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The ramblings of an old git

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          We aim to never raise our sights above the gutter and preferably to stay much lower

Arrested for your body language

More and more in the news we see "body language experts" telling us what people really mean, whether it's royalty, politicians etc. Recent examples: The Trumps and that tedious couple.

More and more also, we are seeing use of AI for face recognition.

A bit worrying, how long will it be before CCTVs are checking our expressions and body movements to see what we are thinking?

Bring back free speech!

Fed up to the back teeth with all this suppression of free speech. Never a day goes by without a bunch of arseholes complaining about what somebody said.

Sure, we should not allow deliberate hate speech, but otherwise people should be free to say whatever the fuck they want and it does not matter what their views are, right, left, conservative, liberal, let them speak for fuck's sake. There have been various prominent cases in the last week.

The latest program by that brilliant David Attenborough is not airing live on the BBC for fear of a backlash from "Tory politicians and the rightwing press". I vote Tory, I'm a bit of nationalist and I read the Daily Telegraph but I'm also very much in favour of saving the British environment.

It is simplistic crap to bunch all sorts of issues as left wing, right wing, liberal, conservative or whatever. I think we need to put our own citizens first and have much stricter immigration rules ("right"), that we are too lax on welfare but equally hand too many privileges to the rich ("centre"), that we need an economy that rewards ability but still provides adequate help for those who's lives are not so easy ("centre"), and am very much in favour of equality, abortion, and people making their own choices on sexuality ("liberal") and protecting our environment ("liberal").

Like me, I expect most people have different views on different things, we don't completely fit into one of those boxes. It isn't as though the views they like to bunch together are always compatible. If you want to protect Britain's environment ("liberal") then what is the best way to do it? By reducing the huge pressures caused by a growing population, mostly driven my immigration ("right").

Then there's Lineker. I can't stand the twat and never buy Walkers Crisps for that reason. Generalising that channel crossers are fleeing persecution or war is absurd. Some are, but over 40% are from democratic Albania and how many others destroy their identification documents or lie about age? Nevertheless, while the BBC, funded by licence payers, should be completely impartial in its programs, I see no reason why Lineker should not be entitled to voice his daft opinion outside of his official position.

Then there's the Fiona Bruce row. It perfectly illustrates the other problem with some of these woke twats. They don't just pick up on comments, they dig into into them and invent meanings which the speaker never intended. Saying that Johnson's action was a one off is not trivialising abuse of women, it's just reporting what she thought was the reality. A "one off" is the same thing as serial long term abuse? Really? And then maybe we should take account of the fact that not everything we say is the result of hours of extensive research. Sometimes we can say things with the best of intentions that are incorrect, or say them without realising the different ways they could be interpretated. We don't deserve to be fired from our jobs or face abuse for it.

So what's the solution?

You wait until I get to be world dictator. I will seal shut everyone's mouth with remotely operated locking systems. They will open automatically at meal times for exactly 15 minutes before closing again. Anyone who wishs to open them for any other reason, blow jobs etc, will be required to pay a fee of £5 per minute to the state, AKA me. Complete silence will be enforced, using the built in microphone.

PS It's coming sooner than you think!

PPS Yeh, crappy cartoon. Took about 1 minute. Too lazy for more.

Glad I don't do dates on here

Most buggers, I mean bloggers, put dates by the title of their posts. I can't be arsed to do dates, which is a good thing. Anyone who happens to come across this site, probably 'cos they mistyped bog off into Google, will not know that we can hardly ever be arsed to post anything. The last post was only yesterday. What, my last politicaI post was about Edward Heath? Oh dear.

How did pain evolve?

It obviously has a point when it deters you from doing something harmful, detects when something else is harming you or warns of some issue that requires treatment or something toxic that needs to be avoided.

In some cases however, it would have had no point in earlier times. What if a caveman had migraine? Would the constant pain have helped him in any way? Some pains only help today because we have medicines that can be used to treat them.

It is quite obvious that pain, as it exists in man today, evolved because the Big Pharma companies sent time machines into the past and genetically altered mankind to increase their profits!

PS Yeh, well, makes a change to have another conspiracy theory. No more bollux than some of the other stuff that is being peddled online.

All sound advice is crap

Crappy few years, poor sleep, tired and low much of time but things rather better recently.

Tried all sorts of natural insomnia remedies, Melatonin, Gaba, Camomile etc. All useless crap. Followed every bit of "sound advice" on the net and in books, followed fixed sleep schedule, avoided using computers before bed, didn't drink coffee after 12am, got up and did something boring if I was awake for more than 20 mins, performed stupid relaxation exercises, tapping me shoulders while looking at the sky, etc etc. Even forked out for an online sleep restriction course. All fucking bollox, nothing worked.

Only one book contained advice which I found useful, forget the name/author. I shall recommend it to my many non-existent readers when I find where I have put it. Anyway, the basic theme was to stop worrying about it, if you can't sleep, just stay in bed and do normal things in the day regardless of how crap you feel.

To summarise:


The world is crap too

Same applies to all the things going on in the world, covid, inflation, NHS backlogs, the collapsing UK economy, Channel crossings, lazy young twats and their mental health problems, the loonies in Russia, China, Iran etc. and the threat of WW3.

Stop worrying about it. There is fuck all you can do. The world is crap. It always has been. Nothing new there.

I repeat:


What? You don't believe me?

If you look at various comments online, some people swear by various remedies and suggestions that I assert are total crap. Yeh. Wonder how many of these comments are written by the people who peddle these things? Or maybe it's the placebo effect. Interesting that that some people even find that things work better just because their doctor tells them it will.

That's interesting! If a doctor telling you that something will work makes it work, then surely anyone is going to be totally convinced if the always honest and reliable xoggoth tells you it will, given our worldwide reputation for total wisdom. I have therefore written an online advice book for anyone suffering from any mental or physical condition, no matter how extreme. It doesn't matter if you have insomnia, psychosis, cancer, total paralysis or whatever. My online book will cure you of absolutely everything in a few weeks!

Buy now for only £500. You will not regret it!


Bloody Xmas. Polluted by ghastly relatives. Is this the right time for xoggoth to rise from the grave to coincide with the rise from the grave of that fake/non existent Jesus Christ? Oh, no, hang on that's Easter! Still, what difference does it make when all religions are total bollux anyway? Is there a day to celebrate Allah's first crap?

And not as if anyone anymore looks at this bollux apart from my little puppet parrot and he only does because I make him. Oh well, summit to do apart from staring at the wall and might wake me up a bit from the normal stupor/stupidity.

Being dead might be fun, lots of little maggots to talk to. I can think up names beginning with M for all of them, Maggie Maggot, Morris Maggot, Minnie Maggot, Mike Maggot..... No less pointless than the things most people spend their time doing, and better than blowing people up like that Putin bastard. Come to think of it, that's much more exciting than knitting while watching TV. Wonder if there's a Becoming a Ruthless Dictator for Dummies book. Might have a look in Smiths.

Can I be arsed to comment on all the crap going on the world? Nah! If anything more appears here it will mostly be an incessant stream of pointless drivel, non existent readers may as well stick to the online news, not much difference.

Your F* fault you stupid lefties

From their usual arse-sitting position the Labour Party has accused the government of losing control of the economy.

Doubt any government since the war has had to deal with a worse combination of events, the Covid epidemic and war in Ukraine, on top of longer term problems like Brexit, an expanding and older population, illegal immigration and climate change. I daresay a proper government should be able to do more to tackle rising fuel and energy prices, inflation generally and a shrinking economy, the problem is that we don't have a prime minister in charge at the moment while the position is still being contested. Johnson is being criticised for failing to take emergency measures but there is not much point unless the new leader will support them. We would still have a prime minister able to do something if he had not been driven out by the F* lefties banging on about trivial crap like breaking lockdown rules.

I am not defending his dishonesty, after all, if someone is dishonest about minor things, can you really trust them to be honest about more important things? Nevertheless, this was hardly the time to make such issues the main focus.

PS And, to add to the problems, all these F* unions keep striking for pay increases when, in some cases, as on the railways, some of their jobs are entirely unecessary. Why do we need to retain all the station ticket offices when more and more people book online or use ticket kiosks? Why do we need train drivers, let alone guards, when automated train systems have been operating safely in some countries for decades? Time to warm up that time machine and send ASLEF and the RMT back to the 19th century to join the Luddites.

Never realised the UK was so backward

Didn't know before I read this article that women who have unregulated abortions or try to terminate their pregnancy without medical supervision can face up to life imprisonment.

Cannot find any cases online where women have received a life sentence but there is one who received an eight year prison term. Fortunately, her prison term was later reduced to three-and-a-half years but that still seems unreasonable to me. She is not the only one to receive a prison sentence. Apparently the UK has the most draconian abortion legislation in Europe. Even in Poland, where abortion is very restricted, these women would not have been handed jail sentences.

The rules state that the need for abortion must be determined by 2 doctors based on a woman's mental and physical health, and the abortion must be carried out by a doctor on licensed premises. That made sense over 40 years ago when illegal abortions were carried out physically by unlicensed people at risk to the woman's life but it does not make sense today when even late abortions can be done with safe medications.

A woman should be able to make a decision about her own body and her future life. Time this law was changed.

Compensation claims going insane

Seems to be a particular problem in the US where lawyers rule. In one recent case a black family is suing for $25 million after their children were ignored by performers playing Sesame Street characters. If those people were deliberately racist they deserve to be disciplined or even sacked and the family should get some compensation, like free tickets for a year, but $25 million???? That's just insane, totally out of proportion to the offence.

Hmmm! Can find no cases in the UK with such enormous claims in relation to such relatively minor things but there's plenty of payouts for defamation, so maybe I can get a few K. Ok, non existent visitors, if you agree with the following statement, click on the button and then provide your details on the next page.

PS Oh, no. My solicitor has just advised me that I will only be able to claim compensation if the assertion is not true!

Maybe inflation is a good thing

In some ways anyway.

Some people are so incredibly wasteful. Had a guest stay with me the other week and he decided to contribute by doing the washing up. Boiled a kettle just to wash 2 plates, 2 bowls and a few bits of cutlery, then had the tap on full flow to rinse them. Nice intention of course but don't think I'd want him staying too long, my bills would shoot up.

You notice this wastefulness all the time, washing tiny art brushes under full-on hot water, shower running while nobody is under it, boiling a nearly full kettle for one cup of coffee, electric fires on in Spring when a thicker jumper would do the job and leaving lights on all the time - in my local town you see big offices with every light on at night, inside and out, even though everyone went home hours before.

