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A Fate Already Sealed

The Autumn Budget

Gin-Clod Junkheap


Brought a Satnav last week. Only tried it once but it seems really good.

I don't think technology like this is used as widely as it should be. Maybe if one could create and save maps of much smaller areas, like a house and garden, it would be really useful for senior citizens who are losing their memory.

PS No I didn't draw her right hand the wrong way round. We never make mistakes. She is suffereing from a rare condition called Senior Hand Reversal.


These days "sexual abuse " seems to include a light touch on the leg. Going by that definition, I've been sexually abused three times in about the last three years.. Oh! The trauma! Calling the police now. Or maybe I should leave it for about 15 years.

Maybe we need to protect people by bringing back chastity belts. And add chastity knee pads, chastity hats, chastity shirts , chastity shoes, chastity gloves ...... etc. You get the picture.

Jimmy Zombie

Got no Trick or Treaters again this year, leaving us with a box of chocolates to scoff. Probably parents tell their kids to stay away from our house because they don't like the look of that creepy old bloke.

Halloween is getting rather boring due to lack of variety in the monsters, the vast majority of people dress up as zombies. With so many corpses wandering around eating brains they have stopped being scary. Yet us creepy old blokes still frighten people. We need to bring back the creep factor and I have a great idea for next year! A Jimmy Saville zombie mask! I think it will be really popular.

You want a grasp of reality at the moment? Ask the "far right"

I don't mean the real far right, the loonies who blame everything on the Jews or think that anyone who can't trace their white British ancestry back at least 300 years is not British, I mean the far right with inverted commas, ie anyone who doesn't live in the PC dream world.

Was watching "The Betrayed Girls" on the sexual abuse of young, vulnerable and mostly white girls in Rochdale by most Pakistani men. There had been reports of this in Rochdale and several other towns for many years but, out of political correctness and fear of being seen as racist, our authorities turned a blind eye to it. Even Labour MP Ann Cryer was called a racist by some when she had the guts to speak out. One would think that these idiots had learned their lessons given that this abuse is now an established fact that has resulted in numerous convictions and has been the subject of a BBC program but no, just a couple of months ago a Labour MP was forced to resign from the front bench for mentioning these realities. The only people shown in the BBC program who had any sense were the EDL protesters.

When will these PC idiots ever grasp that it is they who are fuelling the rise of the real far right in the West by refusing to acknowledge and act on real concerns by denouncing anyone, including Labour MPs, as racist for daring to mention them?

A solution to global warming

Using red button to browse news headlines while munching breakfast as usual.

One article in the science section was a UN warning that we are nowhere near meeting our CO2 emission targets to reduce global warming. Another was about how dinosaurs suffered a catastrophic winter after an asteroid hit the Earth, throwing 300 billion tons of sulphur into the atmosphere. Temperatures were below zero for years.

Surely that's the answer to global warming! Just detonate some nuclear missiles loaded with sulphur in the atmosphere every year to cool us down!


I couldn't think of anything else to do at my art group.


The Atheist Religion


They tell you that a daily walk is good for you, then give you a lot of warnings about all the dangers. Weil's disease from tick bites, cancer from bracken spores, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, falling over, being attacked by cattle or dogs, getting caught in a wildfire etc. etc.

I like walking but clearly I need to get some better kit.

Useful places

My walk today took me past a church and a sewage plant.

Both to do with crap but at least one serves a useful purpose.

Useful creatures

There are many horrible parasites that infect man, from embarrassing Threadworms up your bum to horrible Guinea Worms that bore holes in your flesh.

On the other hand, there are some invertebrates that have proved useful in medicine, like medicinal leeches to prevent blood clots and maggots to remove dead flesh. Given the advancements in genetic engineering and medical science generally, it is surprising that scientists have not found other ways to use invertebrates in effective treatments.

Update: Oh look! A cricket that removes warts. Hmmm. Maybe, instead of taking Viagra, blokes with ED could use a rare wasp to sting their knobs and makes them stiff?

Useful psychics

Why must psychics be so involved with serious stuff, always telling us about the end of the world or some awful fate that awaits us? I'd really rather not know about those things. Better to live your last few weeks in ignorance than worrying about the coming doom.

It would be much more useful if they helped us out with little everyday things. It surely must be much easier for their spirit guides to find out about those than about some coming Armageddon, so they could charge a reasonable fee and have a better income from a lot more customers!

F* Spain

The behaviour of the Spanish police in Catalonia is quite appalling:

In brutal scenes beamed around the world, officers in riot gear fired rubber bullets into crowds and beat would-be voters with batons as they queued at polling stations.

The Catalan government claimed 761 people were injured.

There was widespread condemnation of the Spanish government's attempt to crack down on the vote, which Catalan authorities had called despite the courts ruling it illegal.

However, the European Union remained conspicuously silent on the police tactics, which saw masked officers smash their way into polling stations and forcibly remove ballot boxes.

Why should the Catalans not be allowed to express their views on this? I'm all in favour of independence for them, or the Scots, Kurds, Corsicans etc. just as long as they don't expect others to pick up the bill and don't discriminate against those of different backgrounds who live in the regions.

Other recent Spain news, their appalling cruelty to animals, all the lefty protests against tourists and, of course, their continual claims to Gibraltar.

Funny how colonialism is ok when it comes to the Spanish owned islands on the North African coast. The hypocrisy of these F* EU nations pisses me off, another example is these eastern European countries who insist we should keep taking millions of their citizens when they themselves do all they can to keep migrants out.

Nationalism is a confusing word.

One definition is "an extreme form of patriotism marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries". Superiority over other cultures can hardly be separated from that and many associate nationalism with Hitler, using a mere twelve years in one nation to denounce the entire concept.

Another definition is "advocacy of political independence for a particular country". Scottish nationalism is the closest example and that's all fine with many apparently, she may be a twat but Nicola Sturgeon is hardly Adolph.

Of course, they are not entirely separate things. If a national government is going to serve the majority of its citizens by acting in their interests and in line with their shared beliefs and culture, there must be limits as to how far they can allow significant minorities to oppose them. Most would agree that concentration camps are over the top but is it so unreasonable to have stricter controls on immigration, to take in only those able and willing to integrate or to ensure that schools must educate all children in our shared values?

Attitudes can be very contradictory. Some praise the idea of multiculturalism and think minorities should be able to pursue their own agendas yet denounce the idea that nations as a whole should be able to act in accordance with the wishes of their citizens, lauding multinationalism and the power of international unelected bodies like the EU or the UN.

Nationalism and racism may overlap as Sadiq Khan said earlier this year, but just saying things does not solve a problem. We need to look at the realities of history. Many of the worst conflicts have been between different cultures within the same nations, when people of very different views are in juxtaposition and have conflicting desires for their future. One of the worst in recent decades was the break up of Yugoslavia.

Where human nature is concerned there are no perfect solutions. In my view the best approach is positive nationalism. Let our governments act principally in the interests of their own citizens. Avoid more unecessary divisions in our society by having proper controls on immigration and standing up for our core values. Avoid unecessary conflicts by negotiation and agreements, have international bodies that act as intermediaries to resolve disputes and avoid undemocratic unions that ignore real cultural and economic differences.


Asked the old ladies at my writer's group which of the following stories they'd prefer to hear, one about a serial killer or one about giant spiders, and they all opted for the serial killer. Maybe Torquemada didn't need to physically torture all the heretics, he'd have set some of them back onto the path of righteousness much quicker by threatening to stick spiders up their noses or put snakes in their underpants.

The Trap

Things May Not Be As They Seem


I was interested in joining a volunteer group and was sent a long form to fill in. It's an active role repairing footpaths etc, so fair enough to ask questions about health, but why do they ask about sexuality? Do they imagine I am going to molest ditches or something?

Apart from straight/gay/bisexual it has the option other. Who is going to tick that when pursuing many other sexual interests is illegal? You would probably get a supplementary form to fill in asking you to tick your preferences - children, corpses, goats etc. and then get arrested.

o Name 			xoggoth

Put a cross against any that apply.
o Lady Pigs		x


Asked the old ladies at my writer's group which of the following stories they'd prefer to hear, one about a serial killer or one about giant spiders, and they all opted for the serial killer. Maybe Torquemada didn't need to physically torture all the heretics, he'd have set some of them back onto the path of righteousness much quicker by threatening to stick spiders up their noses or put snakes in their underpants.

The Trap

Things May Not Be As They Seem

Hoorah! Old bloke

7th September

Maybe that's the secret of life. If you want to be happy, wander back and forward to the shops n times a day. Probably as good as the crap these online advice pages trot out. Looking for remedies to depression that don't involve drugs, unsure what's real and what's just a scam.

Ah, er um, snore

So low. All I ever seem to want to do at the mo is sleep. Must do summit, post crap on bloggoth. Let's see, er, um.


What? Eh?

Is it time to get up already? It's only just gone 8pm!

Let's see. F* EU bastards! I hate them. How can sensible negotiations not take into account all factors? It's a matter of give and take, all the Brexit issues are interlinked. Why the F* should we be expected to agree a huge financial settlement to the EU and provide generous residence permits to all these F* low skilled EU migrants who are of no benefit to UK citizens in general before we can be sure that the EU is going to be similarly generous on trade issues?

I loved that early Simpsons episode where the family kept pressing buttons to give electric shocks to the others. Great idea that was. We should tie up all these overpaid, unelected EU beurocrats, and those among the remainer UK politicans who speak so contemptuously about the rest of us, like Ken Clarke and Vince Cable, and stick huge electrodes up their arses.

Maybe if we carefully selected the voltage in the arsehole of each of these arseholes we could create some great sounds by varying the pitch of their screams. Celebrities of a sensible right wing bent are hard to come by, but maybe Bryan Adams could compose a new arse scream based rock track.

Last old bloke

Last picture 20th August! Over 2 weeks. Hope old bloke is ok.


Oh no! Not zombies again!

Yep - more zombies

It is probably true that looking too much at any sort of online material with a particular bias narrows one's views. There should be a real concern about many computer and online games. A quick Google shows a whole load of them that are about killing various beings and it is presented as totally justifiable. Zombies, vampires, space aliens, you name it. The more you can kill the higher the score.

What if aliens do arrive on Earth or some strange event really does cause the rise of the undead? They may not be the horrible creatures we imagine them to be, they could be very amiable and law abiding, but our preconditioning is going to make us see them all as evil beings out to destroy us. We must put an end to these prejudiced games that are driving unjustified hatred against zombies, space aliens, demons, vampires, werewolves and other so-called monsters.

We must lobby for an end to games depicting them all as dangerous beings and start showing how truly wonderful and hard working most of them will be when they finally get here. Here is a cartoon that shows the positive side of those maligned zombies.


Forgot to post again.

The Old Oak Tree

Desert again - and old bloke

Not getting round to xoggoth bollox much again. Much to do with the time I am spending sorting the F* little business website. Without going into too much boring detail, I have had to make loads of changes due to a looming upgrade to the programming language. One can only spend so much time sitting in front of a computer.

Something else is getting really weird. Way back in August 2013 I mentioned that on the odd occasions I go into our local town, less than once a week on average, I kept seeing the same old bloke walking anywhere on a stretch of road, at least 3/4 mile. My son also regularly sees him in the mornings. This has never stopped. Below is a picture from my dashcam today, 3/8/17 and a previous one taken 13/7/17.

Assuming my previous theories, that he is a traffic monitoring robot or the ghost of Ron Hubbard, are not correct, the old chap certainly has a very strange life, wandering back and forth over and over again with a shopping basket on the same stretch of road. I have a feeling he will still be doing it after most of us are dead.

A solution to zombies

We can never rule it out. One day that zombie plague that we constantly see in horror films may actually happen.

I have an idea that might stop them coming after our brains. During mummification the ancient Egyptians used tools to drag the brains out through the nose. We could use helicopters to drop those tools and videos showing how to use them among the zombie hordes. They love the taste of brains so much they probably couldn't resist using them to pick their noses. Their own rotted brains would probably taste much nicer to them, like a nice mature British cheddar compared to Fromage Frais and other bland French crap.


Forgot to post last one.


More lefty crap

May have mentioned it before, can't be arsed to check, but one particular lefty idiot on CUK was saying a few weeks back that right wing terrorism is more a problem in Europe than Islamic terrorism.

Pity about the facts. The right-wing Finsbury park attack last week killed one person. The Islamist attack in Manchester a month ago killed 22. The list of major attacks in Europe actually shows that you have to go back to the Anders Breivik attacks in July 2011 to find a really major incident by a right winger, the rest were by Islamists. The Breivik attack was certainly very serious, he killled 77 people, but even that does not compare to the Islamist Attack in Bataclan, Paris where 130 were killed or the Islamist attack in Nice that killed 86. Maybe this CUK fuckwit thinks leaving a pig's head outside a mosque is equivalent to killing somebody.

This sort of slant from left wing twits never ceases. One from the lefty Independent cites a study showing that the majority of terrorists who have attacked America are not Muslim. It does actually say further down that the Islamist attacks caused more deaths and the rather blanket categorisation of "right wing" includes anti abortionists, radical Christians, a black guy resentful at police shootings and others who could be described as anarchists.

The major factor ignored is population. Muslims make up only 2.11% of the US population. Based on number of incidents cited by the article the proportion of Islamic terrorists in their ranks is 25 times that of "right wing" terrorists among the rest of the population. Keep up the bollox, Independent!

PS When I read these articles I am always pleased to see how much more sensible most of the public comments are.

PPS Funny but when you click links on that page you go round in circles. "project" link takes you to the source article, much like the anti-Trump Independent page. Click "database" link on that and you get to a short page with the same assertions. Click "findings" on that page and you are back to the "project" page. They tell us they Analyzed Domestic Terror Incidents but the results of that analysis appear to be nowhere. Does it even exist?

Platitudinous twat

The Labour leader called for "a world of human rights, peace, justice and democracy all over the planet". 'Build bridges not walls': Jeremy Corbyn slams Donald Trump in his first speech on Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage.

When will these idiots ever learn? You won't end all the problems of human nature by spouting crap like that or marching around holding up banners calling for peace and love. It isn't that simple. If "anti-racists" like him were not just inverted racists who blame all the world's problems on whites and the West he would realise that some of those migrants are more of a threat to their dream of a "united world" than we are. Racism and xenophobia are part of human nature but more so among those from the developing world because, unlike us, they have not had the luxury of growing up in stable, prosperous, educated nations that have been pursuing a more tolerant, liberal agenda for many decades.

Does he seriously imagine that those from the Islamic world generally want a tolerant open society? That those from nations torn by tribal conflicts are full of peace and love for their fellow man? If he ever gets to be PM then, one day, he may learn the realities.

Unfortunately, it will be a very expensive lesson for UK citizens.

Heading the wrong way

Things change of course but it would be great if they could change in a way that made some sense, that made our lives more pleasant and enjoyable, that made the UK a nicer place to live in.

Went for my walk today, took about 10 minutes from a village car park to reach the woods. The village is on a main road near a busy junction, the traffic flow was almost continuous, the air is filthy. Lots of small brick houses that all look the same, with lots of parked cars. A typical crappy South East England UK village for the most part.

Yet you can still see what a lovely place this would have been 60+ years ago. There are still some interesting older buildings with picturesque gardens and old stone walls, ranging from mid 1900s to late Victorian and even a few historic buildings, including two picturesque pubs that date back to the 16th century. The village green would be nice to sit on if it wasn't effectively just a roundabout. Ditto by the village pond if you could somehow ignore the constant stream of traffic. Oh for a time machine!

