cases may be just the “tip of the iceberg” with thousands of incidents going unreported each year because of fear of reprisal, family pressure or inconsistent police recording.

    • The Muslim Womens' Network: This report is a welcome path-breaking work focusing on the experiences of Asian and Muslim abused children. There has been a deafening silence concerning this group in the existing body of work on sexual abuse of children. In all communities victims of such violence find it difficult to report sexual abuse and seek support. Among Asians and Muslims this is exacerbated by a culture of honour and shame that is so powerful as to mask the reality of lived experiences.

    • The Telegraph on a Birmingham terror plot: It emerged that some people in Birmingham knew Naseer had sent four other men to Pakistan for training but did not alert the police. They also warned parents would not raise concerns because many were in denial that their children could be caught up in serious terror planning.

    People are wierd

    Not seen any for years, but what a strange thing those "glory holes" were. Some may say that gays/fags (please choose whichever) are pretty strange anyway but who on earth would spend hours in the cubicle of a public convenience laboriously digging a hole in the wall with a penknife? Straight blokes would ensure that any such holes in dilapidated public bogs were suitably filled with bog paper and it would be noticed if anyone pushed it out, so they might just as well just use some more direct approach anyway. And were they just for viewing or for poking through? Must be some distinct height problems in latter case, did Ronnie Corbett types bring step ladders?

    Hmmm. Mens' and womens' convenience are generally adjacent and are mirror images of each other, so the cubicles may often only be separated by a solid wall. Must remember to take a hammer and chisel next time.

    Green - not

    Why do people spout idealistic principles but dont' follow them? A woman on Rip Off Britain moved into a new, supposedly low energy flat, powered by renewable energy and said how pleased she was as she really believed in protecting the planet etc. When the heating didn't work well, she had to have an electric blanket on all night because it was so cold.

    WTF? xoggoth Towers is never heated at night because, being in a village with no gas, it has noisy oil fired heating. In winter we just use thicker duvets. Try it, you silly woman!

    PS: Incidentally, oil-fired hot air heating is the most economical and fastest responding heating you can get. As usual this year, we topped up with 500l of oil, cost £370, which will easily get us through the winter. Why these hot air systems are so difficult to get now we have no idea.

    Survival of the fattest

    Darwin's theory of natural selection was not the first theory of evolution. According to Lamarck, animals acquired characteristics by striving for them. Each generation then inherited the results of its parents' efforts and added its own. For example, Giraffes' necks got longer because they kept stretching to reach more leaves, its longer necked offspring did the same and so on, giving us the modern animal.

    Lamark's theory is easily discredited by facts but that's boring! Theories should not be accepted based on their credibility but on their entertainment value. It would be much more fun if Lamarkian evolution was correct and every generation inherited and built on the characteristics of their parents, especially if the changes could be speeded up a bit. For example, fat slobs would have fat slobby babies who would then add their own fat slobbiness and in a few generations they would produce enormous great limbless balloon-like blobs. Athletes, on the other hand, would produce superheros after a few generations. Olympic high jumpers would have grand children who really could leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    You might say that high jumper humanity would be far better suited to survival than fat slobby humanity, how would the latter feed themselves unless they adapted to rolling around in dung heaps and absorbing it through the skin or something? Don't be silly! Survival of the fittest is a Darwin idea and he has been discredited here on bloggoth. Far too boring.

    Ashes to ashes

    Rationally, it shouldn't matter what you do with someone's ashes, you could just bung them in the dustbin, but even we at bloggoth can't manage to be quite that rational. Many just let them be scattered at the crematorium and have a memorial in the gardens there but, despite all the nice landscaping and the care, it's still an impersonal place, miles away on the edge of a rather crappy town and next to a noisy road near an industrial estate. We wanted somewhere more rural and closer to home but can't find anything at all, the historic local churches ran out of room for plaques about 50 years ago and the National Trust doesn't have memorials in their parks anymore, so missus xoggoth has come back home. We have a nice little patch near the woods at the back that will make a great little memorial garden.

    There are some interesting use of ashes, they get made into jewellary, pots and so on. We plan to make detailed arrangements for our own demise so the sons don't have all this hastle. Wonder if ashes can be used to make tiles in a ladies' public convenience? We would enjoy that.

    It's about effort

    An unusually short (and unranty!) item on Mr Sheep's blog re Diana Nyad, a 64 year old who has almost completed a 112 mile swim, reminds me of something I had meant to mention for a while, the astonishing way that some people, despite age or infirmity, put so much effort into life.

    An old lady down the road is nearly 90 but still goes yachting at a local club. She uses a stick and is rather bent over but she strides up our steep hill at a rate that puts many younger people here to shame, although she told me recently that she has considerable discomfort in her hip. She also said that, purely because of her age, she is very unlikely to be offered another hip operation. I have worked with great fat wobbling bastards in their 30s who can't even walk across the office to the vending machine at the rate she goes uphill but doubtless operations would not be refused them.

    There is no such thing as just money, everything we spend has to come from somewhere else, so maybe there is no point in expensive operations on people who are unlikely to survive much longer. However, should age be the sole criteria? Or should we take account of the effort that people put into caring for themselves, keeping fit and avoiding being a burden on others?

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    The five pillars of REAL wisdom

    Needed a vodka and a bit of company after playing the last Youtube thing. Sniff. Darn it! The club was closed, forgot it's 4pm on a Sunday, so it's just you and me, Mr P. (And Little Pip, Mr P has a little friend to keep him company)

    That's an advantage of religion, religious people have all the main objectives, times and places - Sunday Mass, Eid, Diwali, annual confession, pilgrimages to Mecca etc - set out for them. Us rational sorts who think, based on the drivelling illogic of them, that the established religions are mostly utter bollux, don't have these comforting rituals and maybe we are losing out. Comforting rituals can actually be a positive side of religion. Memorising the Qu'ran, mumbling "Ite Missa est" while choking on incense, wearing silly turbans and toy swords, being respectful to cows etc are all harmless in themselves and, if it makes people feel good, why not?