Think I am the greenest *Note 1 person I know. I collect water in a plastic bucket while waiting for the shower to come out warm and use that for washing up, just wipe off stuff thoroughly and leave overnight. It says on the washing up liquid bottle that it works with cold water. I never leave any lights or devices on unless I really need to, got some on timers so they go off at night if I forget to switch them off. I have the boiler set to the lowest setting. Don't usually feel the cold and make minimal use of the central heating. Have various water butts so I rarely need to use a hosepipe. *Note 2

In the papers you see lots of tips for saving money at the moment, including obvious things mentioned above, like having hot water on lowest setting. If people start following them we may have a greener planet.

Note 1: Actually, meanest. Same thing. My hero Scrooge never splurged his cash unnecessarily.

Note 2: Actually, cos I am a lazy git. Can't be arsed with washing my car or watering the lawn anyway.

Solution to the Channel crossing queues

This couple has the best answer.

PS Apart from nuking the F* French obviously!



One keeps reading about the adverse impact that excessive use of computers and mobile phones is having on children. It can impede their development and prevent them developing normal connections with others and their surroundings. Sitting in a cafe today and saw a child's buggy with a tablet attached to the front and it's not the first time. You can buy tablet holders so that even babies can spend time looking at them.

Makes you wonder how much worse it can get.

PS And he will want his placenta updated to USB 4.

Enough with the conspiracy crap already

Nobody should entirely trust governments. Politicians and powerful people generally have a greater tendency to be sociopaths and narcissists and I would not put it past any of them to manipulate things when it suits them. I could well believe that the likes of Putin, Xi Jinping or Kim Jong-un would invent some horrible scheme to control their populations and, who knows for sure, could even democratic leaders not be what they seem and be up to various tricks behind the scenes to ensure they stay in power?

That said, unless the world really is controlled behind the scenes by a cabul of giant lizards, the idea that Covid is all some sort of conspiracy to control the world makes no sense. As numerous conflicts and tensions indicate, the world governments disagree on so many things. Is it really likely that the US, Russia, China, Taiwan, North and South Korea, the UK, the EU, Israel, Iran and Sunni Arab countries etc. etc. could all come together over a cup of coffee at a Bilderberg do and agree on a plan to reduce the world population and rule the world when differences over much more minor issues drag on for years with no solutions? And how could this miracle scheme be rolled out in such a short time when the incompetent twats can't find solutions to relatively simple problems like border controls on basic goods? And is it really likely that they could somehow rally so many behind them, including opposition parties, scientists and many other educated and intelligent people?

Certainly makes Adolph look like a total amateur.

Banning gay conversion therapy

The Peter Tatchel Foundation has been lobbying against it this year. I agree that nobody should be pressured into it, being gay is not an illness, it should be a personal choice. It's not as if gays or lesbians are a problem to society.

I quite like Tatchell, if Wikipedia is accurate anyway. Unlike so many "liberals" who campaign for particular groups and refuse to see anyone else's position, he is balanced and has defended the right to free speech, even by those who are opposed to gay rights. He sensibly argues that the best way to tackle prejudice is by presenting facts and using reasoned arguments. He has been critical of multiculturalism, arguing against the fragmentation of our society, and has rightly challenged Islamic values that are totally contrary to the free and equal society that real liberals want to see. He has also campaigned for protection of the environment and supports animal rights. He is an atheist and secularist who believes we should follow science and ethics, not religious superstition.

It's a pity that so many campaigning for what are basically reasonable issues go so over the top, shouting down any contrary views even when they are realistic , ignoring the rights of anyone who would be adversely affected by the changes they demand, going over the top with violence and disruption of everyday lives. With more Tatchel sorts they might get more support.

But promote other sexual conversion therapies!

Ok! That's enough vaguely serious bollox. It occurs to me that, actually, some sexual conversion therapies may be rather useful to old farts like me or other unattractive people who can't get the sort of nudgy wink they want. It's just impossible to find any women of my age who want a F*. Maybe I could find a therapist who could train me to get turned on by something that is easy to get hold of and nice and cheap.

The smart virus is coming

Every time the news starts to looks better on this coronavirus, along comes a new variant. This thing keeps mutating all the time. But is "mutation" any different to evolution? How long will it be before this virus becomes intelligent and starts using technology to invade our bodies?

Password AI

So we didn't have to remember or securely store passwords it would be nice if some AI existed to match what we type to our personality and tell if it really was us. I could type "Fuckladypigsupthearse" or "ShootallbutEarwigs" or ToothyTeeth or any other typical daft, pervy, bad tempered, ranty xoggoth phrase and see a little notice saying "xoggoth recognised. Login accepted" and get logged straight in.


Boring! Almost as boring as the Euro football. Still, nice to see the UK is doing quite well, better than those bastard French anyway!

Has the paralympics started yet? Ain't got a clue but I think it is high time it was not just physically disabled people who had a chance to compete, anyone of less than perfect physical fitness should have a chance. After all, if you are a lazy fat git who sits on your sofa eating doughnuts all day, if you are a drunk or a drug addict, it isn't your fault! Society is to blame for not doing enough! That must be true! Read The Guardian!

The Drunkards Olympics would be great, we could watch them staggering about while sitting slurping our vodka in front of the TV with our little puppet parrot.

PS Yes crude cartoon, about 5 mins but any crap is better than no crap at all.

Crap or real crap

When you look at Twitter, facebook and some forums, what people woffle on about, what they had for lunch etc, maybe a genuine crappy forum would be good. People can tell everyone when they had a crap, what colour it was etc. Exciting!

1984 is coming

My recently purchased second hand van is hardly the latest model but has a lot more features. Even the old van would warn if the seat belt was not fastened but this one has even more checks, it tells you if a door is open, if a phone is not connected, if anything is too close. I wondered how far these checks would go and did what I thought was a daft cartoon.

However, when I did a Google I found that this could well happen in the near future. Some cars can already detect driver drowsiness. There are tools coming that can check posture, facial expression etc. so I daresay alcohol or drug detectors could be installed in the steering wheel. Some features could be good, what about a finderprint detector on the steering wheel that could prevent somebody stealing your car?

Trouble is, it isn't just cars, there's a whole lot of other "smart" stuff in our homes, smart TVs for example, that might be used to check up on us. Maybe soon, unless we covert to Amish, we will all have to conform to the latest woke ideas.

Everything must contribute

I certainly think we should be doing all we can to protect the environment but isn't it reasonable that the endangered creatures we are protecting should make some contribution too? It may be us humans who cause most of the problems but they are benefiting, so they shouldn't just do nothing. It isn't as though they are morally better than we are, animals are quite happy to decimate other species when it suits them, look at what grey squirrels have done to our red squirrel population.

We need to find ways to make them pay their fair share and play their part in protecting our planet.


Thoughts? Eh? What?

Animals have memories

Julia James's dog has been tested for DNA evidence regarding her murder. Seems fairly unlikely they will find anything but, given the advances in DNA testing, who knows? Been nipped twice in the leg by little dogs like that, the small ones are always the most aggressive, so it's not impossible that it would have had a go at the murdering bastard.

Other technologies, like the ability to read our thoughts, are advancing too. If this had happened in a few years time, maybe they would have stuck a scanner on the dog's head and got an exact image of what it saw. Excellent!

PS Oh no, I hope they don't do a brain scan of that lady pig at the local farm.

Fek off Starmer

Not saying BJ is an honest man but can't the opposition stop moaning about trivial nonsense? I think people might be more impressed with Starmer if he actually came out with some sensible policies. Maybe any policies at all would help. At least that lefty loony Corbyn made it clear what his crazy, economy-wrecking policies were. All Starmer can ever do is criticise. And it's all "who gives a shit" stuff anyway. Sure I'm not the only one who doesn't give a damn about most of it.

So where did the money came from for that flat renovation? If it had come from the taxpayer, I'd have been annoyed, but if Tory donors want to pay for it, as long as it's not a bribe, who gives a fuck? Given it will add to the value of publicly-owned property that BJ will be out of in a few years it's to our benefit anyway.

And BJ promised tax tweeks for Dyson in return for what? Delivering ventilation equipment needed by the British public. Sounds like a damn good idea to me!

And then there's that rant about preferring the dead to pile up rather than have another lockdown. No idea if it's true or not but even if it is, we all get angry and blow our top sometime and say things we shouldn't say. The important thing is that he said it in a private situation, not in some public forum. Who has offended the people who have lost loved ones in the pandemic? It was those who leaked it!

All this drivel is distracting the government from the important issues like tackling the Covid epidemic and building a post-Brexit economy. It seems as though Starmer is less bothered about those than trying to score political points to secure his future as PM. So, to repeat, FUCK OFF STARMER! You're a useless nobody who leads the Labour Party, because of a random choice from a list of nobodies.

PS According to Wikipedia, he said would refrain from "scoring party political points" and that he planned to "engage constructively with the government" in his acceptance speech. HAH FUCKING HAH!

Wasting money

I recently renewed my xoggoth.org hosting subscription. Eh? What's the fecking point when nobody reads this crap anyway? And, more to the point, when I never post to this crap! Ah well, give it another year and maybe the imagination/enthusiasm/interest/motivation/other positive stuff things I can't remember will return. Fat chance. Maybe I will just post recorded fart noises. Or maybe open up xoggoth.org for use as a forum by others. That's a good idea!

Ok, here is the new forum for any sad fat ladies who are ashamed of their appearance to share their sorrows. If you feel bad about the size of your bottom, just post a pic on here and the praise you receive from caring xoggoth will boost your self esteem in no time.

Sensible bloke

Ricky Gervais has today ridiculed Muslims after a teacher received death threats for allegedly showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to students, declaring: 'What next? People being punished for insulting unicorns?'

Good for you Ricky. Why are we supposed to respect utter bollux? If any Muslim wants to insult atheism, that's fine! But it should work both ways. Free speech in the UK is increasingly threatened. Speech that challenges nonsensical religious beliefs is not the same thing as deliberate intent to raise hatred or encourage violence, it is no different to challenging a political viewpoint. In the case of Islam, religious and political beliefs are not separate anyway.

Why is diversity supposed to be a good thing?

In the news today, there has been a protest outside a school and a teacher has been suspended for showing a Charlie Hebdo cartoon of the "Prophet" Muhammad. I'm not saying it's helpful to do something like that in our already diverse society, but then maybe a better solution to avoiding these tensions is to stop encouraging such a fucking diverse society in the first place.

Why do these idiotic liberals keep telling us that that we need to work towards a united society while also telling us the exact opposite, that diversity is a good thing. Sure, the former is something we need to work towards but you don't do it by encouraging minorities to stay separate from the wider society. And, as is said many times, how is that these "liberals" who claim to stand for human rights for all, including for women and LGTB people, always jump in to support the Muslims who totally oppose their liberal views? Backward illiberal views are backward illiberal views. The fact that they are held by a minority group does not change that.