What is most ludicrous is the continual expansion of our population, fuelled principally by low skilled migration and high birth rates among mothers born outside the UK. This absurd population increase is putting our quality of life at risk because we need to provide houses, shops, places of worship, roads, railways, power generation, water supply, waste water disposal and every other form of infrastructure and service to keep up with it. In my own village, some lovely sections of woodland are earmarked for development and that's nothing compared to what some other local places are facing. Our green belts, even our rural heritage areas are under threat. Go for a day out somewhere and the ever more congested roads and the ever more crowded places when you get there detract from the pleasure of it. Our packed trains and public transport makes getting to work less pleasant year on year.

While low skilled labour may sometimes be necessary, the seasonal needs of farmers for example, it makes no sense whatever to keep depending on it. British productivity is seriously low in some areas of manufacturing compared to that of some other EU nations and one reason for that is that our companies rely too much on cheap labour instead of doing what they should be doing, embracing technology and making as as many low skilled jobs redundant as possible. We also allow too many companies of dubious value - coffee shops, fast food shops, nail bars, leafletting companies, car washes etc. to remain viable by hiring low paid migrants who do not pay their share of tax and national insurance. It's the British taxpayer and the useful businesses who pick up the bill. Within an easy drive of me there are 3 car washes populated by Eastern Europeans while the expensive automated washes are largely unused. When I was a contractor I went to a lot of ethnic restaurants during the week. There was quite a choice and many had very little business. The waiters were just standing around much of the time.

Where do we want to live, where do we want our kids to live? In a pleasant, low population, high wage economy that makes as much use of technology as possible? Or in an overcrowded, low wage nation riddled with all the tensions and divisions that immigration gives us?

For the liberal left, it seem that a tribal version of Bangladesh is the model we should be pursuing.

Why is UK productivity behind that of other major economies
Green belt under siege
Why are we installing water meters?
Parents' country of birth

Ghosts need to do more than drift about

I was volunteering at the windmill yesterday. Didn't enjoy it very much. I usually do fairly hard work that keeps me fit but today I was just treating wooden benches with teak oil. The benches all have a plaque "In Memory of xxxx etc." If donors have been kind enough to set up a memorial to them for doing stuff they liked doing anyway, wouldn't it be reasonable if they help to keep these benches in decent condition themselves?

A lot of people are remembered not because of what they did but simply because of who they were. Dead people like that should certainly be required to do a minimum stint as community volunteers.

PS I consulted a psychic before drawing this cartoon and he verified that, unlikely as it seems, ghosts do have opaque speech bubbles.

Tessie's not what she was

Happened to see something about the very overweight singer Tessie O'Shea, sometimes called Two Ton Tessie or Ten Ton Tessie, who was famous way back in the 60s.

Couldn't stop thinking about her after that, she was my kind of women! To cut a long story short, I managed to persuade a local medium to contact Tessie in the afterlife and persuade her to come and indulge me with a bit of face-sitting.

Cost me about 500 quid and what a waste! That huge bottom was weightless and barely visible. Much too ethereal to see any proper lady bum detail. I had a much better view of the lampshade on the ceiling!

Warning to non-existent readers of bloggoth who may be aroused by long dead celebrities, don't waste your time and money!

Bucket list

Was busy this weekend doing footpath repairs as a volunteer and a big family of N generations came by. The old lady said it was her birthday and they were visiting a nearby natural feature as it was on her bucket list. Not terribly adventurous but maybe a doable bucket list is better than one we never get round to doing. We never really imagine we at going to snuff it, so most of us keep putting things off until next year.

Just imagine if you have a bucket list with loads of those really exciting things you've wanted to do all your life and are told you have only two weeks to live. That's all the time you have left to climb Everest, parachute out of a plane, canoe down the Amazon, swim the Channel, zip wire down the Grand Canyon etc. etc. It would be totally exhausting!

Sensible old lady really and I hope she manages to do it all. Me, I am so mean and lazy I will probably just have a bucket list that I can achieve in about one hour if I need to. Let's see - crawl under the decking in my garden, have a poo on the compost heap, walk up the road wearing a plant pot on my head... erm, er. Oh yes, just thought of another one, make a bucket list.

More speed cameras

On the rare occasions I go to a shopping Mall I get annoyed by getting stuck behind slow walkers and people standing on escalators. If people got a move on we might not have such a problem with unfitness and obesity. Maybe speed cameras could help there too.

Lawless Nature

Why is it that animals are allowed to do all sorts of things that, for humans, are sinful or illegal?

When a male lion ousts the previous dominant male for example, it's pretty normal that he kills all the offspring to ensure his accession. It's not unusual in nature, even those cute Meerkats do it. When Richard III supposedly did that he was castigated as an arch villain. And let's not mention what Bonobo Chimpanzees do. Gary Glitter didn't get away with it. As for Adelie Penguins, well, almost make Jimmy Saville look ok.

It's time animals were shown the error of their ways. And there's no good reason they should only be punished for the serious crimes either, they should be made to conform to all our laws. It's for their own good if they wish to evolve.

Political Football

Have played a bit in the past but I'm not interested in watching football.

Just as well I'm not into football really, if I was manager there's no way I'd have a left winger in my team. It would have to have two right wingers.

I daresay some leftist managers wouldn't want right wingers in their team and would have two left wingers. Matches between left and right wing teams would be pretty boring, they would just be running past each other unchallenged.

A match between far left and far right teams would be even worse, the wingers would not even be on the pitch. What if a Nazi team played a communist team? The wingers would not be inside the stadium. If somebody passed the ball to them they would have to pay at the gates to get back in before they could receive it.

Football ain't what it used to be

Football is not what it used to be according to Wikipedia:

The skill of dribbling the ball is seen much less in modern football matches than in the first half of the twentieth century. This observation is often noted with regret by fans of the game who were familiar with older styles

We can easily address that problem. Stop this ageism of having all these young fit players! If there were more senile old codgers playing we would have a lot more dribbling!

Big Cats

From time to time one gets reports about panthers or other big cats being loose in the UK. A chap I know says he saw one near here a couple of years back and he's certainly no idiot.

Another report even says that Leopards and Pumas may be breeding in the British countryside. (Any lefties among the non existent readers of bloggoth, have your epipen ready before clicking that link, it's The Daily Mail!)

Gives me a great idea. I get so pissed off with going for a nice lounge in my garden and then some damn neighbour starts up his motor mower or strimmer. If I reported seeing a tiger nearby and faked a photo of it maybe I could get all those bar stewards to stay indoors and I could get some peace.

God is a robot

Somebody on CUK suggested that god could be a robot. I have been looking into it and, after extensive examination of the Old Testament, discovered conclusive proof in the Book of Numbers that he is indeed a robot.

Following this discovery I have used my extensive knowledge of ancient coding (Fortran minus 5006) to hack him and make him do my bidding:

Why do they keep spouting this bollux?

We see it over and over again, this liberal leftist mantra that our terrorists are mainly home grown and nothing to do with immigration. Here's another typical article:

On the top of the list, the first reminder that needs to be stressed time and again is that, in their very vast majority, terrorists operating in Europe are nationals of the countries being targeted, or are otherwise holders of other European nationalities. The increased correlation between terrorism and immigration is therefore, more often than not, ill-founded.

That is quite nonsensical. They may be born here but, if they are born to ethnic minorities that previous immigration has given us, it is certainly to do with immigration. A terrorist may be British born but, if his attitudes are shaped by the culture of the country his forbears came from, rather than our own, it is still an immigration issue. Look at the recent attack in Manchester, Abedi was born in the UK but his parents came from Libya. And where was he supposedly radicalised? Libya! We could have prevented this attack and the deaths of 22 people by not letting his parents in!

The non UK born are a big factor in another way. A survey in 2005 showed that over three-quarters of Britain's 2,000 imams were born and trained abroad and speak little English. Imams speaking in other languages may well be a factor in radicalisation of British born Muslims. According to a more recent article that makes it much harder for the authorities to find out if radicalisation is taking place.

And let's not pretend that there are not many in UK Muslim communities who do not fully embrace western values to the extent that the rest of us do. They may not be extremists but their religious conservatism on core issues like democracy or the secular society makes it easier for the real extremists to flourish. Extremism is a relative thing, the real radicals are less likely to see themselves as extreme if they live in communities where many of their principles are tacitly accepted.

On immigration we need to consider the future and ensure we only take in those who accept our core values, who are willing and able to integrate and are likely to succeed. If we keep dismissing all the problems that ethnic minorities have given us over the last 70 years, the terrorism, the crime and the riots as "nothing to do with immigration" we are doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

PS At least we have a prominent Muslim with the guts to speak out about extremism. Government attempts to tackle radicalisation via the Prevent program are being undermined by Islamic groups, including those "moderate" ones who cast it as stigmatising Muslims. I suspect this poor bloke does not feel very safe.

PPS Mind you, those F* nonsensical liberal lefties are always doing that too. Allahu Akbar! Bang! 20 dead. Nothing to do with Islam - obscure quote from Koran says it's a religion of peace, any other view is Islamophobia.

PPPS Ah yes. A few details of today's attack - "The attacker's parents were reported to be asylum seekers from Pakistan". Good to see it was nothing to do with immigration then!


As I have said a million times, my preferred way to go would be to pay a fat-bottomed lady to sit on my face and suffocate me. I would also pay her to eat lots of brussel sprouts for several days beforehand.

Some people prefer to use guns and blow their brains out. I couldn't do that as I ate my brain with some roast potatoes and peas last week. There are positives to being a zombie.

Code samples

When you look for a code sample on the net it often has that "Hello World". Whoever set the trend in internet code samples was obviously a nice outgoing bloke.

Just as well he wasn't a miserable, bad tempered old git like me or code samples would always read "Fuck off World, I'd like to shoot the lot of you"

Smart Watch

Bought a smart watch the other week. It has a pedometer which is great as I walk a lot. On a smart watch that works because you swing your arm in time to the opposite leg.

Just as well I am right handed and wear my watch on the left arm. It would not be very accurate for right handed males wearing the watch on their right arm. It would often register about 200 metres before they got up from their computer.

Bot Leaders

Some lefty twat published a web page depicting Theresa May as a bot. Actually this is a brilliant idea, let's ditch all the stupid political leaders and replace them by computer programs. Much better than governments that base their policies on emotion and idealistic claptrap. Maybe we could have logical policies based on realities and facts, that continually monitored results and adjusted polices accordingly without obsessing about "U turns".

I was thinking the IT contractors the on CUK forum could write something to do that but, giving the number of abusive, fact free "liberals" on there, we would probably never get beyond arguing about platform and language. Microsoft is too right wing, C# is racist, Android is for liberal lefties, Java is communist, C++ is too ellitist, PHP is for cretins etc.

A better solution would be to exterminate mankind and leave computers to evolve on their own. Give it ten million years and that old Sinclair QL somewhere in my attic will be a great leader.

It's all a matter of scale

Skimming the BBC text news while gnoshing my breakfast as usual and the science section had something about gravitational waves from two black holes that were 3bn light years away.

Who knows? Maybe black holes are not natural phenomena but are artificial routers created by enormous cosmic beings and gravitational fields, cosmic rays etc. are simply their version of WIFI. Perhaps this particular burst of gravitational waves was just an email message "Hi mum, sorry I forgot to send you a card. Happy birthday. Love XK^**($$ "

Of course, if such immense beings really exist, there could be another explanation for black holes.

The Sooner the Better

Technology gives us some big improvements in our lives but there are also downsides. Many jobs, in manufacturing, office work, retail and commerce are disappearing as computer programs, machines and the internet advance. We need better education for our youngsters so they can stay a step ahead but spending longer in full time education has its downside too as they contribute to our economy and pay taxes for fewer years.

The obvious answer is for education to start at a much earlier age. Children really need to start learning useful things like IT, business studies and so on as soon as they enter primary school so it is essential that they are competent in the basics, like maths and science, before they leave nursery school. They can't waste their time learning simple stuff like how to walk or speak English, that really needs to be taught even earlier.

The Coming War

Bit puzzled by this news that many children are quitting playing online games because of online bullying given that so many online games seem to be war games that involve shooting other players.

Let's hope the UK isn't involved in too many real wars in the future, I'm not sure our soldiers would manage.

Drones etc.

I was doing my usual volunteer thing at a windmill yesterday and they were using a drone to inspect some of the external woodwork at the top. It took some great pictures.

There are a couple of concerns about drones - safety and privacy. Mind you, the threat to privacy is not as bad as we will have when somebody invents a tiny, remotely-operated submarine that can navigate through the sewers.

Bloggoth bollux holidaying at another address, back soon

The only forum I ever bother with is Contactor UK but I got so fed up with the constant stream of moaning about Brexit I decided to lighten things up with A Silly Thread full of absolute bollux. Seem to be getting silly/puerile ideas all the time at the mo. but only the few with cartoons are appearing here.

Just writing a little prog. to convert all CUK posts to bloggoth posts to copy here but, in meantime, the non-existent readers of bloggoth can find a daily dose of total bollux at above link.

Taking things back

Was walking with my nice weird lady friend today (she's a bit like the Cat Lady in The Simpsons without any cats) and she was moaning about a straw hat she'd bought, wondering if she should take it back. Apparently serial returners are a big problem for stores. Just as well they are not obliged to take back perishable items like food.


Hidden Places

Make accidents less traumatic

Just think how much less distressing a car accident would be for us males if airbags were made to resemble huge tits. Ending up with your face buried in those would probably reduce the trauma significantly.


Why is the idiocy of religion always a get out from sensible laws?

Good to see that a region of Belgium has banned halal and kosher slaughter. Of course this is being cast as anti-semitism, comparing it to actions of the Nazis. No it isn't, it is simply about giving civilised, rational and humane laws precedence over the claptrap mantras of religion.

High time they banned male circumcision too. Can you imagine us atheists being allowed to mutilate the private parts of infants for no good reason? Why is it being permitted?

The dominated who embrace their dominators

What a simply appalling person Jean Claude Juncker is! It is because of zealots like him who insist on imposing their dictats in pursuit of their ideals of a single nation Europe that there is so now much ant-EU sentiment. A united Europe is a great idea and, if the whole process had been pursued far more slowly, with a much more democratic process that took account of realities - the different national priorities, the major differences between cultures and economies, it could have worked. Granted, it could have taken a century or more, but better that than yet another tension-ridden empire that will fall apart sooner or later. Those, like Junker, who insist on imposing these changes on us during their own lifetime regardless of the long term outcome are driven solely by egotism and vanity.

This man is from the small nation of Luxemburg rather than Germany, the dominant EU member. History has some other examples. President Tito imposed the unified state of Yugoslavia, dominated by Serbia, on six nations but he wasn't Serbian, he was Croat. Napoleon sought to expand the French Empire but he was born in Corsica, an independent nation until the French conquered it. Just coincidence perhaps but, unless those in charge of the EU have the sense to introduce major reforms, it won't be coincidence when this latest attempt at empire fails in the same way, just predictable inevitability.

There's a good article here about the ghastly people in charge of the EU commission. It is quite reasonable that the UK cannot expect the benefits of the EU without any of the disadvantages and that we should still bear some costs for things we had agreed to support for a certain period (provided obviously that we also get our share of any benefits) but the attitude of some zealots in the EU commission is quite malicious. They presumably wish to scare any other country out of leaving the EU but maybe, hopefully, their actions will have the opposite effect; it will make citizens see what an undemocratic dictatorship these people are trying to impose on us all.