    That's what we atheists/agnostics need, pointless rituals! In future the Five Pillars of xoggoth wisdom will be:

    • Shouting "what a bunch of crap!" on awakening every morning and uttering at least 400 obscenities a day for no particular reason.

    • Getting drunk at the village club beginning at 2.30 every Sunday. (And Friday and Saturday at 8pm too, but those are not areligious obligations)

    • Being tossed off at a local whorehouse each Thursday. Any lady is permitted as long as she conforms with the non-sacred obligation of xoggothism, she must be cheap. Appearance is not important.

    • Spending a minimum of 10 minutes each day sorting old bits and pieces in the non-sacred xoggoth shed. For example, old rubber rings that might come in useful for sealing something must be separated from straight bits of metal that might be some day be useful for fixing something to some other thing.

    • Sniffing the bottoms of neighbours' dogs at regular intervals. Contrary to the uninformed opinions of critics of xoggothism, this is not perversion but an affirmation of the xoggoth belief that man has no special place in the universe and that the practices of all animals are as valid as our own.

    Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

    Saw some bit of dull celebrity news about Debbie McGee that reminded me of this old one. The song and the themes, hippy dressing, singin' the blues, hitchhiking with girlfriends, sex with someone else, feeling good. Takes us back to when life had a point. Sniff.

    PS: "give all my tomorrows for a single yesterday". Damn it. Where's the vodka?

    Bastard Blair is not the issue

    Lots of stuff in the news, like this article, about Iraq and the false allegations of WMD having destroyed British belief in interventions. Is the invented basis for the invasion of Iraq really the main issue? I think the British public have more sense than that and, in all the interviews on TV I saw, that was not mentioned even once. That lying bastard Blair (who should be shot) may have diminished confidence in the honesty of government but that is not what mainly concerns people.

    What is much more relevant to most is that the invasion of Iraq, justified or not, was an expensive failure. Even more important still, since it is possible to see some hope for Iraq, was the invasion of Afghanistan, where the chances of any real improvement in return for all the umpteen billions spent and lives lost are about zero. We helped get rid of Gaddafi in Libya but so far there has been no spring for those who wanted democracy and secular government. Factional conflicts continue and Christian and Jewish minorities are now far less safe than they were. Egypt is a factor too because events there have shown how small the chances of real progress remain in the Arab world even when the dictators are ousted.

    Anyone who has given it real thought will see this idea of a limited strike to deter future use of chemical weapons for the naive, simplistic crap that it is. Even assuming they could do it without killing more innocent civilians (if you bomb a store of chemical weapons what happens to the gas?) or aiding the Islamist rebels is Assad really just going to ignore it or will there be a response? One scenario will be an attack on Israel. This could ignite a wider conflict that will kill a darn site more than 300 to 400 people. * What about our relations with Russia? Do we really need to jeopardise so much for a conflict that is none of our concern? Especially when it is pointless. After all these threats will Assad (assuming he authorised them in the first place) really use these weapons again anyway? He is no fool and would know that a second mass gassing could well change attitudes as that would allow the Camorons and Obummers to claim they were right.

    The British public might be more convinced by the need for foreign interventions if they had any belief that they might actually achieve something other than cost for themselves and prolonged misery for those they tried to help.

    * Or 1429, 300000, 35 million, 6 billion or whatever the latest figure is today.

    Multiculturalism is fantastic - let's extend it further

    We at bloggoth have had a rethink and are now totally convinced of the value of multiculturalism. British society deserves great credit for maintaining its class divisions for centuries but it was getting rather boring and predictable. How refreshing to import lots of exciting new divisions!

    Now we can have great new arguments, like whether we should have a secular democracy or Shariah, whether violent ethnic gangs are due to cultural failures or white racism, whether women should make their own decisions. All the stale old arguments about government foreign policy, immigration etc have been given a new impetus by the vested interests of migrants, and the fact that the ethnic British have somewhat lost control of their own future due to voting non citizens and minority-dominated marginals just makes everything so much more exciting! And what fun some of these cultures have brought to our staid society! Things like FMG, honour killings, forced marriage. We even have belief in witches and possession by evil spirits again, should have never gone away in my opinion. Most importantly, we now have far more groups of people, not just the rich elite and the working classes, who despise, blame and avoid each other; with a bit of luck we can bring back the glorious days of Britain's tribal past, before that boring bastard Athelstan went and unified us all.

    Since multiculuralism is such a marvellous idea, isn't it time we applied the same principles to other things like team sports? Requiring all participants to conform to the same rules is very dull. In football, for example, players should be allowed to throw the ball or hit it with a bat or racket if they want to. Cage fighters and boxers in the teams should be allowed to attack other players without getting red cards and why shouldn't a centre forward ride a horse? Let us enrich sport with the same fantastic variety of attitudes and practices that has so enriched our society as a whole.

    Well done Ed

    The idiotic idea that we should intervene in Syria is not dead but it's nice to see that Labour have killed off the even more idotic idea that we should intervene even before the UN inspectors have concluded, assuming they do, that Assad is responsible.

    Not surprisingly, it took about 5 secs of googling to find comments accusing Milliband of weekness, being unable to make tough decisions. Tough? We need political leaders whose decisions are a) Rational and based on proper facts and/or realistic assessment and b) Broadly in line with the wishes of the contributing citizens of our so-called democracy. Only then should we give a shit about whether they are tough enough to push those decisions through.

    Update: When interviewed, Milliband seemed surprisingly statesman like and sensible. Please don't overdo it Ed, we don't want your lot in power, even Camoron is preferable.


    Never get into a lift without your mobile phone says the Daily Express.

    Sound advice I should have applied to my garage the other week. Had just woken up and heard an almighty bang from the garage beneath the bedroom, went down to check and found it very hard to open. It is one of those sectional doors you lift up and the spring on one side had decided to break, smashing one of the storage boxes.