It seems now that the teacher involved was not deliberately intending to offend anyway, although he was certainly guilty of one thing, being very naive and not realising the poisonous nature of this religion. The action has been blamed for "Fuelling extremism on both sides". But where did the fire start? If somebody showed a similar cartoon making fun of another religion or political viewpoint (and look at The Guardian's cartoons of the Tory government) there would be very little reaction because the rest of us can take criticism or just ignore it. Extremism is a response to extremism and in this case, as usual, the extreme reaction has come from the Muslim side first.

Funny dreams

Dreamt last night that I met several world leaders. Can't remember the details apart from one bit where I was sitting outside in the sun having a cup of tea with Recep Erdogan. Seemed a nice chap in the dream. Pity my dreams can't shape the world.

Update: Outside the dream, what an utter arse! I've been to Turkey a couple of times and, while the people in more touristy areas are not necessarily representative of a population as a whole, they do seem a nice people. Muslim, but not extremists, people just behave much as we do here. Unfortunately, the changes made by one of history's great men, Mustafa Kemal, are being reversed by this Edogan bastard. He is increasingly imposing censorship on the press and social media, has had detained huge numbers of people who oppose him, is possibly involved in corrupt practices involving billions of dollars, has purged anyone who opposes him from the military and judicial systems, and has presided over an economic disaster with high inflation, well before the Covid thing came along. And he is an Islamist loony, who has attempted to criminalise adultery, condemned feminists and said men and women cannot be treated equally.

Great shame Turks. I hope you get rid of this lunatic some time soon and get back to being the moderate Muslim state you always used to be. Maybe I can visit again and do my loony xoggoth dancing after a few vodkas and get joined by a couple of young blokes.

PS No they ain't gay. Blokes dancing together is normal in Turkey. They do it in Greece too. Funny how the Greeks and Turks have had all those conflicts in the past when they have so much in common.

PPS Why don't we focus on the important things when we have these national tensions? Will there ever be a war with Russia? Nah! They invented Vodka! How could they be our enemy?

Ban Evolution!!

The lefties are always telling us that everyone has a right to everything regardless of their ability so, as an extreme lefty myself, *Note I have to say it is intolerable that anyone can support the idea of natural evolution where the most dominant species and the most powerful individuals within those species can survive and grow at the expense of other deserving creatures. We should be marching in protest at the acceptance of this and doing all we can to provide adequate support to the less able creatures on this planet. We need to raise taxes and provide adequate welfare access and legal protections for them all so they can evolve equally regardless of species. Stop the exploitation of this privileged system by humans and dinosaurs!

What made me think of this? I was walking in the woods today and, at this time of year, it is difficult not to tread on some of the poor little Bluebells that are starting to pop up everywhere. I am utterly ashamed of my actions and have seen the error of my ways. Join my march to put an end to this capitalist contempt for other living things. Maybe, one day, Bluebells and all other poor little downtrodden species will have a chance to be our equals in the world.

Hmm, hang on. Like all lefty ideals, wonderful in principle, but will Bluebells be any less speciesist than us human beings?

Note: Like hell I am!

Damn upgrades

Dunno if it's a coincidence but the web hosters of my business site and of xoggoth.org both did an upgrade to new servers a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, as the software is pretty complex, with accounting software and online ordering, the business website upgrade went without a hitch, everything worked as normal and I didn't have to change anything. Not so with xoggoth.org, bloody nightmare! The database servers had different login details, all the FTP details has changed so it took me ages to work out how to login and upload anything, and the site is a nightmare to negotiate, with links to new stuff duplicating links to the old stuff, so I wasn't sure at first which I was accessing. To reach the technical pages you have to click through apparently unrelated pages, click on small dots... Feckin ell. Let's hope they don't update it again before I snuff it.

Oh well, at least xoggoth.org is pretty basic and I only had to change the comment code. I may as well do some further changes so it adds loads of comments automatically, I can kid myself my crappy blog is popular!

Why no disabled superheros?

We need to end discrimination against those who, usually through no fault of their own, cannot lead a normal life. It does not help that all these superheros are so super-fit. Surely, given his almost infinite strength and power relative to normal people, Superman could have a significant degree of disability yet still be capable of enormously more than the average human? Chant now for the disabled superheros.

Bloody census

Filled in the 2021 Census form online yesterday. You can be fined £1000 for not doing it! Why do they need such boring information anyway? If I had my way there would be a question for ladies only. How big is your arse?

Is there any point in imagination anyway?

The longer humans exist the more stuff they churn out. Even if I have an idea, I wonder if it's worth bothering with, somebody is bound to have done it already. I recall once making up a story about a mighty supernatural being who was responsible for many of the evil events throughout history, only to discover that they'd already done it in an episode of Star Trek. Are there any story ideas now that someone hasn't already done? I bet the episodes of The Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park alone account for a huge number and they are only a tiny percentage of all the fiction since story telling began.

Back to ghosts again. Is it just possible that they are working hard behind the scenes to find a way to come back en masse and be recognised as equals in our society? In recent decades we have seen a big push for total equality for all sorts of minority groups but the discrimination against dead people is far worse than that experienced by women, gays, blacks or whatever, they basically have no rights at all.

If they do come back, whether as a tide of spirits or a zombie apocolypse, it is likely that they will be backing a movement far more powerful than BLM. And one of the many rights they will certainly be pushing for is the return of the rights of ownership over anything they created or invented in their lifetime, which under current law expires a few decades after death. Geuss I'd better be checking my blog for any significant similarities to anything anyone has written in the last 500 years at least.

But can we assume there will not be as many conflicts between the dead of various periods as there will be between the dead and the living? After all, one dead person will not have much in common with another if they are from periods that are decades, centuries or even thousands of years apart. Maybe it will usher in a whole new era of prejudices and tensions, of which copyright issues will only be a minor part.

PS Get ready for DLM - Dead Lives Matter. Oh no, hang on, "Dead Lives" is not only a bit contradictory, it's thoroughly prejudiced, a bit like saying "Black Whites Matter". Erm. What about "Dead, Proud and Rising" Any better suggestions from the non-existent readers of bloggoth welcome.

PPS That cartoon of James 1st is copied from Wikimedia Commons as all rights by the deceased artist have expired. If they change the law and he comes back he may sue me.

Do animals have negative thoughts?

Went on a wet wander with the loony lady friend today and there was a poster with lots of facts about bees, how far they had to fly to collect enough pollen for a pound of honey etc etc.

Didn't say anything about how they feel but who knows? Maybe the decline in bees is not really down to things like global warming, insecticides, habitat loss or effect of mobile signals on their navigation skills. Maybe they are just evolving and gaining feelings. They are not collecting all that pollen to feed the larva in their nests because they can't be fucking arsed! Who can blame them?

Update: The non existent readers of bloggoth probably think I forgot to draw wings on that bee at left. Nah, I never make mistakes. She just took them off and hung them on a twig to dry.

PS Many thanks to the two little bees who posed for that picture.

How does one get the imagination back?

Imagination is a funny thing in my experience, sometimes a trickle is triggered by little things and the trickle becomes a stream. Then the drought comes along.

Been doing sketches since I was a kid although they were usually literal. Still got a book of all the various little bugs and things I drew while peering down my microscope. Probably only started doing anything more imaginative when I went to uni. What inspired that I can't remember. Maybe it was seeing Teeth in his underpants in that little bedroom the three of us shared at the Long Dump.

As for stories, don't recall thinking of anything significant until a chance idea popped into me head while travelling up to London on the train. I passed a rather derelict piece of land by the railway track and it inspired me to come up with a tale about a strange and lonely ancient being that lived there. Put it in the stories list somewhere but can't remember which one it was.

Sometimes imagination can be killed by small things. There was some family get together a long time ago and my brother kept banging on about his cartoons featuring some animals with crappy puns on the animals' names. No idea why but that just killed my creativity for ages. Took a while to creep back.

As for now. Well it's gawn. Is it permanent? Old age? Continual low mood? Feeling rather tired and crappy? Or is the fucking world out there with all this fucking *** and *** and ***. And all the fucking *** about the ***. Who knows? Maybe it will come back if I climb up the tree at the bottom of my garden and waggle my arse towards the Northern Hemisphere with a piece of spaghetti stuck up it. I may try that today.

PS After further extensive research (5.2 seconds) I find that waggling one's arse up the tree is most effective if the spaghetti is pointed 3.8 degrees further East.

PPS I won't waste that bit of spaghetti. Spag. bollux tastes crappy anyhow.

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Suppose one thinks more about what happens after death when you get older. I quite like the idea of reincarnation, coming back as some animal and seeing the world in a different way Not sure it would all be good compared to the human life though. What is sex like for example? Some animals, like Bonobo chimpanzees and Adele Penguins, have fun but not sure about some others.

Are ghosts rude?

Was looking at a xoggoth page I did years, probably decades, ago. What a dirty mind I had then! Pity those interests have somewhat declined with old age. I know there are remedies for male "failures" but I don't need those yet fortunately, what I need is a drug to stimulate the yearnings more. Probably think about sex once a week, back in younger days it used to be more like once a minute.

Maybe these urges come back when you've snuffed it, if you go to hell anyway, as I an atheist like me surely will. Lust is supposed to be sinful, so it is logical to assume that all those evil dead down in hell are shagging each other round the clock. Maybe ghosts can be randy too, just think how easy it would be to be a Peeping Tom when you aren't limited by physical barriers like doors. And the police can't get you either! Perhaps an exorcist could get rid of you but it ain't easy, you can't just dial a 3 digit phone number and get one to come right out.

PS I like online porn with lesbians doing mucky things. Apologies to any of my non-existent followers with a lesbian allergy.

PPS Has anyone else ever picked up the phone and dialled 666 to see if the beast answers? Just the usual "The number you have called has not been recognised" message. How disappointing!

We need a new god

Religion is often associated, and quite rightly, with illiberal views. None of the major religions reflect modern attitudes to sex equality for example, look at all the "prophets" and "messiahs", they are all males. Where was the lady in the disciples? And what about god, Allah or whatever? Male of course! And let's not mention he is also white and straight. I'm surprised the "liberals" are not toppling crucifixes and statues in churches and demanding a god who is black, gay, transexual and female, apart from his/her transexual bits of course. Me, I'm more a fan of nice little animals, how about a badger god?

Whatever one's take on these "liberal" issues, (inverted commas because today's "liberals" can be the most intolerant pople ever) religion is certainly very undemocratic. Why is god allowed to occupy the position for ever? Surely the dead, whether in heaven or hell, should elect a new god at regular intervals. It would be very different to an election on Earth where we have to take account of practicalities because an almighty god can deliver whatever he promises. Jeremy Corbyn would be a good candidate. The British electorate didn't vote for him as PM because of all his daft lefty spending promises that would have bankrupted the country but, if he was god, that magic money tree would actually exist!

There are risks of course. The candidate could fool us all and, when he was god, do whatever he wanted. Worst dictator ever! There are a lot of nasty people down in hell who know how to gain power for their own ends.