PS St Helena is still a British territory. Sure we'll find a drafty place there to put Juncker where, no doubt, he will drink himself to death, assuming he hasn't already done so. Good fucking riddance!

PPS Juncker is 8 years younger than me but, if I had wrinkles like he has, I'd be worried. Why does this disgusting wrinkly-looking man insist on kissing everyone he meets? He even kisses Nigel Farage! Maybe that's the way to overcome his opponents, threaten to kiss them unless they back down. Pardon me while I vomit at the thought.

PPPS Nothing better shows the contempt this man has for democracy than him asking UKIP MEPs "Why are you here? " at the EU parliament. So anyone who opposes the aims of the EU should be excluded from any say on their laws? Anyone who voted for UKIP should have their votes rendered null and void? What a scumbag this man is. I really would be highly delighted if someone shot him.

Need a woman - she'll do

Walking through a farm today. Nice to see the animals are outside, not couped up in barns anymore. Passed a bunch of sweet little piglets, much better behaved and quieter than the ghastly human children round here.

And what a nice mummy pig: Mmmmm.

9 months later

Silly story

All I could think of this time. What? No zombies??? Bah!

Location, Location

Time and Motion Studies

As part of my engineering course at UNI we did some business studies. Recall a lot of stuff about Time and Motion studies - how to plan a project to keep the amount of time and money wasted to a minimum.

Look at the amount of time most of us waste every day of our lives. A simple little thing like going out - how often do you get to the car and find you've forgotten something and have to go back upstairs? Maybe time and motion studies should be part of our everyday lives and taught at nursery school. If we spent three hours every morning planning our day in minute detail think how much time we'd save.

N Korea

Not generally a fan of belligerent US leaders, interventions have usually caused more trouble than they are supposed to prevent, but Trump is right to take this issue seriously at last. Reasonably responsible governments with nuclear weapons are one thing, I doubt Russia, China, India etc. would rush into using them without real consideration of the consequences, but a rogue state governed by an egotistical loony, like North Korea, or by religious fanatics, like Iran, are a different matter.

Of course confronting those countries may cause conflict but it's better to take the risk and act before things even get worse.

The perils of online storage

I hate modern software. I liked it when you had everything in tabs at the top. You clicked File and got stuff like New, Save, Save As and so on. Now everything, even on Desktops, is an "app" with a couple of buttons on a plain rectangle and you have to dig down N levels to find anything. Very dubious about all these free online storage facilities too. Stuff is stored in "the cloud" but will it stay there?

No I didn't forget to draw an arm. Male inhabitants of c do only have one right arm. Yes it is a right arm, on c right arms are on the left and vice versa.

Vampires are human too

See lots of Wild Garlic coming up when I'm on my walks. Like that in the woods, makes you safe from vampires. But are they really sensitive to something so harmless? I expect they have much the same health problems as humans actually.

The coming Fin Rot plague

Another lovely wander in the sun the other day, went past a beautiful fishing lake and took a photo. Then saw this sign and took a photo of that too.

So who has been bonking these poor little Koi Carp and infecting them with Herpes? I am no prude but, really, having unprotected sex with fish is going a bit too far! And despite what it says, that there are no implications for human health, can they be really sure that another disease will not cross the species barrier? An outbreak of Fin Rot could bring huge costs to the already stretched NHS.

Trump is a fucking idiot!

At one time Trump was sensibly opposed to any US involvement in Syria and now we have had this sudden about turn with a missile attack on an air base that was supposedly used in a chemical weapons attack. When you get major incidents with loss of life over here, investigations into causes can take months. One has to doubt that true cause in a war zone can be proved in two days and that it was not down to a chemical weapons store being hit as the Russians claim. Can one even discount what those supposed trolls are saying without proper evidence?

Even assuming the claim is true, we should stay out of Syria due to the factions involved. There are numerous groups fighting Assad and most are not fighting for Western style democracy and equality. The Assad regime, given that he is nothing like as bad as SH, might well be the best option for the people. If he is pushed out the chances of any stable government are very slim, a greater likelihood is a continuous civil war, probably worse than Iraq. Europe won't just see migrants fleeing the current war areas but many areas of the country.

Maybe Trump saw it as a one off to deter a supposed use of chemical weapons and not part of a plan to remove Assad but, if so, he did not consider how it would be seen and what the far reaching consequences would be. Now our own foreign secretary, an even bigger fucking idiot, is pushing for Russia to leave Syria altogether. In just a few hours a chance for a better accord with Russia has been blown apart.

The West had the best of both worlds last week, not being involved and avoiding being blamed for everything as with Iraq but Trump's action has wrecked all that. The only people pleased by it are the sentimental lefties who get so focused on pictures of cute children dying that they lose sight of the greater picture, the need for practical solutions to stop even more cute children dying in the future.

I prefer world leaders to be boring, who make sure they have as many facts to hand as possible and who properly weigh up the pros and cons before they act. Not much chance with someone who continually spouts out stuff on Twitter like a schoolgirl.

Liberal Lefty Lunacy List

Said all this before in different posts but here's a more concise list:

  1. A group is extreme right wing if one member can be found with an extreme right wing past and there is no need to ask if the person in question still has the same views. A local councillor with unnaceptable opinions is sufficient reason to denigrate a national party.

  2. Anyone who does not share the lefty viewpoint must be denied a platform. Any public demonstration that does not follow the lefty viewpoint must be opposed by a much larger counter demonstration, often using violence. This is called anti-fascism.

  3. Give it a few decades and any less desirable consequences of immigration, problems within ethnic minorities who have little connection with Western society, are nothing whatever to do with immigration.

  4. The laws of mathematics do not apply to immigration. 13% added to the population is not a factor in the housing shortage. 33% more children at our schools is nothing to do with the shortage of places. Migrant builders and teachers help to address these problems but they don't contribute to them!

  5. Statistics are irrelevant. Migrants add significantly to the GDP, the total wealth, of our nation. It doesn't matter that the increase in wealth is then divided among a similar or greater increase in population, leaving us no better, if not worse off. And let's not mention that much of that extra GDP is sent out of the country or that it includes proceeds of crime and prostitution.

  6. There is no limit to how far back in time you can go, the treatment of Jews in the Spanish Caliphate for example, to prove that Islam is peaceful and tolerant. Selective ignoring of some expulsions and massacres helps.

  7. Any problems within ethnic minorities are down to racism and exclusion and any similarity with problems in the countries they come from is coincidence. Violent drug crime in the Caribbean? Islamic extremism in Pakistan? Irrelevant. FGM and forced marriage are probably our fault too.

  8. If there is a problem within a migrant community, they will cite a problem within our own society to prove that we are no better. Having problems of our own is a logical reason for importing more from other countries even when we have no duty to do so.

  9. These hard working migrants do the essential jobs that lazy Brits don't want to do. It never occurs to them any real problems we have with poor education or excessive welfare will eventually make migrants just as lazy unless we address them.

  10. Competition from mass migration is curiously selective in that it only works against lazy Brits, it cannot possibly have any impact on those who are prepared to work to work hard. Ignoring basic principles of mathematics again, but what do they matter?

  11. "Socialist" contempt for the working man. He is too stupid or uneducated to be allowed any say in his country's direction. Referenda are a mistake, the educated classes know best. He is not allowed a fair share of an advanced nation's prosperity but is expected to compete with people from much poorer nations.

  12. All jobs migrants do are essential to our economy. Eastern Europeans standing around at car washes, Vietnamese nail bars, Romanians standing on the street corner selling the Big Issue, small food shops catering entirely to migrants. Fantastic! Just what our economy needs! Do they earn enough legally to contribute their fair share of taxes? Irrelevent!

  13. Migrants are not prone to human failings like racism. Yes, they go to live in the countries, and areas within those countries, where they can be with others of their own kind but that is multiculturalism that adds to the wonderful diversity of our society. White British people who prefer to be among their own kind are Little Englanders and zenophobes!

  14. Terrorists who shout Allah Akbah, who quote the Koran, who belong to groups with Islam in the name, who have origins in Islamic groups or nations are nothing to do with Islam. Obscure quotations from a version of the Koran categorically prove that Islam is a peaceful religion.

  15. If somebody cites an article in a right of centre newspaper that does not support their agenda there is no need to check the facts or engage in rational argument. "It's in the Daily Mail" is quite sufficent.

  16. Illegal does not mean what it says in relation to migrants. Any suspected of unauthorised entry must be treated with due respect and released as soon as possible and it is not relevant if they themselves obstruct deportation.

  17. The solution to racism is to keep banging on about it decade after decade after decade while encouraging entry of low performers and people who refuse to integrate. Proper screening of would-be migrants is racist.

  18. The recent rise of the far right is the cause of all our problems not a reaction to them. We wouldn't have Islamic terrorism or black gang crime if it wasn't for those Neo Nazis. Neo Nazis include UKIP of course, all right wingers are closet Neo Nazis.

  19. All migrants, even illegals with a criminal history, have a right to family life and it is the duty of British tax payers to shell out huge amounts for their legal defence. The rights of British citizens whose safety and welfare may be affected by their continued presence is not a factor.

Fake News



PPS: The old ladies at my writers' club got into talking about sex toys today following some really vulgar poem by one of them. Where does this thing about old women being prudish come from?


As have said at least once before, I have sympathy with the Scottish desire for more self determination but not sure that is going to be helped by leaving a union in which they have significant influence and trying to join one in which they will have almost none. The Euro rules will force them to abandon the socialist agenda they seem to believe in. Their GDP is below that of Denmark but debts are far higher. Their future in the EU, if they manage it, will be of Greece-.

Sturgeon has said in the past that voters were not fully informed on consequences of Brexit. Ok, so surely it would make sense to see what Brexit brings before seeking this breakup in the UK? Then the Scots could see more clearly what the alternatives are. Naturally, she does not want to do that. If Brexit is not the disaster some say it will be, that would scupper her chances. She would rather put the whole negotiation at risk at immense costs to all of us.

Like so many politicians, Sturgeon is a egocentric zealot, pursuing her aims without proper thought to the consequences. There is little evidence she actually gives a damn about the Scottish people.

Democracy, Democracy, Democracy

Most arguments for or against Brexit fail to address the major issue, the lack of democracy in the EU. Some say that the EU is democratic because we can vote for the European Parliament and our elected leaders have a say in the European Council but there is much more to meaningful democracy than putting a cross on a piece of paper.

POINT 1 Voting in the EU is largely meaningless

A national election is a two way consultation. We can understand the issues involved, if we wish to do so, and make it clear, via polls etc., what policies we prefer. The parties and the candidates, via the press and public platforms, can inform us what their policies are and we can make a proper decision. We also know, when we elect a party, who the PM will be and who the senior ministers are likely to be.

When citizens vote for members of the European Parliament, they are only voting for a small proportion of its total membership who are likely to be outvoted by members elected by citizens of other nations who voted in their own interests. There is no interaction between the electorate and most of the MEPs or the parties they represent. We have no say in who fills the senior positions in the EU, including the Commission, the most powerful EU body which frames most of the laws. It all done in back-door deals with people we never elected and about whom we know little or nothing. Given the numbers, our own PM's say is minimal.

POINT 2 Centralising too many aspects of law is not productive

To be meaningful, democracy should be devolved downwards as far as is practical because different areas have different needs and problems and therefore different priorities. There are very real differences between the nations of Europe, population demographics, economic strengths and weaknesses, health issues etc. and many laws are best determined by their own governments who can take account of their priorities. There are many EU laws that are necessary and sensible but some would be better left to our own governments. Pollution is a good example, because we are one of the most crowded nations this issue is difficult to fix without measures that could impact our economy.

POINT 3 The greater the distance between government and people the more corrupt the former will be

I don't mean (yet) corruption in the third world sense of leaders using taxes to fund huge palaces but in a more subtle sense. Ego is human nature and many are likely to pursue their own agendas, sometimes with the noblest of intentions. If there is no proper oversight by those who foot the bill, money may be wasted. You can find the enormous number of EU directives online and while many make sense, others do not. One example related to when EU countries had to introduce digital television. Given the negligible amount of programs we share, was that really necessary? When the UK government introduces a dubious law or spends taxpayers' money on something questionable the press will report it and a resulting public outcry can even get it reversed. When the EU does the same we don't have a clue about it and that is likely to mean the wastage goes on.

One law for barns and another for the rest of us

The older and more delapidated some things get, the more attractive and interesting they become. Look at this old dead tree, for example, much more interesting to look at than a sapling:

Or what about this delapidated old barn? When it was new it would have spoiled the surrounding countryside but, now it's all falling apart, it's quite picturesque:

So how come I don't look more attractive the more ancient I get?

Honesty is the best policy so stick it up yer arse

I record snippets of music from my car radio so I can add the tunes I like to my little YouTube player app.

Trouble is, when I play them back it is hard to hear the music over all the swearing about fucking potholes, bastard drivers coming along just when I reach a pothole, other bloody drivers who have the cheek to use a single track road when I'm on it, wankers with bloody great people carriers who think they have a right to drive on the centre line on narrow roads, arsehole pedestrians walking in stupid places, shitty great lorries, slow cunting tractors and especially those fucking, fucking, fucking bastard cyclists who should all be shot and burned. Isn't it nice to find out that all this makes me an honest person.

Mind you, by the same logic, those who get into fits of rage and go round randomly murdering people must be the most honest people going. Maybe we should release all the convicted psychos and imprison all those wonderful "caring" people. Maybe, without so much idealism that ignores practical realities, the world would actually work a bit better.

PS the next post will not mention the word arse. Honest!

A swollen arse

It is suggested here that junk foods should be in plain packaging to discourage over-eating.

Does plain packaging go far enough? Mrs Drinky showed me the packaging on her cigarettes the other day with horrible pictures of an eye condition. Cigarette packages throughout the world now routinely carry warnings with horrible graphic photos. Maybe that's what we need on packaging for unhealthy foodstuffs. Crisps, for example, could have a picture of a big swollen arse to remind people of the possible link to bowel cancer.

Glad to see that Walkers crisps have taken a lead in this and already feature a big swollen arse in their adverts.

PS Mind you, if adverts for unhealthy foods had pictures of big swollen female arses, I would probably buy a lot more.

A solution to conflicts

We seem to live in a very divided world but it's questionable if it's worse than it ever has been. Maybe it's just TV and online news that make it seem like that.

You can get conflicts at a very low level. A couple of days ago I was walking around a series of small lakes used by two different local angling clubs (AC). There were big notices on locked gates, "xxAC members only, NO yyAC members beyond this point", on parking areas "Parking for xxAC members only, yyAC club members parking here will be permanently banned from the area", on open access roads saying "No access for yyAC members", at the lakesides "This lake is for use by xxAC members only, NO xxAC members". Repeat previous substituting yy for xx and vice versa. It was like being at the border between North and South Korea! Don't think I'll walk there in the angling season, there will probably be gunfire!

Nowadays you can control your heating and various devices remotely from your phone and energy companies use smart Meters to monitor your electric usage. Given all the advances in technology and understanding of how the brain works it is only a matter of time before our minds can be controlled remotely. We will all be obliged to have a small control box inserted into our skulls and the government of the day will reprogram us overnight to support whatever policies they are currently promoting. It will be a wonderful world free of conflicts because we will all wake up 100% supportive of everything our rulers advocate. Capitalism, Socialism, Islamism, whatever other bolluxism they choose to follow, it won't matter because we will all totally agree and get on with each other.