    Foolishly, I decided the problem was the unbalanced load and that it would be easier to lift if I also removed the spring the other side. Opened the door fully, got up on a ladder and pulled it off, the door went down with a bang and then I found I couldn't lift it. I had totally underestimated the weight of it. 6.30 in the morning, trapped in a dark garage with a double metal panelled door and, worst of all, I was dying for a crap. Fortunately, I had a torch and tools so it only took me 3/4 hour to remove the top panel and clamber out. Not fun.

    We have a new electrically operated garage door now and it is supposed to have a manual emergency lock but, if I am in there with the door closed, I might keep an old mobile phone in there just in case.

    Religion fails again

    Just a little while back (not for the first time - yawn) we said how those denied normal sexual outlets in strictly religious countries will look for abnormal ones and there is plenty of evidence for this, we have posted reputable links before about the high levels of child abuse in nations like Afghanistan or Uganda. Homosexuality is also more common in places where it is supposed to be a sin. If frustrated young men are denied the proper holes they are going to look for other ones. As the old rugby song goes "There's a shortage of good whores but there's keyholes in the doors and there's knotholes in the floors in Mobile".

    According to The BBC Karachi is a gay man's paradise:

    Families go to the Abdullah Shah-Ghazi shrine to honour the holy man buried there and to ask for God's blessings, but it is also Karachi's biggest cruising ground. Every Thursday evening, as the sun sets, men from across the city gather there. A tightly packed circle is formed and those in the centre of the circle are groped by those on the periphery.

    The shrine is far from the only place in Karachi where gay sex is freely available. It is, for example, easy to buy from a malchi walah - a masseur who offers massage and "extras" for the equivalent of £5, or $7.80. "We get important people - police, army officers and ministers too," says one masseur, Ahmed. He claims to have slept with more than 3,000 men during his working life - despite having two wives and eight children.

    In all the months I spent hanging around the UK gay capital of Brighton during the missus's treatments I can't say I ever saw anything remotely like that, actually I never saw any openly gay behaviour at all. Homosexuality is common in Bangladesh too:

    The report also found a large number of young male workers – migrants from the country’s villages – in homosexual relationships, a taboo among orthodox Muslims.

    Not bothered what homosexuals get up to in private but the point is that these men in Pakistan and Bangladesh are mostly not homosexual, they are heterosexual men denied normal sex with girlfriends because of their nations' absurd religious taboos. Wonder how many Catholic priests would have preferred sex with mature women instead of little boys if it had been permitted?

    Religion is an absurdity. Not only does it not improve human behaviour one iota but but forcing people to deny their natural needs to avoid "sin" often pushes them into even greater ones.

    Total idiots

    This is another of those stupid news stories of the sort you get over and over. The family of a brain injury victim are "disgusted" because the Social Security Agency sent him a form to fill in to assess if he was unfit to work. Why? Do they seriously expect the SCA to spend umpteen billions of taxpayers' money by having somebody run a detailed check on every single recipient of every single bit of correspondence to see if it is relevant and appropriate before they send it? Idiots.

    Maybe we at bloggoth should get onto the papers because Vision Express sent Missus bloggoth a letter saying her eye test is overdue, the insensitive bastards!

    Sensible people across the political spectrum

    Just for a bit of balance, here are articles about the threat that the UK may get involved in the Syrian war from both the left and right wing press:

    We have no particular comment on the articles, TBH we could not be arsed to read them in full, what is more interesting is the comments by the papers' readers and the ratings they attract. Left and right wing press, the readers are overwhelmingly against yet another stupid intervention which will cost us more money, kill yet more innocent people, do nothing for the people of Syria who really do want more freedom, produce a totally negative outcome for its beleaguered Christian and Jewish minorities and hand yet more propoganda to the Islamic extremists.

    Why will utter F* bastards like Camoron never pay attention to the wishes of the people in our so-called democracies?

    PS: The leftist Daily Mirror also has a poll on whether its readers back military action against Syria. When I clicked it 84% were voting no.

    Interesting technology

    3D printing allows manufacture of objects by building them up in layers using any suitable material, such as plastic or metal. There has been much recent interest in the 3D gun. A totally different area of technology, still in its infancy, is stem cell therapy. Undifferentiated stem cells, which can be extracted from urine, have the ability to transform as necessary into other cells and repair different parts of the body.

    Presumably there are chemical factors that tell these stem cells what sort of cell they should become. If they could isolate those and find ways to speed the transformation up you could use 3D printing technology to build up body parts with stem cells. Expensive transplants and cosmetic surgery would be things of the past.

    Missing the main point

    Is it really necessary to have a single oath to join the girl guides? I had to swear a probate form the other day and the solicitor asked if I wanted to swear on the bible. I said it didn't mean a thing to me, so I swore a secular version. The guides oath isn't even that important as it has no legal status, so why can't there also be different scout/guide oaths to suit different people?

    Whatever the "higher power" one likes to invoke, whether commitment to UK law or to god, it is what one swears to uphold that matters. The bigger problem with the new version is not that it is framed by secularists but by liberal lefties. They are dropping allegiance to my country in favour of my community. The problem with "community" is that it can be interpreted in different ways, is it the wider community or the narrow community of some particular creed or group?

    We need to encourage committment to a unified nation by those of all ethnic bacgrounds, of any faith or none. Anything else is just taking us back to tribalism.

    Strange things update

    Update 26/8/2012 approx 12.45: Going to town and there's that old chap again. It isn't just because he "lives there", this is a 3/4+ mile stretch of rural road and he can be at any part of it, purposefully walking. If one drove through any similar stretch at various times of various days one might keep seeing the same person near their house/work etc but not going shopping in completely different places every time.

    There is only one explanation. This "old chap" is not a real person at all but is actually a disguised mobile speed camera set up to catch speeding motorists as they enter the town. F* government never stops spying on us!

    Fuckwit Hague Again

    FH and other Western leaders live in a Hollywood B Movie world; because dictators like Gaddafi and Assad are villains, anyone who opposes them must be heroes. They do not seem to notice that the action of Islamists around the world make both men look almost decent by contrast. Now they seem to be dismissing any chance of the chemical attacks in Syria as not being by Assad before the UN inspectors have even got there and already preparing for air strikes. Assad may be the most likely culprit but should other possibilities be dismissed so quickly?