A new addition to the team

xoggoth is pleased to announce he found a new friend while walking today. Please welcome Mr Manky Badger Skull. Hopefully he will make a major contribution to the non-existent crap on this blog. We just need a short interview before he is welcomed into the team.

Come on Google

With F* all else to do at the moment but walking and not allowed to travel far, I've got a bit obsessed recently with trying to find some nice local paths that I remember going on but can't remember where they are.

Google Street View is great for roads, but why is there no Google Footpath View? Obviously they can't drive big vans down them, but cameras can be so tiny and cheap these days, why can't they attach some to badgers, foxes, birds etc. so we can see the countryside in detail? Actually, with the advancements in bioelectronics and genetic engineeering, would it be so difficult to breed animals with built in cameras, GPS sensors and 5G connection to automatically provide this data in real time? Daresay there might be a few problems initially but it's a good long term plan.

So much in common

Today's "liberals" and religious fanatics.

To give them credit, these "liberals" have some fine ideals, who would not want a united world without wars, free of racism, sexism and all the other isms? The problem is that they have scarcely any more grasp of reality than the religious loonies who follow the commands of those deranged, self serving or entirely fictional "prophets" and "messiahs". Want to stop racism? Great idea, let's open the borders and have millions of people side by side who never mix and have entirely different views of the direction of society. That's always worked well throughout history hasn't it? As we have said a million times before, the best way to achieve a more united world is to work with human nature, not pretend it can be changed by waving placards.

Then there's the way they constantly criticise the government, as if they would do everything perfectly themselves, just as if they were following the commands of an almighty and infallible god. From the comfort of their armchairs, not having to do bugger all themselves, they act as if it's all so easy, as if the government has access to infinite resources, does not have to cope with changing situations, make difficult decisions to balance one risk against another or decide on actions when even the experts are telling them different things.

Then there's the constant illogical moaning about U turns which distinctly resembles the views of those religious fanatics. It's as if the directions we should take are somehow engraved into some religious script and we have to follow them regardless of changing circumstances. Look you F* idiots, our political leaders don't have access to infinite wisdom from on high. Human societies are immensely complex and some actions can be positive in some ways but have downsides. In a very complex and unprecedented situation, like trying to cope with this Corona virus, there is no fount of sacred wisdom. The most sensible thing our leaders can do is to act more like lab. scientists, see how things play out. If something doesn't work as well as was hoped then change the approach or even reverse it.

U turns can be sensible!

DO IT!!!

Who would be better skilled?

There was already enormous pressure on the NHS due to this Covid thing and now they are planning to vaccinate millions of people within months. They have already started to recruit temporary staff. Unfortunately, the ad states that anyone applying for the role must have experience of working in a healthcare setting. This will certainly greatly restrict numbers of applicants and I think they need to start thinking outside the box if they want to tackle this unprecedented crisis.

So who else would be good at doing injections? Drug addicts! Anyone who has been injecting themselves with needles for months or even years will be pretty good at getting the positioning right. We could make better use of all sorts of criminals. Criminal psychologists use criminal profiling to identify likely suspects or possible victims but is a normal person of sound mind really the best person for the job? Who would be better at getting into the mind of a serial killer than another serial killer?

The friendly repair ghost

Who needs to get things repaired? Not me, I appear to have a little repair spirit in the house. Some months ago my camera stopped working. Tried new battery and memory card, didn't help. Tried it one last time before I chucked it and it was fine. Been ok since. For ages I have had a dripping tap in the kitchen and a dripping shower in the bathroom, meant to get the local plumber around to fix them but no need now, they have both stopped dripping. Then, a few weeks ago, the CD player in the conservatory packed up, kept stopping and displaying track 1. Tried it with 2 or 3 CDs. As with the camera, I was going to take it to the dump but gave it one last go and it was working fine. Back in conservatory!

Thanks little repair ghost! Wondering if he can do my boring house decorating for me. Wouldn't it be nice to go downstairs one morning and find all the painting finished.

PS It's happened again! My pedometer wasn't working on my walk yesterday. Even shaking it hard didn't cause any change in the reading. Today it's ok!! Thanks again repair ghost!

Genetic Engineering

Sitting in conservatory with my little puppet parrot listening to Dean Martin CD. Probably best singer ever, wish my Karaoke group wasn't suspended due to lockdown, I'd be singing a few of his songs. What a shame great people die and utter arseholes live on. If I had my way I'd steal the years from all the crappy people to keep the good ones going forever.

Is it so impossible? These days they can get DNA from Ancient Egyptians and there are continual advances in genetic engineering. They managed to recreate Dinosaurs at Jurassic Park after all, so would it be so difficult to take the bodies of useless or annoying people and turn them into the brilliant people of the past?

What, Mr Parrot? Jurassic Park wasn't real? Come on, stop pulling my leg.

Some hope for the future?

Islam is a backward religion that, in so many countries, imposes laws based on the supposed sayings of their "prophet" instead of those based on reality and the needs of human nature. On the other hand, Christianity was at least as bad a few centuries ago and changes happened remarkably quickly, so Islam may become more progressive as time goes by.

Nice to see some things are already changing. The UAE has implemented reforms including legalising sex outside marriage and scrapping reduced sentences for those committing honour crimes. The UAE and Bahrain now have a deal with Israel and are not the only Arab nations to reach some degree of accord with Israel. Maybe more due to fear of Iran but breaking from the likes of Hamas is an indication that Islamic links are not the top priority. Tunisia is also more liberal than many Arab states with over a quarter of its politicians being women. Even Saudi Arabia is slowly becoming a little more liberal. There are also some predominantly Muslim states, like Bosnia, Albania and Indonesia (outside of Aceh) that do not have laws based on religion . True, Islam is going backwards in some countries, most notably Turkey under that arsehole Erdogan, but hopefully things will gradually improve just as they did with Christianity.

PS A lot depends on increasing prosperity, religious fervour tends to decline as real life improves. Who needs god when they can afford an Ipad?

PPS Those accords with Israel were brokered by Trump as the photo shows. Funny how he never gets credit for anything.

More Art Crap

Philosophical meditation

More Crap 1

More Crap 2


If you were granted one wish by an evil almighty being, if you could just say "Destroy XXX" and all of XXX would be gone from the world what would you choose?

Keys would be a good choice. If all keys, in every sense of the word, became useless, people would be locked out of or inside their houses and other properties, unable to access safes/cars/computers, use keyboards etc. Loss of those tiny things would pretty well wreck the world.

Mind you, Timpsons etc. would do quite well out of it.

Bloody comets and meteors and things!

We are rarely lucky with seeing astral events, whether meteor showers, comets, blood moons, eclipses, flying saucers or whatever. Crappy weather, too late at night to be arsed, forgotten all about it until too late etc. Couldn't see any sign of that Comet Neowise the other night, too low I think and couldn't be arsed to go to the top of the hill.

Fecking viruses, do summit useful for a change

Darn bugs! A Zika type virus that, instead of shrinking brains, gave ladies Steatopygia would be great. Oh yeh, and now those bloody Chinks have brought back the plague! Still, maybe we could get a variation of that too, where the buboes were much bigger, resembling big boobs.

Big bums and big boob-like buboes next to big boobs Fantastic!

Goodbye Huwai

Looks like the government is finally taking notice of the US with regard to Huawei being involved in providing the UK with 5G technology. About time.

Given their actions in Hong Kong that violate the agreement with the UK, their claims on Taiwan, their increasingly aggressive actions in the China Seas, their lies about the Corona Virus, their world domination in supplying counterfeit goods and the abnormally high proportion of all Chinese goods which are dangerous or faulty, who the hell should trust the Chinese?

Why can't we make these things ourselves?

Given my low state at the mo, I brought a cheap E-cigarette from my local store expecting it would be a waste of money, as I've never found they had any effect before. Wow! It actually gives me quite a hit for a couple of minutes! I'd better keep away from the stairs after using it.

Didn't check where it was made before I'd used it for a little while. China! Bollux! We still make aircraft and cars and computer chips, so Is it really so difficult to make an E-cigarette in the UK? Better watch out, ever more non-existent readers of bloggoth , it might be a plot by Huwei to take over the diminishing xoggoth brain. It may not be long before the above post is deleted and replaced by one praising the open and honest Chinese government!

Given the nature of so many Chinese goods it could be worse than that!

Time we Stopped This

Yet more people injured in an attack by an asylum seeker in Glasgow about a week after three men were randomly stabbed to death by an asylum seeker in Reading. That matches the number of murders by right wing extremists in the last ten years! This year alone, we have had over 2000 illegal migrants entering the UK via the channel alone and social services in Kent are at risk of being overwhelmed.

To repeat a xoggoth mantra yet again. Human rights are one thing, but should the rights of some override the rights of others? In the absence of the liberal lefty magic money tree to provide luxury living conditions and 24 hour support to these people, their presence is a burden and sometimes a risk for British citizens, many of whom could do with more support as well. It's unfortunate that some are unlucky enough to live in poor or repressive countries or be affected by wars and conflicts but should those of us in better off countries have to share the entire burden? We only have one life to live.

And is it always the case that these people (in the absence of that liberal lefty magic money tree) are better off? Obviously anything is better than living in a war zone but many escaping poverty appear to have unrealistic ideas of what their new life will be like. It isn't easy for someone of low skilled background to climb the ladder in the UK whatever their background and this failure may result in resentment. The Manchester Arena bombing that killed 22 people was carried out by the son of asylum seekers.

But leaving aside these "racist" and "far right" attitudes, does a UN convention dating from 1951 still make sense in a much more densely populated world where travel is far easier? Ten percent of the world's population lives in extreme poverty and many are affected by conflicts or repression. The developed world cannot open the doors to all of them, a no borders policy would probably collapse major economies and drive a massive increase in tensions. Different cultures with conflicting views in close proximity has driven most of the world's conflict throughout history.

The number of people we do take in is a small proportion of those who genuinely are in need of help, especially when there are major conflicts in progress as in Syria. Maybe it would be more sensible to have a new convention where the major powers cooperate to provide safe zones in such situations. In general perhaps we should review trade policies, see if there are better ways to boost third world economies with cooperation and loan policies that benefit both sides rather than tick box poorly overseen foreign aid policies.

Global wanking

Was sitting in a nice place under the trees with loony lady today, eating me lunch. Slightly spoiled by a lot of loud squawking, I assumed by crows.

Or was it? Been some worrying news recently about the effect of global warming in the Arctic circle. Temperatures of over 38'C have been recorded. Could it be that penguins are fleeing the extreme heat and migrating to the UK in droves? Hope not, we have enough problems with Seagulls nicking peoples' sandwiches and Emperor Penguins are far bigger!

Tried to point out the couple of obvious flaws in that but the old git won't listen.