What would you come back as? Me, I would want to come back as an insect or other small, short-lived creature. Instead of being stuck for 70+ years in the same body doing the same boring old things like going to work or talking to your relatives, you could experience something completely different every 2 or 3 years. In just a fraction of a human lifetime you could experience loads of different things, chomp your way through soil as an earthworm, flit around the amazon jungle as a moth, be a starfish wandering on a coral reef, spend your day pollinating flowers as a bee, burrow in wood as a beetle, be a parasite on nasty humans etc. The variety is endless.


Another depressed day. Ho hum. So little interest in anything. It bothers me most of all that I have no creativity left in me. Don't drink much at all these days but have had 3 small vodkas tonight. Helps a bit, reduces inhibitions you know. What that means is, I don't care how boring this post is.

There may be a more permanent solution, apparently Roald Dahl's creativity was a lot to do with the brain damage he suffered in a WW2 plane crash:

PS If that works I may have a drill in the anterior insular cortex area which controls empathy. Who wants empathy with one's F* stupid fellow humans? That just complicates simple issues. Why be concerned with the way real problems are addressed because it could marginalise decent people? Shooting the lot of 'em is much easier.


After thinking about it for weeks, once it would have taken me 5 minutes, I did manage to write a short story for my writer's club. I'd hate to stop meeting up with all those nice old ladies. Soon happen unfortunately, one I really liked is in hospital and unlikely to be around long.

PS Although a couple of much younger ladies have turned up in the last 3 sessions. Rather surprising, left the library and one was hanging around waiting for me and asked for a meet. Her and husband and me and my nice nutty lady unfortunately but still hopeful. Swap? Mmmm.

PPS Got 2 other stories I haven't got round to posting yet. Maybe if not feeling quite so "can't be arsed", may get round to it.

Same old crap

Was fannying around trying for hours trying to do a post on that Sweden migrant rape thing. Searching for evidence in my usual OCD way and planning to post lots of dull links that nobody would ever click. You know what? I can't be arsed, what really is the point in evidence or facts when they play no role in anything any more? So here, after my sense has been restored by 5 small vodkas, (yes it had gone up a bit since the post above) is a much more succinct version:

PS. Here is "This week's article we could not be arsed to write"

PPS Ah! A new article - A policeman tells the truth

Come Back Guy Fawkes! We Need You

Everybody knows about Guy Fawkes but, just in case the non-existent readers of bloggoth are a bit hazy about the details, they can find them here.

He and his co-conspirators hid 36 barrels of gunpowder under the House of Lords to blow up its members. A big bonus was that, if the plot had succeeded, they might also have killed the Prince of Wales. Fantastic! It is quite wrong in principle and a violation of democracy that these unelected Lords should have any say whatsoever on the laws of the UK. Ditto that that F* royal prat should have influence purely because of his birth. When is the UK going to kick out this nonsense and give us a real democracy suited to the 21st century where only the peoples' votes count?

PS I am seriously thinking of swinging to the left and supporting Jeremy Corbyn. A third world economy, a 5000% inflation rate, and an acute shortage of toilet paper might be a small price to pay for a proper democracy.

Another myth

We keep seeing this stuff about the "Demographic Timebomb". We are repeatedly told that we are facing enormous increases in health/care costs due to the increase in over 65s:

The prevalence of long-term health conditions increases with age; and according to a 2010 estimate made by the Department of Health, such conditions account for 70% of total health and social care spending in England. The Department of Health also estimates that the average cost of providing hospital and community health services for a person aged 85 years or more is around three times greater than for a person aged 65 to 74 years.

That may be true but it is not true that, as more and more people reach 85+, the spending will rise proportionately. According to another source:

When measured using remaining life expectancy, old age dependency turns out to have fallen substantially in the UK and elsewhere over recent decades and is likely to stabilise in the UK close to its current level. It is not age but nearness to death that accounts for health expenditure.

It is also incorrect to assume that just because people are retired they contribute little or nothing. As that link says:

It is estimated that taking together the tax payments, spending power, caring responsibilities and volunteering effort of people aged 65-plus, older people contribute almost 40 billion more to the UK economy annually than they receive in state pensions, welfare and health services. Maybe also this bracket of "old" is over-generic. It is not the elderly in general who will be a burden, given that councils will seize significant assets to pay for care and many will pop their clogs long before they have been drained. It is the lowest performers in general, the ones who have taken more from the system than they have put in all their lives, who will not be able to pay for their own care.

We need to ensure that pensions are in line with contributions made during a working life. Less lax welfare, raising the retirement age in line with average longevity and health, dumping cynical political measures to buy the older vote with the triple lock and heating allowances regardless of income and getting people into work sooner will make pensions affordable. The high number of people going into further education when it is no benefit to themselves or the UK is absurd.

Some good news for a change

Nice to see that Kraft Hienz have dropped the Unilever takeover bid. We don't want yet another major British company taken over by a foreign company, those bastards in particular. Remember what happened to Cadbury? Some examples just among the companies I have worked at - Lucas (yanks), Rediffusion (yanks, frogs) , Blue Circle (frogs, yanks, micks). Wonder what will happen to the Vauxhall plants now that General Motors (yanks) are selling them to Renault (frogs).

It is quite true that some British companies, British leyland, Marconi etc. were a bit of a disaster and there was nobody to blame but ourselves but equally some do well, like Smiths Industries, another place I worked at. We need far greater protection from these foreign takeovers that too often end in asset stripping and closure. It makes commercial sense for a multinational company to organise its factories in the most efficient way but that is not necessarily in the interests of the nations concerned. While we can't produce everything ourselves, it is concerning that our economy has become so focused on services and we have let our manufacturing collapse or be dependent on foreign input and cooperation. What would happen if we had another world war? With our lack of resources and our expanded population there is little chance we would survive.

Glad to see that May has proposed a more interventionist policy. We don't need excessive government control or a pouring of public money into inefficient companies like Leyland but neither is a complete hands off approach the answer. Thatcher was a twat. By denationalising the CEGB (another place I worked at) in the way she did she destroyed an efficient organisation and today much of our electricity distribution is handled by frog companies. The French (aka frog) motor industry has prospered because their government has always taken a more sensible hands on approach.

Stick to the issues and check the facts

I expect it's always been there but there is a serious problem with the press constantly filling the headlines with irrelevant nonsense. All this stuff about whether Paul Nuttal was at Hillsborough for example. Who gives a fuck? It has nothing to do with the real election issues. If the left wing press want to attack Nuttal's views on Brexit, immigration etc. that's fine, they are entitled to their views, but this constant smearing is absurd. The Independent in particular is becoming increasingly idiotic.

Not only the leftist newspapers are a problem, it has to be said. The supposedly right wing Daily Mail parroted Dwight Yorke's whine that he was denied entry into the US under Donald Trump's new border laws because he has an Iranian stamp in his passport. The obvious problem with that is that Trump's rules have, for the moment, been overturned by court order. Yorke was actually barred under the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015. Nothing to do with Trump at all.

Wouldn't it be great if the press concentrated on the real issues and did some basic checks on the facts before publication?

More Daft Figures

The UK's daily GDP would take a 4% hit if all migrant workers stayed at home for a day, according to the New Economic Foundation. They may be right but on the same page it says that migrants make up 10.9% of the total workforce. Doesn't indicate a great contribution per head does it?

Nobody is saying there are not many useful migrants who are a plus but there are also many who are not and it is the net contribution that matters. A figure for the impact of working migrants stopping working for a day needs to be balanced by a figure for all migrants stopping receiving anything from the state. Subtract the costs of any using the NHS, receiving benefits, committng crimes etc etc and we might have a figure that means something.

And while no organisation can possibly replace an employee in one day that does not mean that, long term, relying on low skilled immigrant Labour makes any sense at all. Any increase in our national wealth is only divided among a similar or greater increase in our population.

Those absurd Brexit slurs

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has claimed that the officially recorded spike in racist attacks following the EU referendum has been overblown. He is right for various reasons. This week's excellent "Article That We Could Not Be Arsed To Write Ourselves" is from The Spectator. If you can't be arsed to click the link, the main points that it makes are:

  1. Many of these incidents were reported through a police-funded website that allows anyone anywhere to report something they either experienced or witnessed. They can report anonymously and no evidence is required.
  2. What defines a hate crime is entirely subjective, based entirely on the "victim's" perception.

Ah! But The Spectator is right wing! Must be untrue. No it isn't. Here is the government's guidance on what constitutes a hate crime:

1.2.3 Perception-based recording of hate crime
For recording purposes, the perception of the victim, or any other person (see 1.2.4 Other person), is the defining factor in determining whether an incident is a hate incident, or in recognising the hostility element of a hate crime. The victim does not have to justify or provide evidence of their belief, and police officers or staff should not directly challenge this perception. Evidence of the hostility is not required for an incident or crime to be recorded as a hate crime or hate incident.

Example A
Jon reports circumstances which amount to an offence under section 4 of the Public Order Act 1986. He was sworn at and threatened that he would be punched in the face by an attacker who moved toward him in an aggressive manner. Nothing was said about his sexual orientation but he perceives that he was targeted as he is openly gay and there was no other reason why he was chosen. He reports this to the police who should correctly record this as a hate crime based on sexual orientation.

That seems a pretty subjective way of defining a hate crime. What may be even dafter, a lefty slant, is the insinuation that any real rise in hate crimes is all to do with Brexit. A handful of cases cited but no real evidence that EU migrants have been especially targetted. Hate crimes against Muslims and migrants generally have been reported as rising and maybe those are more to do with other recent events which are unconnected with the EU, namely the major Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe, the reported atrocities by ISIS and other Muslim extremist groups worldwide and the huge numbers of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from the rest of the world.

And why is there an assumption that any real rise due to Brexit is all down to Brexiters? On Contractor UK it is mostly the frustrated remainers who are bitter, rude and aggressive and they never supply any reliable facts. One idiotic comment today suggests that a Muslim call to vote Labour to counter UKIP must be a fraud by right wingers. Needless to say, no evidence was supplied. This Brexit voter, an ethnic minority chap writing for the "lefty" Guardian, reports the same thing in the news generally. This article also indicates the abuse suffered by some remainers. Farage and other prominent Brexiters have faced a lot of abuse and threats.

Look too at the reality of Eastern Europe where real Nazi parties are much stronger than they are in tolerant Britain. Some of the real right wing hate crimes are actually coming from those wonderful EU migrants.

PS According to The Daily Mail, a supposed spike immediately after the vote was based on a small number of completely unverified claims logged on True Vision, that police funded website, and was not a nationwide rise at all. We say this in a PS only because any lefties among the non existent readers of bloggoth will simply dismiss it because it's in the Mail. We would not dismiss something purely because The Gaurdian said it, we would check it online to see if there were any independent sources to back it up. Unfortunately, facts never seem important to the left. Although one gets daft smears from both sides, those suggesting Sadiq Khan had assocations with radical Muslim groups for instance, the spreading of misinformation or irrelevancies seems especially the preserve of the left at the moment. The West is in the grip of a new fanatical political "liberal" leftist movement and much of the press is toeing the line, publishing stories and quoting figures without questioning their authenticity, or advancing simplistic explanations that suite their agendas without looking into the details and the real reasons.

The real anti-semites

Part of the real rise in hate crime is down to rising antisemitic attacks but why would Brexit increase hatred of Jews? Anti-semitism always spikes in the UK when there is conflict in Ghaza but would the right wing really be getting that upset about the fate of Palestinians?

Of the antisemitic incidents in 2013 in the UK, 28% were by blacks, South Asians or Arabs/North Africans, well above their proportion of the UK population (under 9%). More likely Muslim than Neo-Nazi. Anti-semitism in Europe generally also comes more from Muslims and left wingers. This BBC article is one of many over the last few years to raise the problem:

Anti-Semitism 'on the rise' say Europe's Jews
The survey found 29% of those surveyed had considered emigrating because of concerns about safety, with particularly high figures recorded in Hungary (48%), France (46%) and Belgium (40%). Perpetrators of the most serious incidents were described as "being perceived as someone with Muslim extremist views, 27%, left-wing political views, 22%, or with right-wing views, 19%".

Those statistics just mention whites or right wingers. But how many anti-semitic attacks are actually by white British right wingers? As the presence of Hungary in the above list suggests, Neo Nazis have much higher support in Eastern Europe than in the West and anti-semitism has always been more prominent there too. Now it is on the rise, especially in Poland whose citizens make up a majority of EU migrants to the UK. Trouble is, as we already linked to in the above post, it isn't staying in Poland.

If we want to reduce some hate crimes, Brexit may be part of the solution.

Wankers list

I always keep lots of notes from the news, under various categories - crime, education, climate change, politics, immigration, education, sex/rude,conspiracy theories, health, science, technology etc etc etc

One category is Utter wankers, probably add a new idiot every week. I don't add everyone I disagree with or dislike, Jeremy Corbyn and Gordon Brown aren't there for example. There are even a few lefties/pro EU etc. sorts I quite like, like Polly Toynbee and Nick Clegg, because they state their cases in a reasonable and polite way. It's really just the hypocrites, the sactimonius bastards, the rich luvvies who don't have to suffer the problems their daft ideals inflict on poorer people, the corrupt and privileged sorts who have done nothing to deserve their position, the continual whiners and especially those who are so openly contemptuous of everyone else. The better known ones so far are:

These days one can get arrested just for posting a gun emoji so I won't suggest shooting them. Shoving them in a huge food mixer and feeding them to the pigs would be much more fun anyway. And the piggies would have a nice meal.

On second thoughts, Kenneth Clarke would probably taste pretty disgusting. Maybe the compost heap would be a better idea.

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Sleep walking in the liberal fog

The EU referendum result in Stoke on Trent was pretty conclusive in favour of Brexit: 36,027 voted to remain while 81,563 voted to leave. Polls in some of the newspapers indicate that Paul Nuttal, the UKIP leader, is likely to win the coming by-election there.

However The Guardian reports some optimism by the Labour party who traditionally holds the seat. They are saying that UKIP is too disorganised. The article is also saying that the Liberal Democrat candidate may do rather better than expected because he is "a Pakistani immigrant who is banking on the support of the seats sizeable Kashmiri population". This is nothing new.

Look at the EU Referendum results broken down by ethnicity. 53% white (including the Scottish who voted out for their own reasons) voted leave as against 33% for Asians and 27% for blacks. This rather shows why London voted remain, not because Londoners are better educated as some have been telling us, but because 55% of its population are from an ethnic background and have no attachment to the concept of Britain as an independent nation.

It is human nature for all people of all cultures, however defined, to put their own kind first. This is a reality that we need to grasp. Large scale immigration, unless of those who want to embrace our culture and be part of our Britain, will inevitably destroy it. They will seek to shape our society, and our country, to their own interests and ours will become increasingly diluted.


So often on the local crime news you see a story about some F* bastard mugging or robbing an elderly or disabled person, and frequently there is quite gratuitous violence. Isn't about time we started protecting these people a bit more? My suggestion would be a free machine gun or rocket launcher attached to all disability scooters, wheelchairs etc. Of course poor eyesight, arthritic fingers etc. might make them difficult to use in time, so they would need to be equipped with AI automated criminal recognition and shoot anyone who fitted the bill who came within 3 feet.


Gordonio Benuto! Always used to watch the BBC news at 6 but now its the same things, Brexit, Trump, protests, shortage of housing, NHS shortfalls, illegal migrants, Syria etc etc. I watch the headlines, shout FFS! and go back upstairs. Was the world always so F* boring and depressing as this? I can't be arsed watching the same F* thing every night. It's like time has stood still.