    Let's look at some facts from reputable sources. United nations experts have warned that unsecured arms from Libya are leaving the country at an alarming rate, falling into the hands of terrorist groups and fuelling the conflicts in Syria, Mali and elsewhere. The OPCW reported that Gaddafi had chemical weapons. This was mustard gas, not the nerve agents used in Syria but, given that even this was only belatedly revealed by the new government, how can we be so sure those did not exist in Libya too and are now being supplied by extremist Islamic factions to other countries? How can we be sure that terrorists cannot get such nerve agents, especially the smallish quantities used in these attacks, from elsewhere? One thing we do know for sure, those of us not determined to inhabit a dream world of ignorance anyway, is that some Islamist groups, as in Mali, would have no compunction about gassing innocent people if it helped their cause and duped stupid Westerners into supplying them with weapons.

    Regardless of who did it, why the hell should the West be involved in Syria, especially when, as in Egypt and Libya, the probably outcome will be a deterioration in the lives of most of its citizens? When the Jewish and Christian populations will be largely eradicated without the protection of those nasty dictators?


    And WTF are we doing given sanctuary to Muslim Brotherhood crap like this? Moderate Islamists? Compared to some groups maybe but, when Islam is concerned, it is rarely too hard to find a worse group than the one you are looking at. Rule by the Muslim Brotherhood will only mean removal of any real rights from non Muslims. Unless a chance to avoid trouble by keeping very quiet, not challenging Islamic law and not expecting any real role in society is a right, obviously.

    Time we stopped with these double standards, placing such emphasis on human rights in our own country that we hand residence to dangerous foreign criminals and yet ignoring the appalling human right records in foreign countries we support and give foreign aid to

    Apey Logies

    To the 2 real commenters among the non-existent readers of bloggoth. (And bollux to all you f* comment spammers!) Due to yet another bloggoth malfunction I hadn't realised I had any comments recently so Apey Logies for lack of any replies.

    Update: My f* email forwarding settings were changed, who did that? - must be Al Qaeda or the conspiring British/US governments again!

    Fuckwit Hague

    We had done a longish, typically boring, xoggoth rant with lots of dull links from the BBC, Guardian etc, so any idiotic liberal lefties among the non-existent readership could not just dismiss it out of hand, against the stupidity of William Hague, a politician we once had high regard for. His continual idiotic belief in this "Arab spring" and his hints that once again, despite all the evidence that it is really an Arab winter, especially for Christians and other minorities, that yet more British taxpayers' money will be wasted on interventions that will only serve the Islamists shows how wrong we were, this chap's logic is even more deficient than his hair.

    For some reason this rant kept entirely freezing bloggoth (Al Quiada has hacked us!) and we could not (be arsed to) figure out why so we will just skip to this week's article that we would have written if we could have been arsed. The author puts it very well indeed.

    From the start of the uprisings the narrative has been that the Arab world is moving towards democracy and freedom. Even the name, reminiscent of the Prague Spring of 1968, suggested things would get better; more likely precedents would be 1789, 1917 or the 1979 Iranian revolution, all of which led to far worse horrors. And yet Barack Obama, David Cameron and much of the media greeted events with almost child-like innocence. Back in February 2011 David Cameron told the Kuwaiti parliament it was "prejudice" to say that democracy would not work in the Arab world. His statement was an example of the enfeebled western mindset, where even considering a possible thesis that could smack of "prejudice" must be discounted before the evidence is assessed, so that we approach a problem blinkered from any unpleasant reality.

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    More rights bollux

    As an engineer who believes we should be guided by practicality and the overall results it always amazes me that people will start banging on about the human rights of some individual without thinking about the consequences of their demanded changes on others.

    The latest bit of human rights nonsense concerns a woman kept in isolation for five years. Naturally, the Independent and other left of centre papers are telling us it is symptomatic of the way we treat women in jail and talking about national failures. There are no practical suggestions for dealing with such women. There is a national strategy for men but not for women, which seems a fair complaint on the surface but, given that they are much more likely to be violent, a "national strategy" for men is more necessary. There are still detailed guidelines and rules for dealing with women prisoners. What does this national strategy acheive anyway? Can't find any total figures for UK but in the US 10-20% of male prisoners are assaulted every month! Male prisons in the UK are very violent too for young offenders.

    If somebody exhibits unpredictable and violent behaviour, as the woman in that Independent article is stated to, then what is the consequence of allowing her to mix with others except possible injury and trauma for them? It seems highly unlikely her behaviour can be fixed with a bit of counselling, so what other solutions are there? If she was kept on tranquilisers permanently that would have adverse health consequences and be an attack on her human rights too.

    Yet again there is this emphasis on the rights of an individual and a total failure to consider that others have rights as well.

    Too many legal scams

    I am rather dubious of the idea that the CPP card protection scheme was as valueless as some seem are saying. It may be quite true that consumers are entitled to be repaid any money fraudulently taken a from credit card anyway but negotiating with the banks to to get that money back could involve a lot of hastle and, if more than one card was stolen and used, they would need to do the same thing for each one. CPP allowed addition of multiple cards and made it a one phone call thing to cancel them and they would deal with all the banks involved on your behalf. Using professionals also reduces the chance that banks will try and avoid paying by falsely claiming you were negligent. Still, if I get back a few hundred the missus paid them, I ain't complaining.

    Been sorting out the missus's estate and thought I had closed down one of her credit gards only for them to write that a recurring payment had gone out, one of those damn extended warranty things she must have had on the last PC or printer. These things are a complete waste of money; If it's going to go wrong, electronic equipment is either going to be faulty out of the box or fail within the first few weeks of use due to a defective part and will be covered by the normal warranty. If it gets beyond that it should be ok for a few years until the capacitors start to age. She knew that and never willingly signed up for these things to my knowledge but a Google of "Product Support AG" finds various people sold them in Curry's or PC World without being aware of it.