Make the world go away

Had enough! First it was that Brexit thing. Look, if some of you people don't like Brexit, why not just eat Cornflakes or Wheetabix instead? Then it was the Cov... something or other, forget what. Boring! Now we have all this crap about BLM. Personally I like Bums Like Melons, fuss over nothing. Anyway, here's latest bloggoth youtube video.

The slavery issue

Maybe, given all the controversy over the UK's history of slavery, it would be a good idea to make everyone spend 6 months as a slave after they leave school so that our society can acquire a deeper understanding of what it was like. I could certainly do with someone to do my boring house decorating for me, although that is not my motive for suggesting it of course.

Brilliant xoggoth solutions to racism

In the wake of all these darn BLM protests, it is not just statues and street names that are under threat. Some TV series, Little Britain, The Mighty Boosh and The League of Gentlemen, have been pulled by Netflix because they use the offensive blackface.

That's an idea! Governments could eliminate racial perceptions by forcing everyone to have their faces dyed green! Then everybody would look much the same. Nobody could accuse the police of targetting minorities then. Another factor that distinguishes people by ethnicity is their names. Peoples' surnames date back centuries, isn't it high time we updated them anyway? Surnames like Smith, Patel, Abieyuwa, Khatri, Wang or whatever can make it easy to discriminate on job applications. The new surnames could have similar origins, be based on occupation for example. First names could use a long ethnicity-neutral string of random characters. We could also call a halt to sexual and transgender prejudices by getting rid of Mr. Mrs. Miss. etc. and prefix all names with Burp or something. Burp Y1sh`VYhb17< Carpet-saleman and Burp P1IsaWQhb2Ql Taxidriver would probably get on great!

PS Above would be a good start but still lots of other sources of division to sort, including Religion. Maybe we could get Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus etc to come together and form a single religion. Yes, there are big differences to overcome but they do have one very, very important thing in common. They are all utter fucking bollux!

PPS Trouble is, green faces might be a problem if some aliens visit from another galaxy.


Peaceful protest that does not unduly impact the rest of us is, and should be, a right in any democratic country. It is also reasonable to question whether the UK should still have public statues and other memorials to those like Colston who acquired their wealth through slavery, or those like Rhodes who vigorously pursued colonialism to impose the rule of an Anglo Saxon race that he considered superior. It is certainly not acceptable to engage in violence against police officers who are only doing their job, to damage property or to destroy historic monuments. There have been many truly horrible people since the birth of mankind and we should not be honouring them, but that does not mean we should be throwing away our heritage and our history, otherwise we will never learn.

Why are all the arguments on these issues so one-sided? Every problem minorities have is down to the racism of nasty white people. Anyone who suggests that they might have some problems within their own cultures is called racist. We are not permitted to suggest that their performance has any correlation with those of the nations of their ancestry. Every fault, even when there is no obvious correlation with racism, such as high levels of drop out from university, is the product of white prejudice. This is not anti-racism, it is just inverted racism.

Why does everyone (assuming they are white of course) have to be a perfect human being to deserve any respect? Sure, some like Churchill or Nelson may have had some racist opinions or even benefited indirectly from the slave trade as many wealthy men would have at that time, but the main point is that those things are not what they rightly deserve to be honoured for. Many people would not even know about these obscure aspects of their lives if these "liberals" did not keep digging them up. The long list of characters whose statues/memorials these people want removed includes famous names like Robert Peel, a Conservative prime minister who took Britain forward with liberal reforms on crime and justice, safety standards and workers' rights. Why do they want his statue removed!? Because his father opposed abolition of the slave trade. We are supposed to be responsible for actions of our forebears now?

Are we expected to throw away all our own culture, heritage and history, to have familiar places changed, just to suit the demands of those who came here for their own benefit? If you migrate to a country is it really so unreasonable to accept the culture and history of that country? The mayor of London Sadiq Khan is now starting a review in London, not just of statues, but all sorts of things like street names or names of public buildings, with the intent of replacing any with connection to the slave trade. Statues of prominent slave traders are one thing, but what is the point of changing names of streets just because they are named after people from centuries ago who almost nobody knows anything about? Surely better to concentrate on today's problems. And what about the inconvenience to residents, having to notify every authority, company and person on their list? Could be very significant costs for businesses and presumably the Post Office and other delivery companies will have to allow for a wrong name for years. Watch out Londoners, don't get lost! You might have a job finding Carnaby Street after it has been renamed Ayubo Oligo Street after some obscure Zulu chief who fought off British oppression. Before conquering and enslaving some other tribe possibly, but we can't mention that!

These protests in the UK, far from doing anything to reduce racism, have greatly increased it. The UK, by international standards, has always been a fairly tolerant nation, even a poll by the right wing Daily Express indicated that a majority thought the statue of slave trader Colston should not be on public display. But now, when you look online, it is clear that there is a great deal of opposition to these totally over the top demands by BLM supporters. Many who do not normally support racist views must be rolling their eyes and wondering why the hell our nation inflicted these problems upon itself.

Eeeeh. How to get interest in life going again?

The only thing I like doing these days is walking. Can't seem to find any enthusiasm for anything else. Hardly doing any blogging or cartooning or writing silly short stories. Every book I start to read or TV program I start to watch is abandoned because it seems like crap to me. Tried learning guitar for the umpteenth time in about 50 years and soon gave up for the umpteenth time.

Maybe there's some other things I used to do that I could get into again. Used to be an electronics hobbiest, but not sure standing over a bench soldering bits really appeals anymore. Art? Used to do a lot of odd rather Daliesque paintings, or "art" (as in bollux) stuff, like my Deerskull Swastika. Not sure I've got the imagination these days.

Dunno. Maybe go back further and rediscover my childhood interests. When I was about twelve I used to like looking at insects and things through microscopes but do I want to splash out on an expensive microscope when I'm not sure I'd be interested? What did I like doing as a little kid? Digging holes in the garden mostly. Hmmm, sounds like hard work! Maybe go back further! That's it! I'll start again from the beginning. A teddy bear won't cost much!

Give 'im a couple of years and the senile old git will be like that anyway. Let's hope he won't expect me to change his nappy.

Who needs Ad Blockers?

Was using an ad blocker for ages but they are more trouble than they are worth these days. So many sites detect them and show a pop up telling you to turn it off before you can view the content that you were searching for.

I've found a much better approach, just make use of targetted advertising. You've probably noticed that, if you search for some product online, many of the adverts you see on websites afterwards are related to that search. So, just do a search for "sexy knickers" or similar before viewing online news sites and the ads down the sides show scantily clad ladies with some nice bottoms! Not annoying at all!

PS You may find skim yourself skimming through the pages and scarcely reading what you were looking for. Still, on online news sites at the moment, that's hardly a downside!

Culture for aliens

So, ok, what does this mean then?

UW@gX1XsHWAyHV8vcRE0bBEiYj@gUVkhcREpcBE0`VXgbmYlcGUpbF8@VFklcVklbxE@cVo/HV8vX10lbxEpaxE0`VXgalouYRE0bBE/clcmYmL< UVklHWQs`l8ncBEha1TgXmMybGg/HWAmHWA1cWMh`FYvcmPgY2AycWYuYh/< TGLgcW@gcVIrYhEhb14/HVInXloucGTgXhE/YlHgbFbgcWMvclMsYmPs Pl8kKREidhEvbWEvcFou`B/gYl8kHWUoYl4@nP<<

What? You can't translate that? Maybe just as well, else you could hack into my bank account. It's part of a Shakespeare play, coded using the same home-made program I use to protect my passwords.

Actually, it's almost identical to the language used by the Senoteffaotexrs in the Turdoscabopulous Galaxy, so they could probably hack my bank account if they were on Earth. Fortunately the bus service from that galaxy was pulled last July as it was not commercially viable.

Yes, I'm posting total bollux, what else is new? It is part of my master plan to get me imagination going again. bloggoth will in future contain nothing but totally meaningless crap.

PS Not to say I won't post a bit of stuff about BORING f* politics, BORING f* virus, BORING f* brexit etc from time to time but there is no contradiction there, that is all meaningless crap too, people just don't realise it.


My little puppet parrot is in the conservatory listening to Chicane. I would post a Youtube link but can't be arsed. Can't be arsed should be a philosophy.

Or maybe a religion, great idea! I could make a fortune, like Ron Hubbard. Instead of expecting people to spend a lot of time and energy looking for meaning in their life, I could provide a much easier option. We would not need to believe in existence of a supreme being for whom which is no evidence whatever, believe in the word of some deluded and/or power seeking prophet, confess our sins, pray every day, have fasting days or avoid meat on Fridays, go to to mass every Sunday or follow a set of rules that are contradictory to human nature. There is only one core mantra that followers of the new bloggoth religion will need to embrace - "CAN'T BE ARSED" Don't give a damn about anything, just lie around, do fuck all all day. Great for lazy pople and there are plenty of them.

Maybe more active sorts would prefer the "WHO GIVES A FUCK? religion. Do whatever you want to do. Go out, get pissed or drugged up, shag a donkey or whatever takes your fancy, shoot people at random, crap wherever you feel like, do whatever you want! Other people? Nature? The world? Bollux to all of it. It's your life, nothing else matters.

Vaguely political

Sick to death of the torrent of criticism of the government recently. Yes, there are things that should have been done better, but is it that simple in a crisis like this when even the experts have different views? It's all so easy when parties are in opposition to pretend that they would have done everything so much better. Yet look at all the major cockups Labour made when in power - selling off our gold reserves at rock bottom prices, the Iraq war, not applying the temporary block on free movement from Eastern Europe that other EU nations did, signing the Maastricht and Lisbon treaty without consulting the British publlc, taxes that resulted in a massive drop in pension values, Brown's continual tinkerings with corporation tax and his failure to simplify tax for small companies as promised. That's only the major things, doubt there were many things they did perfectly.

And that was a fairly sensible centrist Labour government, if that lunatic Corbyn had won the election we'd have been quequing for toiilet paper before most Brits has even heard of Covid 19. He was an admirer of Hugo Chavez FFS! Is it possible to be any more deluded?

What annoys me even more is the contempt these leftists display for ordinary voters. They are all cretins, stupid, thick as mince etc. Isn't the left wing supposed to be about standing up for the ordinary working man? Yet taking account of what they think on important issues like immigration is not democracy, it's "populism" Still, nothing new there, what far left government hasn't been just a corrupt dictatorship to which ordinary people mean nothing?

What's dead? Probably everything.

Bloggoth quieter than a piece of old chewing gum on the pavement. What's dead? Is it imagination of enthusiasm or both?

Or is there any difference? There are so many boring programs on TV with nothing new in them. I like spooky horror stories, or used to, but there is never anything original. Somebody is walking along a dark corridor saying "Is anybody there?", and you see a dark shadow flit across behind them. Jeez, not as if that scene hasn't been done a million times. Or some girl is running through a dark wood looking behind her, and naturally she trips and falls, like she always does. There's a dark flash and a loud noise followed by a scream. Looks like it, whatever it is, got her, just like the other whatever they ares in other similar films got the other girls like her.