More foreign aid

The EU, including Britain, gave the previous regime in Gambia 78 million Euros over 5 years to a country ruled by a corrupt president who believed in witchcraft, who imprisoned people for years without trial for saying anything he didn't like, and who lived in a palace with a fleet of luxury cars. The government had the sense to stop direct aid to Gambia but we were, and still are, subsidising them via the EU and the World Bank.

Now public sector workers in Gambia have had their working hours cut to 36 hours. Some might say that's only the same as Public sector workers in the UK. True, but public sector workers in the UK are overprivileged at the expense of the rest of the UK workforce who mostly have 40 hour a week contracts. They not only have shorter hours but better pay, better pensions and better job security. There is certainly no reason why the UK workforce should be supporting the same level of entitlement in other countries.

Go back in history when Britain had huge levels of poverty and ordinary citizens struggled to support themselves. No one was handing them money to provide them with modern living standards. Helping to tackle real poverty is one thing but why should these third world countries expect us to provide lifestyles comparable to some of the better off in the West?

Sums it up

Saw a joke recently that is pretty accurate:

Foreign Aid: The transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.

Those obsessed lefties

Can't be arsed with facebook or Twitter etc. and the only forum I ever bother with is Contractor UK.

Less and less recently, as most of the posts are just somebody ranting about Brexit or Trump. One Russian chap I used to rather like hardly ever posts about anything but Brexit now. Many posts are pretty pointless, as they do little more than quote headlines that we can read in the papers and, when there is significant comment from some others, it is full of invective - little in the way of polite discussion, reasoning or facts, just abuse. The rudist, most derogatory posts on CUK are nearly always by the more "liberal", leftist members of the forum who hate Brexit and Trump. Anyone who does not agree with their position on anything is a cretin, stupid, uneducated, ignorant etc.

They have little grasp of reality or the lessons of history. Because the horror stories about Brexit have not materialised, the posts are usually just opinions of pro-EU figures rather than facts. One particular idiot on CUK even claimed, citing some obscure "study", that far right terrorism is more of a problem than Islamic terrorism in Europe. Of course there is a rise in the far right due to legitimate concerns being ignored for far too long, that's human nature, but more of a problem? Seriously? The major Islamist attacks in Europe in the last two years saw 35 killed in Brussels, 86 in Nice and 12 in Paris. 62 European holiday makers were also slaughtered in Tunisia. Where were the far right attacks on a scale remotely like those? Even serious lone wolf attacks involving death or injury motivated by far right beliefs were easily outnumbered by those in the name of Islam. Perhaps he thinks leaving a pig's head in a mosque doorway is as bad as mowing down women and kids with a lorry!

Worst of all is the contempt displayed for ordinary citizens. The left wing used to be about empowering working class people once, now most socialists are middle class, idealistic zealots who think the working man should have no say in his own future and should be ruled by an "educated" elite who know best.

PS Dictionary. Educated. A younger person who has done a pointless course in Media Studies etc. because going to college, and putting off paying taxes and actually contributing to society for a few more years, is now the done thing.

Ranting in the blood

Been reading my mother's dairies that my Sister found. Despite her long term health and marriage problems, she generally came across as a happy person but the diaries tell a different story. Apart from all the rantings about my father and his other women (Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! at regular intervals) there's a lot of moaning about world events at the time, all the plane Hijackings by those lovely Palestinians, Thatcher etc. Makes you wonder if some people who don't seem outwardly concerned about world events are secretly fretting as much as those who are continually talking about them.


Can't say I am a fan of the way Trump says things or the rather impulsive way he does them but some of his policies show a better grasp of realities than those of Obummer, Merkel or other liberal leaders of the free world.

"Speak softly and carry a big stick" is one of the more sensible sayings. It makes sense to say things in a way that does not cause unecessary offence, that only detracts from the real arguments. More importantly, it can raise predudices. We can't stick our own citizens in concentration camps or expel them anymore so it does not help to make it harder for Muslims or other minorities to get jobs or for those willing to integrate to do so. A very black and white approach is unfair too. Should the translators and others who risked their own lives helping US troops in Iraq be excluded from the US?

On the other hand, a continuing ridiculous pretence about the realities will be far more damaging. The rise of extremism in Islamic countries is not some far right fiction. Without much stricter controls we will inevitably get more terrorists sneaking through our borders. Terrorism aside, the numbers of those adhering to this backward creed is a threat to the future progress of our societies. It is quite absurd that those who claim to be liberal should defend a religion that, in much of the world, does not accept Western principles like democracy, freedom of religion or the rights of women.

Tone it down a bit Trump and try and sound a bit more accomodating but, basically, you have a darn sight more common sense on that issue than most of the leaders the West has seen since WW2.


Spent hours this week doing F* tax returns for the sister. Complicated enough as she owns property but made much worse by her crappy incorrect figures and inadequate information.

My temper was not helped by all the unnecessary garbage in these things, sure I could do them a lot simpler. What is it about public sector IT that it's so crap? I do some volunteering for things run by the police and local government and it's routine to get an email, followed later by another correcting the previous errors or saying the first was sent in error to the wrong people. Back to the tax return, my BP was raised even more by "technical fault please try again later" just as I was about to submit.

Got back on eventually and started checking things out (again!) and there was a popup:

Always pleased to help out on IT issues HMRC, here's my improved version, free of charge:

PS Wow! A government "page" without the usual 66% ethnic minority quota!

A world full of infants

Know I'm not the only one to say it but, darn it, need a rant fix. Why are some people, and more importantly our law and institutions, so ridiculously oversensitive about everything?

Just recently we have seen a speech by the Home Secretary, in which she said we should "look again at whether our immigration system provides the right incentives for businesses to invest in British workers", reported as a hate speech. I suppose a professor who has made significant discoveries can't really be described as an idiot but really, what an idiot! If a very measured speech about the potential effects of immigration on British workers is a hate crime, how could we ever discuss immigration at all? This ludicrous oversensitivity affects everyone, including some minorities who have been more affected by EU immigration than the rest of us. This week's "Article we Could Not be Arsed to Write", by an Asian lady, says it all.

Individuals are affected by this oversensitivity too, like that Jeremy Vine case. Seriously, some verbal abuse by a lady against a 6' 3" bloke, with an emphasis on her making a gun sign with her finger? I don't think fingers can fire real bullets. Not yet anyway. Why is court time wasted on cases like that? Vine, you're a total wooftah!

Rant Over. Ah, that's better! Ok Zebedee, you can go home now.

That's an idea!

We keep reading all this stuff about transgender people undergoing operations so their bits conform to their self perceptions. Can't imagine what it looks like (yuck!) but there is such a thing as genital reassignment for women that involves grafting of bits to make a willy. There have also been sophisticated advances in replacing limbs with mind-controlled prosthetic robot arms

Why are people so limited in their imaginations that they want to replace their real body parts with replicas of the same old thing? All the technology is there to make a real Robocop! If I lost a limb in an accident I would like it replaced by something much more useful. Being a boring old fart who spends time fannying around in the shed I would probably have a complete tool kit built into my hand, just press my elbow the correct number of times and my thumb would turn into a 15mm socket spanner.

The transgender thing would be useful too, the police would have to have a very good reason to look there. Gangsters could just think of something suitably rude and out would pop their .44 crotch revolver. Or a .22 if their masculinity was a bit lacking.

PS All done on the NHS of course

Red button

Reading the BBC Red Button text news while slurping my breakfast this morning as usual. Compared to the old Ceefax service one advantage, or disadvantage depending on what's on, is that the current TV program plays on the left.

I was just reading some text news that a male who had received gender-changing surgery had given birth and was wondering quite how that worked. Where did he get the lady's bits from? Or did he give birth out of his arse? Then, Ken Clarke came on on the Andrew Marr show at left. F* hell, I hate that loathsome twat!

Perhaps one advantage of someone giving birth out of their arse would be that, if the child turned out to be like Ken Clarke, they could shove him back up there!

You can't pick your relatives

I have never checked it myself but, according to a relative who claims to have delved into his ancestry, I am descended from Richard Doyle, a Victorian illustrator. For unspecified reasons I can well believe it. That makes me related to his nephew, Conan Doyle, most famous as the author of Sherlock Holmes. Not as good as being descended from Jack the Ripper but I was quite chuffed at the possibility.

Until now anyway! It seems that makes me related to Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Sherlock in the TV series of that name and he is on my very long list of lefty twats!

I like Sherlock but both of the main actors are lefty twats as most famous actors are. Wouldn't it be nice if there was an app for smart televisions that substituted the faces in a program for faces of one's choice in real time? Sherlock would be more enjoyable if I could swap the faces of Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman with those of some sensible righties.

There we are, Sherlock Season 1 starring Jeremy Clarkson and John Wayne! A huge improvement!

Raising the bar

Bumidick Cuntisnatch is best known recently for swearing on stage while demanding that the government take in far more Syrian "Child" migrants. I would not necessarily disagree if they were all really children but they are not

Even leaving aside all the phonies who lie about their age, calling an under 18 a child is a subjective legal assessment in an affluent society that bears no resemblance to physical reality. Most boys are physically men 5 years or more before that. Mentally too. I was rather immature for my age but hitchhiked around Denmark on my own when I was 16, had no problems doing it and did not feel in any way vulnerable. In poorer countries many people live independently and are self supporting at ten years old.

Take in those who are really children, physically and emotionally, and there is some chance of integrating them into their new nation. Taking in well developed lusty single teenage males, especially if they are low performing and/or traumatised, puts our own citizens at risk and it is their welfare that should come first. Young adults can also be unrealistic and, in their search for "meaning", may embrace daft ideas, including Islamism.

Moderate numbers of real chidren maybe, if lefty twats like Cuntisnatch contribute some of their huge wealth to pay for it so our own kids in care don't go without anyway, but all these other "children" ? No thanks.

Raising the bar ever higher

It does make you wonder how much higher the legal age of adulthood is going to go.

The outgoing idiot - good riddance

Most of us are little affected by the internal affairs of other nations, so we don't get as worked up about their leaders as we do about our own. We judge them more on the foreign and trade polices which do affect us. Obummer always looked to me like a head-nodding, platitude-spouting nothing but I can't say I hated him. At least he didn't drag the US, and us, into any more ridiculous wars with no hint of a proper post-war plan.

But what a total twat he is proving in his last weeks. He has apparently tasked his staff with locating as many areas as possible where his agendas are protected from Trump's, like placing bans on offshore drilling. Not that I necessarily disagree with all of them, it's just the timing. Having not done these things in his four years in power he is simply trying to "cement his legacy". That sounds to me like a) a pure ego trip so he can nod his head left and right and say "Look what I acheived" and b) rather undemocratic. The US electorate made its choice in accordance with the rules that have applied to every presidential election and to start a last minute drive simply to thwart the intentions of the incoming president shows a contempt for US democracy.

Much more important is the decision to expel Russian Diplomats for a supposed interference in the US election process. While I would not rule out the involvement of Russian hackers in anything (see next post) the claim looks distinctly unproven. Raising international tensions is not something that should be done lightly and without very good reason, we don't want to get into another cold war. When the nukes start dropping on the rest of us it will be no comfort to know that Obummer and Clinton are happy in their cosy bomb-proof bunkers enjoying their little victory. This looks like a decision made out of pure spite over internal politics because the Democratic candidate didn't win the election.

At least Putin has had the sense to avoid any retaliation against an idiot who won't be around for much longer. If Trump acheives nothing else, improving long term relations with Russia would be a real legacy.

PS And, as far as we can make out, these supposed hacking attempts did not involve false news but rather the publication of genuine emails which revealed some unfortunate truths about the Democratic candidates, the rigging of debate schedules to suit the preferred candidates for example. Exposing truths about politicians is anti-democratic? Just the opposite I'd say! Come on Russia! Pleaser hack into our leaders' emails in the UK and tell us what the F* bastards are really up to!

Russian hackers continued

We have a little online business and keep a log of all visits where somebody adds something to the shopping cart but do not proceed with a purchase. It's necessary because, while shoppers may not proceed for various reasons, a large number of such failed purchases could indicate a technical fault.

Of such visits recently, the majority are from Russia and India. We know why the Indians are doing it, we often get emails from Indian SEO companies claiming they can improve our site SEO and put us at the top of Google searches. Funny how all the sites they do expensive work for can be top of Google! No idea why the Russians are doing it, though. Our products are solely aimed at the UK market and would have no relevance at all for Russians. The site also clearly states we cannot sell outside the EU.

I doubt anything on our site would have significantly influenced the US elections. So what is it all about? Probably they are just looking at sites everywhere, big and small, trying to find security issues so that they can infect them with malware. It is an unfortunate reality that specific countries can become world centres of specific crimes, whether drug smuggling, cold calling scams, email frauds etc. Romania has been the hacking center of the world to date but maybe Russia is competing for that title. Could these "Russian tamperings with the US election" just be part of that process?

Maybe some of these Russian hackers were not trying to influence the election but just wanted somebody who clicked on a top secret government website to be redirected to a scam website that would try and sell them fake legal highs, dodgy unregulated investments, expensive watches that would never turn up or packets of exploding Chinese-made counterfeit luxury brand underpants.

New Rant Ratings Gauge - see top left

Sometimes I sleep okish, sometimes not so good. Woke about 5 last night. The brain usually goes into rant mode when that happens but I was determined not to let it last night and soon had a few stupid ideas for possible stories. Could it be that creativity = 1/rantivity ? Invisible graphene monsters, a world leader whose policies are decided by his pet hamster, a second hand scrabble board that is actually a ouija board and releases an evil ghost when someone scores above 38, an author taken over by his fictional character...

Talking to some people can be quite inspiring if they are not mundane sorts who yack about shopping at Tescos etc. Was at a family do on xmas day, aaaaagh!, but it was actually ok as spent most of the time talking total bollux with my favourite, and oddest, nephew. Had a brilliant idea for a story but forgot what it was. Damn!

Maybe I should get back into reading too. Nowt is more mind numbing than sitting in front of a PC idly scanning the news. Books seem much better, you have to think. I was reading a paperback I have had for years and never read - "The Necronomicon", all about the supposed facts behind H P Lovecraft's ideas. It looks like it turns into bollox once it gets going, bible style tracks on Nyarlathotep etc., but the long preface is very interesting, about the psychology of people like Lovecraft, Machen, Crowley and the other supposed loonies of that era. Lovecraft was an obsessive reader and a reclusive individual who suffered from lethargy all his life and died quite young of cancer, not long after losing his imagination apparently. May be a warning there - writing utter bollux keeps you healthy!

This is my new year's resolution (again! say the non-existent readers of xoggoth) - avoid too much rant! I have therefore added a xoggoth page checker at left to show percentages of posts in each of four categories, one of the bloggoth three Rs - Rude, Rant and Rubbish, or other. Non existent readers may think the definition of what is a rant must be rather subjective. Not at all. It goes without saying that bloggoth posts will always be 100% accurate and brilliant so issues of bias cannot exist. The allocation is made subjectively according to scientific and accurate measurements of the level of gruntiness I feel when posting them, with due weighting given to any use of arse, wanker, bastard and so on.

We aim to reduce rant content to below the critical level of 26.51039%. If we cannot manage this within a reasonable period we will die of cancer like our hero Lovecraft.

PS One of several heros that include Alistair Crowley and Vlad the Impaler.

Seeing what's not there

Suppose it happens more as you get older. Silence is never total silence, darkness is never total darkness. Draw the blackout blinds, get into bed, pull the duvet over your head, close your eyes and you can still hear a faint hiss, still see a pinkish glow. The latter diminishes a bit after a while but doesn't disappear. Sure if one worried about these too much they'd keep you wake.