    There are lots of other legal scams too, as here. People using credit or debit cards for what are billed as special offers or signing up to discount clubs while making a purchase have found a recurring payment coming off their card and, until just a few weeks ago, banks would not cancel such payments. If the companies concerned would not do so there was no solution except to close the bank account. These were not all dubious little companies either but included some fairly well known names.

    PS Another warning to non existent readers. Think your Nectar card is not important? That the worst anyone could do would be to steal your points? Beware! Because a transaction is not immediately recorded they can steal the same points more than once and leave you with a negative balance to pay off.

    Strange things

    Can't say I've seen any alien spaceships, Loch Ness monsters or ghosts recently but sometimes somewhat puzzling little things do happen.

    This morning I made a coffee using what should have been a clean mug from the dishwasher, got near the bottom and felt an object in my mouth. Looked in the mug and it had loads of green peas in it. Just a problem due to #1 son's sloppy packing, not scraping things properly and putting mugs in the wrong way up I thought. The wierd bit was, I chucked the contents in the sink, with the plug in, and there was nothing there!

    Another strange thing is, over and over again, when I drive to or from the local town, I keep seeing this same old chap walking along the road. It is all sorts of different places on route so he isn't just hanging around his house and it isn't that our routines coincide, my trips to town, about twice a week, are on various days and at any time of the day. It is definitely him as he is very distinctive, has a stick and, whatever the weather, always wears a flat woolly Compo-style cap and a big woolly jacket that gives his body a roundness not matched by his face. I am not imagining him as I have images on my car safety camera. Surely he can't spend his whole day walking to and from the supermarket but I can't see what else explains it.

    Ask fm

    Lots of stuff in the news about abuse and London gangs (ahem) taunting each other on ask.fm. Online bullying leading to suicide is puzzling to most adults, if you don't like what is said why not stop visiting the site? Such regular news item are only 2nd in incomprehensibility to those about immensely fat people being removed from their beds; who the f* has kept on feeding them so much once they could no longer work or care for themselves?

    What exactly is ask.fm? Signed up under the usual false name we reserve for bollux/dodgy things (not that sort of dodgy things!) just to find out. There is a list of questions and you can type the answer or upload a video recording of your answer. The questions include fascinating stuff like "Do you prefer tea or coffee?" Do they think I am going to truthfully answer that personal question and get lots of abuse from people who like tea, leading to my eventual suicide? No thanks.

    What a load of old balls some of these things are! We can understand the value of some online forums because you can get all sorts of useful help on things, technical, legal etc that you can't get for free elsewhere or have some interesting discussions on whatever interests you, like hobbies or politics. But what is the point of all the trivia that you can find on Twitter or ask.fm? If I want chat like that I can always wander up to the village club where it comes with some real human company (and vodka).

    PS: Clicked Home and there's a set of photos under "See who's here" and they mostly appear to be young teenage girls with a scattering of small boys. Hmmm. Maybe there is a reason some like to visit it. Not me officer, I was just curious, erm, about what beverages people like to drink I mean.

    What a load of crap xoggoth! Why don't you go and kill yourself?

    The way back

    After a major loss, how do you get a life back?

    On the positive side, some would say, without the relaxed company we most enjoyed, we are doing more of the things that other people call normal, getting out more and socialising, going to the club, running with a local group of tasty young ladies, drinking with neighbours and seeing old friends. We do some volunteer things (come to think of it, there was a rather nice widow at the last footpath repair thing we went to) and have various other expansions of our social life planned, like joining the local wildlife society or local history society where we already know a few people.

    Unfortunately, those are not the things we value the most. We want our imagination back, we want to write more wierd stories and boost our Kindle income from $3 per annum to $5 per annum, to post bollux or stupid cartoons here that nobody reads instead of dull Daily Mail type rants that nobody reads, to get into some real painting again before all our expensive acrylics go hard, to have our 35th unsuccessful attempt at mastering the guitar, to sketch and photograph bugs.

    Instead, most days, we just have a J Arthur, get up, flip through the news on TV, flip through the news on the PC, spend hours doing paperwork (illness and death are bureaucratic nightmares) or pointless decorating jobs round the house and go for a jog before heading up to the village club or just staying at home and watching the Simpsons or messing about on the PC.

    Where do things like imagination and interest in life go? Are they hidden somewhere waiting for a magic trigger to release them again? If I shot Ed Balls would that work? Worth a try.


    Is the solution counselling or therapy? It looks like bollux to us. We don't need some sympathetic stranger guiding us to "ways forward". We at bloggoth are a genius and we know the ways forward, the problem is feeling f* interested in life enough to actually pursue them. Another family member, for different reasons, is having some counselling, so we may see what he (another bright chap naturally) thinks.

    Or are there simpler methods that don't involve annoying people? A film we keep meaning to watch is The Beaver. Mel Gibson plays a depressed character who communicates through a puppet and we can relate to that. The regular non-existent readers of bloggoth will already be familiar with Mr P, our puppet parrot, who is our best friend and a major contributor to this blog. We don't know why, but Mr P knows everything and is very, very wise despite his huge vodka consumption. Who is better placed to help we at bloggoth out of our mental rut than Mr P?

    Yeh! And I only charge £200 per hour!

    Democracy is about much more than getting the most votes in an election

    Whether shooting lots of Muslim Brotherhood supporters is helping the situation in Egypt (given that they can't shoot them all) I am not so sure, but removing Morsi was the only solution to protect democracy. The MB, and some of the deluded here, are screaming that removing him from leadership was undemocratic, since he was elected by the people.

    This is pure nonsense, there is much more to democracy than having elections every few years. They have elections in Iran, Pakistan and the Maldives too but how are those democracies when any who are not the right brand of Muslim are excluded from any say or influence in the way society works? When there is no freedom, by the press nor of non-Muslim citizens, to express alternative views? If others are excluded from all but the lowest ranks of government and are not free to persuade public opinion then how can any election be true and fair? When Islamism takes over, real freedom and democracy die as they are doing in Turkey.