Yet these authors are still being paid to write these scripts and millions of pounds are being spent on making the films. There's little that's orginal in most of them so cross out imagination, what they do have is the desire or enthusiasm to get on and do stuff. Same with so many artists or "artists", whether famous, or just ordinary people pursuing their hobby, they keep churning out the same old stuff and are happy to do so.

Not sure whether we at bloggoth have lost our imagination, or it's the enthusiasm that's on its last legs. We think of things to do and then can't be bothered as they don't seem very interesting. It all disappears into the bloggoth swearing cess pit of can't be arsed along with most other things at the moment. We never watch the TV news live these days, just record it and play it later, uttering obscenities and skipping everything to do with this F* virus bollox. Missed today's news yourself and would like to read it here on bloggoth? Here you are... Fuck, fast forward, bollocks, fast forward, shit, fast forward, arseholes, fast forward...... end. There you are, much better than the original wasn't it? And it only wasted 15 seconds of your time. Now you can go and do something useful, have a wank or whatever.

Beware of the bloggoth swearing cess pit of can't be arsed, it is out there and growing bigger by the day. Soon our universe will be sucked in.

Real ghost stories

Aren't ghosts supposed to haunt the place they died in? If so why doesn't Elvis haunt a toilet? Some other famous people died on the loo too, like Lenny Bruce, Judy Garland and Catherine the Great. Cardiac arrests are not uncommon while having a poo, so ghosts should not be uncommon in public loos. How come we never see them? Probably because they don't exist!

Hang on though! Could it be that spirits are banished by a side effect of toiler cleaner? Why can't supermarkets make profits by selling spirit banishers, evil demon cleaners etc to cater to the superstitious? It would be in the latters' interests too, competitive supermarket products will be cheaper and also much safer. Maybe they won't work but if they stop people being ripped off by phoney shamans etc. there is still a benefit.

I can see the adverts now. "Kills 99% of all household evil spirits"

PS Kills? Hang on, they are already dead - I meant banishes!

Boring people!

When I go on me walks I like looking at the countryside. The trees, even of the same species, are all so different. Height, spread, shape and number of branches etc, you never see two that look similar.

Wouldn't it be much more interesting if people were like that?

Not so bad so far

Annoying that couldn't go on holiday with loony lady friend this year, and heaven knows when we'll be able to, but managing to survive this F* lockdown thing without getting any more loony and fed up than I already was.

Used to drive miles just to go walking in different places but, now I'm only driving 15 minutes or less, I'm managing to find all sorts of interesting little local places that I never bothered with before. There's various little trails round edges or along streams of publicly accessible woods where I've previously stuck to the footpaths. Those deer deserve a medal for their services! There's also a lot of land round here which I assume is privately owned but has no signs or fences and often has tracks that locals obviously use.

Funny how one can adapt to these things. I wonder, if we were banned from going out of our houses at all, could I still manage to find places to explore?

We commanded god and he obeyed

That god thing. Load of old crap I think but who can be sure? Still, if he is real, there's one good thing about him, he knows how to state his laws succinctly. The Ten Commandments in just ten succinct sentences.

But hang on, they are not very thorough are they? They only cover 2 sins relating to sexual offences, adultery and lusting after your neighbour's wife. What about sexually abusing little boys, is that ok? Maybe if that had been included in the list we would not have had so many scandals involving priests and other religious leaders.

The commandments are also very vaguely defined. Look up "Thou shalt not commit adultery" in Wikipedia and you see that there are a lot of different opinions about what it means. For example, if an unmarried bloke bonks a married woman, he is not being unfaithful, so is it just her who is condemned to hell for adultery?. *Note 1 Seems a bit unfair when he is equally to blame for the sin.

Yet another argument against the existence of god. Why would an almighty being define all his laws in a short document that a ten year old could knock up in 20 minutes? Imagine how long and complex the definition of even one of these commandments would be if produced by the UK government and how many millions of pounds it would have cost the UK tax payer. I wanted to re-position a flue pipe in my house once and the safety regulations ran to 37 pages! Of course the version he provided Moses had to be brief, given that they were inscribed on stone tablets that the poor old bloke had to carry down a mountain, but there's no excuse for not updating them as technology evolved.

We have therefore been in contact with God and told him *Note 2 to reissue a new set of commandments in a form which provides much greater clarity. It has yet to pass initial scrutiny by The Council of Angels, but we have received the first draft. The full 2301 page legal document containing the new list of 978 commandments is now available to read on God's new website. For the non existent readers of bloggoth, we have published a small sub section below relating to what was commandment 6, now commandment 424, regarding adultery.

Introductory Text

A commandment to ensure adherence to rules regarding marriage and all other sexual relationships in consideration of the recommendations of spiritual leaders and people with more sense.

[3rd May 2020]

To be enacted by Almighty God with the advice and consent of The Council of Angels as follows:

Note 1: Sounds good, let's stick with that definition.

Note 2: We were introduced to him by our old friend Satan at his last goat bottom kissing party. Many may not be aware that God and Satan are pals these days as it was deemed no longer necessary for Satan to tempt mankind into evil deeds. We manage perfectly well on our own.

How to fill one's time?

Live in nice area and go walking every day for an hour or so, 2 or 3 times a week with loony old lady friends *Note. Apart from them, only got me little puppet parrot for company. What to do the rest of the time? Can't get on with the house decorating that I started before all this bollux as can't get the stuff I need, so finding boring things to do apart from walking. Made a garden storage unit out of bits of old greenhouse I had under the decking and now can't think of any use for it.

Today's dull project, made a long pole thing so I can stick a little remote camera on it and check out my gutters without having to climb a rickety ladder. Boring! Perhaps I can find another use for an 18 foot pole with a camera on it. Why not stick it over the fence and upskirt the lady neighbour next door? Perhaps not too exciting, as she's in her nineties, but these are desperate times. The plus side is that she and her husband are so deaf and poor sighted that they probably wouldn't notice and I won't get arrested.

Note: We keep the required distance apart. Not that we've ever been the -6" that I'd like.

More like -3". According to that sow at the local pig farm anyway, and she should know.

Another one down

All the old bloggers. Used to be a full 13 links in the left list and over the years they've just disappeared. Now Old Rightie's blog seems to have gone. No more Brexity rants about Brexit to read. I used to thing Brexit was BORING until this new BORING thing came along.


No! We are not going to say anything else about that F* C... thing! When the entire F* world is talking about it, with even the "experts" saying different things, what is the point? Of course, anything that the infinitely wise xoggoth did say would be 100.00000000000 (recurring) % correct, but as nobody else would realise that, there would still be no point.

Stuff about, er, what was it again?, has also totally overwhelmed the news channels. We usually record the BBC news so we can watch it while eating dinner, but now "watching" is just fuck!, fast forward, fuck!, fast forward, fuck!, fast forward, fuck!, fast forward, fuck!, fast forward, delete, watch The Simpsons. Nothing else serious to comment on then either, so, from now on, if we can be a*d to post anything at all here, it will be


So what else is new?

What fun!

Stuff in the papers about the government using Zoom to have video cabinet meetings although some researchers say it is not secure enough for government secrets. Could it be used to connect to other programs on Boris's computer? A good opportunity there if so.

PS Yes I've actually got round to cutting my own hair as was approaching Jimmy Savile mode. Looks even more F* awful in real life.

Governed by IDIOTS!

Now the government is suggesting we may not not be allowed out at all:

Mr Hancock said: "If you don't want us to have to take the step to ban exercise of all forms outside of your own home, then you've got to follow the rules." The health secretary said the vast majority were sticking to the guidelines, adding: "Let's not have a minority spoil it for everybody."

So why not deal with that minority you twat??? What is the point in stretching police resources to deal with everyone, including sensible sorts who only go walking in places with few people and keeping well clear of anyone they see?

The post I said I'd do before today is out

Made a resolution yesterday that I would post some bollux on here today if it kills me. I am an old fart of his word. So here it is:


F****************** Ell

Made the obligatory PHP update and now any bloggoth comments have lots of F* warning messages about a deprecated database management system! Message to non-existent commenters: Please ignore until I can be arsed to do something about it.

Why do they have to keep making all these F* changes? bloggoth would work perfectly ok in FORTRAN IV.


I will post some bollux on here tomorrow if it kills me! Assuming bloggoth still works. F* hosters want me to upgrade PHP version.

Piss off! We at bloggoth ain't scared of a little tennis ball with ice cream cones sticking out.

PS: Do a Google of this damn thing and select images. Isn't it odd how there are so many totally different looking versions of this species. All a con in my opinion.

Hmmm - not so bad yet

This darn virusy thing! *Note Me investments have dropped massively but I was never going to spend them anyway. Hopefully they will be back up again by the time I snuff it and my sons inherit it all. All me volunteer and social things have halted but just farting about in the house and garden doing silly things ain't too bad so far and fortunately I can still go for me afternoon walk. Let's hope they don't decide to lock us all in our cupboards.

Note: Which I do not intend to mention again! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!

He's back

Hurrah! Mr Chernobyl is back in blogland again. Geuss a lot of people will be doing bloggy stuff again when there's bugger all else to do.

As long as it's cheap

Never find a woman who wants a bit of nudgy-wink at my age. Maybe I should buy myself a blow up sex doll. You can get them for less than £15.

PS Maybe I should just get this one.

Yeh again - old bloke again!

Today's news

The Roman Catholic Church has joined up with IBM and Microsoft to work on the ethics of artificial intelligence. Microsoft president Brad Smith admitted some people may "think of us as strange bedfellows" at the signing event.

Robots and little boys then - strange bedfellows indeed.

Why are these people so f* stupid?

Boris Johnson has said the Corona virus outbreak was now the government's top priority and that he will chair a meeting of the government's Cobra emergency committee on Monday.

As usual Labour has rushed in to criticise, questioned why he was waiting until next week, a whole 3 days, to hold the meeting. Oh, right, that's normal for a serious meeting isn't it? Just get everyone together immediately with no time for proper preparation just to give the impression you're doing something. Just like the flooding problem in the North East. Forget any serious discussions on what to do, just get up there and wander about shaking your head, looking sad and making promises you probably won't keep, that's what really helps.

It is obvious from the discussions about why Labour lost the election that they do not have a clue why sensible voters had no faith in them. Because they had no grasp of reality, promising magic solutions to this, that and the other with no sensible proposals as to how they could meet the huge costs without collapsing the economy.

PS Think Tony Blair summed it up nicely in a recent speech:

“Our latest defeat was entirely predictable and predicted,' he said in his latest savage criticism of his successor. “We went into the election with a leader with a -40 per cent approval rating on political ground chosen by our opponents and a manifesto promising the earth but from a planet other than Earth.’”