But what seems odd is that in this glow, in the dark and underneath your eyelids and the duvet, one can still seem to detect movement of your hand above the duvet. This must surely be imagination, one knows where the hand is after all. Still, I might try and devise some gadget to test this out. Who knows? Perhaps we do have an X ray vision. All I need is a bit of practice and I will be superman!

Naturally I will be looking through ladys' dresses, not wasting my time performing heroic deeds and rescuing people. After all, who is worth rescuing except me and large bottomed ladies?

That one sidedness again

The usual lefty papers, the Guardian, Independent and Metro, are on about how a forced marriage victim had to pay to come home to the UK.

However, government advice on help they can offer abroad quite clearly states that they cannot...
"Pay any bills or give you money from public funds because we are not funded to do this and it is the obligation of individuals to take responsibility for themselves. It would also be unfair for those who take out insurance to subsidise those who do not, and you would not normally get these bills paid if you were in the UK."

An awful situation for the poor girl to be in but why should she be exempt from payment when anyone else in trouble, if taken ill due to a condition excluded by the small print in their insurance for example, would have to pay? Maybe the best long term solution to this problem is to not give citizenship to awful people who believe in forced marriage. Best long term solution to improve perceptions about the decent Pakistanis who don't too.

Historic "crimes"

Sure it's not just we at bloggoth who are bothered about all these investigations into historic crimes, things that supposedly happened years ago.

Sometimes it's necessary so we avoid making the same mistakes but what if there are no more real lessons to be learned, if we have already done as much as is necessary and possible, within reason, to insure pople's safety? Perhaps a major factor to consider should be the real possibility that such investigations, when concrete evidence has long disappeared, when the memories of the supposed witnesses have been blurred by time, may stigmatise, or end in conviction of, innocent people.

False memories, confusion about events, getting people mixed up are not impossible after decades. There is also the real possibility that some attention seekers will make false claims, either with a hope of getting compensation or just to join in with the crowd when some famous person gets accused as happened with Lord Brittan. What did that do for the last years of his life I wonder? The police, having been accused of failing to tackle these problems did what authorities often do, they swung to the other extreme. Anyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty but it appeared they were doing the opposite and treating everyone as guilty until proven innocent.

While being a celebrity has its advantages, it has downsides too. You or I could be accused of some crime and few outside our family would know about it but, if you're famous, the accusation will be in all the papers. If you are not prosecuted, even if all the indications are that you are innocent, your name will be tarnished and your income damaged for ever more. We are no fan of Cliff Richard, he's a boring singer and religious twit, but what happened to him was appalling.

Always dubious about laws but maybe the government does need to consider introducing a few more rules. Perhaps judges, before the actual trial, should decide on whether it is in the public interest to pursue a prosecution once a certain interval has passed.

Historic "war crimes"

Worst of all are the prosecutions of our armed forces personnel years after the events involved. Time on its own introduces uncertainties over supposed events as in the above post but there are additional points to consider.

  1. Some complaints are coming from those who were our enemies, not just innocent civilians, so malice is likely to be a major factor. Should we seriously imagine that The Taliban are going to tell the truth?
  2. The nations involved, like Afqhanistan and Iraq, are very poor so it must be very tempting to make false claims to obtain compensation.
  3. Given that these countries are dangerous and still have a very tribal mentality, is it possible to properly check both sides of a story? What if an Afghan or Iraqi witness could support our soldiers' case, would they come forward? Would they dare to? I doubt it.
  4. We need to take account of the realities of war. Someone hiding behind a bush might be an enemy or an innocent civilian but how long can a soldier take to decide without risking his own life? Quick decisions are sometimes necessary and they are bound to be wrong on occasions.
  5. We also need to take account of the enormous stresses of soldiering. When soldiers have been involved in conflicts, been in great danger, seen their mates killed or witnessed atrocities carried out by the enemy, is it really fair to expect the same dispassionate behaviour that we would expect from a ticket inspector?

Maybe reciprocity should be a factor too. If we have a conflict with a reasonably advanced nation that has also signed up to the UN treaties then it makes sense to adhere to the rules because, hopefully, they will accord the same rights to our soldiers. Also, if we can avoid any serious breaches, it should reduce the hatred and make a reconciliation easier once the tensions are over. On the other hand, if the enemy is a terrorist group that is likely to torture or kill our troops whenever they get the chance, no matter how we act, why should we be concerned about what happens to them? We should protect ourselves and others by eliminating them whenever possible.

If I was an officer in our armed forces and was informed one of my men had machine-gunned some men while they were eating breakfast and they belonged to one of those Islamist groups who kidnap and rape young girls, who use innocent citizens as hostages, who torture and behead those who don't agree with their deluded claptrap, I would certainly hush it up if I could.

And slap the chap on the back and buy him a drink!

Let's just surrender next time. Much easier.

In other news

Apparently dogs like to face North when they crap. Funny, since I have had an en-suite with approx. East facing bog I haven't had much enthusiasm for life. Maybe these things affect us. Perhaps I need to start s(h)itting sideways.

What right?

Some leaked cabinet letters apparently suggested that the Home Office wanted schools to withdraw places offered to children if their families were found to be living in the country illegally. Naturally some twat lefty has denounced the idea, saying that denying innocent children the right to a good education is disgusting.

Right? What fucking right? Why should those here illegally have rights and entitlements to services paid for by our citizens and legal migrants? What about our own children who are finding it increasingly difficult to get into the best schools or those closest to home thanks to mass immigration? Don't they have any rights?

And why do we allow someone to claim asylum if they only do so when they get caught , as is the case with 70% of them?. If they have a genuine case they should be able to make it on entry or, if they are here on a visa, as soon as good reason emerges. If they only claim it when facing deportation they are clearly frauds.

One often sees these people saying how the UK treats them so much better than other nations, especially France, as here or here or here.

Sensible French. We will never stop illegal immigration until we stop being so tolerant and supportive of the illegal immigrants.

Oh yes, the story

I did manage to write a story for my writer's club at the very last minute. Funny, once I'd got into it creativity started to return and I had other silly ideas too. Must be... ah yes! My downstairs bog is blocked! Could it be that my imagination was draining into the toilet?

Well ok, it's less of a story, more a short philosophical treatise explaining life, the universe and everything. Makes as much sense as all the bollux written by famous philosophers anyway and at least it doesn't take 3 days to read it.

Big Bugs

Strike back !!!

It's as though Bonfire Night never finished round here, you are constantly hearing loud bangs. It's all those bastards, including him next door, shooting poor little pheasants. Why should they put up with it? Fortunately birds are not stupid, this little cockatoo can make his own tools.

For some months I have been training a brigade of pheasants to fight back, here they are on parade before they go to war tomorrow.

Revenge is coming Mr Pikey Scum!

Stuck in the past?

Apart from the evening news, I rarely watch TV because there's never bugger all on that's worth watching. I flick through the channels and it's nearly all utter crap. The only things I ever do watch occasionally are really old series, Last of The Summer Wine, Dad's Army, Mash, 'Allo 'Allo, etc. Is modern stuff really all crap or am I just a fossilised old fart? Even more worrying, most of the ladies on TV I lust over are on ancient repeats too. Raquel in only Fools and Horses and Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan in Mash are the two I still fancy the most.

Stuck in my own past? Trouble is, can I be sure that these lusts will not start to go back even further? How long before I start fancying Hatshepsut? She looks pretty sexy there.

Hmmm Just been for a coffee, don't find Hatty attractive anymore. Now here's a lady I really fancy!

Hypocritical but...

As we have said before (can't be arsed to check) we should not be judging Brexit by short term economic factors, market movements are not reality, it's all just a casino. Nevertheless, we admit we cannot help but snigger when things are not half as bad as the Bremoaners kept telling us or when others are doing even worse. We know their long term views are unrealistic idiocy but, even their short term views were wrong too, even though short term major economic turmoil seemed a real possibility.

What have we got here? Oh dear!

We know it's far too too soon to be making judgements of course but..... Snigger.

Bring it on

Can't seem to find the link but was there yet another warning a day or two ago about the amount of time children spend on their mobile phones or computers and watching TV.

A bad thing? Nah! Real world interaction by humans is outdated and very destructive of our planet. Let's aim for a future where we all just lie still on a bed all day with our physical needs taken care of by robots and our brains tapped into a virtual world where we can do anything we want to do. Then humans would take up very little room, we could be packed feet apart in huge warehouses in safe places where there are no earthquakes or oher natural disasters.

Then the rest of the world could be left unspoilt to be enjoyed by nice little elephants, birds, earthworms etc.

Bash me nut

Scrambling down a steep bank today, tripped over a branch and fell on the pavement. As usual, nothing at all hurt. Dunno how I can manage to fall on concrete and never hurt anything, must be luck or fast reactions (for me age).

Been trying in vain to do a story for Friday's writer's club but can't think of bugger all. Used to be creative once but seem to have lost it. In hindsight I wished I'd cracked me skull, it did a good job for Roald Dahl. Hmmm. Cracking your skull in an accident might be a bit hit and miss, I suppose, instead of being a Roald Dahl I might end up as a Fred West.

I need a more targetted approach. Right! Where's me electric drill?

PS Although actually, being Fred West might be quite fun too.

Evil Deer

We like decorating our garden with wierd things. Deer jawbones make the perfect Swastika.

We should have listened to Al Capone

Many are now questioning the righteous push of our governments to enforce healthy lifestyles. The huge rise in taxes on alcohol and tobacco in recent years is causing many people to find cheaper, often much more harmful, black market alternatives. As is well stated in This Week's Article We Could Not Be Arsed to Write Ourselves, use of these cheaper alternatives is closely related to the cost of the legitimate substances in relation to income. Rules on plain packaging of cigarettes make the packets easier to copy as well.

So do all these well meaning (no! not just to get more taxes - oh you cynic!) laws have any positive effect? Will laws on other supposedly unhealthy things like sugar acheive anything either? Given human nature one suspects not. If people need these things for comfort, are poor on will power, and can get them relatively easily they will go on using them.

Making dangerous and addictive drugs illegal probably makes sense since a relatively small percentage of the population has ever used them anyway. But trying to stop people using fags, booze and cake? Those cats have been out of the bag for so long we will never get them back. Prohibition should have taught us that.

And let's blame the EU. Why? Because it is largely to blame, that's why!

Tax is not the only factor. Another major cause is the EU, its open borders and all those wonderful hard-working migrants. Because of much lower costs in some Eastern European countries, smuggling legally purchased cigarettes to countries like the UK where cost is much higher is a lucrative business and, due to the relaxed border controls, relatively low risk. Counterfeit cigarettes *Note also mostly come from Eastern Europe via the borders with Turkey and other countries and these may be much more hazardous. Consumption of illicit spirits, which can be lethal due to high concentrations of methanol and other poisonous substances, has traditionally been much more common too in low income Eastern European countries too, and hardly surprisingly, this is now being smuggled into western Europe on an increasing scale.

Maybe leaving the EU and ending free movement of Eastern Europeans to the UK will partly solve the problem. Be better than raising taxes anyway.

Note: Mostly from China, it hardly needs saying

PS here's a few links.

Lovely and wobbly

My nice loony religious lady is visiting her daughter in the US again so company has dropped. Ah well, got my volunteer things, Wednesday windmill work and my council footpath inspections. On the latter I wander around logging position of styles, gates and signs and checking for any problems. Actually, don't tell the council, but I have ulterior motives. When you ain't got a woman in your life, the second best thing is to go around wobbling signposts.

The following image was deleted on grounds of obscenity.

Have you heard? xoggoth is being investigated for abuse of underage signposts and posting illegal signpost porn on the net.

Can it be so simple? Ah! Nothing is simple.

Been feeling tired and low for months. Then a week or two ago I got some multivitamin pills with iron. Amazing difference! For almost a week I've been feeling back to normal. Looked it up online and it appears there is an established link between lack of iron and tiredeness. Of course if you look at anything to do with health online there is always the doom and gloom as well. Too much iron, and these vitamins appear to have about twice as much as is required, damage your arteries, increase risk of heart attacks, arthritis, macular degeneration etc etc. Healthier to eat lots of red meat, which I don't, but then that gives you cancer etc etc. Bloody hell! Is there anything that's good for you that isn't bad for you?

Oh well, nice to go out feeling good. Sunny again, must get out for a walk before I suffer my heart attack/stroke/blindness/psychotic episode or whatever.

Sensible chap

Can't be arsed to check but, according to my financial advisor, it is normal for every US president to move to the centre on attaining office. As Obummer's tenure has indicated, the US constitution does limit the president's power, especially on domestic issues. He has more say on foreign affairs and something that Trump has not backed away from is his intention to stop support for Syrian rebels.

Excellent! The numerous groups fighting Assad are not mostly fighting for Western style democracy and equality, most are, or have associations with, Islamist groups and many are hardline Islamists. They are not all as bad as ISIS, but any government they could form would be pretty damn awful for anyone who is not a Sunni Muslim or would like to live in a more free society.

However, Islamism is perhaps not the major issue. It is the shear numbers of these groups and the differing aims that make it extremely unlikely they could ever get together and agree on a government anyway. As the Iraq fiasco showed, getting rid of a dictator, even one as nasty as Hussein was, when there is no realistic chance of a cohesive single opposition is only going to lead to another prolonged conflict that will kill even more people.

PS Another plus for Trump. For those lefties who lump together Brexit and Trump's election as the rise of facist nationalism, interesting to see that Trump's concerns about Chinese dumping of goods on the world market are shared by the EU. High time this was tackled, along with their turning of a blind eye to counterfeiting of goods on a huge scale and their general disdain for intellectual property rights.

PPS More sense. US President-elect Donald Trump has said he will deport or jail up to three million illegal migrants initially. Those targeted would be migrants with criminal records, such as gang members and drug dealers, he told US broadcaster CBS in an interview. Racist to deport criminals who have no legal right to be in the US? Daresay some loony lefties will think so but most sensible people will be behind this. If it ever happens of course.

That's how balance works in human societies

Nice if we always had practical, pragmatic and democratic governments that acted on realities and put the wishes of the majority of their citizens first. Too often it doesn't happen, we are ruled by elitists who have little comprehension of what life is like outside their cosy sphere, idealists who pursue their impractical visions and businessmen whose main priority is their own wealth. Hardly surprising when ordinary people have had enough and vote for the "extreme" candidates, like Trump, who see things as they do. Hardly surprising when they want to cast off the yoke and take back some control as with Brexit.

Who can blame them? Look at what ordinary people in the UK have had to put up with as a result of immigration pressures due to the EU's freedom of movement. They can't get their kids into nearby schools, wages are being held down, rents are being driven up, the roads are getting more crowded. The looming problems with shortage of power and water are being exacerbated and our beautiful countryside is increasingly under threat. And who knows what will happen in the future when there is no democracy? When the unelected Eurocrats decide to expand their dream by letting in Turkey or Albania or bring in regulations that damage our banking sector? And for what? If you divide the increased national wealth as a result of immigration by a similarly increased population nobody is any better off. In many parts of the EU, the over liberal attitudes of idiots like Merkel to "asylum seekers" has put European citizens at risk. In some areas people don't fell safe anymore.

In the US too, immigration, mainly illegal in their case, is seen as even more of a problem. The crime caused by illegal Hispanics is not a far right myth and the economic impact on the poorer US citizens, including the Black Americans who should be a priority for any responsible US government, is enormous.