    Democracy does not end when the polls close either. While they are expected to pursue the general political direction and the policies on which they are elected, no democratic government can completely ignore the wishes of those of other views who also contribute and pay their taxes. This week's article that we at bloggoth would have written if we could be arsed is this one in the BBC:

    In Western democracies our governments are aware that many people, perhaps even a majority, did not vote for them, and that they must therefore make themselves acceptable to their opponents.

    Look at the pronouncements of the recently elected and recently deposed President Morsi of Egypt, however, and you will find little or nothing to suggest that he is aware that there are Egyptians who disagree with him and whose consent must be constantly solicited. It is impossible to discern from his speeches that there is a substantial minority of Egyptian citizens who are Christians, others who are atheists, others who, while following the Muslim way of life, would rather it did not make a show of itself as the state religion.

    His view of elections is that they grant an absolute right to impose the ruling party's agenda, and that opponents have lost all right to an agenda of their own. And the response of the army is to say, not so - the only ones with a right to impose their agenda are we, who represent the interests of all Egyptians and not just those of the Muslim Brotherhood. The fact that we have to kill quite a few Egyptians to prove that we represent them is just one of those things.

    In our own system the opposition is a legitimate part of the legislative process. Laws are seldom steam-rollered through Parliament without regard for disagreement, and the general assumption is that the final result will be a compromise, an attempt to reconcile the many conflicting interests


    Egypt's ambassador has since summarised it rather well

    Mr Kholy compared the one-year rule of Mr Morsi to the Islamist takeover of the Iranian state after the 1979 revolution and said that, like Nazism, the Muslim Brotherhood ideology sought to dominate Egyptian society.

    Morsi was elected president and held office for one year but in that time he tried to make everything Muslim Brotherhood controlled. Egyptian culture over 5,000 years is a mix of religions and civilisations in which the Islamic religion is one ingredient of the Egyptian character, he said. The Muslim Brotherhood are like a Nazi group that demand that everything changes to their way.

    Rape etc

    To we at bloggoth, and to most of us who were youths in the 60s, Britain appears to be going backwards sexually into the religious dark ages. We have mentioned before the strange prudish behaviour of many younger men in the changing rooms at the gym. While us old farts wander to the shower with our saggy old bits on display and think nothing of it, many younger men take great effort to conceal their goodies, fiddling around under towels almost as if they were on a public beach. No, they don't all seem to be Muslims, Polish etc.

    Then there seems to be a big clampdown on dogging. Just as well we are retired and don't need to go running in the evening as the car parks at two of our favourite jogging spots now close at 5.30 and there are big metal gates following complaints about sexual activities. Where is the logic in that? Joggers or dog walkers who stopped going to these places in the evening because they were offended by the goings-on now can't go even if they wanted to. Who cares what people get up to after dark? If you don't want to see it, don't look in the car window. Simples.

    Now, following on from a furore about The Sun's page 3, there is the current nonsense about ′Lads' Mags′ on display at major stores. It beats we at bloggoth why people buy Nuts and similar magazines, they are as boring as hell. What is the point, sexually, of a mag with a few pictures of women in skimpy bikinis when anyone wanting a wank can go to xnxx.com and see proper close-up free videos of a lady getting it up the arse? Still, in what way are they harmful even to children? Nothing they can't see on any beach and, as on the beach, they won't be remotely interested.

    How does perfectly normal sexual interest encourage contempt of women? Maybe those who think it does should have a look at the attitudes to women, their exclusion from society and the extraordinarily high levels of rape and domestic abuse in Muslim or third world Christian countries like Bangladesh or Uganda where pornography, or even images as mild as those in our lad's mags, would be totally illegal. Maybe they should look too at the levels of child abuse, including of young boys, in these same countries where normal outlets are not available. It puts the furore over Jimmy Saville here into perspective.

    Men, women too, are interested in sex. Trying to suppress these natural urges totally is ridiculous and increases rather than reduces the rate of rape and the tendency to see women as sexual objects. The west seems to have it about right, reasonable sexual freedom with an emphasis on the right of women to make their own decisions, including those ladies who are very happy to accept large fees for partially displaying their assets in magazines.

    Bangladesh: Sexual harassment is common place in garment factories and women are threatened with dismissal if they speak out.
    Uganda Violence against women is endemic throughout Uganda.

    Equality etc

    We at bloggoth are totally in favour of every sort of equality, race, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation, WHO, just as long as equality means what it should do, that everyone has an equal chance of reaping the rewards of the abilities they have and the effort they put into society. Real equality should not be about burdening others.

    • The state should not be following, encouraging or enforcing quotas for minority employment that completely ignore the low educational acheivements of some ethnic groups.

    • If they expect the same pay and progress, women should be available for the same hours as their male colleagues, not expect additional flexibility or time off for childcare.

    • If they expect the same pay and progress, the religious should do the same job as others, not expect time off for prayers or other special provisions to accord with their sensitivities.

    • Disability is something that can potentially affect any one of us and which we should all be sympathetic about but the cost of such sympathy is something that should be shared equally among all taxpayers, not fall upon individuals like colleagues or small business owners.

    Why the hell not?

    The government has insisted that immigration spot checks are not based on racial profiling.

    Why not? The majority of illegal immigrants are not white. The number of illegals from places like Australia or Canada is negligible and there are relatively few from white countries like Russia or the non-EU Eastern European nations. For the very obvious reasons, that they are trying to get away from poverty, repression or conflict and because we already have so many immigrants from these areas that they can find a home away from home, the majority of illegals are from Africa and South Asia.

    What is the f* point of wasting time questioning little old white ladies in the interests of equality when the great majority of illegals are going to be black, Asian or Oriental in appearance? It really is time we started applying a bit of logic to this issue. Yes, the police need to be careful not to unecessarily offend those legally here by treating them from the outset as if they are illegal (attitude is something the police have a major problem with in our experience) but "racial profiling" on this issue is only acting on facts.

    Enforcing laws impartially, based on real evidence, is never racist. On the contrary, making exceptions solely because of colour is the true racism.