Like many, I did not like Blair as PM for two main reasons, 1) getting us involved in the stupid Iraq War and 2) his waving in of huge numbers of unskilled migrants. However, he did have some plus points, a very big one was overseeing a solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland. Since he has left office he has said some sensible things on Islamic extremism and a need for migrants to integrate more.

Stormy weather


Short of Space

Business idea

Been on a volunteering thing removing Gorse from a local heathland area of nearly 6,500 acres. Place is full of pits and little ponds, possibly result of historic iron workings or WW2 bombs. Lots of it is very tussocky and covered in Gorse, Bracken etc. so most people stick to the footpaths.

If you were a serial killer it would be a great place to hide your corpses. Too lazy to murder people myself but maybe I'll advertise a serial killers' body disposal service on the dark web. I was thinking say £550 per corpse. + VAT obviously, if the business went well.

Learning from birdies

Think we could learn a lot of lessons from animals. A broader one would be to follow our instincts more rather than pursue unrealistic ideals that ignore human nature and actually cause more problems than they are supposed to solve.

On a sillier note, was walking with loony lady friend today and listening to some bird calls. They tend to be very repetitive for many species but who cares when the sound is lovely? Why don't us humans just walk up to other people and say "Hello, hello, hello" They smile at us and say "Hello, hello, hello" back. Then we say "Hello, hello, hello" ...and so on and on.

You wouldn't get any of the tensions that human conversations often can cause. And wouldn't it be so much easier not to have to think of something interesting to talk about?

PS And sensible Chimpanzees recognize each other by their bottoms.

Where have all the old farts gone?

Where's that old fart gone who was always posting crap on here?

Dunno, think we'll have to take over and run this blog ourselves.

 Good idea! Right! What shall we post today? Any ideas?



Here we go again

Another new coronovirus is spreading in China and this is decidedly worrying given the large number of Chinese tourists we get in the UK. Went to Kew Gardens yesterday and passed loads of them. Hope this is not going to be Black Death 2. It was the Chinese who gave us the first version.

Various other diseases have crossed from animals to humans in recent decades and two major ones came from China, Avian influenza, probably from chickens, and Sars, probably caught from bats. The source of this new virus infection is not yet proven but one possibility is snakes.

For heavens sake, you lot, if you must bonk bats, chickens or snakes, at least wear a condom!

The reason we are never supposed to mention

A journey that should have taken about an hour and a quarter took me more than twice that today thanks to all the traffic jams.

Delays like that are practically the norm these days and it is absurd to pretend that our crowded roads, and many other problems, are not related to the population increase due to mass immigration. Between 2001 and 2016 around 82% of the increase in population of the UK was down to net migration and births to migrant parents. Some towns have very high migrant numbers; in Slough 39% are foreign born and even previous migrants are getting fed up with the increase in recent years.

When will the stupid liberals stop turning any discussion about immigration into a racial issue and have enough grasp of simple mathematics to see just what the big expansion of the population due to mass immigration is doing to quality of life in the UK?


False Memories

Bad ideas

If you could use a time machine to go back and stop something from being invented, what would it be? I would definitely uninvent the straight line. Then there would be no more boring rectangular architecture, buildings would be interesting and varied in shape like the things nature creates.

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Yeh - old bloke again!


Past Life

PS Been to her house to see the nice old lady who used to run the writer's club a few times recently. She's back in hospital now, going downhill and unlikely to be out this time. What a shame death is so impartial. Why can't the crappy people, like Germy Carbuncle, die young and transfer their remaining years to nice people? We need a crappiness prediction tool which can assess people as soon as they are born. If they rate high, we stick a spike in their brain and transfer their years into the lifetime pool to give to nice people.

Update: Bah. She's gone! Poor old Sheila. But all the crappy people are still here. Mr Sheep! Send me a gun!

V. Short Story

Got an email from Mr Sheep suggesting we should do something Christmasy on our (his almost, mine totally) unread blogs, so... After we've read out our prepared stories at the writers' group, we are given 5 minutes to come up with a brief tale. This month's title was Good King Wenceslas. The story present a more accurate picture than the carol of what powerful people are really like.

Good King Wenceslas looked out. There was nothing to see. He shouted "Hither page! What day is it today?". "It's the Feast of Fred Flintstone, my king" replied the page. "Oh well, that explains it" said the king, and he went back to watching television.

He couldn't be arsed to look out the window for a few days, just stayed in bed, watching his favourite soaps on catchup TV and eating doughnuts.

The next day he looked out, still didn't see anything and shouted again "Page! What day is it today?". "It's the Feast of Sonic the Hedgehog, my king" replied the page. "So when is the Feast of Stephen?" said the king. "That was three weeks ago my king, when you were in bed all day watching old comedies on Netflix"

Darn it , thought the king, It's Christmas and I'm supposed to look charitable. Maybe I should go and see how that poor man is doing. He wasn't going to walk in this deep and crisp and even snow. "Servant! Get me my carriage!. And bring me flesh and bring me wine to feed the man."

When they got to the poor man's house underneath the mountain it was too late; he'd been dead from starvation for at least a week. Sod it, thought the king, I couldn't have helped him anyway; I ate all the flesh and wine as well as the Christmas pudding on the way here. May as well get back. Wonder if there's any good films on Amazon Prime tonight.

Wierd contacts

Hmmm. Dunno why but had a couple of emails requesting that the crappy xoggoth website provides a link to a business website. Never click on email links without checking but it's a perfectly legit. company, selling angling products in the US. Sure a link from the xoggoth crap website would really boost their sales! Why would anyone think this site has any relevance?

There is a lot of fake info out there, and it's not all Russian stuff related to major political figures. At one time I found a site that listed my little business's net worth as over a million, although the true figure is about £15k and falling! Maybe instead of bothering to post anything on here, i'll just build the reputation of xoggoth.org by putting lots of false posts on other websites about how fantastic it is! If anyone actually visited it they'd see the true 100% crappiness, but then they probably never would. What percentage of people ever actually look at political party websites to see the official policies, as opposed to believing whatever crap the press trots out? Near zero I reckon.

Still going

Hadn't seen him for a while and thought he'd given up, but spotted him 3 times in last few weeks. Latest a few days ago. Well done old bloke!

Unrepresentative gods

Religion is a get out for everything. How is it that company directors and managers, parliament and other institutions are always being criticised for being unrepresentative, for not having enough women, gays, minorities, disabled people etc, yet nobody objects when the gods of the major religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, are all white males? Other major figures are mostly men too, all the apostles, Muhamed and all the major Hebrew prophets were men.

Not good enough. It is high time that the hereafter was more representative of our wonderful multicultural, multi sexual, multi gender, multi-everything society. The gods need to be black, disabled, gay and transgender. And while we are at it, let's not leave out other living creatures. Why are there no squirrel gods or godesses?

Crappy sketch from Tuesday's art group.

PS Although In Da Vinci's depiction of the Last Supper, John, that one to the right of Jesus, looks definitely trans. Well done Leo! On the other hand, the only guy who looks black in the picture, 3rd to the right, is Judas! Institutional racism, Leonardo!


Trying to stick to a healthy diet. One of my favourite fruits is apricots. Wonder why.

Good idea

Was watching Natural world on BBC about Hippos. They flick their tails while they are having a shit and scatter it everywhere to mark their territory. Why can't we do that instead of having to fork out a fee to the Land Registry Office?

F* Christmas

I really hate it when I go into a shop and find I can't get what I want because loads of the aisles are dedicated to selling Christmas crap. It starts earlier every year. Halloween and Easter are problems too.

Why can't they just combine all these stupid celebrations into one and get them over with quickly? Santa Claus could be a giant zombie who sucks children's brains and turns them into Easter eggs with the help of the Easter Bunny ghost.

Physical form? Bah, what does that matter?

Now it isn't just our gender that is a matter of choice, we can "choose" our race as well. Sounds a bit contradictory, if we choose to be black then surely we'd want to black up but isn't that racist?

Still, if we can ignore the physical realities and define ourselves in any way we like there will be plus sides. Overweight people don't need to slim down, they can just identify as slim and keep on scoffing as much as they want. The next time I get arrested for running around sniffing the butts of passing ladies I can say I identify as a dog and will be released without charge to avoid infringing my 'ooman rights.

Hate getting old but could be worse

Think you drop off a bit of a cliff at 70. Can't touch alcohol anymore. (A life without vodka! Aaah kill me!) Don't think I can run up my steep hill like I used to and most importantly, seemed to have lost my enthusiasm for everything most of the time. Still, on the physical side, could be much worse. At least I can still dance like a loony and it sometimes gets me hugs and occasional kisses from younger ladies (but nowt more unfortunately). Appearance ain't too bad either. I was looking up some songs to sing at my Karaoke group on Monday and had a look at Johny Cash's last performance. Fuck me! He was 18 months younger than me when he snuffed it. Looked about 20 years older! Had all sorts of health problems too.

5G and other looming threats

We at bloggoth live in a part of England that is rather renowned for its new age views, we have a lot of people making money by providing spiritual guidance, weird healing remedies etc. Plenty of strange religions too, there's a Rudolf Steiner school nearby and Ron Hubbard probably chose to live here because there's a lot off well off nut jobs whose wealth he could tap into.

Dropped in at a local cafe with shelves chock full of loony leaflets and picked up one about the perils of 5G, how it's supposed to give us cancer etc. Certainly the evidence provided so far is that this is bollux. It probably is but then anyone who absolutely believes what the authorites tell us is as loony as the loonies he denounces. Didn't the government encourage us to buy diesel cars because they were less polluting only to raise the tax on them because they are actually more polluting?

Anyway, what matters is that lots of rich loonies round here will believe 5G is a danger, regardless of evidence. Still in the development stage, as finding cheapest bits of stuff to use in production, but we at bloggoth hope to start selling our 5G radiation shields shortly, only £299 each. We will make a fortune.

PS According to Wikipedia, those who embrace New Age ideas are predominantly from middle and upper-middle-class backgrounds. That doesn't surprise me, there seems to be an inverse correlation of sense with class on so many issues. It's usually the wealthy who embrace idiotic ideals like free immigration without proper checks. The ordinary working class man is more likely to base his views on today's reality, how things affects him.


This month's story was crap so not posting it.


This one, apart from the obvious bits, is pretty much an autobiography.

Under the Bed

More Art crap

Gender bending might be a good idea

Used to be just men and women, now we've got all sort of genders, transgenders, gender neutrals, gender fluids, cross genders, non binaries etc. It would actually be a good idea if these variations were not just about just gender identification and sexual preferences but actual factors in reproduction. Instead of a baby being produced as a result of a man fertilising a woman, gender A would have to fertilise gender B, who would then have to be fertilse gender C and so on, up to gender Z, in that exact order, before gender Z could give birth. Just think of all the things that could go wrong, it would be a great way of reducing the human population!