Can't say we are a fan of Trump but he looks like the best option who will restore some balance. Let's hope we get some similar upsets in Europe. Even extreme policies, if they contradict the previous extremes, do provide balance when you average them out over time.

PS Pity about his attitude to global warming though.

Piling up

Cebrities! Bah! There are so many well known British liberal-lefty celebrity twats like Benedict Cumbernatch, Lily Allen, Jude Law, Russel Brand, Emma Thompson, Bob Geldorf, Charlotte Church, Martin Freeman, Paul O'Grady, J K Rowling, the list goes on. And on. There are a few celebrities I do like from time to time but it never seems to be long before I discover they are liberal-lefty twats too and I have to add them to my total wankers list. In you go, Gary Lineker.

Little birdies

In Kent pet-friendly oxygen masks are being distributed around fire stations and installed on fire engines to help animals survive fires. Excellent! As long as they don't work for F* cats obviously.

Came back from holiday in Spain last week with lots of photos and videos of boring castles etc. Naturally the video we like most is one of little sparrows and doves gnashing food left on the next table.

A Swedish chap at the hotel took a video and posted it on Facebook. Can't think who that is.

PS Pity he didn't do it when we were dancing with two nice young ladies, not when some wierd young bloke in white came up and started jumping around.

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Would you?

Went for my usual wander today. The footpath went through a field with several young bulls with very sharp horns. Hesitated a bit, I must admit, but then thought, nah!, If they were aggressive, the farmer wouldn't put them in a field with a public footpath through it. Well, they weren't aggressive but they were either curious or friendly. Four of them came right over to me and followed me all the way across the field.

Animals like xoggoth cos he's nice to them. Someday I would like to go to Africa and wander across the Serengeti at night, Hello little lions!

Those double standards again

A producer is applauded for his "furious and ironic response" when a resident complained that a Sevenoaks panto was too black. Of course when a black actor claims that Game of Thrones is 'too white' that's fine.

Eeeeeeeeh fookin' 'ell...

Liife gets bloody annoying. Spent nearly 9000 on a new central heating system, installation finished last Friday. Seemed dodgy last night but got it going eventually, thought I might have just had the RF controller too close to the TV, but today it's not working at all. The installer came round but couldn't fix it, the fault is in the boiler unit. Hopefully the manufacturers are sending somebody on Friday and I might get some heat. Not related to the fault, but it would seem we have a tank full of the wrong fuel, got to get that drained and refilled. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Oh well, going on holiday to Spain next Wednesday. I expect the plane will crash immediately after take off. At the moment, I'm not sure I'd mind.

PS Apparently I could use the old fuel oil in my van as it's basically diesel. Just that, as it was for domestic use, I never had to pay tax on it. Wahee! Cheeting the stinking government out of their "due". Less money to pay for f* foreign aid, f* EU contributions, f* welfare for non-citizens, f* health tourists, f* "expenses" for MPs that nobody else can claim in similar circumstances, f* cost of the House of Lords, etc etc. Citizens of Britain! It is your MORAL DUTY to evade tax!

PPS Look at this tax evading CUNT, Prince Charles Much fuss about Amazon and Google not paying enough tax in the UK but at least they do help the UK economy with their sales platforms. Even us republicans have to conceed that some other members of the royal family do a lot for Britain's image but nobody likes the Prince of daftness (or his ghastly brother). What does this privileged, interfering arsehole do for the UK? Time for BEHEADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big bugs have little bugs...

Maybe it goes the other way too, big bugs are feeding on larger bugs etc. If there is a god who created us all, maybe he was just one of many like him who was created by an even more powerful god, and that more powerful god was among the many created by an even more powerful god... and so ad infinitum.

Or perhaps gods evolve over time, just like life on earth does. Maybe our god was pretty primitive, just a caveman as gods go. The next god may be more intelligent and have the technology to to make a better job of things. In the future, the Steve Jobs of gods is going to create life in a far more sophisticated way. He may allow us, in return for more prayers or something, the opportunity to pick and choose what sort of bodies we can have. Huge brain, huge muscles, huge knob or whatever else appeals to you.

Do something useful you little sods!

Aside from eating them, mankind has always made use of animals - horses/elephants/camels as transport, sheep and silkworms for fabrics, bees for honey, pigeons to carry messages, leeches for microsurgery, etc.

Got around to treating all my wooden garden furniture this year. Painted it with teak oil anyway, couldn't be arsed to spend ages treating and sanding the surfaces to bring the original colour back. In autumn I always see wasps nibbling at the surfaces so can't we get them to do the job in return for a plastic nest or a jar of jam?

Philosophy is crap

Had an odd experience the other night. Woke up at about 4AM and was trying to get back to sleep when I heard the doorbell. Looked out the window, saw nobody and was just about to go back to bed when I heard my son shouting "Dad!!". Went downstairs, checked front and back doors and nobody there. That wasn't quite the end of it, just going back to bed when I heard a thump on the back door. Nobody there again. Son came back about 7AM as usual and he'd been at work all night so I obviously dreamed the whole thing. But it was just as real as reality, so how do you tell the difference? Mention things like this to anyone and most people will recall some similar odd experience.

When the difference between imagination and reality can be so blurred on occasions what sense does it make trying to look for meaning in life? Was asked if I wanted to go to a philosophy class. No way. Philosophy is just as pointless and futile as religion. It's all just a lot of conjecture. Whatever you believe, there are others out there, as educated and bright as you are, who are equally convinced of something totally different and their arguments are no less "logical" than yours. Humanity should stop wasting its time on this crap and just go with realities.

Or what appears to be real - it really makes no F* difference.

How do you get it back?

Lost our imagination, as is totally obvious from this blog recently. At one time the stream of total bollux on here used to flow like the river Tiber, now there's just a rare drip.

Ah well, at least we don't (yet) have the physical problems that our ageing friends and acquaintances have. One lady (the one that resembles the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons) has to go to Brighton hospital for tests tomorrow. Know it well, spent a lot of time going there with the missus for her radiation therapy and chemotherapy, fat lot of good they did. Another old male acquaintance I was talking to today has been to hospital twice this week.

Naughty/rude bits involved in both cases, as with the missus. It's usually the embarassing bits - colon, testicles, prostate, breasts, womb, uterus, ovaries, cervix, etc. that get ill. Why is it we never get cancer, or any other disease, in our elbows or ear lobes? In my opinion we should have eggs/sperm extracted from us at birth and then used, as in Huxley's Brave New World, to create humans as required in test tubes. Then we could have have all the reproductive stuff removed, greatly reducing the risks of cancer and helping us live longer.

Hmmm. On the other hand, without any bonking, probably the best thing in life (after raspberries and cream, once you get to my age), would we want to live longer?

Life on Mars

News items about the possibility of life being found on other planets, within or outside our own solar system, crop up fairly frequently. Nothing has definitely been found as yet but it's bound to happen in the next decade according to NASA's top scientists. Hopefully it will not be intelligent life capable of coming here, we have enough problems with people from elsewhere on our own planet at the moment. We don't want giant transparent centipedes claiming asylum and helping themselves to our welfare and social housing thanks very much.

Can't say we are that interested in astronomy, we prefer things a bit nearer, like the nice little bugs in our garden but we suppose there could be some aspects of alien life that could be interesting. NASA scientists discover new galaxy that is actually a huge alien lady's bottom. Mmmm.

Things change

We always read the crime news and one thing that stands out in the last few years is a rise in Asian crime in the South East. It was a different story in the Midlands but they used to be pretty law abiding down this way, noticeably more law abiding than white Brits it appeared, but that does not seem to be the case now. Our "racist" observation is quite correct according to this 2014 report from the lefty Guardian:

Scotland Yard is to set up a specialist team to deal with soaring crime in London's south Asian communities,
The number of south Asian murder victims has almost quadrupled in the past decade from 10 in 1993 to 38 last year, compared with a 32% rise for the general population, while the kidnap rate has more than doubled from 90 to 228 from 1998 to 2003, accounting for 20% of the Met's total kidnap figure last year and racking up 114 kidnaps so far this year.
Drug crime in Asian communities has increased 41% in the past five years, compared with the overall figure of 37% for London. Pakistan is the source of 27% of the heroin found in London, with a rising number of Asian addicts and associated crime, and Tower Hamlets, one of the Asian crime hotspots, dubbed the UK's heroin capital.

As you'd expect from The Guardian "lack of jobs and educational opportunities, community deprivation" is quoted as a factor, implying we are to blame, but look at the two crimes mentioned, kidnapping and drug dealing. They are both linked to what goes on in these South Asian countries. Pakistan is one of the world's 5 most dangerous countries for kidnapping and ransom. Pakistan is also the most heroin addicted country in the world. Drug use is rising alarmingly among the young in Bangladesh too.

If we take in people from nations with significant problems they bring those problems in with them. If they retain more of a bond with those nations than they do with their adopted one, the problems won't stop coming when most are born here. If we take in people who won't integrate and become part of our own society they are never going to succeed in it.

Maybe one day we will learn from realities instead of blaming ourselves for everything.

Got me worried

When you operate a website, even for a very small business, you get used to comment spammers. Occasionally, as with this blog, you get a lot of totally pointless generic comments, usually from somewhere like Russia, Ukraine etc, that have nothing whatever to do with anything on the site. They don't have any links to dodgy sites or contain any software with viruses etc so I really have no idea what purpose they serve.

Just recently have been getting empty comments from my business website with my own email address. Darn it! I know I have been a bit loopy over the last few years but have I unconsciously started to contact myself?

Hang on, the door bell is ringing! Might be me.


I actually feel ok today. First time in weeks I have not been downer than an extremely down thing at the bottom of down there. Who knows, may actually get back to blogging summit.


All in favour of sexual freedom, what people choose to do with their arses is up to them. The big butt, I mean but, is, as with any risky activity, adults should bear the consequences of their own actions.

It is entirely wrong in principle that uninfected men should be able to get pills costing 400 a month so they can continue having unprotected sex with other men while pensioners can't even get cataract operations until they are almost blind. The latter makes no sense as, if they cannot do things for themselves, they will be more of a burden on the state and others.

These men could just buy some condoms and if they can't be bothered that's their problem. Men involved in risky bum sex, migrants trying to cross the Med or channel in unsafe boats or whatever. As adults you are responsible for your own decisions. If it goes wrong, don't expect the rest of us to pick up the bill or waste our time and resources to help you.

Stop this waste of money too

The government has rejected the idea of removing the triple lock on state pensions.

As an old fart I should support handing out money to us old farts but I don't. There is no very good reason for the triple lock pension scheme. Those who have paid for their pensions with lots of tax and NI throughout their working lives should certainly have their pensions protected from inflation but there is no justification to keep raising it in real terms. Same with the winter fuel allowance, why hand that out to well off sorts?

These schemes were just bribes to get the older section of the population to vote Tory. Not the way democracy should work.

Well done US

Interesting news here on US oil production from shale.

Opec's worst fears are coming true. Twenty months after Saudi Arabia took the fateful decision to flood world markets with oil, it has still failed to break the back of the US shale industry.
North America's hydraulic frackers are cutting costs so fast that most can now produce at prices far below levels needed to fund the Saudi welfare state and its military machine, or to cover Opec budget deficits.

Doubt it will happen but bankrupting that F* awful country with their disgusting, backward strict Islamist laws and their continual undermining of Western democracy by financing the spread of Salafist claptrap can only be good. If we don't depend on them so much we can stop pretending that this very worst of all Islamist states is our friend and ally.

PS Hopefully we can ignore the "green", AKA ignorant lefty twats, and get fracking going round here too.

Losing things

Went for a walk with my nice loony religious lady recently looking for the cardigan she lost while walking the day before. Found it fortunately. She lost a jumper the previous time we went walking together near there too. Last week I lost a pair of pliers when I went to help my son after a collision with a fox damaged the sump shield on his car. Poor little foxy was dead unfortunately.

When you get older you seem to be constantly losing things, especially if you walk a lot. In the past year I have lost a compass, the spare batteries for my GPS tracker, a pair of sunglasses, the case for another pair of sunglasses, a pedometer, a couple of maps, two pairs of reading glasses, a case for some other reading glasses and a camera. When doing jobs round the house or garden I must spend 90% of the time looking for tools or materials I have absent-mindedly put down somewhere.

Ah well. There is a plus side to everything! Haven't had a search team callout in my area for some time but all the ones I have been on have involved screwed up younger people and dozens of us spent hours looking for them. It will be a lot easier if we have to go out looking for some old fart like me.

Could this be the trigger?

Yet another severe attack in France.

We don't have much info yet, it could just be some deranged non Muslim loony, but, if it turns out to be yet another Islamist attack, will it trigger the severe reaction that a French intelligence chief has warned of?. The French have seen too many serious Islamist attacks since 2013 and I do not know how much longer some will put up with it.

Of course people will say, and quite rightly, that the majority of Muslims in France will not be supporters of these actions but, when we fought the Germans, did we think about the many Germans who did not follow Hitler's extreme views? When a threat springs from a particular group, when we cannot readily distinguish those who threaten us from others in the group, when too many innocent members of that group see the reporting of the real offenders as a betrayal, when the threat grows to such an extent that our whole society and safety of our citizens is threatened then there is no other logical action but to act against that group as a whole.

There comes a point when you have to forget all the subleties, the distinguishing of the innocent individuals and make the logical decision to defend yourself against an enemy .


The solution to all things for us OCD sorts is LISTS! We used to laugh at the missus for making lists of everything she planned to do with her day but now realise how wise she was. We now keep lists of everything, how long we go walking for and what footpath map was applicable (yes we have books of printouts of footpath areas, all numbered in order from North West to South East) , how many of each exercise we have done in our little garage gym, all the things we plan to do each day.

When you are totally F* disinterested in doing anything at all, working your way through a boring list at least keeps you from staying in bed all day.

A new friend

People think we are barmy for sharing our meals and vodka with a little puppet parrot but this week we took a small step towards normality, we have a new friend - a Wood Pidgeon! It's a living thing at least!

It is an odd colour, most wood pidgeons are gray but this one is light brown although it must be the same species as it gets attention from other randy Wood Pidgeons. Poor bird has a few problems. It does not appear able to fly properly, although it can just about get onto a fence to keep itself out of danger. Also it seems to sit dozing in the sun a lot with its feathers all fluffed up making it seem very fat. But it's the behaviour that is really odd. The first day I saw it, it was waddling down the path. Then it stopped and looked at me and came flying over and perched on the trellis right next to my seat. Put down a bit of seed and it was wandering around right under my feet, not afraid of me at all.

Now it turns up at about 5pm every day and sits with me listening to my wisdom. And eating any food I give it of course, but it's a lot cheaper than the whisky I have to provide for my drinky neighbour.

Natural art

This looks like a piece of artwork or a computer generated image but actually it is just an untouched, accurate photo of a stream.

In some areas of the forests round here the streams have a very high iron content. The downside is that they contain very little life, you never see anything moving in them, not even insects. The plus side is this very red colour and when the bright sun manages to make it through the trees and hits the surface this is what you see.


Must stop ranting so much! How does it help? Want to go back to days when bloggoth was almost all bollox. Was happier then. So from now on must mark rants and keep to minimum. Starting now we shall mark all our rants, and hopefully, by making them stand out, do a few less.

The F* French. Is it just we at bloggoth who loath them?

Other enemies come and go and a few decades after its all blown over we like them again. How many in the UK still hate the Germans or the Japanese? But the F* French!