    Irregular immigration.: Of the 1,950 number of people held in detention on 25 December 2004, some 39 per cent were from African countries, 28 per cent were from Asia, 15 per cent from Europe, 11 per cent from the Americas and seven per cent from the Middle East.

    Student visa overstayers: Percentages of students in the 2004 cohort remaining in 2009 - Nigeria 51% Pakistan 48% India 44%

    Right on!

    This week's article we would have written if we could be arsed.

    What an utterly ignorant twat Cable is!

    Before he became a minister in the coalition we thought Vince Cable seemed a sensible sort but, with every pronouncement since, he has been showing how wrong that impression was. Like so many on the liberal left this man is purely ignorant and facts do not seem to penetrate his consciousness. Fair enough for an ordinary citizen maybe but, in a senior minister, it is unforgivable. If this was a government rather than a coalition where they have to take account of the ludicrous Liberal Democrats this man would be sacked for shear stupidity.

    In his latest drivelling comments he has condemned the government′s latest campaign to tackle ilegal immigration, saying it is not a big problem. Is it TOO FUCKING MUCH for you to check the figures from the Home Office documents Cable??? The latest estimates, from the London School of Economics, put the central estimate of illegal migrants at 618,000, with a maximum of 863,000. That′s up to 1.4% of our population that has no right whatever to be here. If these migrants were spread evenly, about one person on many ordinary streets, villages or blocks of flats would be an illegal.

    In practice, the situation is much worse because they are concentrated in certain areas and have an enormous impact on others who live there. Has he read about the Romanian shanty towns in London or the Romanian beggars in central London? What does he think they are costing our tourist trade? Is he aware of the huge problem of beds in sheds in parts of London like Southall?. This is not unusual, you can routinely find similar stories in other parts of the UK with high immigrant populations such as Leicestershire, or Birmingham. Even in rural and largely white areas, like my own home town or in Dorset, ethnically-owned shops, takeaways and restaurants employ illegal workers. In the TV program UK Border Force they sometimes find illegals in every single one they visit.

    Why should the government not have an initiative to tackle what is a serious crime and a very major problem for the UK when they have very similar initiatives to tackle other problems like unlicenced vehicles, drink driving and even the rather minor one of watching TV without a licence? Are TV licence dodgers able to regularise their position with a text message? Why all this nonsense about amnesties? Should people who have got away without taxing their vehicles for three years be told they are now free to drive their untaxed cars without penalty? And should we be so concerned about the feelings of legal migrants when they are overwhelmingly the ones who are breaking the law by aiding these illegals - smuggling them in, housing them, employing them, hiding them, supplying phoney documents, taking part in fake marriages, helping them cheat on English exams etc?

    Just why the hell should criminals get away with things or be treated leniently just becaúse they are not of white British origin? That's not anti racism Cable, that′s inverted racism.


    As for his blithering comments on the value of overseas students, maybe he cannot be arsed to check some other Home Office documents. Between 44% and 51% of such "students" from places like Nigeria, Pakistan and India do not return to their homelands when their courses finish. Even when the courses actually exist, student visas are a major route for illegal immigration.

    Move the CCTV!

    Real international news! No, not some routine Muslim atrocity, another bollux comment from Obummer, a tasteless joke about some plane/train/coach crash/fire in the third world etc (gumph!), this is a proper bit of international news of the sort you only get in the brilliant "The Sun". A female runner has been repeatedly defecating in somebody's backyard in New Mexico.

    Reporting such a trivial thing to the press? How wierd can you get? If it had been we at bloggoth we would have said nothing, just installed a hidden high resolution camera at just the right place in front of that bin and hoped she kept on coming!

    Well done chaps!

    Given his obviously violent nature and physical strength there is no reason to think that any force used to restrain him was unjustified but we at bloggoth do not really care if it was or not. In common with most sane BRITISH people we would say well done prison officers! you deserve a pay rise.

    It's a pity the necessary use of approved restraint techniques could not somehow result in Adebolajo having his eyeballs poked out and his bollox cut off.

    What now?

    What do other misfits do when they unexpectedly find themselves alone? Let's think:

    • We could turn into one of those wierd old chaps who just sits alone in a corner of the pub every night and mutters to himself.

    • We could drink ourselves to death. Naturally, the vodka would have to be very cheap.

    • We could go off backbacking around the world and see the places we always wanted to see. The bro. has offered us use of his camper van in the US although we would prefer a canoe on the Amazon.

    • We could buy ourselves a Russian wife like an inlaw did. Mind you, he was about ten years younger so probably had a more active libido and the cost was probably more worth it. Not that interested that often anymore so we would want something much cheaper. It seem the country with the lowest GDP per capita is the Democratic (hah! hah!) Republic of Congo. Maybe we could get a DCR wife at the pound shop. If she wasn't up to much we could always eat her. That's fairly normal in the DCR.

    • We could go out in style and gain the gratitude of the world by taking a few ghastly people with us. We are a chemical engineer, so constructing some suitable explosive devices should be easy enough. Although we can never remember peoples' names we remember technical stuff. In a conversation about how #1 son's E cigarette worked the other night we remembered that the latent heat of water was 2260 kJ/kg. The explosives are the easy part, it's getting the right bastards that is difficult. The problem with most terrorism is the indiscriminate nature of the attacks, targetting whole groups usually kills some nice people too. We would want to be more selective and take out specific bastard individuals. Let's see, how could we organise a phoney event that would bring together Tony Blair, Gordon Bown, Ed Balls, The Prince of Daftness, Anjem Choudary and a few thousand like him, Cliff Richard, Bob Crow and other crappy public sector union leaders but nobody else? We are plotting.

    Back sometime

    Not that anyone will notice. bloggoth will be dead for a while. Why? We are not a celebrity, politician, a cute little kid or Stephen F* Lawrence, so who cares?