That's desperate

Was just looking for a place on Google Street View and there was an image of a young lady on the road. Needless to say I just had to put the mouse pointer on her bum. Can I get arrested for that?

PS. Is there a Dark Net version of Street View where they use cameras mounted under the van's sills to take upskirt pictures? I'd subscribe to that.

Art crap

Went to my little art group today. Most of us were painting the bowl of fruit that the Fuhrer had provided. Dull, needed a bit of embelishment.

What is the biggest driver of far right terrorism? The liberal dream world.

All the usual stuff is being trotted out about the recent massacre in El Paso, saying Trump invited it.

The Liberals love to bang on about right wing terrorism and never consider the causes. Most of the wars and conflicts throughout history have not been about colour or race, but have been between groups who live close together but have different, and often conflicting, cultures and do not socially interact. It is inevitable and, frankly, understandable, that people feel resentment against migrant groups who want to lead their society in a different direction, who have cultural practices they regard as wrong, who put the interests of their own people first, who fail to integrate and change the nature of a community or cause unnacceptable pressures on resources such as employment opportunities or low cost housing. Would some of these posh liberals feel the same way if they had the same experiences as ordinary people who live in high migrant areas?

It is human nature that people will feel resentment against others who they feel are having an adverse impact on their lives and with whom they have little or no connection. Unfortunately, it is also human nature that hatred and resentment can grow irrationally in some to embrace those who are not the problem. We see it in the Labour party where opposition to Israel drives anti-semitism, in the UK where law abiding Muslims suffer a spike of abuse after Islamic terrorist incidents, and we have seen it in this incident in El Paso where the largely Hispanic population dates back to the time when it was a part of Mexico and has little to do with recent migration.

Terrible yes, but you won't change human nature by trotting out liberal mantras, far better to work with it. Effective migration controls, allowing in moderate numbers of people who make a major contribution to society, abide by our laws, embrace our main cultural values and are willing and able to integrate would be the best possible solution to racism. It wouldn't matter a damn what race they were. Irrational attacks like the one in El Paso would be much less likely to happen.

The reality is that if we had had Trump and Enoch types in power over the last several decades, right wing terrorism would scarcely exist.

It's growing

What is this "Kills 99.9% of household germs" thing you see on every cleaner? General purpose, kitchen, bathroom, toilet cleaners, they all say it.

Shouldn't we be worried about that 0.1% that is immune to chlorine and every other germ killing chemical? These germs must be breeding away on our kitchen worktops, lavatories etc. How can we be sure they are not evolving into invincable, unstoppable super-monsters which will take over the world?


Given current crappiness I prefer to avoid thinking about depressing world news any more but sometimes things grab your attention. The Daily Telegraph is saying that we shouldn't have another European head of the IMF due to the fundamental bias.

Absolutely. The next head of the IMF should be a Nigerian. Then struggling nations could solve their monetary crises without having to go through rigorous checks. They would only need to send the IMF £2bn by bank transfer to allow a prince to release his assets and receive £10bn in return.

PS More seriously, the IMF does look like a corrupt EU institution, in all but name.

Useless god

Darn it. Meant to watch the partial lunar eclipse last night as it was at a convenient time and the skies were clear but forgot.

If I forget to watch some TV program, I can usually find it on catchup TV somewhere, so why can't that F* useless "almighty" god provide a life catchup system so we can go back and do things differently? It would not just be useful for fixing little things like missing your train or forgetting your wife's birthday, (*1) it would also allow people to take responsibility for, and undo, their sins. Much better than sticking them in purgatory for years.

Why is god so incompetent? Perhaps he is not almighty. Or maybe he likes watching people burn in hell because he's actually a ghastly old sadistic pervert! Given that beard I can well believe it.

*1 That's litttle? Believe me, it ain't.

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An inspiration

Others infected by the tired and can't be arsed virus should have the inspiration that I have - old bloke. Hadn't seen him for a few months and thought he had given up but seen him twice in the last fortnight on my occasional trips to town. If that old geezer can still truddle his basket almost 3 miles on steep hills, dressed in his thick woollies and hat even in hot weather, then surely I can be arsed to do a bit of blog that almost nobody reads.

We salute you, old bloke.

PS: Went on a group walk today and a lady I was talking said she regularly sees old bloke too. Definitely same one, she described him and where he was seen.

PPS: Seen him again today 16/07/2019. Not had me dashcam on unfortunately.

Can't be arsed cooking

Now no 1 son has finally left home I have to cook for meself. Boring, but I can't live on a diet of cornflakes and cheese. Got one of those fast cooker things, there are recipes you can just shove stuff in and leave, but I still have to waste time going to shops for spices and things.

Why are flavourings necessary? Flies don't need them, they tend to start visiting a corpse once it's rotted a bit. Clearly it must taste much nicer then. Why can't we do the same? We ferment alcohol after all.

Coming soon, "The xoggoth Easy Cook Book". Recipe one: Take 6 ounces of rump steak, leave outside on the compost heap in the warm sun for a couple of days until tender. Mmm!

Food banks

More and more people are using food banks these days, all poor struggling souls let down by society of course.

I am not short of cash but why am I not eligible to resort to food banks? It is an unfortunate aspect of my upbringing, not my fault, that I am extremely mean and lazy and can't be arsed to cook for myself. I am at least as deserving as some drug addict!



The Romans were right

And the Greeks, Norse lot etc. Much more sensible when you had separate gods for everything, love, war, death, wine, the sun etc etc.

Sure I am not the only one whose luck is very different in different areas of life. Yesterday I dug out some old storage shelves I used to have in the garage and put them in the shed, They fitted perfectly, to within millimeters. This is typical of DIY for me, everything nearly always fits perfectly with little or no effort. Driving is the complete opposite - I can be on a road with next to no traffic but, as soon as I come to a cyclist, parked car or pothole, there is a stream of cars coming the other way and I have to slow right down or come to a halt, swearing my head off. This cannot be just coincidence, there are clearly gods of DIY and traffic. For reasons unknown I have pleased the first and offended the second.

In all probability there are gods for all the other ordinary little things in life too, gods of gardening, housework, watching TV, using computers and phones, unblocking your drains, etc. Maybe we need religious leaders who grasp these realities and can advise us on how to please these gods. Perhaps I offended the god of driving by using the wrong insurer, one who has blasphemed.

Yeh! Everything's so easy, isn't it?

Saw a local news headline that the local council must urgently address the ageing population issue. So how do they do that without putting up council taxes and affecting businesses or people struggling to buy their own properties, or cutting money spent on other areas? Another common moan is that the mayor of London isn't doing enough to tackle knife crime. No fan of the twat generally but, given the diminished funding for police and the branding of properly targetted stop and search as racist, given the reality of where most of the violent gang crime is coming from, there are no easy solutions.

Lots of other examples I can't be arsed to list, old bloke hasn't inspired me that much. Suffice it to say, you moaners, why not try doing something to solve these problems yourself? Bet you won't think everything's so fucking easy then.


What happens at night

Aaagh, religious technology!

Once did a webpage for my little nature-related business to dynamically display pictures with connecting lines using jscript and was looking at modifying it to create a family tree. Thought it would be easy, pictures and details of people instead of insects and replace each diagonal line with two lines going across and down.

Turned out to be more complicated. Inbreeding was one problem I came across in historic examples. Doing the Hapsburgs would be difficult enough with horizontal lines joining across the page. If you included illegal relationships, like men bonking their great grand daughters, you'd have lines going all over the place. Then there's multiple partners. Mickey Roony, for example, had 11 children by 5 different wives. Now we have added even more problems for descendants of our current population with surrogate mothers, sperm donors, gay marriage and gender switching. The family tree of Elton John's descendants is going to be quite complex.

Another problem I really couldn't have foreseen is that the main file format was created by the Mormons for their own purposes and has many limitations, including not providing for children born out of wedlock. WTF? Wonder what other religion-based technology is out there? A Muslim database system for food shops that rejects any count of alcohol or pig based products and stops working during Ramadam? A dating app for Catholic Priests looking to meet little boys?


A Funny Feeling

Make some effort

These lefty liberals are driving a ridiculous sense of entitlement, they want free university courses, free school meals, people allowed to go on living in social housing that's much too big for them, free transport, free everything for anyone who sneaks over our borders... it goes on and on.

We need to counter this by raising children with the idea that they don't deserve to get anything that they don't pay for. Starting at the earliest age.

Slighly less ranty later, if I can be arsed!

Does anyone understand English anymore?

MP Liam Fox has been accused of "staggering" ignorance after he appeared to legitimise climate change denial in the wake of widespread environmental protests. How terrible, what did he say exactly?

How the fuck is that legitimising climate change denial? It is merely saying that there are other good reasons for backing green policies, such as the increasing shortage and rising costs of fossil fuels. Not everyone is going to be convinced by climate change theories, whatever the evidence, surely it makes sense to bring them onboard by other arguments?

Mustn't blame the main reason

Here we go again, the lefty Guardian moaning about our awful treatment of poor migrants, including unlawful detention for long periods, unreasonable rejection of applications etc.

And yet again, we are supposed to ignore the main reason, which is tucked away in passing in their own article - overworked staff, relentless workloads. In other words we have more f* migrants than we can reasonably cope with!

Bring on the Germy Carbuncle magic money tree, then every application can be assessed by a jury-style panel of 11 highly trained staff with diplomas in immigration assessment over a period of not less than twelve weeks. No problem obtaining the hundreds of thousands more staff needed, we can just bring in more migrants. They are bound to be totally unbiased in their judgements, migrants are always honest.

PS Actually, since migrants are always honest and never make false applications, why don't we just take their word for it and grant them residency automatically?

What a bunch of stupid wankers

On the subject of immigration, the Local Green Party councillor called the other day, hoping to persuade me to vote for him even though he knows I hate his guts over a local issue. Not a chance plonker! Look at the Green party policies on immigration:

And how would those policies, driving a big increase in the unskilled population, affect our environment given the need for loads more houses etc?

Why this crap party calls itself green I have no idea.

Conjoined twins

Because they develop from a single egg, conjoined twins are always of the same sex. That's a pity, might be much more fun, for the male anyway, if they were of opposite sex, especially if they were joined at suitable places.

Today's crappy art group picture

Cavemen should have planned better

What a bleedin' mess the world is. It isn't just all the divisions, between races, tribes, cultures, religions, languages, political creeds etc. there's all the umpteen billions of smaller things. Why do we have to study history to learn what some word means? What a bleeding waste of time to have to look things up to discover why some nearby village has the name it has.

If there is an almighty god, was it really so difficult to provide cavemen with computers and the internet before they started spreading out all over the world? Then all these divergences would never have happened, they would have looked up the proper way do this that and the other on Google rather than keep reinventing things.


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