Of course we are more likely to have problems with our nearest neighbours because their proximity necessarily creates conflicts of interest, when did you ever hear of a war between Australian Aborigines and Eskimos? It isn't always the case of course but bound to happen if the people in your neighbouring country are F* self centred, socialist, striking wankers like the French!

PS They have just lost 1 nil to Portugal in the Euro 2016 final. Hurrah for Portugal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those wonderful wise youngsters

Much has been made of statistics relating to the EU referendum result. Bremainers were mostly educated young people while Brexiters were mostly uneducated old people.

Technically that's correct, if you define education in the very narrow sense as having a college or university qualification. The reality is that, thanks to the leftist agenda which sees higher education as yet another human right, far more people go into it than used to be the case even though, for so many, it does nothing at all for their career prospects. Maybe a degree in history or economics has some relevance but how exactly does a 3 year course in Media Studies or Architecture or Computer Science make you more able to judge the future direction of Europe?

It is the older people who are more qualified to make these judgements because they are more educated in ways that matters. They may not have a BA but they have experienced far more, both personally and through the media. They have seen wonderful ideals come to nothing, seen the duplicity and egotism of our leaders exposed and watched imposed empires break apart in violent conflicts. They are far better equipped to judge what the EU is and what it may become.

Older people are also more practical. Too many youngsters look for meaning and grasp at the latest social movement without considering the realities. In my yoof many threw away their career prospects because they were sucked into the hippy rejection of consumerism. Today some are violently opposing any belief that does not fit with their often absurd anarchist or socialist ideals. That's always easier when you are still a student and not actually picking up the bill via your tax payments. I wonder how many of these No Borders people will be so keen if it actually happens? When our economy is wrecked by a huge flow of people from places like Somalia or Sudan and nowhere is safe. Don't notice too many of us oldies going to fight with ISIL either.

When I acheive my ambition to become world dictator I'm going to raise the voting age to 30. That's when most people start to have some sense and a grasp of reality.

PS They won't be able to vote me out obviously but I would allow voting on a few things, e.g. micro-chipping of dogs or having performing arts in schools that I didn't give a shit about.

Just rephrase and inflate it minister

Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said today that it would be unwise to guarantee EU nationals living in the UK assurances they could stay without UK nationals abroad getting the same assurances. Sensible people will ask why that is unreasonable but the lefty idiots like Labour's Andy Burnham and Independent commenters think it is "threatening migrants".

What he should have said was something like: "Of course we want all the positive, hardworking migrants from Europe to remain here. They are an enormous benefit to our economy and contribute greatly to the wonderful and vibrant diversity of our society which would be far poorer without them. We will do everything in our power to negotiate a reciprocal arrangement that will provide legal guarantees on residence for them and for British citizens currently in other nations of the European Union. The other forward looking nations of the EU share our belief in moving towards a more equal global society, one in which we leave behind our narrow national differences and predudices and it is unthinkable that such an accord cannot be reached.

There you are minister! It says exactly the same thing but is full of PC crap and five times as long and lefties will be happy with it. And note the clever encoding. We can still kick out all the useless sorts because it specifically refers to positive, hardworking migrants. In righty terms that means what it says but a lefty will take "positive, hardworking migrants" to mean all of them!

Backwardness does not exist - unless it's in defence

The "anti-racist" agenda tells us that, despite the documented problems of poor and third world countries, including low performance, backward cultural beliefs and practices, poor education, conflict, high levels of violence, crime and corruption, and despite the real traumas they may have experienced, that all migrants from them are aspiring, law abiding and hard working people the moment they cross our borders. Any problems are down to exclusion by us nasty racist white people.

It's a different matter when they end up in court obviously. Don't you just feel sorry for this Somalian rapist whose defence lawyer (funded by us obviously) claims he did not realise that rape was not acceptable in the UK? Even though he had been convicted of it before! Or how about this poor Kurdish refugee whose assault charges are down to the trauma he suffered while illegally sneaking into our country in a lorry. His defence, the interpretor, dealing with his depression are all paid for by us obviously, not to mention the probably tens of thousands of pounds worth of goods that had to be ditched from the lorry.

The UN asylum convention, drawn up over 60 years ago when global travel was not easy, needs to be ditched or seriously reformed. We should not be expected to permanently take in people who are a threat or a major burden to our own citizens.

Why don't they set up special stores to sell food that has been in asylum seeker filled lorries? Surely those wonderful No Borders people would buy it? It's only us racists who don't want to eat food that these poor people have been pissing and shitting on.


A Man has recently been charged for threatening to shoot an MP on Twitter.

What this "threat" actually amounted to was a gun emoji and a message "Another MP that needs...". In other words it was not actually a threat at all, just the sort of joke comment that people make all the time. Some will rightly say it was in extremely bad taste so soon after the shooting of MP Jo Cox but our authorities should not be cracking down on bad taste, they should be acting in a cool headed manner to tackle genuine threats or those that appear genuine enough to frighten and cause distress.

Let's hope the police do not decide to investigate everyone who has ever suggested Tony Blair should be killed, the investigation could take even longer than the Chilcot enquiry.

More disdain of democracy and the working man by the left

The title says it all. "Brexit reminds us some things are too important to be decided by the people". It's one of several articles we have read recently (all from the political left) that tell us that the common man is too uneducated and stupid to make important decisions, we should leave them to our elected leaders and the appointed government experts. Sorry to bring reality and logic into it again but let's point out a few flaws in that:

The most obvious one is that our elected leaders and experts are not guaranteed to be benign and act in the public good. Hitler was elected and had the benefit of state advisors, so that made him a good leader of the German people did it? History is littered with self-serving, egotistical or impractically idealistic leaders, both elected and otherwise, who have inflicted disaster on their citizens.

While it is true that those who acheive leadership will generally be more intelligent and better educated than average, intelligence and education do not define political direction or views. You can find equally intelligent people on both sides of every political argument - look at Camoron and Johnson for example - both highly intelligent, Eton and Oxford educated men and yet they had (or claimed to have, which is what matters) completely different views on EU membership. You are telling us we should trust our leaders to do the right thing but which leader is it that we are supposed to trust?

If the common man is too ignorant or stupid to make a decision on EU membership, why is he capable of making a decision in a UK election when many of the same issues are involved? The various political parties have very different views on the major issues like the economy, welfare and social services, world trade, immigration, defence and... ah yes, EU membership! If we can't be trusted to weigh up those factors in a referendum, why can we trusted to do so in an election? One can only conclude that some lefties do not believe in democracy at all.

If the common man should trust in our leaders to do the right thing, then surely you should do the same lefties? If a Tory/UKIP coalition wins the next election you'll still be telling us we should trust our leaders will you? I suspect not. This protest against the referendum result is just hypocritical sour grapes and I have no doubt that, if stay had won, you'd be praising the common sense of the British voters.

Finally let's look at some recent history and one of those wise leaders, President Tito of Yugoslavia. He imposed a common government on disparate nations, largely dominated by the most powerful state of Serbia, although he was from the small nation of Croatia. There are distinct parallels with the EU today where the zealots like Junker from the small nation of Luxemburg are obsessed with trying to pressure us all into a common federation that is largely dominated by Germany. And what happened? Yugoslavia fell apart in Europe's deadliest conflict since WW2, having failed after nearly 50 years to acheive a conscencus between the constituent nations. The EU that Junker and others are trying to press us into is even less likely to succeed given the greater divergence of cultures and languages. Yugloslavia is just one example of the way that forced unions between people of different views and cultures rarely work. Not to say that they can't, but what is the best way to find out if people feel they have a sufficiently common ground to make a success of it? Ask them of course!

PS As usual, we are delighted to see that most of those who comment on Independent articles have far more sense than those who write them.

Why are the left so fucking illogical?

The Independent used to be one of our favourite newspapers but it's now hosting some screaming loony articles, appallingly one sided, illogical and often innacurate, in their Indy500 column.

Take this one. Ah, so the UK has dropped from fifth largest in the world to sixth overnight! The importance of that rather depends on how close the economies of France and the UK were to start with doesn't it? And it isn't even true as this main Independent article states.

Even if it was true, it's quite absurd to make judgements based on a few days. Everyone expected the pound and stock markets falls, it's the nature of the finance market, it's just a global casino. It's the long term that matters. The left is always extrapolating from nothing. We saw the same thing two years ago last January when they told us, based on a few days migration figures, that fears of mass immigration from Bulgaria and Romania were unfounded. Can't find any recent figures but there were 219,000 in the UK 8 months ago and rising.

And why is blanket hatred of some groups ok?

The other day my nice loony religious lady overheard some shop assistants moaning about the older vote affecting the EU referendum result and the one who served her seemed rather hostile.

Leftists have been blaming the brexit vote on the uneducated working class and the boomers for weeks and one of the worst articles is again in The Independent - How old people have screwed over the younger generation - in three charts. What would be the reaction if somebody did a similar article showing how the ethnic minority vote affected the result, with "black" instead of "old" and "whites" instead of "younger generation" in that title? Yet it's ok to use such terms when referring to older people.

Leaving aside the referendum, it seems too common to see articles blaming the older generation for things or resenting their relative wealth. Is this totally unrelated to the rise in crime against those over 50? I suspect not.

Every generation blames the one before

Ah yes, The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics. One of my all time favourites.

Out of the frying pan...

I can well understand Scotland's desire to be free of the UK. It never works when people are forced into a union with others who have different cultures and different views on what the future should be. People need to look at history - the Roman Empire, the Austro Hungarian empire, the Ottoman empire, the USSR or Yugoslavia for example. As Scotland's case shows, even centuries don't necessarily solve the issues. But this is exactly why we voted to leave an EU that was seeking more and more to impose a uniform government on disparate nations!

The Scottish really need to think logically about what they are doing rather than just act out of their historic resentment at the English. They have already managed to get quite a bit in terms of self government. If we English can also get self determination and our taxes do not pay for Scottish public spending, most of us would be in favour of them having even more autonomy. They are an important part of the UK and their desires should not be ignored.

On the other hand, if they are a separate nation within the EU they will count for very little. They have a GDP not much different to that of Greece. They will have almost no say in what happens and one seriously has to wonder, if they want to be a self determining nation, how staying with the EU makes any sense.

Narrow Minded Youth

It is one of those myths that younger people are more open minded but the exact opposite is true. Today we are seeing a lot of hatred like this being whipped up against older people in the wake of the refererendum result.

It is quite true that younger people are more likely to embrace the latest fashionable ideals. In my hippy yoof, many young people threw away their career chances due to their rejection of consumerism. Today many embrace similarly unrealistic ideals, like open borders with little consideration of the consequences, or socialist societies, despite the failures of every truly socialist/communist society there has ever been.

It is also quite true that older people are more 'set in their ways'. They prefer it when things do not change too quickly but that is down to experience, they have seen it all before and tend to have better knowledge of the realities of history. The numerous failures of UK governments to live up to their election promises, the many military failures by the West, the collapse of the USSR, the lack of bog paper in Venezuela, they have seen so many great ideas come to nothing or have adverse consequences.

Being open minded is not about zealously embracing the latest idea, it is about being able to consider the pros and cons of an idea and too many young brains seem poorly wired for that, their emotional need for meaning and purpose in their lives overrides their ability to think logically. You can see this closed mindedness everywhere today. The NUS "No Platform" policy has been used to bar many who do not follow their liberal left agenda. It is impossible for any group to publicly protest about mass immigration without being violently attacked by far greater numbers of "anti-facists" and the pictures indicate these are mostly young people. Ah yes, and those raping, beheading Islamists joining ISIS, not too many oldies there either.

Maybe these hate-filled young fanatics who object to leaving the EU should do a Google of "violent protests Greece". Lots of young people violently protesting aganst austerity imposed by the EU!


No need to say why.

PS I see Hollande is saying "The EU must be understood and controlled by its citizens. I will do everything to secure profound change rather than decline"

It's a pity you and the other zealots didn't do that before instead of sending Camoron away with next to nothing you fuckwit. A seriously reformed EU, with more democracy, that went with the realities of human nature and evolved more slowly, that was prepared to learn from history, that put the real concerns of ordinary citizens above the unrealistic ideals of unelected, overpaid, privileged bastards is something that I, and many others, would have voted for.

Why do the left so hate democracy?

Back in the 60s it was possible to have some respect for leftists. As real socialists should, they put the interests of working class people first. The Labour party back then was totally against the Common Market, against globalisation and domination by large companies.

Now all you see from many on the left is contempt for ordinary people, surveys that show Brexiters are less educated, dismissal of any idea that they deserve a say in their own future. Everything should be in the hands of wealthy educated people who know best. Above all, they hate referenda. A total fuckwit on Contractor UK was citing the fact that a referendum was used to give Hitler absolute power as an argument against referenda in general. It's the sort of "argument" that is typical of lefties, maybe they should denounce reducing inflation on the grounds that Hitler did that too.

There's a pretty typical item in today's news. Among the worst things Camoron ever did was "pandering to the right wing of his party by announcing a referendum". Terrible! If you let ordinary people make a choice about their own future you must be a neo Nazi.

Silly Scottish cow

Nicola Sturgeon is banging on about an independent Scotland again. Actually, she is not an idiot and will probably want to make some firm arrangements regarding Scotland's currency first.

She can no longer join the European Union without also joining the Eurozone. Given the leftist nature of the Scottish, and the inevitably struggling economy that will result, we are probably looking at another Greece if they join the Eurozone, their GDP is very similar. Like Greece, Scotland will be totally dominated by the Germans and forced into stringent controls on public spending that they will not be too happy with.

The only alternative is total independence, difficult for a small country. Good luck to them but I hope to hell they are not allowed to remain in any sort of currency union with England, we have been propping them up with the Barnett Formula for far too long. Independence should mean exactly what it says!

PS Hang on! In just a few years' time the British pound will have the Prince of Daftness's face on it. Take it! Take it! Nicola, we don't want it any more! I'd rather trade in old socks than have to look at that bastard's face every time I buy something.

This Silly Seacole Stuff

It's something that never seems to go away, arguments about the merits or otherwise of Mary Seacole.

Who cares either way? We really do need some icons to persuade the lowest performing minorities in the UK that they can succeed if they put in the effort but is a black youth in a gangland area going to be convinced of that by the case of a lady who was 3/4 white, died nearly 140 years ago and suffered the real discrimination that was acceptable at the time? And why would she mean anything at all to a Bangadeshi kid?

Surely it would make far more sense to make more of successful minority people in today's Britain?

The Next President

The US has a reputation for being socially conservative but, if Clinton gets in, they will have had a black and a female president in quick succession. They have already had a disabled president in Roosevelt. Well done US! You are leading the way in breaking down the barriers against the poor oppressed minorities!

Let's see, disabled president, black president, female president, that only leaves one major discriminated against minority to go, the LGBT community. Say hello to 2020's new president.

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As we have commented before too many have no ability to appreciate context, seizing on some single word or phrase and ignoring all the words that actually define the point. This seems to be particularly a lefty/liberal problem. Not to say all of that bent are illogical loonies, in general we find the leftist Guardian presents its case rather well, even if we don't agree with it. Their "What has the EU ever done for my..." series of articles in favour of Bremain may be rather selective, we are all selective when arguing our own case, but at least they appear properly researched.

On the other hand, the once sensible Independent now runs articles from the most irrational people you can imagine. How's this for a heading? The 3 words Donald Trump said that made the Orlando shooting even worse. Gosh! What has nasty Trump said now? Shoot All Muslims? Er, no:

Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!

We need to be tough, vigilant and smart to prevent further terrorist attacks! What an appalling racist suggestion!


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