    At long last

    We do sometimes get some sense from this government and forcing visitors from countries like India, Pakistan and Nigeria to pay a £3000 bond to discourage them from overstaying their visas is one bit. The problem with visitors from these three countries in particular has been known to our government for at least 6 years and tackling it is well overdue. The tables in this Home Office report regarding overstaying by students admitted on three year visas in 2004 shows that those from these three nations were by far the worst offenders. Figures for the 2004 cohort who were still in the UK in 2009 are: Nigeria 51%, Pakistan 48% and India 44%. The next worst, China, is way down at 24%.

    Maybe those countries will retaliate as the critics say but, as far as India is concerned, they would probably think twice as they would only be damaging their own tourist industry. In any case, a bond is repayable to those who return as the vast majority of tourists do. As for Pakistan and Nigeria, what real British person in their right mind would go to either at present? Immigration groups are crying discrimination because this measure will not apply to applicants from white Commonwealth nations but it is simply about facts; not suprisingly, given that their own countries are not poverty stricken, backward and violent places, Australia, New Zealand etc don't appear on the list at all.

    The usual suspects will always think up ways to try and prevent the UK having effective immigration controls and, rather than listen to their garbage, it is more relevant to look at reality. A similar bond system has been in use in Australia since the early 90s and works pretty well. And just to counter the nonsense of this being a "right wing measure" the proposal has come from the Lib-Dems.

    The birdies go tweet, tweet, tweet

    Not sure why this song popped into my head during my annual shower but it's great. Many versions but it's got to be Nat vs Ella. Or click both and have a duet! PS No we are not THAT old!

    More suppression of the truth - part XXX

    No idea about Pamela Geller but what better illustration of the supression of TRUTH is there than attempts to exclude Robert Spencer from the UK?. Spencer is behind Jihad Watch to which we link at left and, as with the others there, there is none of that counter-productive "Peedophile Prophet" or "Religion of Piss" stuff that some lesser known bloggers go in for. More importantly, none of those assertions that all Muslims are closet extremists, or anything else that we can see, that might deliberately encourage attacks on ordinary people.

    What Jihad Watch does do is report the realities as accurately as any other media outlet, whether it's the text from the Quran that supports the irrational and frequently repulsive dogma of this political creed or, more importantly, the truth of what Islamists are actually doing to others throughout the world. Almost every article on Jihad Watch is about some specific news item with links to sources in the mainstream press. If somebody is making this stuff up, it certainly isn't Spencer, he is simply drawing the obvious and logical conclusions about Islam's nature from the appalling things that it is doing, day in and day out, and in so many parts of the world. Others do terrible things in the name of their beliefs too but only Islam does them with such frequency, only Islam has such an international consistency in the nature of the crimes committed in its name.

    Children are often casualties of conflict and may be deliberately killed when hatred of a supposed enemy reaches sufficient pitch but what other group today, except Islamists, cold bloodedly targets children for supposed insults or not following the correct line as in this week's cases, here and here? These are not isolated events as this list indicates; Israel, Iraq or Afghanistan are the sites of most terrorist incidents targetting children over the last ten years. There are minorities elsewhere in the world who are marginalised or who live in fear but where can you find such consistent hatred of others for the same reason in a number of nations, apart from that of non-Muslims in Islamic countries? See this previous thread for links.

    This castigation of those who collate and accurately report on the realities without indulging in inflamatory rhetoric against ordinary Muslims is ludicrous. Humanity being what it is, any negative comment whatever on a group may occasionally result in undesirable consequences but in the tolerant UK that is usually no more than a glare at a woman in a Niqab, an occasional racist epithet or a rant on Twitter. To avoid that possibility should we really be turning a blind eye to marginalisation and violence against millions worldwide? When attacks on Muslim have gone further than that, like the recent burning of some mosques and Islamic centres, it is the action of Muslims, not comments by bloggers or rallies by the EDL, that have triggered them. They, and the ones who have radicalised and inflamed them, are the ones that need to be arrested, excluded or expelled from the UK, not people like Spencer.

    PS. Here we go Robert, this is the acceptable way to say things if you want to be let into the UK to discuss the wonders of diversity at WI meetings. The new Arsebishop of Canterbury is to visit the Middle east and has blandly commented on "the pressures on its Christian communities". Excellent, gives the impression that they are facing difficulties due to inflation, shortage of toilet paper, stuff like that. The Lord Arsebishopness would never think of saying that Christianity in the Middle East is being wiped out by Islam:

    The lion’s share of persecution faced by Christians arises in countries where Islam is the dominant faith, the report says, quoting estimates that between a half and two-thirds of Christians in the Middle East have left the region or been killed in the past century.

    There is now a serious risk that Christianity will disappear from its biblical heartlands, it claims.

    The report shows that Muslim-majority states make up 12 of the 20 countries judged to be unfree on the grounds of religious tolerance by Freedom House, the human rights think tank.

    Fool proof

    We at bloggoth have only ever bothered with one online forum and rarely bother with that these days. There are a few exceptions but, for the most part, people will not be persuaded from their own beliefs and it does not matter one iota what references you cite or how reputable or unbiased the sources are. Most people are irrational and rational argument is mostly a waste of time. You can post a whole list of links that show the realities of any topic and it's a bit like throwing a pebble into a stream, the argument just flows around them. One thing that almost guarantees that nobody will respond to a post is a link to sound facts, they prefer to carry on the "argument" with those whose opinions are as fact-free as their own.

    This youtube video illustrates just how pointless facts and realities are in forming opinions. A number of people who believed they were skilled at dowsing were asked to employ their skills to detect which one of five barrels had water in. Not surprisingly, none performed any better than one would expect from random chance. What was rather more surprising is that this did not cause any of them to doubt their dowsing skills. There is nothing unusual about these individuals, whether it's belief in dowsing, Ouija boards, seances, wierd cures, fake gadgets or whatever, even people who are sincere and highly intelligent will fool themselves. If a belief in something as simple and unimportant as dowsing cannot by shaken by proof that it does not work what chance is there of convincing people that their views on religion or political ideology may be equally flawed?

    We tell ourselves that the rational approach to any disagreement with others should be reasoned debate but what is rational about wasting one's time? Maybe the truly rational approach is to get a gun and shoot 'em.


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